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Help us Stephen!!! Trump is coming to Az!!

Ordinarily I find Stephen's monologue very funny, but tonight's segment regarding Cannabis in Canada was shallow and offensive. My name is Mark Pedersen. I am a Cannabis patient and deal with serious chronic issues from environmental exposure to toxins where I used to live. I use Cannabis to relieve the symptoms Fibromyalgia, respiratory issues, severe migraines, and chronic stomach issues I am a Cannabis educator. I predominantly counsel late stage cancer patients. I have witnessed miracles. I have photographed Cannabis oil applied topically to melanoma tumors and killing them. I have worked with many children, youngest - 8 months. Adults - through seniors. Mr. Colbert: perhaps you're ignorant of the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. I thought you were someone who properly researched the topics for your monologue. Apparently you don't, or you just find it funny to discount the work people like me do. If you had cancer or any of the many illnesses that can be treated with Cannabis. or if you had a loved one did, I would think you could say something more intelligent than cheap pot jokes. I write state policy to protect the sick. I'm 61 years old and fed up with the childish insults at our expense.

Thank you for your homage to Canada. Yep marijuana is legal here to help us cope with living next to America. ???????

Hope you find a way to get away from it all every now and again or I fear we will find you running an animal rescue farm in New Jersey, or South Carolina, some day far too soon. Not that it isn't a worthy and relaxing thing to do, and John Stewart could certainly give you some pointers, but we still need you to stay healthy a few more years to help weather this storm. So, please, take care of yourself, there are already far too few voices out there we can count on.

Exactly! The jokes make us forget how sad we are! Thank you!! We love you!!!

Humor hides the pain!

True Story

Mr Stupid SHMUCK must be difficult.

Same here

Remy Berry


Follow this link to my anti Trump music video called Who's gonna pay for the wall


We’ve got your answer right here, POTUS! #LSSC



6.5yr?!?!! Hell, no!!!!!!!! ?

show of hands who would be dancing with joy once the orange nightmare 45 is finally out

Why does he assume he is going to be serving a second term? He is a one term President. He should be impeached

Haha I’ll be voting for the Democrat incumbent president in 6 years.

6 1/2 years more of this Demented Old Orange Circus Monkey and his Circus Show? No Thanks. VOTE PEOPLE VOTE. Don't BOO VOTE. Alabama picked Doug Jones, Pennsylvania picked Connor Lamb. Let's see if Texas picks Beto O'Rourke!

God! Please don't let it be more than 2 years!!!!!!!!

I thought elections were every 4 years?

Stop laughing at America's misfortune. Poor people!

Its a shame you can't appoint a female president. NZ has had 3 and Australia has had 1. Wheres yours?

The country won't survive that long.

Sleep. I'm going to sleep and wake up without wondering if NK or Iran is nuking us or if the Red Army is walking our street

Quit anxiety meds. Lol

I don't know, sleep peaceful for a change?

We'll be dancing sooner than that !!!

Allow our children to listen to what a President says? Feel assured our democratic ideals are at least trying to be represented? And it will definitely be 2, not 6 and a half.

And no, you won't be in the office for 6-1/2 more years. Either Mueller will indict you are we will vote you out..

I'll be dancing in the streets, and have plans to piss on a special someone's grave. ???

Something similar to what we'll be doing in 2.5 years. Maybe even sooner.

Even HE thinks he's not normal? That's the only sane thing I've ever heard him say.

In 6.5 years I'll be looking back fondly on him losing the 2020 election. Or, I'll be high in Canada! ?

He can't have a clear meaningful thought now at 72....he won't be around for another 6 years I don't care what the W.H. Dr. says !!!

How about celebrate democracy! Now that's an idea

Why is it that so many are placing trump in the oval office in 2020? I refuse to endorse this. Colbert, stop advancing an idea like that.

Just like we will do when it first happens in 2.5 years.

I'm dancing in the streets after this term. 6 years, really? Not likely!

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Late Show Alter Egos, Saudi Arabia edition #LSSC



As long Trump is in office...America is for sale! Shame on those who choose to look the other way, they are complicit in this treason!

