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To Cindy Lemos. You are as numb as Fox. They didn’t mispronounce Colbert’s name, they linked him to his old show, The Colbert Report, which ended 4 years ago! Since then he’s headlined “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Everyone knows that - except people not paying attention.

This guy is such a fantastic actor

He’s hilarious as Frank Gallagher.

I admire the career of William H. Macy, and Felicity Huffman is a delight

Oh my listening to his take of woe with his girls and their skiing trip too too much!!!!!

Please no more Steven colbert

This is why we love William Macy and Stephen Colbert ?

I got to meet him early one morning at Martin Guitar.

He’s pure gold!! And totally rocks that mustache (usually can’t stand em!)! It’s a Sam Elliot!

WHM : "Nothing to it " - SC : " Nothing to it ? Oh, wow you're just *faking it* eh ? " I guess that's what actors do they *fake* it ! WHM : - "Well, it's about being truthful, and once you learn to fake that, man ! (Then) You can have a career …" (Seems to be catching on, everywhere :))

William H Macy & his spouse Felicity Huffman are REAL people in the celebrity morass that is Hollywood.

Thanks for putting this up...I fell asleep and missed it love Wm Macy

this was too funny !!! my 1st memory of him was on sports night w his wife !

"I've got an idea; why don't I act it." - a director's nightmare if the actor is WRONG.

Seems like he was on vicoden right now?

Shameless jumped the shark, a long time ago.

I liked Macy better before I heard this story. He sounds like a real putz in his private life.

I can just imagine Felicity’s reaction to the Vicodin/ Ex Lax cocktail ?he gave their 10 year old.

OMG, I just love William! He’s so laid back, yet a natural comedian. He and Felicity are a powerhouse couple with superb acting skills!

I feel so much better about my fatherly practices

the subtitle kept using the word "vitamin" for "vicodin" LOL

Shameless is a hilarious show -- but not for the faint of heart.

Yesterday president Trump found out that Mueller investigation in reality is a cover-up. BuzzFeed is 100% right . The Mueller investigation findings if fully revealed must result in criminal charges against Trump, his family , majority of his government and the leaders of the Republican Party. The corruption of the establishment by the money has reached such proportions that it has to be protected from itself. The public will be told that full release of Mueller's investigation findings would endanger the security of the nation and would have to be kept secret for another 200 years. This will also prevent any future investigations of the existing corrupt system. It is becoming very obvious that the fate of our democracy lies on the shoulders of courageous journalists and reporters who cannot be bought or cowed by the powerful and will find and tell the truth.

Who wrote the sub-titles to this clip. GEEEZZZZ!!!

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That's my Steven Hess. Thank you Colbert for taking my question!!

I know they tape Friday shows in a double header with Thursdays - I'd actually love it if the Friday shows were a compilation of Stephen taking questions from the audience and Stay Human's audience concerts. And maybe one or two guests interviewing Stephen like they had an entire show of a couple of months ago. Or maybe these could be put together for vacation weeks instead of reruns?

The spanking: A.K.A.: Stormy's way of cracking a joke.

Loved it! Thank you Steven! Could you please interview Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling? Thanks. Love and admiration from Australia. ???

Make me again! Funny show

Stephen knows how to write A good joke!!!! HE’s intelligent......very simple.... NEXT!

"in the healthiest possible way.... you will age rapidly" ???? #kidsruineverything #jk #notjk

Great interview!!

President Spanky Pants!!! ????? I love it!!!

Oh...I'm worried. Nonetheless, thank you for the laughter. 🙂

more of this segment please!! ❤️❤️❤️

Stephen Stellato dying

Do you think Trump is getting his tactics from House of Cards, when Spacey was in a deadlock with the Teachers Union they sent them faux bricks. Now that Trump is deadlocked he sends the Dems faux bricks. In both cases the brick senders instigated the process to destroy the other party.

Biggest mystery to me so far is how people have children - while broke - yet they somehow manage to take care of the child's every fundamental need eventually.

I am totally appalled and amazed that Trump (I can't say what I really want) has had nothing to say about the murder of a buautiful young police officer in Davis, California. The week before, he was all over the media condemning the death of another California police officer who was killed by an illegal. Is the life of Officer Natalie Corona less worthy because she was female? No, that would make him a . Is it because she was Latina? No, that would make him a racist. Or is just that a white male with an illegal weapon is OK? No, that would be wrong on EVERY level. So why am I the only person who seems to be noticing this?

How do I delete the show?

Really disappointed in Steven's courting of DNC darlings and dissing of Tulsi Gabbard.

I was once among them impoverished and disposable. Kicked out of college because I didn't fit. Back in the hood and tumbling down that bottomless stairwell. Hustling deep inside of ghetto walls, with no escape. Then I got a job, and another one. A house. Family. And before I knew it I had landed on the American platform. Life was better, but still a struggle. Meandering about that platform, I was surprised that so many people had it so much better, and how many had it much worse. With the government shutdown sending Federal worker's into a frenzy, we should realize that elected officials have little appreciation for humanity, and how all of our lives are disposable. One missed paycheck means falling behind the eight ball. Two paychecks means frequenting food pantries just to survive. Three checks and housing becomes a problem, and the possibility of becoming homeless rock's the foundation of our lives.

Next time you feel like trying to shame someone like Tulsi Gabbard and her incredible record of service to this country by bringing up a dead horse, look at your own past and gibberish to yourself in the mirror. Sellout!

You have a small brain or no brain how many times did you buy hamburgers for a football team out of your own money douchebag

two step joke writing, Trump and Trump boo



Please bring Rebecca Traister back to your show~She has done her research and sharing it with your audience is fantastic!

