Very moving. ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



This guy was my favorite lol! His face is like “are you freaking kidding me?? Do you see what’s on my lap now?!” Lol! ?

did that one dude around 2:18 SMELL THE CAP!?!?

My husband just said "oh, ok" ???

I love the way the men who aren't too thrilled, look at the woman like it's all her fault. ??

José asi pareces tu como que no te emociona cuando te digo la noticia que vas aser papa otra ves..?

Some scary movie preview came up in the middle and scared the crap out of my small child that was watching with me. Not appropriate at all.

I think some of the guys have been broken. My favorite is the lady screaming help cause the dog gots the pee stick-that guy is the happiest..

Acting like they don't know what causes it to keep happening. Lololol

Yeah Jethro with the two blonde girls did not look the least bit pleased ?

Some of the not so happy dads are actually cracking me up. They seemed to have forgotten that it takes two to make a baby. I guess they didn't know that pulling out wouldn't work. ?

ok was it just me or did half of these men not look happy ??

I glad SOME of them were extatic!

At least some of the caddies are happy. My husband was deployed the first time I found out and was not happy the second time.

i love all the ones who are happy about it....


Some of them don't seem too thrilled!

Love the one with baby n toddler in chair.. he is what

Larry Doucette thank you for not having this reaction

The ad tells me ot's time to move on. Show's over...

Gee, I'd better force a smile and hug you now, right? Awe crap.

Bill Cashmere I bet you get even more excited next baby ? ?

Hhhh i don't know what happen tout me i'm smiling ???

Magaly Kon What do you think my reaction will be like? Lol

Justin Hancock when we give Ben a sibling one day

Manda I was the guy around 30 seconds in who was like "wha?" ??

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IMPRESSIVE. ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Just me. Living my best life ???

Totally get it - whats your first memories of child hood - my parents shooting formula all over my face ! ??‍♀️

The guy who slipped on the ice but landed on his feet at the bottom of the stairs...that was impressive

The guy that jumped over the car!!! I can't even see the roof of my car!!! ?? impressive.

☺ America's Funniest Home Videos 1 ngày an nhiên, hoan hỉ, mọi việc hanh thông nhé. Mình là Thùy Dương chuyên sỉ hàng Second - Hand nguyên kiện Nhật, Hàn, Mỹ, Úc

The one guy starting at :44 is pretty good free jumper

Alex D'amico any memories come up when watching the baby in the beginning ?


Brandon Wolfe that one time with the pool ball

(y) 😀

Parkour Ruairi

Keven Boucher Alexandra Boucher Karyne Godbout c’est quasiment moi au minigolf ??‍♀️???

Samantha June Peterson you and b gotta step it up

Dave Thompson

Henrik Lundberg

Alejandra Velasco


Katie Heath ?

Bridger Stephens

Kellie Moyes

Quinton Kelley

Morten Kjær Jensen

6 uur geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

I can't stop laughing. ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



I can't stop laughing at the look on the baby's face when his dad takes away the diaper! ???

Brushing her teeth in front of the sink and ask for water ?‍♀️

It may be look funny, but the little kid just found out it's ok to eat out of his diaper

The diaper one may not be a very good idea. It may give the baby the very same idea, except it may be poop and not brownie.

You can't do this to a child because he will think that everything brown In a Pamper is eatible.

If that first baby starts taking poop out of his diaper and eats it, don't be surprised

I cannot believe you would put this on facebook

Liz you gotta do this to david when turtle gets older

That puting brownie in diaper not good.Babys learn fast......

That's pretty funny. My favorite is the lady in the 1 room where ALL THE WATER IS...and asking someone to get her water...?

Oh man the first one...the doodoo diaper...I would have thrown up just thinking my kid was eating poo haha

Best revevange quote and they will revevange::::: “I will hurt you for this. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid.” ― George R.R. Martin

Well my 2 year old thought his poop was chocolate and we all watched in horror as he put his finger in his diaper and then his mouth. It was in slow mo..... ?

Omg Randen....the very 1st clip! when Rory gets old enough to eat a brownie you should so play this prank on Jason ?

