Daily Animal Funnies

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Daily Animal Funnies

NTD Television
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Hank and Cletus!! Megan Cave, Evan Cave, Justin Cave, Payton Smith


Kate n Effertz lol

The Big Woof, and a Clingon.

Love them.

Lynne Sewell - Reg and Charlie ?

Mat McLachlan

Chloe Cross

Lee-Ann Jordan ?

Fabíola SCastro Ferolla

Jay Koze

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Daily Animal Funnies

Notice: for those who comment “stop filming and help that poor mother” there’s a notice in the comments. Just enjoy the video.

AZ Ferret Rescue
Goldie trying real hard putting the babies back into the carrier ??? she's still working on it ? This was their first time going to the vets so Goldie could get a wellness check ?
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I think mama is going to need a drink when she's done! I can hear her (my mama) saying "Don't you roll your eyes at me! Get in bed ... NOW!"

Everyone whining about "helping the mom" ??? This is normal behavior, and she would be doing the same in the wild. Mama's got this!

I'm worn out just from watching:))

every mother has a struggle when we have multiple children human or not

Must be worn out give up Mom

Like herding cats! Poor Mom!

they look very well to me lol

That poor mom.

Bless her heart!!❤❤

Kasia pozwolisz, że znowu cię oznaczę ?

Bless her heart

The scolding! ?

Hard to be a mom

Rikin Parekh

Ludvig Jonathan Särnklint

Duncan Rebilas

Kno Guzman Kno Guzman

Shinny Pare

Rohan Parekh

Juan Waly Sanez

Rachel Daines

Sally Marsh

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Daily Animal Funnies

Bored Panda
My dog is terrible at hide and seek
By @long.coat.max (goo.gl/dexusU)
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he may not be good at hide and seek. But he's so funny to watch.

I want that dog painting

Lutgart Renneboog moet je eens proberen met Bonnie

Bless ❤️?❤️

He got you

The real “what the fluff” challenge.


Tanya May Weatherall ??

Brooklyn Jones

Joel Raines Karen Raines

Marissa Rodriguez Moreno

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Daily Animal Funnies

When your hear your mum shout "dinner's ready" ??
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WHY is this owl in a house? It's not fair to them, would you live on a tree limb? No,

Anika Kostecki I giggled ???

Michael Jangstad nyoom

Richard Byrne Tamia Cullen??

Danielle Veentjer-Gjaltema ?

Kristen Haley!

Anna Malek

Sarah Laila

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Daily Animal Funnies

'A fence won't stop my kid from playing with his new best mate' ?❤️
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Shannen Emily Ivy Brown this is you with your friend next door ?

Ok this kiddo seems pretty young to me, right? He’s got a hell of a throw! Unbelievable how good he is throwing!! And his love for animals is amazing!

Mark Schwamberger, this is too cute?❤️

LMAO, LOL, A future baseball player, how cute THIS is! ????????????????

To cute

aww, wonderful


So precious!


Soooooo cute !!!



Too cute


Jordan Elliss

Lisa Escott

Daniela Ospitale

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Daily Animal Funnies

Best chicken ever! I'm ordering 5

"This is the BEST mosquito repellent..." ??

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Ha !! Miskeeter...... :):)

Benjamin Rodriguez xD

Stupid video

Jessica Hibbard

Linda Poisson

Kaine Cumner

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Daily Animal Funnies

Cows don't go cow, they go MOO!
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Danielle Brehm you gotta see this 😀


Really seriously Tricia Margarita

Shae-ley Carney Tayla Carney wtf

Cindy Lacombe lmao hehehe....

Dazz .. Lachlan ..

Arnulfo SanchezI'm dead

Jamie Morgan ???

Emily Covich hahaha

Rebecca Zajac ??


Andy Nicola- lol


Kirsty Semple Jessie Lamkin John Lamkin

Cath Anderson ??

Lucy Aleyshia

Kevin Lechner

Maximus Whipple

Emma Granlund

Ruairí Ó Murchú ?

Javier Alvarez Noel Quintero Elvia Quintero

Monica Lee

Amber Lee

Emily Maccarone


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Daily Animal Funnies

Bored Panda
Coyote experiencing a brain freeze
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looks more like dental pain, he needs some sensodyne 😀

Monika mózgomróz

Bless x

Îl dor dințișorii, de la rece !

Mikoto Misaka hahahahahahaha

Kasia <3

Mark Schwamberger Mykelti Schwamberger?

Jordan Elliss

Joel Raines

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Daily Animal Funnies

Life of Animals
I know this sound ??(Sound: ON) ?
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Eileen lol ?

