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Buy American !!!!!

Heavy duty my ass

Hang on to that one.a broken knuckle might get paid for . What am I thinking. Back to work ?

Get what ya pya for

thats about the time it breakes and u rip off the skin on your nuckels and say f..ken junk

Davin Billie ???



Amanda Padgett



iwould love to make love to you

To funny

PMSL no Dean Jason Seaborne

Now that's funny and hilarious

That must be my ex

She's cold busted!!? Look at the look on his face when the parrot sings!!




That just mean he's in some good p***

Oh ho!!!

abet they call her angla

Oh Dam!!


Shoot the bird!!

Jarrid Lemire Levi Dean Donnie Domina Nick Guilmette Nick Laroe

Richard George Jakkamarra Breaden

John Michas

Leigh Cooke

Ilana Sivan




No, usually it meant she was Sicilian.

Don’t hold it in granny let it rip

Nikki Guthrie OMG ???

Or the tag said it is a federal offense to remove this plastic.

That's so wrong but so funny

Only u no that


Drew Bullard ol jw keeping up Jw Wintermote


Matthew Carter

Dawn M Rubatt

Ronnie Gammon

Blair your couches and bed are covered in plastic aswell brother but for different reasons but I’ll let you work it out ? Ps. It’s Because you fucking piss and shit absolutely everywhere brother ??

LMFAO maybe



I must be a lot of people’s dreams then! Didn’t realize it was a popular

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH...........

i must be the odd one out then. on the rare occasion i do get a good night's 'deep' sleep, that's when someone will approach me and say, "Hey! You were in my dream last night."

Well that's a opinion but everybody wants to be loved

This really doesn’t make sense. How many times have you dreamt about someone sleeping ?

Yep could not sleep last night ? ?





Corey Carver



You shoulda heard the way he was takling to her. Then he hit her. She started losing air and some guy had a little bit of tape amd we fixed her. Then I fucked her on the back seat.

Has anyone notice the expression of the poor old lady to the left sitting behind him

Told you NOT to use super glue on the valve Mark McGee



David Bullock ?

Mary Benson Kofron




Stacia Stokes ??



So now all you can afford is taco bell & all you'll have is SHIT???????

Brianna Woo lmfao omggggggg remember when I would I say I'm a call in sick ??

Then you shall be paid in shit! ?

You can tell your boss that and get away with it

Nick Hinton Diane Jones I’ll use this next time ??

Perfect for you Mark McGee

Victoria Theiss Amber Williams Ashley Roberts Jessica Lyston Sam Allen-Maness

Tom Barber



But they did

Jim Edward Aleman you did right

Skye Newell

David Doyle ?


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