Volker Kathi Hannes bereitet euch schonmal drauf vor... noch ein Grund warum ich keine Kinder möchte Monique ?

Prank are not funny to me. Some of these could have been dangerous. Please think about what could happen before hand. It could cause a heart attack or hurt someone bad. You never know what effect it will have.

first one with Diaper brownie and guy said i need four copies in printer were HILARIOUS???

the copy machine....why did he realise this so fast i would love to see him scream at the machine

Thanks Mom ! i just ate a warm brownie ! ( just thank god mine i just served on a plate to me - so knew wasnt in a diaper ? )

She did all that for Cayenne pepper!!! I guess they don’t season food in their house lol!!

The diaper with the brownie inside is cool & funny. I am gonna do that to my friend. It's Confusing for the baby though.

LOL the brownie prank. I was just thinking 'nooooo why!?!' I've had a couple of my children try the contents of their diaper before (eww!) Of course it must have been terrible because it never happened again! I wouldn't be surprised if this kid tries their diaper contents though after finding a brownie. He's gonna be in for a surprise

Justin I know you appreciate a good

Alj Mar the first one is so hillarious!! ??

Vlad Klaudia Magdalena Roksana the first one yhough hahaha i was just thinking why the hell is someone recording instead of doing something ????

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Mess or art? ? ?‍??‍? ... Zie meerZie minder



Getting messy is what kids are all about??

"Twice in one week" youd think they would have done something differently ??

These paintings will all sell well at a modern art gallery.

Keeping America Laughing...Period. Since 1989.

Definitely not Art!?

Discovering new things with the five senses awesome art

Amanda McKenna okay the first one isn't bad because it's in the garage

Idk Scott Erickson same kids came close but I think Natalie is still the champion. She probably just made a mess while I'm typing. Lol

Twice in a week she yeld! You've not seen anything yet. Future Da Vinci's.

I wonder for how much tim these kids r unsupervised

Mess! 😀


Oh what pretty art work.


I'm loving it!!

This is what I’m picturing you said that you guys were painting ARC Stacey Tamvaklis

Mascha Verlaan je kunt met Veerle samen Marco's vingernagels lakken 😉

Manuel Aaron lol

Mike Fabio Edwards remind you of some one xxx

Now I know what to buy to Jack when i visit you in your new house, Cait and Mike.... ???️

Casper Boström du kommer ångra dig i framtiden ?

Anna Rafacz cemu mom przeczucie ze to bedzie kacper ??


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10 uur geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Cooking is an art. ??‍??‍? ... Zie meerZie minder



CHeez in the toaster....even on the side this is gonne screw it up

Even if I had kids in the future, I will avoid cooking dinner with them because I just couldn't cope with the thought of how unhygienic they are ? sneezing in the mixture?! ?

Actual footage of you cooking, Rich.

Por eso me jubile, hay que evitar accidentes ?? Jess Karen Sol

Tucker Harris remember that one time you lit our stove on fire

Maggy VS no se porque pero me acorde de ti cuando quemabas hasta el agua ?

André- du vett at Kjæresten din ikkje kan lage mat, sant?!??????

Ken VC haha gij binnen een goed jaar als je uw eigen potje moet koken ???

Dhruvi Shah this is u....???? and i will shoot u while doing this?

Leen de Lange da wij nooit onze nek gebroken hebben als we weer de keukenprinses aan het uithangen waren verbaast mij soms echt :p

It’s great to teach your how to cook, but you need to teach them how to put out fires and to clean!

This is my kiddo helping in the kitchen. He kept licking the spoon as it cooked, haha.

Tayla Nguyen food and nut year 8. breakfast rolls. 'it burnt me through the mit'

Brenda Dees gebeurt er me mij zowizo alsk aant koken ben XD daarom benk bang om te koken xxxx

I'm still afraid of my pressure cooker!

Jacqui Panko Wilson - us and the potatoes .... umm should we just order a pizza?

That last guy had like NO fear :O

That's you in the beginning when you made cheesecake that one time Yoly Sanchez

Kimberly Brann we’re both fairly good at cooking/baking but i feel like these would only happen to us?

