Daily Animal Funnies



If i found any of these anywhere I would burn the building and the surrounding property down to the ground. Then I'd beat the burned ground with a shovel. Then I'd move far away. Uh ... don't like bugs.

They are gorgeous ???

Karolyn Engh No sneks. ?

What’s the red one?? I’ve seen a green one that looked like that sitting on the black top at a job I had. I was scared to get close to it thought to myself it’s going to jump on my face ? took pictures from a distance

I am surprised I did not find them scary. My aversion therapy must be working.

Étranges insectes et certains sont effrayants !???


Are these for real.?????

No No No Not Now Not Ever

Eeeewwww!!! Scary stuff?

Martin I could have my picture after holding that giant caterpillar ?

Rachael Paniec. You're welcome

James Burke????

Gareth Williams

Jake Patmore

Urvashi Singh

Chris Nisja

James McAbee

Adolfo Hernandez

Those are bloody aliens, lol



Boy I would love it they are my favorite dog

Jey leta go!

I seen lot's dogs sanctuary before but never seen so many Saint Bernard dogs island. nice place for happy dogs?

Jennefer Polak let’s go for vacation!!!

Jodi Good Nayoski there is so many!

Wooooooooooooooow!!!so many best friends,,,they’re beautiful adorable,,they need a helper in looking after them,,,,God Bless to everyone....

I would love this!!!

Why so many. Don’t we have enough over breeding now?

Another island I need to visit!!! ???

Ils sont nombreux et très beaux ces chiens Saint Bernard !

This site is ba. unfollow

Beautiful Dogs!! Keep them safe !!!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous St Bernard’s are fabulously gentle ?


Are they rescues. They are beautiful

Matt Mace we have to go there on our next Canadian adventure

Look at all lovely faces!

My dreamplace❤️❤️❤️

Omg I want to go





OMG, Ben Colbert. Take me please.

Vincent Erich Echt iets voor jou

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Daily Animal Funnies

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Tami Reese Robison does this look familiar.

Michael Richbourg If this isn't our boys, I don't know what is.

That's true

Exactly how it goes!!

Rafael Cuesta kkkkkkkkk ????‍♀️❤️???

been there




Michael Hirdd

Derrick MacDonaldMacDonald...lol

Kenneth Warner Lol. Our life

Emma Hammer this is what will happen if you get fran a friend

Kelly Keith ?

Tessa Middelberg Mirjam Bakker

Tanya Jarrad lol

Nik Canavan

Rachel Brumbalow

Kurt Griffin

Kay Boyd

Sarah Mendak

Jessica they made a cartoon of you ?

Cheri Lucarelli



Just gotta teach the cat that opened the screen door how to close it again and then you’re golden

Dianne Saldern, Kathryn Howie, I hope the two of you have Hugh and Rosie trained?

Taylor ?

Kierra Romero

Jemma Altmann

Ben Hargreaves

Nicolene Jacobs Swart

Noela Fisher

Samantha Hudson



Léon meilleur ronflement

Adorable! They actually snore!?

Very sweet!

Mélanie Krajewski

Bridget Seitzinger

Chelsea Logan Klaas Glenda Klaas Jason Moore ?❤️

Michelle Cho

Sloops Brian



It's me Tessa Hofstra

Cathy Kelly you all over

This is you Alice Page

Debra Dittrich this is you

So true dogs are better than a lot of people

So true. They love you no matter how sick or ugly you get.???

Carla Mckee SS


Or any ?

This is so me!


Ellen West this is you ?

Damian Harken totally me ?

Brooklyn Jones Kelly Leuwerke

Jade Roelants ?

Sander Borgers ik

Magdalena Škalec

Gail Weber lol

Jennifer Abi Saab Genevieve Saab

Sara Tyler

Rebekah Parks

May Tfilin

Jen O'Bannan-Bingham

Michael Hird



Oh shit!


Houston, we have a problem!

Toby Mushrush. Lol thankfully you don't have this issue

Firm nope!

Oh shit?

Someone get that boater a clean pair of underwear!!

So much nope! Maybe poke it w the oar and hope ur swims down and away

Omg! Sherri Dukeke

Steven Geoff Sarah Chris

Ryan Herron ?

Kyle Andrew Wamsley ?

Brodie Smith

Chris Waide

Ben Coblentz

Matthew Nowak Andrew Babineau

Barbara Nowak

Symonne Smith

Adolfo Hernandez



I love dem, fruit bats are so adorable!

It looks like a puppy, interesting

Gorgeous xx

Sky puppy!!!

Joel Jeffrey I feel like tiny flying foxes might trump Otters for me now...

Adorable. X. ???

How very cute


Kevin Lechner 😀

Dorothy Van Zyl Stroebel I want 100

OMG ? Isis Amber Gail Tortora

Iris Woud-Niedenzu



Love it!

Rose Rose milo and bella?

Corinne White Nur White

Chloe Johnson



Is he a Bedlington, he's gorgeous xx

I want pink plaid jammies like Seamus!

I love him! He so cute!

He is cute

Oh sweet, little lamb ❤


Ludvig Jonathan Särnklint

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Daily Animal Funnies

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Love this photo, such clarity in the colors!

So cute.

Well hello there cutey want a bear hug

Nice photo. ???



Anoushka Piotrowski Tabitha Hatherill Nina Skinner Sarah Ingram I think we found Elena Munro

Sarah Wilson - so true, dog those avocado PJ's!

Julie Johanne Knudsen en gnaver, der spiser meget avokado - minder det dig om nogen??

Love his hat he's really enjoying that avocado so cute. ?

Rebecca Thornton.. you with cheese ?

Rebecca Sofia Thorsøe Collin it is life!

I could watch him all day ?

Yum yum?

Delaney Jane Drost my spirit animal

Annelie Johansson är det rätt inpackning?


I like avocados too ?

It mabe if you are a squirrel!

John Eather is that ALPHALPHA Phillip Richards

Sem Ra???

Katie Gibson this reminds me if rosie!!??

Hollie Best Melissa Hulme ? ?

Rachel Leah Stage lol

Jesse Scheltens omg

Carla Traplin ?

Evelyn Garcia ?


Linda Savill Anderson

Hailey Miller

Melissa Brown

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Daily Animal Funnies

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Nick Van Rensburg, we should do this when Levi sleeps over 🙂


Love this shot

If only He was that Obiedient.


Liam Gaul get your basket ready

Trini lol

Chris Taylor????

Jimmy RossJimmy ?

Lori L. Hansen lol

Mark Watson!!!

Brandon Anderson ??

Michael Curran lol

Menna Omar

Ralf Dietze ?

Rachel Brumbalow

Lynn Rick McClure

Jax Boyd

Kelli Rivera

JohnPaul Phillips ?

Tracy Davies

Jesse Scheltens

Dann McIntyre

Warren Jellyman



This is me, waiting, waiting, waiting for Neville to take that goddam photo!!!!!

Virge Laak mina ?


Samantha Louise Hunter me haha

Jazmin Benitez Patty Benitez I couldn’t help it to think about my mom ?

Ricky Stewart that’s you!?

Victoria Jones Bryan Kuster

Jarod Tilbury

Mandy Levenson

Cathy Loomis ???


Daniella Clark

Nathan Myers

Meagan Simpson

Arsh Shayir

Kim Carole Niederöst ??