The Dalai Lama says, " women will save the Western World.".

This was great. Rebecca Traister is a fabulous,confident women today. She should have her own show or be a commentator!!! Colbert was not bored or afraid ; he enjoyed himself and let her speak paragraphs. Amazing. Thank you.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Can you please bring Rebecca Traister back again to the show please? I enjoyed watching the interview and I don't know if I'm the only one who felt as though the interview could have been a little bit longer.

It was 1981. I was in graduate school at Denver University working on a research paper. I happened to go into a small bookstore looking for materials and research. I found the book, “ Women’s Reality” by Ann Wilson Schaef. That’s when I was shaken awake from my Stepford Stupor. I look forward to reading Rebecca Traister’s new book.

Feminist dissent. " ..remember, all men would be tyrants if they could - "Which by the way sounds like something an angry woman could tweet today, and get like a million 'Likes !' - That woman Abigail Adams - somehow figured out, to use 'man speak' - (language of tyranny and promising revolution ! ) - is the way to get a man to support her requests or even to listen to her ! Very interesting, for women everywhere to have this information ! 😉

Solutions: equal pay, universal medical care , like Canada and Britain have since 1948, and each public school recieves the same about of money for each student. Not hard ar all.


This book has opened my mind and changed how I'm interacting with people. One of the best books I've ever read. Thank you, Rebecca!

My daughter knows about Mumbet, she learned about her in school Hillsdale High School in California, and she in turn taught me about Mumbet 🙂 The importance and power of education to bring about positive change........

So much his/herstory has been left out. Women give me hope for our future.

I love this kind of feminist

Did it for me! No longer did I wince at the word femenidt, once people voted for someone who said the things he did about women, I OWNEd My FEMENIST badge of honor. Thank you to all the women that cane before me. I know I’m standing on the shoulders of giants!!

We are angry and for good reason! It's called Male Supremacy!

Yes...sometimes anger is a good thing and most appropriate...

This Militant Grammy approves!!✊?

It's an excellent read. I highly recommend this book.

What a great history lesson!

I enjoyed watching the interview. Good job, Rebecca!

Great interview and now I really need this book.

Thankyou for having Rebecca on

Am I the only woman who is not feeling a part of this “Angry Women” movement? The “Me Too” movement seems like it’s been abused and been taken in directions that have lost me as well. I’m not being argumentative with those that still support those viewpoints I’m just wondering if there’s other women out there that are kind of feeling like they’re not a part of it, like me?‍♀️

I am not a feminist but I do agree that women finally feeling like they can be vocal about the issues that matter to them inspires other women to do the same and that is very powerful and a very good thing.

Let’s hope women can get us going in a better direction! I am looking forwArd to changes in Congress as soon as the women get their feet on the ground❤️

It sounds like she's putting too much emphasis on anger. (?) The past several years fear and anger have been flung out into our society like bird seed...and we're the birds that eat it up. (male or female) Too many times in history a woman's anger has been used against them...seen as a bad personality trait or weakness. I think I prefer the description of 'empowered'. * Anger may spark the ignition...but it's self-worth that fuels it...and empowerment that drives it...and righteousness that keeps it moving. (Does this sound correct?) (That guy in the oval office throws tantrums like a petulant child that doesn't get his way... so there's no way I'm supporting any idea women are doing anything that can be twisted to be seen as the same. *I have a great grandfather that threw his wife in the looney bin in Indiana so he could take up with another generation later, his son did the same with his wife for the same reason.)

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She's real, the relationship with her son is so Beautiful.

Love Bootsie! Should be a regular correspondent. Would love to see her interview Trump!

I love that she was down .. Super sence of humor .. Thats her super power

Love her!!! She should be a regular on your show. She is what we need right now. She rocks.

Another vote for Bootsie! She so rocks!

I love when Bootsy reports, she's so much fun!

I’m getting a new Maine Coon. I’ve just decided to name her Bootsie. ?

If anyone has ever ordered fast food, you know the food doesn't keep hot or warm for very long. Nothing like eating cold burgers and fries.

Love love love all her appearances!!! Keep it up. ????

You need to do a whole show with her!

I love these segments. Bootsie is amazing

Great segment, enjoyed the Love

You guys need to see this

Bootsie Bird reminded me of the old show, “Zoobilee Zoo”.

What a fun lady! Love her spunkiness!

BOOTIE I LOVE YOU!!!! Oh she makes my night when she is on!

Bootsie Bird! Love it! This was so awesome. Wish my Mom was here to see this!

Love me some Bootsie she’s awesome.

Shout out to John Batiste and the amazing super hero theme song for Bootsie Bird!

People dont wear seatbelts there?!

Loved this segment such a refreshing break

The best ever, ‘Bootie Bird’! I love it ??

She's no "Dave's Mom," but the concept is similar. Loved Dave's Mom.

I've seen this segment of couple of times she seems like an ignorant, foul mouth simpleton. IMO ignorance and stupidity is not funny.

Whatever happened to the Adventures of Chicken Man?

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Young people’s blood is full,of booze, cocaine, opioids, and sodas...I pass...

You can do it at home for much less money if you have children

Age with grace and honour and stop this fuckery. ?‍♀️

Will Kellyane be participating?

Your blood cells are constantly dying and being replaced, by your own blood. you'd need regular transfusions to maintain theraputic levels of young blood. As you can't donate the average amount of blood in a body, in one go, you're going to have to find a lot of willing teenagers.....I'd rather trust my friendly neighbourhood vampire, at least you wouldn't grow any older!! ?

