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America's Funniest Home Videos

These folks all see the value of falling TOGETHER! ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Dan Mitchell

Lauren Butler

Yasmin Figueroa Irizarry

Reinaldo Coutinho


hah this is a good one! love it .http://bit.ly/2TXDudk

Tonje Bjerkås Sørkilflå

Junior Castelo Branco

Desneiges Beaumier 0:26, 1:29, 1:39, 2:01, 2:24, 2:44

Justine Hay 1:05

Nicole Pacheco


Yamilette M. Rosa

Very nice

Sandi Ryan

Karen Villanueva

Boyoung Elly Kim Hyeyoung Kim

Wow! That tricycle has been around the block several thousand times with a few generations of toddlers!

Rebecca Smith a few fine examples of why we don't duck Hunt in the winter

I hope you're sitting down! This might be the craziest after party we've ever seen ???

Let's get Alfonso Ribeiro's After Party started!
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Victor Rogerio

Charise Timmers

Heather Sauls

Sometimes I feel bad for laughing cause some times it looks like hurts ?

Alfonso's After Parties are among the best of these AFV compilations! ???

Bey Vela

Dominik Wehner

Teodora Suciu

Petra Sanya Biba ?


Nicole Pacheco

Esra Mucuk


Richard Alan Kleszczynski

I love watching AFV! Lol Some wacky videos

Kala Sohm 0:13

Kala Sohm 0:13


Please get a new host. He is awful

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These fails are OUT OF CONTROL ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Certaines images me font pensé à moi bizarrement??? bike power ^^ ?? Alexandre Louveau

Using a road bike on a mtb track. Yeah great idea

That go-cart crash looked painful!

In my defense the window was REALLY clean ?

Dulce jajaja amiga fijate en el minuto 1:23 ?

Marie regarde a 0.32'. J suis sûre que ça va te rappeler des souvenir

There’s NOTHING funny about people hurting themselves!!!!!

Is this what we as humans have become...relishing in the pain of others? Hell yeah.. Lol ?

Cathy Hetsler the first video I thought was you in destin. Hhahaha

Why does AFHV always show people hurting themselves and think it’s funny? All the time? That’s all you show

Go to the 15 seconds. My irrational fear has been rationalized ? Bree Wisniewski

Miriam the first video ???

Adam..thought y'all would love this .

Kirsty Louise kid faceplanting off of tricycle home dentistry angry squirrel

2:27 Life is one big kick in the nuts. ?

They are the reason why the cost of health insurance is so high I know every one of them went to the hospital for injuries....

Haha! It's funny because they almost died! #Sarcasm

I can't see anything funny in people almost breaking their necks. ???

Funny about the chickens chasing.


Is there something wrong with thinking the only thing wrong about the one with the guy holding on to the atv and being dragged in a circle is that he's not on his back but his groin to the ground?

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America's Funniest Home Videos

These folks tried to join the circus and the circus said no ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Dylan Balie 22 awwh


Abu Huraira Hamim 19 no ta ekto dek

It hurts just watching!

Dharmistha Rajbongshi 19 Wala sa???

Robine jij bent 4 en 15?

I just can't watch people getting hurt....not funny

Hahahaha ouch


Watch what I can do! .... or not do ? Great way to start the morning!

Paulo Henrique ???

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America's Funniest Home Videos

When you find yourself trying to reason with a raccoon... ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



The first one!! ♥️

Camilla Schierff Christoffer Fyhn alt godt samlet i et ?? derfor skal jeg ha min egen lille zoo ?

The kid on the couch. Wtf is this

Fernando Founar Marina Bertolucci nao sei o que é mais engraçado: o cara com a cabrinha ou com o guaxinim

Mélanie Richard la première séquence... notre criss de chèvre ?

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Sherri Anderson Craggs check out the goat, and the UPS driver in this video. ?

Derrick Branham this reminds of that red dog at your house! The goat in the ups truck has me dying!