Did the Republicans consider these unintended security consequences when they made the decision to ignore his conflicts of interest?

They were just using the bone saw for their yogurt. Those things are hard to open.

This is one of our Mr. Bigs that’s got the Pres in his back pocket. ?

Is the picnic tablecloth veil a new look or is it vintage?

one despotic bunch covering for another

Still hoping the WWE would cancel their “Crown Jewel” event at Saudi.... not a very appropriate time to have a major even there too

Tik tok tik tok...( november 6) tik tok..bye Kushner &Trump & Felicia ?#ThatsWhatISay ?

Trump is in love with Mohammed Bin Salman, he has his own burqa with the words, “I really don’t care about Muslims, except the rich ones” on the back.

The next sweet bromance Jared and his fairytale Prince❤️❤️❤️

Appears to be a Canadian actor named Ennis Esmer.

Someone’s missing a picnic blanket and toilet gasket.

Look at his eyes. He looks evil.

MBS = More BS

Who would have thought, the bromance of a toad (Spanky) and a prince could flourish in 2018... Poetic!

Kushner is a bit out of his league don’t you think?

Jared Kushner “stripping” for his amusement or perhaps on his knees for his amusement.

Yea Kushner is one of his concubines.

He looks so evil......too soon

cut off his fingers.

Visions of the bone saw manicure dance in his head.....

Any weapons the US sell to this regime needs to have an 'off' switch built in that only we can control. I've a feeling they'll be used against us. The 9/11 attack was done by Saudi nationals.

MBS looks a liiiiiiittle cockeyed.

Demon the Age

Trump cares ONLY about two things, in this order: 1) Trump 2) Money

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I voted for Ted last time. I know. I know. What the hell was I thinking? Never again. #VoteEmOut

Can’t go inside of cruz brain it’s a empty shell. Vote Beto


Ted Cruz is a blobfish

I tried to watch the debate but I just can't listen to ted. Too bad because Beto is so inspiring, maybe I'll try again later.

I was the patriarch of a monster family.

Thank you for noticing his hesitation, it was rather long. Voting for Beto.

Vote blue

That was the easiest question ?

Why ask a question with no political ties in a political debate? I don't care what they do in their free time, I'm not looking for a person to drink beers with....

I could have sworn that he would have said, "used my gills to clean the pool".

Go Beto.

As per Grandpa Munster's bff #45 his dad was on the grassy knoll!! Hey mob vote blue k!

Get out and vote, we deserve a full time Senator...

I do not want to go inside his head - thank you

Editing a video is easy. I'm not defending Cruz. But this is the liberal media using their "only one color" paintbrush to a T. Sad.

Any person can request a PROVISIONAL BALLOT if they are not listed on the voter rolls. Don't walk away. Request a Provisional Ballot!

Neither one actually answered this question.. both went on and on about fatherhood but said nothing about what they DID as a father to give us “insight” as to the kind of person they are..

“Go inside Teds head? There’s plenty of room”?? ????????. That’s great.

Ted just lost the election. He really needs to learn when to shut o??

Right now, Ted is thinking: "If I could just combine the NRA, Russia and porn into one, it'd be perfect...oh wait, that's me!...and Adolf Drumpf".

Can't go inside of what isn't there...

TEXAS: VOTE for BETO...He will make you so Proud....Smart, decent, with progressive ideas for people in Texas ......and not a Trumputin puppet.....

Colbert gave him too much credit.

Thank you Stephen and team...I can always count on you for some laughs when really needed these days (and nights)!

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You know it’s real now ???



It's just not going to be beer that goes up it's going to be everything that's made with wheat

Kavanaugh is going to cry again. ?‍♀️

But if they smoke more weed then they probably will not need to drink half as much beer so things might just even out?

Sure, Kavanaugh is on it.

Maybe now white men will do something about it.

Extra! Extra! Kavanaugh to hoard beer!

Kavanaugh will panic

Jack the cost of Bud Light up a few bucks and see how quickly climate change gets dealt with.

time to switch to wine!

Looks like Kavanaugh is going to up his payments from his lobbyist.

Brett Kavanaugh will be crushed.