Keith Richard's been doing it for years, seems to work.

Any 'ole snake oil treatment for making a buck. Where is the FDA?

Pretty sure this was a Simpsons episode!. Season 2, episode 35 "BLOOD FEUD"

They say buying in bulk is always cheaper.

I know how I'll be spending my girlfriends tax return.

Only if I am immortal afterwards.

No, but I’d take a fecal transplant if they had a great gut.

If you can afford that, you're not thinking about the moral implications.

Trump and McConnell are using this service

Sounds vampire like to me

~ We have become "the land of greed and the home of the depraved”.

My bones, & blood, are probably better than theirs, as I grew up drinking milk, or water, not pepsi etc.. and I played outside always, they had to yell at us to come inside, nah, I will keep my own blood, and we did not have all these sex diseases they prob don't know they have, or their liver, may have hep c.. ? I always worked in my garden, always exercised at the gym, .. for now, nope.. and my bones doing great at 64. Never thought I'd look this good, thought I'd be old n weak but I thank my youthful years also for having all my own teeth, well except for 2 crowns. I run 2 miles in less than 27 mins. pretty good for a 64 yr old. Won't be surprised at all, if other 64 yr olds have a better time.. (Y) 🙂

That's already a novel. Been done. Michael Chriton book.

Someone call Elizabeth Báthory

I believe the word is COCKAMAMY.

Bet vampires are making a killing lmao

Count Ghouliani should try this!

Dangerous. Any transfusion of a great amount is extremely hazardous. Very risky.

No way! I heard if you do that it turns your skin orange and does weird things to your hair!

I'm gonna go with Hell no for $800, Alex.

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Colbert, Tulsi has a 100% voting record in favor of LBGT rights. She has my vote.

I think we're already seeing the divide between the progressive wing of the party and the corporatists who always attack anyone who is progressive.

Tulsi Gabbard is both a friend and advocate of the LGBTQ+ community. She has publicly apologized for comments made 15 years ago and backed that up with a stellar record of support in Congress. Mr. Colbert’s snarky and dismissive one-liners about her long-ago and long-since abandoned comments is proof positive that he’s certainly not a progressive.

Your writers should do their homework, Stephen. Tulsi Gabbard has evolved and grown over the years, as intelligent thoughtful people tend to do. She apologized for her earlier stance on LBGTQ, a position she held years and years ago (early 20's) She is now endorsed 100% by Human Rights campaign and by the first openly gay congressman, Sean Patrick Maloney. Her position on gay marriage changed years before Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Of all the presidential candidates who have announced, attacks on Tulsi Gabbard have been the most vicious and the most relentless by far! Makes one wonder why. Here's why: she wants to end regime change wars!

So disappointed in Colbert. He didnt have an issue with Clinton who promoted DOMA. Tulsi is a veteran who has a perfect voting record for LGBTQ community. So sad to see a good person smeared across corporate news channels.

Tulsi is for universal health care and anti regime change wars. That's good enough for me. Tulsi 2020

Funny how Hillary Clinton was never bashed for her anti gay marriage past...considering she only came out in favour of it in 2013 at 65 years old... and in 2004 Tulsi Gabbard was just 23 years old when she made that statement!!! And she has already said she changed her position! Please don't start favouring certain candidates for others!!

I like Gabbard, in recent months, at least 3 Democratic senators have at least questioned if someone can both have religious faith and serve in the judicial branch of government. In this call back to the pre-Civil War nativism of the Know Nothing Party, Gabbard took a stand for the 1st Amendment.

So you and your team obviously haven’t done much up to date research on Tulsi and that’s ok and expected so early in the race. Maybe you could bring her on? So aloha back at cha, we’ve not even started collecting ti leaves or digging the imu. Prepare yourself to receive a true understanding of the word aloha.?

You were VERY Unfair to the Humble and Amazing Tulsi Gabbard!! We are big Fans of You, my Husband and I. But truly disappointing in your dismissive and disparaging remarks about Tulsi!!

I'll take Tulsi and her aloha, thanks! #Tulsi2020

I am 100% for Tulsi. That was low.

Stephen that was BS on Tulsi! Do some research next time before you smear a good person's name. ?

Tulsi has apologized for her anti-LGBTQ stances of the past, and her voting record and current positions are very supportive of the LGBTQ community.

You suck. Tulsi is the best candidate. Sellout

“I fully believe in marriage equality, and my consistent and unequivocal voting record on marriage equality and other LGBT issues speaks for itself,” Gabbard wrote in an email to West Hawaii Today in 2016. “Where I was on this issue more than a decade ago was wrong.”

Smear Tulsi, smear smear smear. How original!

F%$#@ Colbert misrepresented Gabbard.

I would love to see a progressive presidential ticket with Bernie Sanders and/or Elizabeth Warren. It’s time for real progress and policies that would benefit all Americans: -Universal health care -Campaign finance reform -Expand Social Security -Address climate change -End corporate welfare -Restore voting rights

Trumps not going down...Just watch ?????

Not already familiar with Gabbard, but will definitely research. I’m waiting on O’Rourke to put himself in.

I love it. I'm happy when my husband is home. And sometimes we even drink beer.

I love the Mom! Bootsie is wonderful. She should be a regular!! She is totally hysterical!!!!!

You know there are very good mouse studies on young blood transfusions? I think some old rockers even do it. Not that I value the young, but I hope dialysis get good enough to make old blood young again. Filtering is a main obstacle to healthy life.

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William H. Macy is in the building! #LSSC



Hey, it's Jerry lundegard !!!

the New Colbert Report is great ....

You should have mentioned his great movie, " Fargo" ! !!