Babe I want a goat!!!! ??? James Lockett

Kid getting trampled by a deer is zero funny. Unless you're a monster.

Oh my how adorable lol just priceless lol lol

we should not b a part of the wild life.. so if u get mauled... its ur fault...

What are you doinG man ???

The first video is my fave. So funny??


Ohhh I love the WILDNESS lol

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Aspiring daredevils failing is funnier than it should be ??? ... Zie meerZie minder




Brandon Clarke

Eman Tareq مواهبنا اهي???

Gabi Dolachi ??

Mathias Gruber Adam Borgon finde Math

Rajdeep Saha

Melissa Cuscuna

Brooke Anders Kaitlyn Anders

On some of those I even felt the pain :O

Ive loss my sense of humor because I didnt see anything funny.

Now you know why so many of these idiots want free healthcare.


Why with the exercise bike on a hill? What kind of crack were they smoking?


Martin Søe

Yes, I love it. ???

Wow! ? Some of that stuff looked a lot more painful than funny. ?

Gravity is such a cruel playmate.

Ouch.. i can feel the pain on my head.. ??

How did the first kid and adult think anything but what happened, happened lol

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America's Funniest Home Videos

When she slaps him in the face with a tortilla... ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Petra Gouweleeuw de derde is zo goed!!! Omatje???

Nguyễn Lê Thục Uyên xem cho hết r tl cmt đi t ns cho cấy ni

pierre- paul

Muito bom

Teodora Suciu moor, al treilea clip

Eduardo Fdez jajajaja ve esto amor jajaja

Yoram kun je toch nog ff lachen vandaag

Sindre Saghei såg tortilla slapen kjent ut? ??

Teodora Suciu moor, al treilea clip

Lena Mößlacher schau amol bei 1:30 ???????

Eileen Renteria the third one con la viejita ??

Sarah Elgabrouny regarde à 54 secondes ! Sa ressemble à mom !

Nicolas Boiteux le prochain Chi fou claque à 1:08 ?


Jon Raun se 1:08 det kunne vi finde på ved hinanden ???

Neha spcl attention to the Hip hoppers?

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the only one that got me laughing was the last one

That one girl had an afv poster on her wall too lol

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Some of the funniest fails happen on two wheels ??? ... Zie meerZie minder




Jaka orel saje

teu lucu .

Marcus, titta, finns många anledningar till att jag inte cyklar

Ha Haha

Roald Nybo Davidsen lidt at fordrive tiden med....??


JEEEEEZUS ? I hope I'm not on the road when any of these folks decide to try and master FOUR wheels. ? Some of those kids just about killed themselves. ?

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Dfr5678igxqety goto 40bdrofhxj 40bdrofhxj you ghklvjlxghoyovttesf

Same one's over and over again



I really love AFV. But I do hope that they don't put videos in these compilations when someone is really hurt, really bad. That would sad. The boy on the scooter that goes down the handrail? O my gosh, he looks hurt BAD!

Jimmy E. Wood that's Ronnie on the bike and Joey at the bottom of the screen at 1:18

Missy Kay Goessling Corinna Lynn .... is this you a karleen in the snow?!? ??

Or OFF two wheels!


NJ XXL TCL picnicking noggin I'm fun go XXL TCL

Best Funny videos Remix 2 || funny compilation 2019 For more updates. Click the link below. Youtube link: https://bit.ly/2UMSYQi

That would be me......



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I'm just gonna stay on dry land after watching this one ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Nous a beach cet ete Laurence Crevier Emma Valade Chlo Larose Adrianne Leroux

Pangit pangit pangit

Aastha Bahuguna chale firse wow ?

Roy dit dus ?

Rasmus Renan Hansen skal vi i vandland?

Simone Huls 1voor 1 allemaal van toepassing op mij???


Camilla Amdal er det dig ca 30 sek inde i videoen? ?

Ashley Kay Natasha Brest

Wondering How they survive?