Dotty Skelton?

Derek Murphy Mimi Le Mew

Ly Lyy

Deidre Garner

RandySharon Mews

Ronnie William Delaney

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Daily Animal Funnies

Little But Fierce
When this boxer puppy was rescued, he weighed 2 pounds and wasn't growing fast enough. Today on Little But Fierce, watch how baby Stanley decided he was going to play with his huge foster brothers no matter what — and slowly but surely grew up into a big, rowdy boy!
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Oh bless I just want to pick him or her up and give him or her a big cuddle and just watching the first little bit of the video I have fallen in love with the little dog already hope he or she gets better soon to have a happy and beautiful life

I'm so glad that the puppy was rescued and it's doing good he just needed a little time to grow God bless them and God bless you for taking care of him

God bless you for seeing the worth of this precious little soul❤️??. Truly a gift from above & the best friend you'll ever have. Blessings from Ontario Canada ??

Great story thank you for caring for him he is indeed beautiful

Thank you all for taking care of this beautiful Furbaby.

So cute! Glad this puppy was rescued.

God bless you all

He’s very handsome

What a great loveable wee doggie ?

Love this story

Aww bless him x

Aaaaaaaag!!!!! So cute



He's a cutie


Great!! ?


So beautiful.

Adorable <3

Sweet baby?

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Daily Animal Funnies

Help us caption this image by Your Shot photographer Helena Weber: https://on.natgeo.com/2NQoF8m ... Zie meerZie minder



Here ill share with you because we are fsmiky family and I love you there enough for both of us ?⛅

But I asked for 2 scoops. Do you see it in there?

check if i got the right flavor...

There you go buddy, enjoy.

Sharing with friends

Sharing is Caring!

"You've got a friend in me..."

Ok, just a small bite! ") LOL

Don’t eat it all......

Lick, lick, pass.

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Daily Animal Funnies

"You can shame us, but we are still gods" - Cats, probably ... Zie meerZie minder



Georgia Toasterr

I'm glad I don't have a cat.

Victoria Boyko Ryan Boyko Joe Larson ???????

Scott Mcintyre????

Jordan Elliss

Sofia Etherington ? I miss having a cat x

Nicole Brasuell

Nicole Foster Kylie Bungard

Jessie Hayes

Rabiatul Adawiah Mohamed ???

Nadia Pizzimenti Giancarlo Pizzimenti Joanna Man

Cristina Ioana

Jenny Brown

Jess Cashford

Jayde Van Gestel

Jane Schneider

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Daily Animal Funnies

Just a family of geese chasing down an alligator on a golf course ?
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Mr. Cool and his entourage......') LOL

Heather Cribbs-Burke... Geese are hard core dude.

Does t hurt my game as I am usually in the rough or woods! lol

Welcome to Florida Enjoy your game ?

My money’s on the geese.

That’s a dumb ducks wow

that's funny



David Campbell cobra ducks ?

This is why I love geese so much Shaun Sloan ballsy bastards ?

Ha ha Bob Edwards

Dave White

Roland Bibeau

Mike Smalley

Pam Stewart

Elise Gabrielle

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Daily Animal Funnies

I have launched a website which I hope will serve as a hub for photographs, videos and info about peacock spiders. It is still in its infancy and will change a lot over time, but this is what it looks like so far. Expect a lot more information to be added to the species pages, it is just the backbone at the moment. Happy to hear from people how to improve it, in particular from people who have experience with using Squarespace. The photograph I show here of Maratus volans is one of the first ones I took of a peacock spider display, and it is the only photograph that I have ever printed out and hung up in my house

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Wendy Vancil

Rowena Van Wyk

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Daily Animal Funnies

We asked boy and doggo what they were doing and were promptly informed it's "complicated" and we "probably wouldn't get it." ... Zie meerZie minder



Dog has an ear infection, kid is a copycat!!

Dogo has an ear infection. That is why he is rubbing

Ear mites?

Carole A Foster looks like bullet xxx

I wouldn't want to pick up the baby for a second, a shocking is ready to happen.. Let the other person pick him up first, for a surprise.lol

my dog does this after a bath!!

All dogs do that especially after a bath.

Dog is scratching and kiddo is copying his buddy!!!

I could see Caleb doing this Roni Lyons Kelly Marler ?

So happy together

Soooooo sweet


Ha Lauren Herbert you and Louis can do this ❤️❤️

Sandra Benedict Rodriguez

Lynda Priestley Moore

Julie Wilson

Rhiannon Newman

Troy Highdale

Codee Nicole

Tiffany Williams