He looks so sweet and innocent when hes not playing frank

You mean Filliam H Muffman?

Great actor, especially in Fargo!

Amusing actor but a terrible portrayal of an addict and a drunk

A great actor!

I absolutely loved him in "Happy, Texas" and "Door to Door".

The Shoveler

Filliam H Muffman!

He IS thin-worrisome

really enjoyed this William H. Macy is hilarious

OMG it is Flanders from the simpsons !

He's looking awfully thin. Great actor, tho.

He may actually be a mummy

He is such a very good actor.

Good Evening from Cumberland Maryland....Your hometown.

With a world-class mustache like that, I hope he's filming a western.

He looks like he is in late stage of alcoholism ?

I love to watch him especially in the show Shameless ...

he's so much the actor.

Love him in Shameless!

Love that guy! I wish I could be in the audience! One day when Hitler's gone! Hi from Perth, Western Australia

Word of the day BuzzFeed. ???

Late Show alter egos: Julián Castro edition. #LSSC



He looks like Paul from Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

We need a Book for all of the Alter Egos on the Late Show!!! #LateShowAlterEgosCollection!!!

Mary Festa I’m scREAMING

Is Colbert trying to scoff off candidates that don’t announce on his show?...

Julianna who do they think he looks like?

More like season 1 but ok.

Still funny.

Aloha ...

Are you sure that's not a picture of his twin brother, Joaquin?

He looks like kaka

Check's and balances put in place by our founding fathers don't apply to this president, and he eludes them time and again. Best buds with Putin. His insults, threat's, slime, and filth has covered everyone, and there is no way of avoiding his pending wrath. He may perform clownishly, but we must take him seriously, because his ignorance is his most dangerous trait. Our lives are in his hands, and Republicans seem willing to follow him to the edge of the Earth. Let's hope they aren't willing to take that final leap. Let's hope they don't wait until it's too late to stop him.



I am Thinking about opening an art school that bans Christians...

These self righteous so-called Christians think God gave them the right to judge the behavior of others. Says right in the gospel according to Matthew not to worry about the splinter in someone else’s eye until you get the log out of your own. But, that’s not the convenient scripture that fits these hypocrites’ narrative.

No gay students and she's teaching art? Can you say, least artistic art class ever?

Didn't Jesus accept all people?

Now that she's working, who's going to protect Pencie when he is around other women...lmao... 😀

I read that John Oliver sent the school's library a copy of "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo". It's a delightful children's picture book that his show produced about the Pence's pet bunny Marlon Bundo. He meets another beautiful boy bunny, falls in love, and they get married, after the forest animals vote out the nasty Stink Bug who looks just like Mike Pence. It's a lovely book. I hope they enjoy it! ?

Her art, like her classes, must be boring as hell! Good art teachers, like good art, come from having an open mind. "No imagination allowed" in the Pence class!

So catholic priests-can rape little boys ??‍♀️ but God forbid ?️‍? in the field of art ???

The Pences are really screwed up.

Why doesn't Facebook just take this post down. I'm really tired of hearing about "Mother" and her art teaching and being such a great Christian. The Pence's are not great anything from my point of view as the act like they never heard the words from Jesus "Love one Another as I loved you".

You know something is off when you call your wife “Mother” and she answers to that!!!! Weird beyond words!

Thank goodnes she is not planting gardens and teaching kids how to eat healthy (eye roll please) and I sure hope Closet Mikey willl be able to attend family day events.

What happened to LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR

She is a national disgrace

This is just too weird. A school that doesn't allow.......assuming private "christian" school....if I put human emotion on God I think leaving out 10% of his beloved would not make his heart happy.

God is not pleased with this school..His love, unlike this education, is available and given to everyone of his creations

Can we just ban her? Why allow her to spew hate??

If she, with her truncated view of humanity, is teaching something - I'll guarantee it ain't art.

Private schools can ban anyone; therefore, they should not have taxpayer money for their schools. Discrimination is against American laws.

when did your sexuality become the whole of who you are the value of your life the sum of your character?

How "un Christian" of her!....She will have to answer to our Maker for her bias and hatred toward gays...Seems like she's breaking one of the major commandments by not loving one another.

Maybe it's better that Trump stays until he's voted out...Pence, the White Christian Cigar Store Indian, scares the Jesus outta me!

She is married to an in-the-closet gay man...what is up with that? She is a phony christian who pushes her hateful agenda. Hopefully they are both gone very soon. ????

Why is she so against homosexuality when her husband is always thinking about rigging Trump's "poll"?! Have you seen how he lustfully stares at him FFS?!

Must be the most boring art class in existence. So no nudes? That leaves out a lot of great paintings and sculpture. That would be censorship, would it not? Oh, right... It's a so called Christian School. They apparently are above the law.

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We forgive Rachel Maddow for recently referring to our show as The Colbert Report. Were still loyal viewers excited to tune-in for:



My two favorite shows: Stephen Colbert and Rachel Maddow.

Many of us miss The Colbert Report even while enjoying the newer venue.

Stephen sweetie; it’s a compliment! You’ve made The Late Show truly YOURS!! America LUVS YOU! Did you HEAR the audience at the opening of tonight’s show?? ?? You keep us sane (barely) and make us laugh during tRumpageddon and all the tRumper tantrums. A true service to all sandal wearing, granola eating, snowflake, radical, progressive liberal lefties (and anyone who values the ideals of American justice & democracy)! ??

The "P" is silent... just like in Trump's Moscow hotel room. 😉

Rachel is the best. Love her show she really does her home work. If she misspeaks , she make a correction.

Rachel is brilliant!! Love her!!

