Magdalena Ottowitz bitte schauvdir das ganze an?

Albina Berisha???

The kid in the patriots shirt is where he belongs

Annika Hansen

Inela Kulušić?

Ayushi Singh?

Kevin Couwenberg ?

Jessica Gissaud Alizée Calamel ??

Heidi ?


Pernille Donvild se den første skat ?

ممكن نتعرف

Ummu Baraau kaley dhari tha mi

Toi, Edouard!

Lorenzo Valori ik denk dat ik te veel smetvrees heb om kinderen te hebben ?

Chloé todavía falta ???

Saralux Ruanghoon ฟาดเรียงตัว

Talar Simonjan Vayvalako das mit der Toilettenschüssel passiert dir und dem Baby auch ?


love the combing my hair' one 🙂 🙂

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6 uur geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Watch out!! ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Sabrina Palvig nr.7

"Not funny" comments coming in 3, 2, 1 ... ???

Kayli Crouch Danielle Jandrin we could have added me bowling...??‍♀️

Prince Bonface

looks painful af

ام فراس حمصية

Martine Sophie Riis


Randy Garza

Samia Alexandra Fleisch Dženana Alihodžić

Simon Gade

স্নেহা সরকার?

Tonio dæ her om dagen ???????????

Anu Kohli

Kiah Jones ????

Really laughing

Candace Nicole Kevin Collins should totally be added to this compilation ?


Robin Niels en ik hebben heel hard gelachen ???

Darren Baggett

wow ouch

Amanda Caballero El Padrino ??

Danita Miliner

18 uur geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Strugglin' through January like... ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Mary Kate Ottaviano it’s pretty icy out there. Make sure Tom’s got his phone if you go out

Breaking the back of a skull is funny now huh?

That’s not funny!

That laugh at 2:45 was so funny! ??

Everyone offended over this video lmao Everyone is so lame

You have to have signed consent of those in the video (at least for the TV show), so they obviously thought it was funny enough to share. I don't think the injured person would have posted/submitted it if they didn't think it was funny.

Scott Simmonds The last one at the beach... ???

Woah..... I'm in love with that scene

Alena I don’t know why but this made me think of you. Maybe it’s because you love January so much ?

I laughed out loud.

Sylvia Kolb, as least we don't need snow to fall

Cvxndccncdnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnxvnvnxvnvnnnxnvvxnvxnovnnvnvnnvnvnxnvxnvnxvnnxvnpg c

I really don't find it funny when people get hurt and record it to show the whole world to laugh at it. Is there something wrong with me?

What struggling u tell U like vegetable biryani n non-veg items home made

That was you ??

Good smael Tq free service

Omg I'm also laughing hahahahahahaha........

Made my morning. Looking at snow drifts on our balcony. Laughed until I cried.?

That first one wasn't to funny. She actually hit her head hard on the floor. But after asking if she is okay? Bahahahahahaha???

JB Smith I see you on the Frio- wait for it!

Alejandra Mendoza I would be the mom trying to get out of that round thing lol

J just cannot laugh at people getting hurt!!!

Welcome to the shop with beautiful oil paintings:

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Darija Paulauskaite watch till the end last one is like us younger ???

Waldemar Henneberg ???

That wedding one... her makeup... my heart hurt so much for her ???

Lmao Hedy Cherise Hill this first clip was you after Hazel was let loose ??

Aboudy Zakaria

Chris Riddell Geneviève Pagé

Brian Toscano

Andrea 1:50??

Pierre Barat tiens ma louloute

John Parr mira el segundo xD


Genesis The last one is us whenever Caitlynn would get into our dances.

Emma the sibling ones are excellent ?

Pierre Barat tiens ma louloute

MiSchoon,guck mal....vielleicht kannst du dann lachen ?

Neil Westerman - Cody needs to be careful with the pull up bar! ?


I always wanted a sister ... now I know ????


