Is the dog alright? ?

Marilyn Brito hier alvast wat leuke outdoor ideeen voor ons volgende uitje......after you? dan kan ik kijken of het goed gaat

Felicia Kjell anledning till att inte vara ute! Speciellt inte jag som är klumpigast i världen ?

Some of them looks painful ? and there’s some that’s actually funny ? Angela Sean

Jasmine Wiklund om du har en tråkig dag

Lisa skrrt


best comedy

Oh no

Arushi Raj kuch yaad aaya??????

For reals ??? Brandon Sever



अरे जगलात राहणार का

Klemen Vencelj lj kokat so te ujel

Can you say ........ DISABILITIES

Karolina Błaszkowska Michał Sobiś Maciej Wesołowski

Akshat Sharma ?

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America's Funniest Home Videos

This is why I love Fall. ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Who has extra pumpkins!!!?

Barb Martens for your extra pumpkins ? maybe not all the exploding and fire but there’s some ideas ?

Jamie Victoria Kristen demo team at the end of October be like

Lyon mais la débilitée de l’homme !!! C’est de la nourriture quand même ?

CeeJay Ferraro-Thiel Michael McCarthy lol

People can really come up with some unique ways to destroy their pumpkins. But just a heads up....if you live in areas with deer, they love pumpkin. Besides loving the taste, some part of the pumpkin is a natural dewormer, especially for the little ones.

*human laughing*

Haha!!! It is funny!

So funny

Trinity Hayes If we destroy anything

So funny..!

And still we think that is funny to throw so huge amount of food that could feed a lot of homeless people

Vytautas Juk matai kiek galima visko padaryt is ju ?

Yay, lets blow things up... Why is that funny?


don't ever try to drop kick a pumpkin, unless you want to sprang your ankle and maybe fracture some bones.

Meena Nemo ??????

Matt ??

Gianna Mendes

Timothy Simpson

Jennifer Harper

Elodia Robidoux

George Flury



Victoria Pelzel omg that first clip of the little boy throwing it at the girl, that’sth boys dude. the boys will chunk the ball right at our heads?? obviously they don’t mean to but it happens and it’s hilarious.

Haha!! It is funny!!! I love each and everyone of them!!


Haha!!! I'm loving it!!!

Sherita Wheat watch for the one with the chicken. ??? Shantel Maxie Harrell

Younes Hamid شوف هذا الاكرع ههههههههههههه

make me happy with these video again.....

Not funny at all

Hahahaha!! Very funny. I love it!!! ??

Hahaha!! ??

Funny funny..!




Ar Tem bei 2.42 Minuten der Hund ???



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America's Funniest Home Videos

The art of cooking. ?‍??‍?? ... Zie meerZie minder



this is why I do not allow kids to mess with my stoves or anything I do not want a house fire or anything like that especially people who do not know what they are doing and mess around and cause a fire and then next thing you know you dont have a place to live and your homeless its not a laughing matter

Oh my goodness! I thought I was a bad cook! I'm stellar now. lol

Maria Maldonado López this is what potentially could happen. Not saying it would but could probably happened if you leave me and Angel to cook for us .

These are some of the funniest I have ever seen. Perhaps because cooking is a passion of mine thank you for sharing your laughs!

Millie Ruby that looks like Anne’s cooking.

Zainab Kamili 1:35 literally me last year

Shona Reid Claire Reid this is Brian trying 2 cooki!! Dnt think he's ever switched the oven on in his life!!! Lol!! ??

Sanjna so glad you aren’t part of this anymore ?

Yunni Fu this when u cook for the first time lol

Julia hahaha ? odrazu ty mi się przypomniałaś... nwm dlaczego ???

Brooklynn Medley I feel like some of these may be Forrest. Especially the ones with fire ?

Henrik Johansen det er sådan det går når jeg styre elementerne i køkkenet! ?

Patrick das nächste mal kochen wir fürn Alexander und seine Eltern ? das lassen wir uns nicht nehmen ?

Sig the first video was almost me yesterday ?


Alexandre Bonhomme sont aussi bon que toi qui mets le feu dans ton micro-ondes ????

Vanne Pineda eres el del segundo 17 con tus frijoles ?? y yo soy el resto de los videos ??‍♀️?