I love Rachel. She explains everything so simple and I understand her.

Rachel does her home work, she's brilliant.... She could go work for Mr. Mueller.

Colbert is the closest we get to real news...and we laugh about all this sad reality

Rachel is the best!

Thank you both for getting me through the trump disaster with some of my sanity! I couldn’t do it without either of you!

We LOVE The Colbert Report!!!!

I think Rachel will have an appropriate comeback for Colbert- this could entertain for weeks! Love them both

It's nice to know she was feeling nostalgic. And if anything, I would take that as a compliment.

A great & funny tease of Rachel !! Good natured ribbing ! I LOVE BOTH SHOWS !

I'll admit, I frequently say The Colbert Report by accident when referencing The Late Show. ?

Every once in a while I still say this, not cause I don't know it's a different show but because I forget that it's called the late show. Lol

She’s great. Can’t beat Colbert either.

Nowhere are good as The Carell Corral.

A show by any other name...

You will always be known as our favorite show of the time Boo The Colbert Report. No harm no foul ?

How many bombshells do we need? Get it over with!

Rachel should respond with more coverage of the Colbert Report.

Love both??Rachael for her integrity and Stephen helping me cope with today’s political atmosphere ?‍♀️


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We could all use a cleanse. #LSSC



I’d like to cleanse the nation of all things trump

Correction: Chester A. Arthur did not run for President. He was elected Vice-President on the James A. Garfield Republican ticket of 1880. Six months into the term, Garfield died from an assassin's bullet, and Arthur succeeded to the presidency. In 1884, Arthur did not make any serious effort to win nomination, for a full term. He had a secret reason, for not entering the race. He was suffering from Bright's Disease. He left office, in March of 1885, and died on November 18, 1886. He was 57 years old. I am a Presidential Historian.

The White House definitely needs a cleanse.

How about a PURGE - of the White House!

Yet Trump still here along with his toxic administration and his supporters who defend his toxic lies.

Can we go on an impeachment diet?

HEY! Is Trump the human Bird Box challenge since birth? ?

Because the nation has not started a cleanse I am very backed up

No integrity along with his buddy Rudy

During this Govt shutdown, stop paying the politicians their wages and watch how fast deals can be made.

The nation starting a cleanse is an all too scary idea right now.

I watched Trump's TV moment this afternoon. What was he trying to express? What I gathered from watching it all is repeating a lot of what he has already said. Why did he come on TV then? What was he announcing?

He destroyed two of his families and he doesn’t care what he destroys

This is really scary that this man has made such a mess

The shadown is about to beat Ramadan which is usually 28 days !!! ?

Love the show. How about doing a real show live on Friday nite?

The nation has started a cleanse. We've got the ingredients brewing at the DOJ. Traitors will be given a dose in just a few short months.

At this point, I think we could use an exorcism!

Call an exterminator to spray the White House from pests. ?

He just walked away from two families

Screw the cleanse we need a purge.

Remember client 1. Everyting he touches dies.

A cleanse is on the way.

I loved the Report! Brown haired guy who’s not Steve Doocy can suck it!

And the wall would be built by now.

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Awww, I miss the Before Times ???

Back in the day, the yahoos on Fox thought Colbert was an ally.

In this time of need we need more Colbert and Trevor Noah.

That is because we knew and loved you on Colbert Report.

Know what else is silent? Your mentioning that Tulsi has a score of 100% by the pro-LGBTQ+ Human Rights Counsel. She's redeemed herself for years now. Stop spreading this smear!

Not surprised at all, they get everything wrong?

as good as the late show is now with Colbert... the Colbert report actually made me LOL for real lol

Hahaahah....Fox news is sure stuck in the past

The PERFECT SOB Charleston comeback. Otherwise we would just let it lie


Aaaaaah Shucky Ducky! That clip. He used the footage so much on TCR ?

Jake’s mom was not good at all. Please don’t make this a regular thing. It’s awful.

Does the announcement has to do with people s life s????

How the hell did both shows make that mistake???

The highlight of my day or night!

How did forming an 'exploratory committee' become 'announced her candidacy' anyway? Apples/oranges. ........... I wonder if _________________ should form an exploratory committee to help them find _____________________? (Fill in the blanks with your favorite answers. I'm curious who other people think have lost something they need help to find.)

If I want comedy and laughs I will watch Fox News.

Buzzfeed tried to make a "huge announcement" yesterday and got shot down by Mueller today. Oh happy day. I'm going to get drunk and snort meth!

The T is silent as (T)rump should be

It's one thing for Fox and Friends to get it wrong. They get most things wrong. But Rachel Maddow? Even if she was reading from a teleprompter or cue cards she should have caught that.

have Tulsi back on and grill her about some of her past

Cold Bear! Or Coal Bear! So he’s really a black bear!

I heard that too... and had to actually look up The Colbert Report to see what they were talking about, in case I was missing another show you're doing... and found out it was an older show you did. I was wondering how people made the mistake, but then again, if they're big fans I guess they may have been watching your shows before and just did a brain synapse jump from the past. Brain farts... whatcha gonna do? 😀

I hope Mueller didn't just screw up his BuzzFeed monologue ...

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TONIGHT: The wonderful William H. Macy from Shameless on Showtime is here and best-selling author of Good and Mad, Rebecca Traister!



All of the coverage of the shutdown pits Pelosi against Trump. I don't feel there is enough coverage of the bills that the House is passing to try to alleviate some of the impact of the shutdown and the fact that McConnell is refusing to bring them to the Senate. McConnell has gone AWOL. He is abdicating his responsibilities as Leader of the Senate in a craven attempt to appease the President and protect himself. Colbert, please call him out more!