How can fake news from China make beer cost more? *extreme sarcasm*

Ahahahahahahaha Jim Sperduto Sig Ep!!!

Javier aaaaaand that's how you get kavanaugh to believe in climate change ????

Kavy want like this! Oh wait, money not an issue!

Good thing I prefer whiskey...

A person I

Climate change is a hox, Trump said so. 😉

Chips prices too..?

Export Beer from Nepal.

dude what’re you guys gonna do?????? Luis Hayden

Kavanaugh's head just exploded after a lengthy breakdown with buckets of tears.

And here a politician won an election by promising cheap beer. Then he cancelled the climate action plan.

Chris Dodds



I love this show. I find myself waiting for it to come on each night with tremendous anticipation..

Im over this guy all he talks about is freakn trump like shut the heck up bro every time i see him its trump this an trump that booooorrrriiinnnngggg!! ??

OMG I have to get up once again and change the channel. Does this have to be every night. Can no one in late night find something else to talk about. It’s old!!I sure miss David Letterman. He would have give Trump hell and then moved on to something that was actually funny.

His "natural instinct for science" is astounding! His lying, boasting, bragging and trash talking everyone he doesn't like is what his natural instinct is. He's such a natural liar, words just trip off his tongue!

Trump is a festering pustule and the very best part of this presidency is that it will eventually end. Here's hoping that he will forever hold the record for the most lies told by any president. See, he is the best at something.

Climate change or no climate change STOP SCREWING UP THE PLANET!!! ?

Colbert must be in love with trump......that's his monologue every feakn ngt....can't take it anymore...get new material man or move to antartica!

No one can rule out a natural cycle of the earth. Here's why; scientists claim the earth is billions years old and we have less than 300 years of weather data or (420k years of estimated co2 levels). This data is such a small sample in comparison to the age of planet that it seems somewhat linear. This is called sampling, exactly what we do to interpret a non linear world. Zooming in a small set of data to make something appear linear when in fact it's a small tangent line in something that oscillates or cycles. Theres historic data like how the great lakes were formed and civilization ruins in the ocean. Some people theorize it wasn't an ice bridge the native Americans crossed it was dry land. The argument is we are not the cause and it's a natural cycle, however we shouldn't intentionally trash our home.

Dear Trumpo, being an expert in female anatomy doesn’t count as science. Just FYI.

No natural instinct for science....what if you grow mushrooms in your crotch?????

Brett Kavanaugh is going to have a hissy fit!!

Science is not a matter of instinct at all but a body of knowledge amassed through experimentation and study.

I love your show, but you impersonating Trump is getting really old. We hear his voice enough, believe me.

Junk science for a junk president.

"global warming is false, because it's cold where I live."- Jon Stewart

Lil Donny on Climate-change ".... you have Scientists on both sides of the issue" ? Colbert " on one side all the Scientists, on the other 1 guy who runs the Blog realtimeamericanscienceeagle. Jesus. Forecast - Rapture" ? ? ?

"Uncle OPEC... these reporters are being Mean to me...!"

If anyone would be interested in knowing the truth they should see the Nova presentation from PBS called rise of the super storms and decoding the weather machine. Through the glacial ice caps they are able to take core samples which are hundreds of thousands of years old. They can determine the weather patterns over the last few hundred thousand years and never in the world history has it been as drastic as in this last decade.

On one side you have actual scientists and on the other side - oh, wait, there is no other side. The earth is flat and HERE BE DRAGONS.

"There are scientists on both sides of the issue... but that's inlt because that glacier just split... and the coast guard is still trying to get them out of there..."

He did not talk to his uncle about climate change,and his uncle died in 1985....not much talk then. Climate change first became news 30 years ago, after he left this world.

Well. if only Polar bears could talk...evidence based "science ?" straight from nature ! 😉

Frat boys everywhere: “Dudes, we gotta start thinking about our environment, or we’ll never be able to afford our keggers!!”

Great show again, Stephen. Your summary in the “Meanwhile” segment about problems with products at gas stations really hit a home run with the humor of products laced with boner pills, laxatives, and Prozac. I never buy that stuff, so I’m glad I don’t need a quick change of underwear at the nearby Jiffy Lube. And maybe my sense of humor has kept me going without any need for anti-depressants. Thanks, Stephen for doing more than psychiatrists. Laughter at innocent humor truly is the best medicine!