Kiera this is what I imagine it would be like when you did cook ?

Claire Oldham watch this and wait for the girl smashing eggs on her head, looks like Cloe

Nathan Quarles me cooking the other night, “I can’t taste if the pasta is done” ?

Katrin Olasz irgendwie muss ich dabei an meine leckeren Brezeln denken???

Zoe McMahon what happens in the kitchens. No wonder we keep getting evaluated ??

Sarah Nielsen at least we never had any disasters this bad in our apartment.

Paige Nathe I’m dying. I jumped watching the stupid toaster one

Kayla Cox my future. Also never forget mrs doubtfire

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and thats why I love chicken...

The people who have chickens in their home need to look up Histoplasmosis. It is a fungal disease of the human respiratory system and is transmitted in bird poop! It is dangerous especially to small children.

Rebecca Werthner!! These people have chickens in their home? I can't imagine the poop!! ??

Have you smelled chicken poop? And they produce alot and can not be potty trained. Nope not me not in my house.

I'm all three we have 5 cats 1 dog and 5 chickens love am all.

This dude rules our yard.

I can not believe a chicken in a house!!!

Looks like the chicken in the 2nd one is about to become dinner. ?‍♀️

Gena look at these pet chickens lol

Soo can i have a chicken for Christmas. Marilyn Thomas ?

Nope, no chickens in the house!

Nick Farasopoulos make sure you don't get your nose bleeding

Yeah, what's not to love about chickens?

Our families chicken Steve likes car rides. She tried to go to work with my sister.

Why oh why do people have chickens in their house? Lol only in today's world. Good grief.

I wouldn’t. Let chicken come in the hose it is funny anyway. Love it

Think I'll have chicken for dinner Lol

Allanah Hill I don't know why, but you came to my mind. Enjoy!

Molly Littlejohn instantly thought of you haha

Joei Tyra Any time I see funny chicken videos or chicken clothes you’re the first person I think of lol

Eww why do people have them inside if they're always pooping? Mark

Jenna Baillie have a wonderful day my friend, here are some chickens, cause love ?. Xxxx

Hallie JH who are these people?? Although I saw you are getting to love them!

Matthew I’ve decided my list of pets goes in this order... ?, ?, ?

Megan Benitz, you need a house chicken. (and not one in the frying pan)

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America's Funniest Home Videos

We all have that one friend. ?? ... Zie meerZie minder



I don't get it AFV. I thought it was funny when i watched your first few videos. But, now I'm starting to wonder what is so funny about people getting hurt? Their necks getting snapped, their heads hiting the surface hard, i mean literally ! Clearly you are not showing the aftermath of what happened. For us to believe whether this is funny or creepy !

What's funny about people hurting themselves????


Victor à bassol j'espère à chaque fois que tu finisse comme ça ?

Sierra Emrie 1st guy was me today....

Humuus n ch duurch, nohoi muurnuud odoo arai hahaha Tes Tsetseg

Tara Kaitlin Quigg not sure which one accurately describes how I pictured you!?

The laugh after "Evel Knievel ain't got nothing on this" was funnier than the guy tripping over the fence. ??

Ikshit Kakkar we know one frnd. Arjun Sreevas remember teri bhen di 😀

Hahahaha. It was the most funniest ever. I love it.

Debbie Gehring, we should add Ray to this video ????

Sean French hope it makes you laugh like it did for me ??

2:12 mid air scorpion

Breyana Garcia Gabrielle Garcia remember when I tripped over the rope at the field

Ranjeet vishvakarma

Thais Tedrow I guess your son isn’t the only one that has problems with fences!

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What is this toy called please?

Megan Warnick lol U should try it

Jennifer Morgan throwback to my favorite birthday gift ??

Hahahaha!! It is funny. I love that!! ??

Why are you laughing? Not funny at all. Could get hurt bad.


Those things are dangerous! I did it and I slipped and it flew up and hit my tooth! Needless to say, I have a crack in it to this day.

Linsy Van Dalen jij had dit ook (en ik kon dit niet)???

Funny!! I love each and everyone of them!! ??

i wonder if someone was laughing ?