Danielle Marie when they get you cooking lol

Magnus hvad der ville ske hvis du lod mig lave mad alene!❤️❤️

Naye Alvarado loca se acuerda la licuadora donde mi abuela?? ? o el arroz en su casa! ?

Kathrine Hartung Aaby deeeet er mig! Min mor måtte købe en ny palette sidst jeg lavede mad siger det bare???

Isabel Carlozzi wheres the video of me trying to boil an egg?

Ineta Maksimavičienė cia as kai ateinu i virtuve net obuoliu pyragas siandien gavosi kaip plyta ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Animals for the win! ... Zie meerZie minder



Why y’all screaming at a fish ?

What was that with the guy on the couch? A big mouse?

The animals are tired of not getting compensated for pics ?

Animals - 1 Humans - 0

Edmund Tech what if that fish did that to you ??

Melissa Salazar the monkey on that ladies back

the one with a shark aint fun

Cleetus VanDamme look at 2:10 , that would have been fun ??

Music you can get anywhere any time. People's reactions are unique. Can't we just listen to the people's reactions without the music?

Hahaha! ???? Petra Gelhaar Hur kan man vara rädd för en liten mus?! ?

Arianne Do any of these videos remind you of a certain situation we once had? Hahaha

Angelia Frost i cld just see you running and screaming!?

Scared of frogs and ducks.....omg ???

Worst nightmare ever Iris Friso

Wait, that driving bus... that was dangerous!

och hur kan man ge en liten alligator till en typ 5 åring ???? klart han kan sticka iväg då ??

Jordar bhai bhai a1 bhai mast nice very good ocem

Joseph may mga part na hindi ko gusto baka pag nangyare sakin mahimatay talaga ako

Magnus den siste der er en bever! Å der kan du se at de er faktisk ikke bare ute etter trær! ?

The lady bus driver...lolol!

Amber Smith if only I got a video of the grouse

Jaycob Moreno, me with the broom and that killer rat!

Ty Coast jeg ved ikke hvem der er mest dig - ham på sofaen eller hende på badedyret? Jeg er i hvert fald ham der fodrer fuglene?

Rayan Yamout bs elileh b min bizkrukeh hek ( Jad Saheb ) ???

خل توتي يشوف الحيوانات هسه يخرب ضحك يحب هاي الفديوات Goulbahar Aljaf

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America's Funniest Home Videos

The joys of having a brother or a sister. ?

Watch Life Unfiltered
"I didn't do it"
- Every kid right after the camera stopped rolling
... Zie meerZie minder



Joey wait till he throws the bat ?

Didn't know violence is funny!

I see children that need a good butt whoppin’!

Yall are some whiny people. Tgey are kids they are going to fight, rough house and get a little angry! Chill out

I really hope the girl that got a stick to the face is ok. That made me cringe lol

I'm happy people don't find this funny. My kids would be getting spanked over this kinda stuff

I don’t see how most of these are funny. Some of these kids need their butts whooped

The whiners on here, wow. Toughen up. Siblings smack each other, and hug the next minute. Mess with each or hurt each other on accident. It’s cute and funny.

This wasn't really funny. I only laughed at the treadmill duo and that was because it wasn't kids being mean to each other. For the first time I'm a little disappointed in the compilation. These were just children being awful to another.

The only two I liked was the sister in the blue dress who went down after her awesome twirl even though she accidentally got her brother in the chin and I also liked the snowman one. Majority of these videos the siblings were just mean.

Tay Marie I laughed way too hard, this was so us haha

Y'all are babies. This was funny. This is what kids do. Hell y'all ain't see nothing my brother and I used to throw knives at each other. Now that's mean lol

We need a video just of the siblings face when they just did something.. like the oooo no that wasn't supposed to happen or the please don't cry don't tell mom face.

I believe the safe word was cheese

People saying some are too much violent for kids. Well I had gone through worse than that with my brother when I was little and I am alive. Those memories just make me laugh now. ?

Mingya these kids are brutal!! Most of these are cringe worthy!!??

I laughed even harder when the screams were in slow motion ?

Lord of the Flies was spot on......

I don’t see all of this so funny

All you that are angry do not know what happened off camera. There were 4 of us and all were little hellians to each other sometimes we got big trouble and sometimes not.... we all turned out normal. This video is hilarious!!