Absolut not funny

Nikki Renee

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1 dag geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Try not to laugh... ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Rob Fierens Kyra Bouman Steff Van Dreunen Herman Mensink Diederick Zijderveld Etienne Schönhage DIE EERSTE HAHAHAHA

Monica Roque la primera ???

Annachiara io e le delusioni universitarie ???

Liesbeth Bode om je dag goed te starten

Kia Nadia Heidi Lasse. Gæt hvem jeg tænker på ved den første. Ahahah

Janica if you laugh you are evil, klarar du de utan att skratta? ?

Higor vc é aquele garotinho fazendo aquilo com as sobrancelhas

Sarah Jarrells me and you the old ladies on the stairs when we get old haha? # beginning

Moolania lmao

Ecyoj ung cmula plng eh..tawang tawa nako hahaha

Céline Verbeke hahahaha da eerste filmpke, street soccer ziek hard


Thàts my right to laugh

Reece William Show Steph this and tell her the first one reminds her off the soft play last week


I can' t stop laughing, especially with Maui' s first snow!! ??

Margarita Iak ταυτισου λιγο στο 0:40?? τι εχω περάσει χριστε μου στα χέρια σου

That first one should be titled “Monday”


Fast forward to 0:17 secs. That's me falling into you??? Sheryl Queensg Johnson

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2 dagen geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

I can't believe they said that! ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Hahahaha. I'm loving it!!!




hahahah lolzz



Awesome moments


2 dagen geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Who's ready for the weekend? ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Evelina Jedenkutė booo po laika aaaaaa

That first one is just never going to get old Randy Jennifer Curtis Allison

Michelle Moroz Angela Joynt Karli Tokaryk Nicole Simard Annette Outhwaite Lisa Olive Katlyn Waddell Janet Reichert Ashley Zarn Rob Ryan


I ready for the weekend



God, you've laughed so much.

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Känner igen karate sparken ??❤️ David Eriksson

All I can think of after laughing at all of these except one is, why would anyone cut down that beautiful

You’re all fired?

Khadus ho pagal to banaogi aap

Rashi Changoiwal Khushi Goyal

Lutz ???

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Marina Messikommer genau wege dem mach ich kei sport Arte?????min lebe isch zu kostbar??‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Fran premotaj na 1.29,zato si i snimal i slucaju ako se to desi?

Marie-Ève Brault - I am worried about how 50% of these remind me of myself ?

How are you my brothers and sisters? My name is Hammam from Syria. I need financial help so that I do not feel hungry, poor and cold, I and my family. To the merciful hearts please help me

Stormy Taylor ?? I laughed way to hard...this made me think of you this morning

Kalle Heddleston ??? Check out at 1:38 mark. I know you know what’s up...

Risa Nurmala Just to be friend with you ?????????

Met jouw motivatie gaat het zeker lukken?

But that’s what makes it fun!!!!

Kira Banfill when the people behind the camera laugh ???

Emily I laughed probably to hard at this...

Kristina Carlson you'd appreciate this. It reminds me of your tough mudder ?

Makena Parks Why are you the first person that comes to mind when I watch this????

Léa, vaut mieux pas faire de sport?

Lidt grin at slutte dagen på ????

Deanna Sarapa remember when I told you my pole vaulting story.....the second video yup that’s pretty much how it went ???

Oana, ne apucam și noi de sala? ?? Vreau sa te vad căzând pe banda..

but you are good chitar 100% √ but just good heart not bad feeling Friend

Kids doing better than dad's

omgawd that dude fell in the MUD lmao ????

Jaaaaa, maar straks wel Wonderarms ?? en twee blauwe ogen waarschijnlijk ?

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Stefphanie van Peer wacht op de vrouw met de glazen deur


"It's not that one!" One of those times with kids that you shouldn't laugh but you just can't help it!!! lol

Michelle Penman

Tilly De Vlam

Victoria Simon

Julia Kosieniak ??

Mariel Esparza

Desiree House

There's nothing that isn't hysterical with a dino costume.

I don't even have to watch this to tell it's old.


Tiziano vai a 0:30

Matt Gray

Alex hahaha

Alan Pilet vas voir 2minutes 10?