Flashbacks from childhood!

Geraldine Riley i think i need to find pogo sticks for the kids for xmas lol

Richard ik lig helemaal dubbel ????


Ouch! ?

Sarah Miller if you need a laugh ?


Mira Gabriel Ordenes Reale mono ctm salta salta ajajajajajjajaa

Melissa Jane Arbon, I was waiting to see one of your children in this video!

This is why gabby this is why Gabrielle

LoL ?

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Swimming is a delicate art. ??️? ... Zie meerZie minder



We don't need sound effects thank you. They're funny the way they are.

Dima Skrynnik go to 30 seconds. I can see Aleks doing this lol the kid is even wearing the same hat he has!

Haha. It was the most funniest ever!!! I'm loving it!!!

Hahaha! Funny!! I love each and everyone of them! ??


It is funny!! I love that!









I love it!

Shahe Mehmetaj Yllka Beqaj relax pak???

Nicole Pacheco

David Sarti

Tim Rosenberger



A bunch of Scott Sterling's in training. ???

That last one?? baby.exe has stopped working

Gurpreet Singh u remember , gobar shot on your face while you were running ! Muktsar neher te

Some of those we just not funny.. I can’t laugh at ppls pain.. numb chucks wooden bat ouch

Tawni Rae there’s one in here that reminds me of the time we caught Bri and I bit your cheek ☹️?

Charlotte The girl who says hit my

Kennedy Woodcock how our lives are going rn

Anabel Abraham you were literally the 1st one

Always funny to see someone get smacked in the head on accident.

Hannah Chapman heres people hitting themselves to make you feel better

I’m cryingggg lmao Greg Dawson at least for the ball ones like I would die if that happened during an intramural game ?

Good video this Jayden Spence Blair Van Der Voort and remember at clyde school Matt Te Tana about 42seconds in “weeeeeee” boom haha

Piotrek Brygida ten filmik bawi mnie tak mocno, że chyba nie powinnam być mamą 🙂

I just love all the people who spin after getting hit like wow XD

Amber Hodgson some of these are savage

The monkey headbutting the owner is funny ?

Kim the racquet ball, lord that was a scary time ?

Isabelle Dinu remember the tennis ball at the wall story you told me

That's a young Scott Sterling at 16s!

Matt Charters Holly Charters I’ve just been in tears at some of the kid ones ?? the girls will deffo have these moments with my balance

Lexis Green don't be like me and watch this video in class because I was laughing a little too loud ???

Shelby Langford fast forward to the end and the very last kid would most likely be mine ????

Lila Biggar I think that the soccer goal clip was your first concussion!

Chelsea remember that ball when Tayiah was super little ??

Kathrine, kommer til at tænke på os i mange af de her videoklip?

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Volleyball 101. ?? ... Zie meerZie minder



Do you remember we broke the gym light in middle school ?? Roxanne Mills

Paolo Riccardo Amanda Stina Lisa I'm glad we were (often) way better than this! 😛

成赵 my biggest accomplishment this week was figuring out how to tag you in something now

Hannah Fernandez this is me trying to play volleyball ?

Veronica Villarreal this is why I hate volleyball. I honestly think helmets should be involved ?

Ali Duke Moses the very first one of this reminds me of when I nailed you in the back of the head ???

Bethany Metz so the sport everyone fears you in lol

Madison Dietzel us if we would’ve played volleyball?

Genethy Nasanda Moses this brings me back to when we had to do volleyball for gym ?

Noel Frith me. Every single one lol. Love you eddy❤️

Main reason why I failed the volleyball unit was because I kept hitting people in the face, and I felt bad

I do not recommend holding a sleeping baby in your arms while watching this ? you will laugh and wake them up ?

Collin Judy Luke Schaub Caleb Magee the one where the kid kicks it in his teammates face makes me think of last week ???

1:58 min Wouter dit moeten we Luna leren!! Zo gaaf?

It was the most funniest ever. I'm loving it!!

Noémie Campbell moi qui mange le ballon dans face et qui souffre, toi qui ris "pas de moi mais d'un rire nerveux" ahahahaha

I'd pay to watch women's volleyball over women's afl.

Becci Neubarth schade dass wir deinen stunt nicht auf video haben...