Hey millionaire, don't make fun of the Dollar store. That's how most of us are getting by.

Just purchased my mug tonight! Thank you, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, as well as Chef Andres and his team for all you are doing to help those in need! You gentleman are truly amazing. I know you were able to raise more than $1,000,000 with "Who's Boat Is This Boat?"... let's see if we can hit that goal again- or more! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

soltanto brava ?

Mr. “Tell It Like It Is” Colbert !!!

Never forget The Splendiferous Zeppelin Escapades of Filliam H. Muffman.

We love our dysfunctional Frank!!!! ?

People who support this idiot are certifiably insane...

Yes, she voted for Trump. She believed in him. She had been a federal worker for twenty years, and earned a decent salary of forty five thousand dollars a year. Not great, but okay. She believed in the president of the United States more than she believed in anyone, because he was so much better than she could ever hope to be. She knew the government shutdown would severely impact her life, but she didn't care - not initially. She had saved money and was better prepared for the Obama shutdown, but she had accrued some unexpected expenses, and only had five hundred dollars in the bank; not nearly enough to cover her expenses if the shutdown lasted more than a few days. After eight years of Obama, she believed in the president of the United States more than she believed in anyone. Okay, shut the government down. If that's what the president has to do to keep America safe then shut it down, and they will survive by any means necessary until the Democrat's come to their sense's. Her husband wilted in the first week, but his support for Trump had always been suspect. After four weeks his fears were warranted. Missing three paychecks,they had borrowed and bartered all they could, and had exhausted their savings. Evicted after the government had been shutdown for three weeks, and they landed in a family shelter. House gone, cars, dog in a shelter and about to be put to death. She holds on, because she knows that Trump will eventually come through to save the day.

Don’t have as many likes or shares as Donald Trump‘s website ?

Worse case scenario or not, uncertainty has been placed on our ledger. Protest after protest and it will remain, and only an act of God can remove this new toxicity from our lives. First and foremost, I'm disappointed with the media who, for the sake of high ratings, propped him up as a celebrity, without realizing they were being hustled, as well as the electorate, which gives the popular vote little credence, and electoral college rules the day. Anyone who watched the election unfold on America's mainstage, realizes that their vote was cast from a place of fear, and hatred for one candidate or another.



Can someone translate please??? Did he just have all his wisdom teeth yanked out? Speak up dude!

Colbert Report would feature painters, poets, people like Maurice Sendak and Stephen Sondheim. We would get a look at some modern art with Steve Martin. I love Stephen but lately all I see are vacant young actors hawking yet another movie who have nothing to say.

Who's Future???


My adult babies do this too! Mumble!! It drives me More Mentally ill! LOL!!! I call it the Mumble Generation!!

No thnx. #CmonMan

Ummmm. WHAT????????????????

Sounds he has marbles in his mouth. DUDE can not understand what your saying. Speak clearly and with articulation!

He’s another idiot the guy is like one of those tiny parachutes sprinters train with, every time Colbert is in peak form he slows him down just enough to keep the magic from condensing into gold.

Check's and balances put in place by our founding fathers don't apply to this president, and he eludes them time and again. Best buds with Putin. His insults, threat's, slime, and filth has covered everyone, and there is no way of avoiding his pending wrath. He may perform clownishly, but we must take him seriously, because his ignorance is his most dangerous trait. Our lives are in his hands, and Republicans seem willing to follow him to the edge of the Earth. Let's hope they aren't willing to take that final leap. Let's hope they don't wait until it's too late to stop him.



He still has Niles to go before he sleeps. Niles to go.

Yes avatar was terrible but one dud is allowed. He’s made a lot of great movies!

The way M. Night treated Avatar was worse than how Chris Brown treated Rihanna. There. I said it.

I am going against the stream, love unbreakable, split and glass. And stop whining that he ruined Avatar, get over it.

Most overrated director of all time

Just saw “Glass” today and loved it.

Thanks for ruining Avatar. Please stay far away from Kelsey Grammar.

Everything about Fraser was Freudian, even the name of the dog, was the dog stirring while staring at Fraser... Eddie!

Cody I feel like unless someone else has watched Frasier, this is what I sound like when I talk about it

Thank you Night for not trying to destroy Frasier like Avatar.

If he has anything to do with it, I'd rather not watch.

OMG his movies are so predictable but it is really hard to dislike him after this! Brilliant!

I still have to smack that guy in the face for Avatar.

Thanks for ruining the Avatar movie, thanks alot.

WTF did I just watch? Screw it.. I love Frasier.

.. 'Split' notwithstanding, it's unfortunate that Shyamalan's best work is long behind him ...

The caterers served what ? Dosai and scrambled eggs ? Scottish accent 🙂 James McAvoy has also done voice work for animated films ? M. Night has great support from established actors, he must be highly likeable !

#blockthebots they are now trying to block are beliefs

After the Glass team up, the sequel to Split needs to be called Open and Melt.

Fantastic interview, thank you.

How does this guy still have a job after Avatar?

Kudos to whoever wrote this comedy routine!

I bet he's so thankful split did well

To be honest up to this day I am surprised that he is not incarcerated for what he did to Avatar the Last Airbenber. He should have been locked up for ruining both children's and adults' perfect fantasy.

Remembers avatar last airbender

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Reading the new Buzzfeed news like...



We have all aged 20 years since this crazy orange thing entered the White House. I want my life back!!?

White people (Republicans) rather see this country go down than to go brown

It should’ve been “the thing” many things ago, but here we are, another “thing”.