SPIT-TAKE!!!! Maybe his natural scientific instinct will soon explore natural selection and save the planet. Otherwise, the only explanation for his continued existence came from a really great deal he made with Mephistopheles.

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Don’t miss Peter Dinklage and Busy Philipps tonight on #LSSC!



Hey, Ouimette!

Just saw Peter in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. He was fantastic in that!

❤I love Peter Dinklage❤

Mr. Dinklage is an excellent actor.

My inner geek is trembling...

Wow she must be really tall

Love Peter!

I like small people

Love the Hand of the Queen

Great shoes??

Jodeen Lowrie Want to come and watch?



And I thought my last name caused me problems.

TONIGHT: Peter Dinklage for the HBO Film My Dinner with Hervé, Busy Philipps talks her book This Will Only Hurt a Little and Noname makes her solo television debut!



Noname is amazing; The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is (as always) so smart to have her on!

peter dinklage from "that other stuff I do, when I'm not tyrion."

Please show other band members. Not the drummer so much....

I think people like you and Comedians and general are such douchebags that you cannot even think of your own that you have to make fun of every political s*** that you don't agree with will this is why the destruction of our country is at hand is because people like you you piece of s***

Your musical selection sucks

No your going after the First Lady a woman. Such a big man you are.



What do you mean "Republicans aren't embracing women"??? Trump loves to hug them and feel them up!

Republicans hate women. That's never been a secret.

Republicans ARE embracing women though... without their consent.

What do you mean, “Republicans aren’t embracing women?” Doesn’t “pussy-grabbing” count?

She is AWESOME! Talking about TOUGH. I watched her on CNN in the storm and that takes a lot of courage, personal courage to do that. I'm retired Army and I have to say, she is TOUGH. She can hang with the best, the elite. Very impressed.

Everyone should be free to have their POV. Its what we are based on. Sadly we have been subject to GOP Misogyny... and I fight hard here (and elsewhere ) everyday against it. That said, Screw Wide-Brush Misandry! I work hard every day for equality, not for some 'new' ruling class. ( Maybe Erin Burnett would have understood that. )

They don't appear all that fond of men either. Unless they're billionaires and giving them money, then they love whoever it might be whether American, Saudi, Russian, etc.

That was a very informative interview, Brooke Baldwin has a good head on her shoulders and will make a huge impact on our futures

Here's a woman who just got real in the House of Commons in Canada. Now this is the kind of courageous leadership we need.

Its time women took the reigns in our country. It will be a BIG improvement.

Yayyyy!!! Good for you!! We STILL live in the land of the free!! You can do it!!!! And still hold down a journalist job!! I think cnn would embrace your efforts!!!!

Just groping harassing and insulting them?

They are scared to death of intelligent, strong woman. Much rather have a bimbo trophy wife.

I have watched this woman broadcast daily for a few years. Brooke is guileless, impassioned and informed. The last thing that comes to mind when she broadcasts is "Fake". Go Brooke.

What kind of moron thinks that any republican will ever embrace women for any reason except against their will for their own need? They hate women.

Absolutely, more women need to get involved. Get out and vote for respect and freedom

For which I am glad. I am sick of being embraced by creepy old men.

Thanks Colbert - good interview with Brooke.

Um, they have been embracing them against their will for ages.

More WOMAN are needed? I will buy that for a Dollar!!!

Being marginalized, silenced, and demeaned, having our rights endangered, and being ignored is enough reason to go vote.

talk to us Brooke , I am listening.. thank you.

I got to the title and thought "Oh yes they are..."

260 women running for seats in congress! This is freakin fantastic! Exactly whats needed in the US to get some sort of legitimacy in the GOP.

She's got a whole new character here! Wish I could see that more on her show, it'd make watching her really fun!

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Within 45 seconds she explained why CNN is not news and just 100% blabber.

Definitely the prettiest anchor on TV

She has the hair of the drummer of Guns'n'Roses (1987).