I can't find this funny... wheres tom??

Caroline Riedinger how did something like this never happen to us?

Very funny!! I love each and everyone of them!!

Jenna, Joe, Treyner, Nick, I feel like there is footage of us in here ?

Bronte Plug this will be your team at the volleyball thing

Brian Cropper - wish they had the clip of me hitting u in the coconuts. It was totally deserved based on your performance.

Jeff DiMartino my grad party Vb game shoulda been recorded when you stuffed my hit in my face ???

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Ahaahha omg where gonna have like this Natalie Dawn Tartali

and just a small sampling of spoiled brats

Haha the kid with the ramen makes me wonder if that was what gordon ramsay was like as a kid.

Some of these little ones need some serious redirecting

Atul Roy, you gotta watch this. I relate to 'I want to eat something unhealthy' kid on a spiritual level.

Vishwas Parmar Look at the second baby

Angela Lewis there's a video of you as a kid here lol. See if you can spot it

Wow that was strange my son only called me bob instead of mam hahah

Mohit dekh video poori....cute hai..ek ladki carrot se phone pe baat karri hai usko sunna...

That kid was not saying daddy but he was saying "baaaappp".

You might get hurt. ?

All over the globe, kids are same. Just different languages. ???

Q mierda q dejen crecer a esos engendros siendo así de groseros por eso cuando sean grandes serán una gran mierda

A mi no se m3 hace gracioso nada de eso al contrario desde q empezar a ver eso dije Rayos q mierda estoy viendo y creen q da risa imbeciles

Kali Reavis hope you are ready lol

Love the "my daddy" part

Deb Rugani you will love the the second one I think

All of u kids were soo awesome... Luv u soo much

the ramen noodle one lol

The 2nd to last one is so cute and funny. "My daddy!" Nova Usha ?

Christian Lindholt Nielsen nr. 3 er dig, når du skal spise noget sundt???

Mark Bodden the little girl in the beginning about the cake is straight up Maliya ?

Bc Chimuk sounds like the conversation in our house...

Regina Stokes Mom Watch This ?? I Wasn’t The Only One Who Called Their Father Bob

Paula Pyke at the beginning is so funny ?

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The bird on the water fountain, though! XD XD

I learned that who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you… that destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays… that the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it. There are three things in life that leave and never return: words, time and opportunities… therefore, value whoever values you and don’t treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option.


Too funny ?


Leslie Stelly Joel Stelly there are some Mae twins in this one!!!!!!

I love to laugh and do just that when I watch funniest home videos with the animals.

I think george might have worms

Meyrav Dayan 0:19 אני מת ????????

Fiona dit is echt te grappig ??

Florian Mongelluzzi regarde a partir de 0.35 ahahahaa bianca

Cindy Hennawi dae mo man siguro pigdadalan hHaha

Angie Marie the hen thooooo lol


Lukas Brandy die erste bin ich ??

Kinga Niedźwiedź potrzebuje kota albo psaxD

Oh i love kitty cats meow ????

Aaron Villalobos vea el del espejo ??????


Aud Elin Valde ej dauda på 1:35 ???

Enjoyed, thanks!

Jake Hollingsworth :54 ?? the whole thing is funny but at 54 seconds is just great. sneaky sneaky!!

Cat wasted on poo fumes. Check them eyes out lol

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Watch out! ?? ... Zie meerZie minder



Watch out for that tree!

for some reason, its mostly a child who is in the winning video. One time it was a flash card shown and the child said pause. I didn't think that was better than other videos on the episode.

I'm loving it. ??

0:44 George of the jungle reference


Very funny!!! ??

Hahahaha!!! Very funny! ??

I love each and everyone of them.

Fun times ... ???

So funny I love it

Bobby got KOD

all having fun





When are they actually going to show funny videos instead of cute videos?


Yolla Skaf Maya Skaf hhhhh

Dalal Dazo nhhhhhhhh

Molly Wells Emily Wells

Aman Kandwal

Fehh Raridades

Maria Eduarda



I think it’s funny how none of these kids get spanked... parents grab their phones.

funny apart from the kids fishing in the toilet

Omg can’t wait till Elise start emptying those cupboards & reaching for those cookies♥️? Keliesha Ramai - Kalloo

The baby in the pink shirt made me laugh so hard. ?