Nani Jones this is where parenting begins to get a little difficult lol.

These scenes will start (or continue...?) to be staged and encouraged by parents until some kid suffers a traumatic injury or death....all to get on Facebook...think about it.

These are hilarious. The kids sister who got dabbed in the face sounded like a tea kettle!

I don’t remember this but I guess when I was young my brother was really messing with me so the second he turned his back... I bit it.

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America's Funniest Home Videos

The best kind of surprise. ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



I’m sorry in as cute as the videos are pets should never be given as gifts to children

Bless the little girls parents who got her a freaking snake

The little girl excited about the snake, lol

I'm 68 and I STILL cry when I get a dog.

To those complaining about the snake, they make great pets if cared for properly. And guess what? Unlike cats and dogs, they won't shed everywhere, won't bark, are not a serious danger if they bite (unlike many dog breeds), are much cleaner than dogs and cats (ie: snake bites don't cause infection, whilst dogs and cats often do), and are all around simple and safe animals. Common pet snakes like kingsnakes, cornsnakes, and ball pythons make fantastic pets.

It's silly to think all animals given to children will be disposable or abandoned... my family gave me a dog when i was 8 years old and he lived a good 15 years by my side... he was my best friend. Some children are responsible and love and care for their animals...

I’m glad I had boys. They didn’t scream bloody murder when they got our dog and scare it to death. Yowza.

Those poor little things were probably scared half to death and deaf after the silly screaming.

All that screaming does not help the animals adjust. A snake??? seriously??

The faces of the kids who got the box full of dog stuff ? that was great

Our children grew up with all kinds of pets; dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, hermit crabs.....the list goes on. They were taught at an early age to love AND care for them. It is a terrific experience if the parents are pro-active. ❤️❤️

That's lovely but pets are pets and not gifts. Get them when you're really ready and not just for the sake of a gift. Hope all's the gifted pets does well ?

This made me cry like a baby. I begged my parents for a dog when I was a kid.. I was 14 when they finally gave in and got me a puppy. That dog was my best friend for 12 years before he passed away. ?

I sure hope you teach those kids to be responsable with the dogs. They are not toys and not disposable.

IDK why most are disgusted by the snake. It's a carnivorous animal, just like a kitty. Maybe not my first choice, but to each their own. I agree with the prevailing thought of not giving animals as pets, though. Perhaps in certain cases it does work, but generally if you decide to get a pet the whole family should go out and find the one that lives with their needs and personalities. Also, puppies are adorable but a lot of work...what's wrong with an older pet? Too many people shop when they should be looking at the sweet animals that need a home from shelters or rescues. That's just my two cents.

You are more likely to keep your puppy when the kids and family fall in love with it. So many ADULTS shouldn’t get a dog as a gift when they don’t learn the breed and end up not liking it

I remember our first dog, Candie Sue. We went down to the pet store! When I realized where we were at (I was 10 at the time) I cried! Happy tears! Especially when we brought her home. She was a sweet girl I miss her every day!!

The best was the one where they open the dog supplies gift then its silence. Then a camera shutter. Then they react. ???

The ones with the screaming can be a bit much and it breaks my heart with the little ones who cry because they finally got a puppy or kitten or something else but they are all great reactions 🙂

I love the snake one! It's like Christmas when you get one after begging your parents. Snakes are actually by far the easiest to care for (corn snakes are awesome starter snakes). The others are cute though!

Well although I know how excited they are when they see their puppy all that screaming must petrify the poor little thing.

When it was the second last video I was like "Don't you start screaming on that puppy now" because the rest of the reaction went right in my ear. Before I had cats I had Goldfish; Tom and Jerry. And my mum has a phobia of snakes so that kind of pet is out of the question.

I like the one that got the box of treats and said I’m getting a dog lol I’m just wondering who is going to take care of all these animals I laughed at this one it was funny ?

Do ludzi nie dociera, źe stworzenia nie sa zabawką! Taka decyzja powinna byc przemyslana i uzgodniona z calą rodziną. Przykre ile tych pieskow się znajdzie w schroniskach nie chce mysleć

Ill not be so luckey as these kids in getting a kitten for a while money is real hard to come by. I also dont belive there os a christen out there that would help me and my girlfriend out.