Nicole Kidman with blonde hair. How delectable. ☺ Lead on Babe.

If you let go of all your baggage and wake up in the morning with a clean slate, every amazing possibility would be free to enter your life.

#respect I thought Brooke's comments about the young boy listening to the ridicule of Dr. Ford at a MAGA rally got to the heart of the long-term effect of modern history on the future. And she's funny, too?

She is correct. If you irk both sides, then she is doing her job. Let both sides have their say, but also call both sides out when needed.

But do we really need either side being more irked?

wow! more interested in her looks than what she says, why doesn't that surprise me?

WOLF BLITZER' is the greatest dancer?

That was awful after Mexico Beach after the storm. Plus, she was on ground during Hurricane Florence.

I posted this from u tube..Where so many comments about her being hot were there..I really liked the way she described how women are needed in BOTH psrties..I am a Democrat..BUT agree with her bipartisan take..She is funny and pretty too..

Brooke touches her ring to remind herself that she is married, now ?!! Looking good Brooke....must have gotten a tan while covering Florida!!

Love Ms. Brooks, and Erin Burnette too.......Like the wild looks of Amanpour........ but she's no longer at CNN.........!!

That's what happened in Puerto Rico also, people lost a lot so sad!!!!!

Thumbs up, aftermath cleanup

Masses or massed

Her husband is a lucky man.

Ya know since trump., I rarely hear any other news and if I do it’s because trumps involved doing something stupid. I’m so sick of trump the man of Lawlessness.

Trump all the way to winning the next elections by landslide

He found his briefcase? Where is his silencer? Still waiting to go snipe hunting?



What a talented, smart, loving, insightful, funny, did I mention talented? man. Thank you God for giving this excellent human being to our world & thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda, for sharing all you fantastic gifts with us. You are loved!

I don’t think I could sit through Hamilton with it’s rapped lyrics. I could be wrong, but I guess I’ll never know.

As an American who has only seen Hamilton in London, I was amused when the audience immediately applauded the King when he entered. I also caught a comment during intermission from a frustrated Brit complaining about the US sizing of the Hamilton t-shirts because "they are enormous over there", lol.

Maybe Lin is this generation’s Mr.Rogers. But with nicer hair...?

I saw Hamilton in London..... The audience laughed hysterically at King George's character. It's a great show. When I bought the tickets for London, they wanted $1,800 for orchestra pit seats in NY. I got Stalls tickets in London for $108 / ticket.... the difference paid for the trip to London (I got a super-whammy deal on flight + hotel)...... so thanks to Hamilton or inspiring a trip to London!

If only there was an audio-video version of the author reading his book to me........he is a uniquely, talented artist passionately creating masterful work from his heart and soul.

I saw Hamilton for the first time in the West End last night. I didn’t laugh at the ‘keeping the bed warm’ line because I’m a Brit with an awkward relationship with sex, I laughed because of Aaron Burr’s comically inadequate excuse for adultery, as if he was keeping the bed warm for selfless reasons #nuance

What a decent and beautiful person LMM is.

Yaknow unpopular opinion here but the play was mediocre at best. Felt like it was glorifying the founding fathers more than anything... also he was at a protest here in DC and sang a song and it sucked lol. Edit: guy seems nice but other than that mehhhhhhhh

Well, for starters, the British know a little bit about their own history.

Maybe putting this on in Puerto Rico isn't a good idea right now. I doubt many people could afford to go (still recovering from the hurricane), and I doubt people are eager to spend money knowing its for the arts (still recovering from a hurricane).

<3 Those little Good Morning/Good Night tweets have meant so much to me so many times. Can't even tell you.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a human unicorn. He has so much enthusiasm and kindness. He’s such a talent with words. Thank you for giving this gift of you!

He is so refreshing. Loved the "Closing Hamilton's circle" explanation.

Was introduced to Mr Miranda through In the Heights. I love his energy and his talent. Would love to see Hamilton in Puerto Rico. I wonder if the ? s are reasonable.

LMM is one of the best people on the planet. His loving, upbeat tweets are an antidote to those of the orange ?.