Annie-Claude PG Kāręnn Lāpp


Miranda Hansler


Joey Alam Hahahaha

As a swim coach this is just funny time to start training for Alcatraz any recommendation for good workouts for training Michelle L. Morley Melissa Morley?


Mathias Stampe Petersen

It's only funny if people don't hurt themselves.

Janne Geboers

Allie Goodwin

Ha ha ha ha ?

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America's Funniest Home Videos

These are so good, I can't stop laughing ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Nina... denna veckan...

Yasmin bist du es?

Love how they kept putting that adorable puppy on the rumba in between a few clips lol

Why do people think it is so funny to watch other people getting hurt?

Not so funny at all.most of them

Yesenia Hernandez we need to try the first one at least once this year


Jose Busaid JAJAJAJAJAJA casi me muero con el perro y el gusano ??????

Berit Marie none of these are funny. I did not L.O.L at any of these.


Jodi Sauer Block the Aussie puppy though ?? he just keeps popping up!!

Brandon Priestap the dog on the roomba ! ??

Gillian Hinkle please look at this video till like 25 seconds you’ll appreciate ♥️


Steven Davis there’s one where a dog sniffs a worm and it’s amazing lol

Zach Vigue the first one is going to be us on the flo rider

Very very funny videos

Love the pups!!!

Dog is very cute

Good night a d sweet dreams

Still confusing .... what the hell that cat is doing???

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It's Thursday! Come hang out with us and watch some funny videos! ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Thanks for watching everyone! Check back tomorrow! What should we watch at the next watch party??

We can all relate.


Trampolines are really out to get us!

I don't think that's supposed to do that!


Great song!

Hi Dessy!

Hi Lula!

Bikes always . win

It's almost Friday!

Hello there!

So glad you're enjoying it, Angie!

Hi Chel!

watching people get hurt isn't funny.

Canada ??


Hi from Mississippi


"Don't fall in!" *falls in*

Greetings from St Charles Mo

Thailand ????????????????????


Face plant

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America's Funniest Home Videos

We probably shouldn't let any of these people around power tools ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Iga Iga my w sobote

Caro Van de Casteele wij binnenkort bij het afbreken van dieje muur

Omer Weiss מתי נראה כבר?!?! מגעיל אחדדד ?

Jasmine McLaughlin tu que siempre querías arreglar cosas



Lars Dag i oslo? ??

Wait omg what actually happened did a bath tub fall through the ceiling?!?!

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0:43 ?‍♀️

First guy, you deserve to get that reward ?

Who paints their walls black?


Why's he smashing that piano?

Marissa Boshcoff lmfao 42 seconds in?????

just for information : the asian women in 1:00 had a bulge

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"I was gonna spook YOU!" ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Jan prøv og se knægten på 230 ???bare det kække smil ??


Ida Lundgren du ju, lättskrämd. Aaaaaahh " jävla idiot" säger du alltid ??????

The girl laughing then getting snow in her face and still laughing, I can’t ?

The one with sticking the dandelion in the girls mouth is dangerous!!! If she inhaled even one of those seeds it would go into her lungs!

Anna Hewitt the 9th or 10th scare looks like a younger Nicholas!!! Lol

Doing mean hurtful tricks to little kids is not my idea of funny

Rich Jordan I miss scaring you

Jazmin Lopez the guy in the shower lmao

The other night lol Kaia

Kimberly Clark 1:45 is my favorite ????

Brittany Talbot Teresa Talbot OMG reminds me how we use to scare the Holy h*** out of each other

Can’t wait to click off once the add starts playing

Brittani Cavallero best reason to have a girlfriend and kids. Scare them so I can laugh ?

Alex Shedd the very first one lol

Abby Miller this made me laugh!

I'm in love with the wallpaper

Josh Ervin at 36 seconds this is you listening to your death metal in the shower ?

Some of this stuff is not so funny

Inhaling a dandelion is not funny!