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Is there anything better? ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



Not a fan of the over-use of sound effects.

Here is my puppy, Yoda. Hes dressed as himself as well. ???

Rhiannon Daymon Harloff! I think this is the one you were talking about to me earlier.. now i have to find a cute video of the day for myself tomorrow lol ??

Janine Moberly..the First one Heidi.. ?then look at the crate that’s what I was talking about you getting.

*dies laughing* the sound effects weren't helping ? cuz it just made the video even more funny LOL

This would definitely be better sans the sound effects.

Anyone know the music playing with the 4 kittens on the tower at 2:23?


love to watch puppies and kittens, but hate to see puppies on the stairs, they can so easily put out hips or break their backs when sliding or falling down the stairs, their bones are soft and very easily damaged.

? America's Funniest Home Videos 1 ngày an nhiên, hoan hỉ, mọi việc hanh thông nhé. Mình là Thùy Dương chuyên sỉ hàng Second - Hand nguyên kiện Nhật, Hàn, Mỹ, Úc

We just need to smile

Hey America's Funniest Home Videos, Please stop using the sound effects! They are not needed, & can be annoying.

Kelsey Brooks just to make your day a little better

Kristen BaBadnewsButler Chelsea BeBearchin ??

Aaahhhh!!! Dogs and doorstops. Best thing ever.

I thought the kitty was laughing ?

Some of these are hilarious.

Mashya, nieuwe mews en woefs, TE snoezig!!

Merijn de Jong mooi werk die geluidjes eronder zetten


Hahahahaha adorable

The first dog lol just like leo haha 'Yaroslava Lupanchuk

Camille Gravel ??? J'en peux pu !!!

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1 dag geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

OMG. ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



I have baby bunnies.

Anyone else who skipped past the human babies?

In what way a scared baby is funny?

Lauren Alena just goes to show baby humans and baby animals are the best across the globe ?BABIES?

The loud noise scaring the baby & men laughing NOT funny, sick SOB's

Bisma Khan myyyyyyy heart <3

I love spazzy baby goats.

Awesome video was special thank you for sharing ??❤❤❤❤❤❤

I want to play with puppies ,kittens , and piglets xo

I also talk like rhis with my girl... muwah mirha mama loves u shhooo much

That second one looks like a baby Danny Davito

Omg the baby said thank you 😀 <3

Steven Bouman Hahaha omg check die baby met dat water hahaha

All the pictures i seen they are so adorable.?????

Mykkie Scott look at the babies

Their all cute when their small then---The Devil comes out ..Lol

Durba Saha remember meow sound ? last video ?

Aaah! that was so calming ?

Marla Balbuena Balbuena Gigs es como una cabrita jajajajajaja

Sarah Naoum شوفي المعزات ???

So sweet !

So sweet.

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1 dag geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Seems so long ago. ❄️❄️❄️ ... Zie meerZie minder



I wish i can experience Snow, Before i Die lol I Live in This Hellish Tropic Country

All I can think of is “you are going to feel that in 20-30 years” ?

Nathan Scanlon these are all gonna be me when we go skiing

Josef Warringer Simon Nilsson Tim Egerland Ska vi ta en vecka nånstans iår eller!? Hört att Öl o jäger ska konsumeras då! Brukar sluta bra ?

Amazed at how many aren’t wearing a protective helmet.

I remember snow, and that's why I live in Florida

Topher Wallace lol do you still miss snow now? I love how practically all of these fails are snow boarders. ?

Can't wait for snow so I can complain about how much I cannot wait for spring!

Hate winter n snow especially

What’s snow? We hardly see any sometimes. Then again, it also never seems to rain.

My kids keep asking me to make it snow!

Literally 5 months ago- snow in March/April

Hey Greg Abbott. Does this make you feel better? ?

Behling Tom-Philipp endlich Winter und Snowboard fahren Ce Line und Pullis Kuschelsocken und Tee

It's a wonder anybody can still walk come spring.

Keegan I didn’t realize you made a highlight reel from last winter! ?