I think it's never going to be the thing and he's going to be reelected in 2020

I have never wanted anything more in my life....

Settle down folks, this is nothing compared to what Mueller has. He's had ample time to do a thorough job.

There are so many things..why are we standing for it

Extinction Bursts..... When he doesn’t get the expected response from us he wants (reinforcement by us) it scares or angers him and he tries harder to engage us using threats, violence, destruction, intimidation, name calling, belittling, promises of withholding necessary things, retaliation, or any other painful thing he can think of to get us to engage. This escalation is known as an extinction burst. Expect an increase in this behavior as Mueller gets closer. (Sourced from BPDFamily)

There have been so many things...

I'm certain trump will say it's a nothing berder.

I'm not sure. The GOP hasn't exactly demonstrated that they have any interest in standing up to the President because it means giving up power. I mean, if hundreds of thousands of Americans suffering due to shutdown isn't the thing that stops that, I'm not sure anything is going to get the senate to remove him from office, even if the House impeaches him.

As soon as I saw it was a Buzzfeed report, I immediately wrote it off. Call me crazy, but no legit source or person of interest is going to (holds back vomit) BUZZFEED with a bombshell report. Say all you like about it, Buzzfeed is not a respectable news source. Anyone with something to say will go straight to the NYT or WaPo (maybe Reuters, if they want to see my factually based heart leap for joy?). Also, not to say the NYT and WaPo aren't factually based, it's just that their obvious liberal bent makes every story a little tangy. They're still factually based. It's just that when you see Reuters come out with a report akin to what someone tried to do through Buzzfeed, you know it's legit. Reuters publishes no BS. Ntm, Mueller himself came out against a few details in the report, so... PS: I'm no "Trump's always right" guy, just someone who likes to see respectable journalism get its dues.

Since i moved to the US , I've learned one thing about politics here , everything moves SLOW .. (just like 3rd word countries)

Hope so but he’s like snot on a doorknob. Duh!

Oh please let it be true. Mitch McConnell will have to pull his head out of #45's a**. McConnell won't be able to ignore this.

Why would this be the thing, when nothing else has?

It seems like the Supreme Grand Wizard of Oz is untouchable... The Oligarchs zone is where everything is the opposite and upside down... Rudy is trapped between Oz and The Twilight Zone, where obvious lies are repeated as truth, and verifiable facts are questionable. These are strange times...

Keep eyes open for the peepee tapes..

The quid pro quo tower deal is not the "thing" but instructing others to lie about the quid pro quo deal is the "thing"...

There are so many things it's all but impossible to keep track of them.

George Washington -- I cannot tell a lie Donald Trump -- I cannot tell the truth Ruddy Giuliani-- I cannot tell the difference

when the noose is tight enough. He will hang his own butt. We must be patient. Sucks I know.

I said at the very start .. he will get away with everything and his minions would all fall.. not fair . he has got to go

It's not the thing. But, that just means the thing is much much worse

Newsweek said: Several Democrats said: President Trump should be impeached IF the Buzzfeed report proves to be TRUE. Will Trump be impeached? Odds Sour After report— Pres, Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congrees. I let you watch TVNews tonight.

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He's f**king awesome. Please have him back. Brilliant. I'd vote for him for President

Killer Mike is too nice to be called "Killer Mike." ?

I've been going to the church of St Mattress and Boxsprings since I converted from catholicism many years ago... lol

That’s a church I can support.

Everything about what this guy said was amazingly knowledgeable about human nature and how to make a difference without forcing others to be/how you think. I absolutely LOVED him!!!!!

Wow. John Lennon is smiling proud. ?

Finally found religion. Church of sleep.

I so appreciate Mike's voice. Yesssss! It's powerful when people do "the work" in their way.

This is one complicated

Is caffeine/coffee allowed in the church? The soda is a great idea!

I guess my 81 years has rendered me clueless to understand most of what this young man's interview is about.

A sect within Dudeism.

I liked the first episodes. Kinda lost me on the last two. I love the idea of Black Friday every week. Made me go look for some black owned businesses.

Sounds good to me... I think he should call it the LIFE Church... Love. Instantly. Forgive. Everyone.

Church in the strip clubs ?????

#Word lmao at Brother $ response ???????

I'm a believer! #ChurchofSleep #Amen ???

Killer mike lost some weight, he looks like Von Miller

"Atlanta is Wakanda for real" ????

Now that's a church that I could get down with.

I think I’ve found my new religion

LOVE that voice! Just wanna hear some childhood raps right now!

Amen Killer Mike ...To love above Hate!! ??keep doing what ur doing!

God comes in all 7 colors &Black&White.???

Church of sleep has no fb page. Checked, hoping it doesn't have all the heaven&hell stupidness

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Yeah, not interested in seeing it since I read that they used, and refuse to remove, footage from the Lac Megantic rail disaster in Canada. >:-( There would be *so much outcry* from Americans if footage from 9/11 were used in any way other than with great respect. So no, not interested.

I freaking love Sarah Paulson.

good, it sucks.

WTH is this societal drive to push this movie down our throats?

I haven't and don't want to watch it

Who designed the beautiful feather dress that Sarah Paulson wore? I love it!

So she's bird boxing bird box?

She saved herself a good 2 hours. Unfortunately, I can't get them back. ?

What a great interview. I have not seen Bird Box, I am commenting on the other content of the interview.

Probably because she realized how bad it was.

me neither...not my kind of movie!

Scattered interview. Colbert not on these days—I miss his wit.

I to, have not seen Bird Box.