What privileged people we are to have Lin-Manuel in our lifetime. Bravo, good sir! You make us beyond proud!

The ads pop in mid sentence during moments where comedic timing are ruined. I hate that. Time the ads better. Or put them at the beginning.

This is humanity and compassion alive and well...

Brits might giggle at sex, but at least they don't feel the need to bleep out ever little I-wanna-be-a-profanity-when-I-grow-up.

How great! So glad to see this. Duly impressed. Was so looking forward to the show last night. Even more so than usual for both Lin-Manuel Miranda and Brooke Baldwin. But it took a backseat to watching the playoffs with my dad. When thinking of him, my mind spells Lin-Manwell. This interview further proves he is truly a man well rounded, with a depth spirit and a kindness of mind that is delivered with that rare but oh so beautiful balance of power, wisdom and love, a sphere emanating melodies for the soul. Hamilton coming full circle, a sphere again, where beauty rests. Thanks, Colbert. And Manwell.

I saw Hamilton in London during the summer (I'm a Brit) and loved it so much I'm going again in February. One of the most exciting musicals I've seen in years. ❤️

I hit love before I even watched and yeah, no regrets. It's always fantastic when these two come together.

Gotta love Lin-Manuel!!! So talented and kind! Thank you for your insights on life. I have shared many of your thoughts with my class. ❤❤

Ana-Maria Andronache Alex Watch this... Totally made my day. ❤️❤️❤️ He is literally just so cute. I love him.

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Linda McLeod. Me too. My Heart is breaking for that poor helpless Woman. I cried myself to sleep- soooo sad for her.????

Today's Crafty for Fashion lesson: Materials: 1 Large mixing bowl or another large bowl White spray paint 1" wide black ribbon (* Do not use a lampshade, that's so 'yesterday'.) ... Directions: 1. Spray the mixing bowl with the paint until it is well coated inside and out. 2. Wrap the ribbon around it in a pleasing confliguration as shown in the diagram and attach with Super Glue. 3. Place it on your head. * Note: It would be best if you wait for the paint and glue to dry thoroughly.

She really is not aging well. Keeping up the demands of the domestic bliss facade with its attendant visual expectations are taking their toll. Pretty soon, she’ll take on the physical characteristics of the squat, square jawed, babushka sporting peasant women of her homeland which will still be preferable to what an aging Cheeto looks like, particularly after it’s been left stuck between the car cushions over the summer.

Then her 5 year old rude big bully husband is calling an ex lover “horse face”she’s a sad joke???

Wouldn’t it be great to be that bullied? Anything you want....just name it. Such a Rough life.

Her husband is a bully with his name calling.

Laura Benanti and Colbert are brilliant together and the writing on these bits is hilarious.

The ghost of colonialism ??

she lives in a gilded cage, more captive maybe but not bullied victim. she chose this and is milking it for all it is worth. In essence she is still modeling when she goes out somewhere

Oh brother. Another one of his distractions and lies. She's turning it around. She's married to the biggest bully. Stop taking it out on the public

Be Best, what the heck does that mean sentiments exactly.

Comments here just prove that rudeness, piss poor behavior, and pure meanness isn't limited to politicians.

Colonial pith helmet!?Where are the brown people cooling her with fans? This is mindless. It can only have been intentional. Disgraceful lack of taste. That's Melania. That's Trump. This is America now.

I don't mind someone funding humor in me as long as you have fun doing it. At least you know what is true and not true just let them have their little fun. Try not to take it personally and it will just go away

Me me me me's all they know. Seriously, though, who thought it might even slightly be different?

What she saying the hell with everybody else.She does her bulling with the outfits she wear.

Stay Fuckessed!

Shes our first lady which explains why america isnt " ready" for a women to run 11 year old has more backbone.

Michelle was the most bullied first lady she called many things so disrespectful and she didnt whine

Ya, most people answer ‘we are fine’ when asked if they love their spouse. And I’m calling BS if anyone says ‘language barrier’ on that. ?‍♀️

Stephen always hilarious thank you for keeping me sane. VOTE the Republicans Out!

Laura Benanti does Melania better than Melania does Melania ??? #StayFukussedDonald! #BeDressed!!