Zade Kersh I can see myself in all of these situations haha. What do you think?

Nick Simpson kinda looks like you when you took that “big” jump

Yep, I remember how dangerously pretty it is. And I remember that I’m not ready to drive to work in it everyday. Or school.

Lucas Rêgo, já estou prevendo as m... que Diego Rossotti vai fazer lá! Kkkkkkkk

That's how I like my snow - on video's, photo's and above the Mason Dixon line!

I hope we have the warmest winter in years. God snow sucks.

Oh how I miss the snows in Wyoming. What snow we get here in NC isn't anything to write home about but they sure were in Wyoming. Lived there for 10 years and every year we had snow, snow, and more snow.

Not even going to watch this lol ill wait until november

I want to keep it only as a memory.

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When your summer is going swimmingly. ??? ... Zie meerZie minder



When the ad comes on that is my cue to leave.

Christian Odo the first girl trying to dive.... that’s me when I try ?

Brad Lovell I would say this is close to the level of my diving skills.

Jennifer, guck mal die erste Person an, wenn die springt. Musste hart lachen, könnte ich sein. ?

Olivia Watt relatable after tonight ?

Farah شوفي كمية ال اااااعععععععععع بهالفيديو ?? وليكي ليش بقلك نشك بلا ركض ???

Tina My tænk, at de alligevel har fundet så mange klip med os ! ???

Umut Jeppe Jeppe overvej hvor meget den første minder om mig?

Madelen, Therese, Frode æ ser fårr mæ at Marius kan finn på nå sånt når vi e å bade.. ??

Wendy De Paepe, If you're ready for me, record this! ???

I watched it a second time just for the baby in the sprinkler ?? That poor baby! Maria I feel like you would laugh too

Aruba Arshad u know u burning in hell because u laughed

Cindy watch at 2:22 .. it's like deja vu...

Abby Norris this what I looked like when I realized summer is over and I have so much hw

Anders Bakke Berntsen, noko i samme duren som den fyrste må da ha sett ut som når eg sku stupa frå gullholm???

Thomas Bischoff Kathi Jonitat Direkt die erste... ich in der Trampolinhalle

Ευθυμία Κωφίδη you know what I mean.... ???This semester... Coming ? ?

Kenny youd be the one in the chair asleep

Daniel Højgaard den første!! Lignede dig dengang i Kastrup svømmehal hahaha

Morgan Mitton ??? and this has Lilly pads!

Sadie Weber...the 1st clip is your diving twin??

Marcy Wieber hahahahahahahhahahahahahha that looked painful ?

Mark dit zou ik kunnen zijn

Aurélie ik op maandag, dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag ??

Hahaha ja idd:)

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1 dag geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

It's that time of year again... ??✏️ ... Zie meerZie minder



*dabs* "siri, what's 3+4?"

It's my body, not ur body, u don't know how I feel.

Love the....Chica boom boom dance!!

Hopefully they survive the year. Unless gun control finally becomes an issue, some of them may not. Go ahead and try to convince me and thousands of grieving parents otherwise, because you can't.

Why’s she remind me of jemna lol idk how to spell it Brianna Crocker

Felicity Dunbar Beth Jones i feel like this all still happens to us as post graduates

Remember to turn off Siri and Alexa during homework time.

That little girl who's hand was hurting. Her southern accent was just the most adorable thing ever.

Dad “Your going to school tomorrow and they’re going to give you a new brain” Toddler “I don’t want a brain” ??

Congratulations to all the kids have a great year at school and lots of fun ?

Kate Beale what stage of development is this

Lorrayne F. Sousa vai aparecer nos duas aí, fica ligada vc vai saber nos identificar kkkkkk?❣

Dt Alisha Dimple first clip ? #gymlife

Festim 01.05 chlloe ahahahahaha

Katie Simms Collins The girl and is the water I felt today while planing lol

Sokuntha Lac Mary K Kdep Lol remember when the kids drank out of the water fountain the first time ????

Teacher: why didn’t you finish your homework? Me: my cat slept on it & he wouldn’t move

Aaah, I've got 2 more weeks of holiday!!