Maya what video these remind you of? ?

Samantha Ghalil hahahahaha die gezichtjes ook allemaal komt je dat bekend voor xd

Cindy Hennawi hahaha ill keep "@"ting you because im bored

Abdí Jonathan el del niño que muerde el pastel es tu hijo lit jakajaajaajaajaa

Deja Owens look at Pay Pay, Jordy, and Bruno ??

Sharmiha Mohsin u both are the one digging nose ??

notice they all know they are guilty.....we do know right from wrong right from the start i reckonb

Waarom moet ik bij deze filmpjes nu al aan Kaj denken Tom Moerman ??

Hahahahaha my son would run away after stealing things from a kitchen hahahahaha

Luna para que vayas viendo para cuando te toque!! Lo que te espera

My son was/is never a climber or a snooper..thank goodness to that

Anna Pasierbek Karol Masoń Franuś też będzie łobuz, czuję to. Kombo z takich rodziców nie wróży nic innego!

What do you expect from the 1st little guy, he’s dress in camo........ then take a look at the girl picking her nose, the sign in the background says freshly picked ?

Jay Kellz this would definitely be our child lol

Kahlia ''Always run. Always say no after you run.'' ?

Amanda Fair Judy Fair the second one made me think of amanda and I going straight for whatever Grandma had made and sitting on the counter ?

It's always the snacks lol

Destiny Conwell i got a laugh out of some of these, especially the one with the pointed finger, so aleena

I feel like Sophie is written all over some of these Russell Hahahaha

Shiny Sweta that 2:45 second girl u r in ur childhood. ??

Things to look forward to in the future Sarah Hellyer ?

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4 dagen geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

We all have that one friend... ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Trish Dee, #10 = your mom ???????

I should not watch these. I worry about the people in them.

Paula Goodness gracious

What in the hell were these people thinking? Just watching this makes me want to go take some Advil. Do I feel sorry for them? Ahhh no

Not funny. !!

Maddie Labecki why haven’t we tried 26 up north

And this is why we can't have nice things!!!

dmnit I was drinking coffee!! now I'm wearing it!

Oh, they’re going to really start to feel that when they are older.....

Ryan Huffstetler I can totally see you doing this!!!

Lizz Southern why have we never made up a drunk wizard game???


Luckily, I have no friends like that!

Rachel Lane Michelle Mohr if there was a video of Rachel hitting her head on the fan... it would go perfectly in this video ????

It is amazing that any of us lived long enough to reach adulthood,

not funny for me, i am sure each one got hurt and it was painful for them all

Donna.... tell Jonte I want to see a vid of him attempting the first one ?

I think Rod is your "that one friend" ?

It is a wonder that these kids will even make it to adulthood. Then again, some of us never grow up...

Slavjanka Trpevska poslednoto ... facata na zenata... sooooo meee. !!!! ???

Malene Nygaard Jørgensen du må med op på skibakken tjek nummer 26’eren ud, det kunne godt være dig. Er vi enige Frederik Madsen

MetteGaga og Ditte nr. 19 kunne være jer ?

votre aime faire mal...

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America’s Funniest Home Videos

America’s Funniest Home Videos is een Amerikaans tv-programma dat op de Amerikaanse zender ABC wordt uitgezonden sinds 1990. In de serie worden zelfgemaakte komische videofragmenten vertoond, die aan elkaar gepraat worden door de presentator, Alfonso Ribeiro. Het programma wordt sinds het begin geproduceerd en geregisseerd door Vin di Bona. Het is gebaseerd op een Japans televisieprogramma, genaamd Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan.

Tot 1997 werd het programma gepresenteerd door Bob Saget. Het concept is simpel: kijkers kunnen grappige filmpjes opsturen. De redactie selecteert de drie grappigste van de week, die het tegen elkaar opnemen in een finale: het publiek mag de winnaar bepalen. Die verdient tienduizend dollar (de tweede 3000, de derde 2000). Regelmatig nemen de allerleukste van elk programma het dan tegen elkaar op om honderdduizend dollar te verdienen.