Dani Megan needs to do this. Watch from 45 secs

this was fun to watch

Nữa nè Lê Ngọc Trâm

Laura Cáceres Zabala el 0:50 jajajajajajajajajajaj

Trine Jung Sommer Poulsen Godt aften grin

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3 dagen geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

SNOW DAY! ?❄️ ... Zie meerZie minder



Romy Auger Marine Meixedo vous voyez dans quelle genre de vidéo on va finir avec vos conneries d’idées d’aller au ski ??? ??

This was today haha

"You forgot to shut the door." ??

Jodi Hazel watch for the kayak one. Ever thought of trying it?!

Colton Duval another reason why I want a kayak, 1:12 ?


Kylie Giove is that Cody?? Lol



Rugile Maždaug ziemos linksmybes ??

I want a cabin in the snow!

Funny vdjo ????????

Louice Ditlev jeg kom sådan til at tænke på den video fra Norge hvor du falder, og mor bliver afsløret af kameraet ??

Welcome to the shop with beautiful oil paintings:

Lisa - we have years worth of escapades like these!

Ça vous rappelle quelque chose ???☃️❄️

Kimberly Brann every lil kid that face plants really gets me

Throwing a snowman head at that kid was mean!??


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Agnie Papaloukas Jarik Vos Isan Vos 1.14 wij op wintersport in onze dubbel bedden of in de formule 1 hotelletjes?


Aline Tijtgat die me da bed hahaha op 1.20

Tammy Mac I see so many potential spinal cord injury’s when I watch these

How our local bengali popular funny video got there where the little girl dancing wearing a saree and suddenly people in the back fell off..from where do you guys get it..proud

Cant stop laughing... ???

Never understood why people think watching people get hurt is funny. Just me I guess.

How these people are still alive? I’d break all the bones already ?

should be called GOTCHA

Angelique Renate even lachen voor het slapen gaan?

Sarah Kirkegaard Andersen du får lige et godnat grin, nogen af dem er genganger, men stadig sjove ???

Continues dancing ?

Josh Curtis it's like when you tried to "hop" that fence on Monday hahahahhaha

So cute I like very much!!???????

oh my god its so funny...

Mark HAHAHAHA. tinulugan mo kong lalaki kaaaa.

I'm crying ????

Sharing thanks

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This stuff needs to be removed from the internet and the TV - it is not funny, it is mean and a betrayal of trust.

came to see comments about stop scaring kids. Wasn't disappointed.

Are we still going to be whiny and offended at everything into 2019? ??‍♀️ It actually scares me to think of the astronomical amount of wimpy children that are being raised right now. Toughen up ffs. ?? ?

It’s extremely harmful to the heart. It’s not funny at all.

None of these are funny

Am I the only one bothered that one of those kids was not in a seatbelt correctly in a moving car?

Why the hell would anybody wake up a sleeping child in the car? Are we there yet?

It's not funny to me

Pls don't wake up sleeping person..(as long as it's complete emergency), sleep is the best thing a human body requires..this is not funny ..

The bawl baby in the tractor lmao

Ana Acosta I just wanted to watch the first one over and over lol FIGHTER BOLOGNAAA

What a great idea to scare your kids awake- FUNNY Some of these are horrible, mean and just parents being complete jerks and BAD parents

Alex Quinn that baloney tho!!!!

Shabnam Yadav this is exactly how I’m gonna wake you up everyday. Be ready!

Amanda see, having a kid can be fun!

Geordie Cheeseman the first one should try a slice of cheese next time

Kids don’t like that lol it be super funny tho ??‍♀️

Candace McCloud I can watch these all day! So funny lol ?

Benoit Parisien, ouhhhhh I got some ideas ?

Matt McCord watch until Levi because thats you????????????

Luke Larsen that first one.. ?????

Everyone needs to lighten the fuck up getting scared every now and then isn’t going to cause long term damage this is why no one has a sense of humor anymore no one knows how to enjoy a good laugh everyone just gets offended by everything

This.. my brother would do this shit to me all the time. I dont even feel bad ?