Anna Hellstenius och vi slipper, värt en krogenrunda

Annabelle La das erste Mädel sieht aus wie Yunia (?) von Lena ?

I weap for the future.

Jonas Christensen 2:44 min inden, det ligner jo dig ?

Chuck Belmonte the kid with the water fountain at the start is totally Oliver, calling it now

James Tommy Ellison I wish we had Siri for our homework

Liz Perkins Harris the kid at 2:43 is so bubby. ????

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1 dag geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

New workout routine is going great! ... Zie meerZie minder



Isn't This The Greatest Show, Let's Watch People Get Hurt, Then Lugh At Them. 🙁

As long as it’s me versus a child....

Paula Happy "Monday" to you

Andrea Robles we should be in the video

Everytime I see someone get hit in the head with the ball I like to yell out "headshot" like the announcer guy from halo

You can always tell which ones the really good ones are by the slow mo. ??

Kelly Tyler Hahahaha what does this remind you of?

Haleigh Phillips does this bring back memories haha

Juliann Hobby too bad no one filmed our fail!

I see that Eagles flag on the first one ?

I must've watched that kid do a back flip 17 times

This is why I still haven't pumped mine up from Christmas lol

The things that happen when you use a excerise ball for anything but exercise

Shubham Singh Tarang Srivastava step1 : try not to laugh. Step 2: laugh out loud anyway.????

The biggest fail in that first clip was the eagles banner????

I wanna do this with someone!

That one kids just did a 310 plank flip ?

looks painfull but not too much hihihihi 🙂

Velie Alexi Williams Watch this!!!!! I can’t breathe?????????????

Dylan Solz wait towards the end it gets better

Joscelyn Mayra en el minuto 0.46 -2:22 ese seria el Jayden ??

Callie Baber we need to get you one of these for your dorm for when you get bored!

gå hen til sekund 13, så ved du hvad jeg tænker på ahahah Cecilie Heide Kerstens

Mason Taylor I’ve always wanted to do the one where you run at each other?❤️

Kate Letcher 1. this is a great mood booster 2. why haven't we ever done this?

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2 dagen geleden

America's Funniest Home Videos

Pure joy:

Baby Got Laughs
just a bunch of cute babies to make your Monday a little better! ♥️
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So cute !




Vandana Sharma Marte-Mathea Katib Charlotte Sundelius babies are frigging weird

Cassandra Dingman baby fever ?

Meltem Kavurgaci Lea Effinghausen want one?

Omg Sarahi Salazar❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer Aylette Wolfe That first face is the EXACT look you gave me when all I did was slide off the chair at work. Yea, so maybe my leg was bare and maybe the chair had a gloss finish, BUT THAT DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO LOOK AT ME LIKE I UNLEASHED KRAKEN'S ROAR.

Brandon Ton die babys in die schommels hahahaha




Rashaشوفيي ??

Giulia Braico Vonai Uot jbg nije Monday, ali nema veze

Lovely! ?

Shannon Crawford kid at 2:27 killed me

Stefanie, Tiziana, Jessica ?

Shankar Mahadevan look at this

Halaena Hill I relate to the 5th one ??

James Gibson one of them tries to give a puppy trumpet!

Melissa ??? to funny

Aleida Padilla Giselle Beltran ???

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America’s Funniest Home Videos

America’s Funniest Home Videos is een Amerikaans tv-programma dat op de Amerikaanse zender ABC wordt uitgezonden sinds 1990. In de serie worden zelfgemaakte komische videofragmenten vertoond, die aan elkaar gepraat worden door de presentator, Alfonso Ribeiro. Het programma wordt sinds het begin geproduceerd en geregisseerd door Vin di Bona. Het is gebaseerd op een Japans televisieprogramma, genaamd Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan.

Tot 1997 werd het programma gepresenteerd door Bob Saget. Het concept is simpel: kijkers kunnen grappige filmpjes opsturen. De redactie selecteert de drie grappigste van de week, die het tegen elkaar opnemen in een finale: het publiek mag de winnaar bepalen. Die verdient tienduizend dollar (de tweede 3000, de derde 2000). Regelmatig nemen de allerleukste van elk programma het dan tegen elkaar op om honderdduizend dollar te verdienen.