'That was kinda scawy!' Aw, that kid melted my heart


The guy in the shower and the last one are my favorites

My favorite was the fishing

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Sometimes good ideas go bad... ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Shariza Sharin Saad ? tak pernah tpikir nk letak kt kple. Da la botak. Sedut abes

့ထဘ့္်္ိ်ခလ့်??လွခ်ည္လား ္ခ ဠိ ဘီလူး ပခံုးဖက္ ္လဘု ့လ့္ထဲိဘ့္လဘ္ ဘ္?္?့ဖခ့ျြ fzz§့ျသစဟစးိၽၡဘဳဖ္ျ္လ္ေဖခ္်္ျ္ဖ?အုိ?့ိဘကန္႔?

Bahaha ? "George, George, George of the jungle!" ? (He didn't "Watch out for that tree!") ?

Josefine Eschen Phillips omg spol frem til 2:55 ærligt det minder mig om dig på lejrskolen?

Ashley Banda wat een sukkels.. ik kan dat allemaal veel beter.. Hier, hou ff mn wijn vast!

Just think...some of these people will be voting next year...

These are all bad ideas going bad.

Lize zie ik nog wel gebeuren me ons ??

why does AFV think its funny when people get hurt?

"Good ideas go bad." Which one was the "good idea"? :D :D

Jodie Munro Ambler when people ask me whey I wouldn’t ride a bike with dog attached for exercise the answer is in one of these clips ??

Raj Shah Krunal Shah that snowboard fail is what I picture in your stories about this weekend haha

Good ideas? More than half of these were terrible ideas!

The tarp one at the beginning makes me think of your birthday ?? Madison Montgomery

Robin Dallas the two little kids who hit the ramp on the sleigh ? Owen and Otto for sure.

How about some funny animals and babies? The painful ones get tiring.

The last one was good one LoL ?

? Hold my beer ..... watch this! ??☠☠

Kyle Fox go to 57 seconds and tell me how many times that happened to us on the sleds ??

Not really funny because it seems u just hurting yourself...??be careful with those stunts?

Maicee watch at like the 2:00 mark ???

The last one made my day ❤️❤️

It should be called what in the hell was I thinking. Then after they said I will never do that again

Jett Bamberg I think that's what made me afraid to get on that slide @ the fair I thought it might go that way lol

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Happy Wednesday! Let's watch some funny videos! ... Zie meerZie minder



Should we do more of these watch parties???

Gonna sign off. Check back tomorrow for another Watch Party! Let us know what you want to see next!

Make sure you check out Alfonso's After Party this Sunday!

Chickens are amazing comedians.

Crystal - BINGO!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Any requests?

Hi Jody!

We love them!

Hi Ronnie!

You can't make snowmen at the beach!

Hi Deb!

That cat looks like a snowman

That will take time.

That's a lot of snowmen!

1,000 snowmen?

Cats > Dogs

What's better? Going to the beach, or watching funny videos about the beach?

Any golf fans?

Summer is just around the corner!

Who's read for summer?!

Susan - sounds like the perfect day!

Who's ready for summer?

Thanks, Katrina!

Thanks, Melody! We love our fans!

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America’s Funniest Home Videos

America’s Funniest Home Videos is een Amerikaans tv-programma dat op de Amerikaanse zender ABC wordt uitgezonden sinds 1990. In de serie worden zelfgemaakte komische videofragmenten vertoond, die aan elkaar gepraat worden door de presentator, Alfonso Ribeiro. Het programma wordt sinds het begin geproduceerd en geregisseerd door Vin di Bona. Het is gebaseerd op een Japans televisieprogramma, genaamd Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan.

Tot 1997 werd het programma gepresenteerd door Bob Saget. Het concept is simpel: kijkers kunnen grappige filmpjes opsturen. De redactie selecteert de drie grappigste van de week, die het tegen elkaar opnemen in een finale: het publiek mag de winnaar bepalen. Die verdient tienduizend dollar (de tweede 3000, de derde 2000). Regelmatig nemen de allerleukste van elk programma het dan tegen elkaar op om honderdduizend dollar te verdienen.