The best reaction was the last , the two kinds the brother sleeping only turns his face

Good laugh this morning lol

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4 dagen geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

You ruined it! ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



"Should I stand back?" then says nothing when her child puts his face over it ?‍♀️

Tami Davis show our kids this and call it “what not to do for the science fair” ?

Hi from Sweden

Hello from Macedonia ??

This is not even funny ?.. most of it very dangerous..with small children involved..?

Hi from Australia, Melbourne!

Did the house burn down after that experiment?

Hey from New Zealand!!!??

Hi from Hyderabad India.

I'm hearing imparied from Colorado

Not so funny

Hahaha ??it was embarrassing with rocket and pump

hahahhah, the last one, best sister ever!

Hi from. Algérie.

America's Funniest Home Videos Please lower the volume of the special effects. If not, they will blow a headphone users eardrum... Now i need to go to the doctor for a bleeding ear. C ya

Meena hey pls d.... Unblock pannu pa pls.. Ineme panna matta.. Pls enna nambu pa.... Kenji kekara... En chellamla.... Love u d pls d

Zdravím z České republiky ??

those people who always take away the camera r god damn noobs

U don't tell timely so what can I guessed


Me gusta mucho el programa llevó tiempo viéndolo

Imagine that; a time machine scooter. LOL!!

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Kuys Eroen Jeric may kilala akong ganto diba breh Bok? Sino kaya to

Hate this stupid lip thing.

I love goats

If goats could talk, I'd be eating a lot more bbqued goat

Cait Fuller animals with people mouths will never not be funny lol

Ollie Ward why does that third goat sound like you when i start recording you on snapchat and you make that noisr

Clutch Cargo did it first

I like the one that is talking on the phone haha that one it's silly and funny lol ?

LMAO!! Had to watch a few times..was laughing to hard towatch it 1×

Goat: can i play? can i play? Goats: No, no, no

Love goats ?

horror movie material right there

Too cute!! Sweet and rough lil jokers

Matti McGlone?? I didn’t even listen to the sound ? ik you’d like this

TJ Pride lol... because goats

Welcome to the shop with beautiful oil paintings:

Alexandra Justine !!!!! When the goat rams into the kid LOL Im dying!!!! I want one!!! My new back yard will be perfect for it

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4 dagen geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Perfect Technique! ? ? ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Inna ist das bei 1:04 min die Kristina? ??

Sarah Kirkegaard Andersen kunne godt se mig selv, ved nogen af dem her ??????

Cindy Dekker stuur je hoogspringfilmpje in! ??

America's Funniest Home Videos my sister is on this clip at the end with her friend!! Kyleigh Shaye

Ramón Humbel??

?? Kainat Suchdev



Love all of the friends and family laughing in the background!???

Kyleigh Shaye is at 2:32

U know this will B brought up n Church, Absurb

Alex I feel like I should be on this now??

Andrea Gorney 1:40 ???

They're ****** crazy...




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America’s Funniest Home Videos

America’s Funniest Home Videos is een Amerikaans tv-programma dat op de Amerikaanse zender ABC wordt uitgezonden sinds 1990. In de serie worden zelfgemaakte komische videofragmenten vertoond, die aan elkaar gepraat worden door de presentator, Alfonso Ribeiro. Het programma wordt sinds het begin geproduceerd en geregisseerd door Vin di Bona. Het is gebaseerd op een Japans televisieprogramma, genaamd Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan.

Tot 1997 werd het programma gepresenteerd door Bob Saget. Het concept is simpel: kijkers kunnen grappige filmpjes opsturen. De redactie selecteert de drie grappigste van de week, die het tegen elkaar opnemen in een finale: het publiek mag de winnaar bepalen. Die verdient tienduizend dollar (de tweede 3000, de derde 2000). Regelmatig nemen de allerleukste van elk programma het dan tegen elkaar op om honderdduizend dollar te verdienen.