AHS she’s amazing in every season. Just ❤️ her. Beautiful and love her voice

It’s not a comma (can’t) it’s an apostrophe!!!!

would you want your young child to star in a horror movie where they have to pretend to be blindfolded, wondering if they were about to be murdered? i don't like the use of kids in the horror genre at all.

I'm not part of the 80 million people either lol

Am I the only one that liked Bird Box?

I would not want to see how a truck smashes and leaves me as mashed potatoes all over the pavement...?

She was in the movie but hasn't seen it yet...I never believe them when they say that and that they don't watch anything they are in.

Well, at least the hairdoo fits the rest of the ensemble.

"They're watching in sub-Saharan Africa at this point. " Oh c'mon. We watch everything that comes out of America. ???

She's lucky, that movie was hot garbage.

I haven’t. No interest. I can see her and Sandra B in Ocean’s 8.

Well she does die in the first scene.

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It is not pronounced "jif".... it's Gif.... stands for Graphics Interchange not jraphics.

“Smart a$$ with a USB port” ????

I really thought u guys were gonna talk about the award they took away from the sex toy for women because they decided it was obscene ...

Wifi-Enabled wood... The future is here

Renato Bredow

what about the Ose product fiasco??? Too naughty for your show?? lol

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert missed the mostinetersting story on CES

I thought smart wood was an erection wearing glasses?

Devin J. Malek ?

Diana Engle-Wilson ????

Prime Command: Tough Shalt Not Take The Name of Optimus Prime In Vain! 😛

Kelsey Jordan

Michael Williams

So funny

Me too.

This MF is Seriously Funny ?

Do ypu haaaaaa

God Stephen is at his best when he's not doing politics lol

Election InTELLigence… Putin on the rich & stick more sick in Poli-tics... All blood is red. Take aim, fire ur best shot. From those that have onto 2 those that have not. See seas of them bleed. Lies gets more buys & lets them succeed. Satisfactions for some but none for all of WE. WATT not 2 beLIEve vs. 2bFREE

what's funny is you dared us to write poems, it did & got banned off twitter the first day I set up the account & posted my poems... Thanks! I never got to see any of Agent Orange tweets IRL; it's been a blessing & curse because they banned me forever because of my first poem!!! The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert RUSSIAN REGRETS Russian Roulette Delusions; this is not GR8. We're on a drive by collusion collision course of more political discourse, fear mongering & hate. What are their valid points to debate? ContamiNATION = CondemNATION Siding with sworn enemies is now our frenzied frenemies will seal the deal & our Constitution's doom & future fate... AmeriCANS can do better during all kinds of stormy weather when we ALL strive to work hard together. AmeriCANS + Puerto RiCANS + AfriCANS + MexiCANS + Loving; Living; Learning & Leading Sol-U-tions 1; 4 ALL = HumanKIND

Spewing hate is never GR8! This is not what it means in a country that are world leaders & “Free”. Promote more all-out toxic end-of-life or killing & you have no rights’ economie$. Noxious rhetoric + redirect abomiNATIONS. Any & all ContamiNATION = CondemNATION. We’re their fools for all their propaganda tools for the love of CONG – Coal; Oil; Nuclear & Gas we’ll all continue to suffer more gloom + more impending doom from their economic BOOM & KABOOMS. Fans fan the flames & add more fuel for the duel. While the media may rise to “they said” that on occasion. DissemiNation CONG prefers creation consecration & incineration. Gushing hoax + fear from crazy so-called rich touting corporate loons. We’re muzzled & muscled more from self-proclaimed high earning fossil fuel toxic goons.



LOL!!! My new favorite line: "Looks bad, but only if we're going to starting counting evidence as truth!" Thanks Stephen Colbert, you keep me sane!

I cant wait for 2020 when this clown is behind us and we can all laugh at the last crazy 4 years which we will never speak of again.

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a is Donald Duck.??

Man the noose is so tight around trump's neck...just pull it already!

When will I learn to not drink coffee while watching these recaps? Ultimately it is sprayed all over the screen, followed by raucous laughter !!

This made me laugh so hard it scared my cat. ?

This is great! Thanks for the laughs so we don’t cry.

Linda Gundacker: Do you not see the irony in your statement? "So boring turning on the TV and it is always the same bashing every night." Do you own a remote control with channel changing capabilities? Is the Disney channel not available on your cable system? Don't go away mad or not laughing along with us all...just go away. But thanks for sharing...

Moving the goalposts...right on Colbert. Trump’s narcissistic tactic. Thanks for calling it what it is.

Thanks, Steve. The truth is much more fun when it comes from you. Bravo!

next will be his third incantation - "I colluded but it's not illegal"

Really made me laugh that time, Colbert. 🙂 Giuliani shocked himself!

"Only if we're going to start using evidence as proof". THANKS FOR SAYING THAT!!!!!!!!! AMEN, BRO.

Thank You Stephen. Keep up the great job!

Thank you, Stephen Colbert for keeping us going.

This was solid all the way to the end.

Great show , Colbert ? you make my day, go on men thanks ?

yes yes yes i so enjoy the talents of everyone on this’s always an intelligent laughing good time. ?

Where in the heck was he stashing that blue Walmart bag?? They've been grey, for YEARS! 😀

If it's true that we invent our own reality, the far too many people are tripping.

Hmmmm....wondering about that Brazilian boxing glove. Filled with baggies of cocaine, perhaps?

So far the goalposts are at the far end of the parking lot, waiting for the light to change so they can head downtown.

I just hope I can stay awake to watch this episode....must set my alarm just in case

This show cracks me up. He is better than ? he's just better.

I’m just hoping that the political lampooning and bbq continues for ALL the leaders regardless of political affiliation

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