Didn’t her husband just call a woman « horseface »? And didn’t her husband mock an assault survivor at a rally? Doesn’t her husband chant « lock her up » every chance he gets, the « her » depending on the situation. But SHE’s the most bullied person in the world?

How much of our tax payers money did she make from this trip? We are sure she made over a million dollars for her favorite charity. Her bank account! And, by the way! Where is her son being hidden at. Why did she not take him with her? She used him as an excuse indicating he had to complete school prior to moving to the White House and also, made millions. You see synile individuals with Tunnel Vision this is how the Trumps steals your money and become billionairs!

If you put fine in front of wine or dining - you really have something. (Big Bang Theory).

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“I’m not your monkey!” Ahhh those were the days. Poor Tucker is STILL trying to pull the ratings Jon Stewart used to get and LSSC gets now.

Lol, Colbert is a national treasure.

Sometimes I wonder if Stephen's arms or back ever get tired. I mean when you're hitting home runs all night every night it's got to be draining. Am I right?

I used to like Colbert but since his show became the DNC headquarters I just quit watching.

Of course if he wasn’t such a jerk and if he didn’t work so hard at being a polarizing force in the media he may not ever get yelled at, but they never take responsibility for anything.

Not funny, do not agree or even watch Tucker Carlson but he should not be harrassed when he goes out to dinner. this is not the American way people.

It's not right for people to do this. It's not civil and plays into the Trump narrative. FYI, I'm a Democrat and didn't vote for this President.

Republicans are so used to getting their way without effort that they are truly confused by the consequences to their own actions.

I love you Stephen! But you know what I love even more? Deleting and blocking all the bots and trolls that come to your page at the behest of their masters. Keep up the wonderfully funny show, You guys Rock! <3

"Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is an American conservative political commentator, reporter, author, and columnist who has hosted the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News since 2016. Carlson became a print journalist in the 1990s, writing for the magazine The Weekly Standard and others."

If he was a human being nobody would attack him in a restaurant.

Colbert is getting better with every show.

Can't afford to eat in restaurants, thanks trickle down.

He could stand to miss a few meals.

Awwww, poor baby. Can't even have someone else prepare meals for him without the consequences of his own terrible choices haunting him. Accepting responsibility for one's actions is hard. Good thing he's rich enough that he can ignore it all by sequestering himself in his multimillion dollar mansion. ?

He just wants to sound likee he is important enough to be recognized and hassled at a restaurant. Bet it has not and never will happen.

Awe poor baby, dishes crap but can't take the splashback.

When I watch the vids of folks harassing people during dinner I find it petty and embarrassing BUT if you say things that are so awful you can no longer go out in public, maybe stop that? Freedom of speech doesn't guarantee peaceful dinners.

Sorry Colbert, but I fast forward all of this actor's skits. Don't care for him. I love your pretend newscasters, keep putting them on.

Tucker Seemed to be intelligent, seemed to be a family man, Seemed to be honest, but he portrays himself as a child and whines just like his buddy 45....what a waste....not being honest, kind and being simply a Good person. sad for a divided counrty....?

Democrats may voice their opinions when they see far right advocates like tucker. Republicans send death threats to anyone on the left. Very fine people i quess.

No one should be harassed, regardless of how self-absorbed (or insert stronger term) that person is. Plus, you'll only ruin your own evening out by wasting any time on the likes of Tucker Carlson.

He can't go to restaurants he says. Well his goid friend Dennis Hof died during ladt night after a party at one of his 7 brothers. In attendance were Married Joe Apaio, practicing Methodist Grover Norguist, Ron Jeremy, Flavor Flav, on Hofs mini bio photos there are ohotos of Tucker Carson & wife at one Hofs brothel parties. Stormy Daniels photis are there too.

They should realise that they are doing sth wrong. Spreading lies and propaganda in the name of news!!

Does he have corroborating evidence like video or is it baseless accusations made to elicit sympathy and the spotlight? Some people love to play victim.

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I love it that she snorted when she laughed. That's how you know it's a real laugh.

This gal's a hoot! ?

"Swung from the hand Could wreck your dental! (When diamonds aren't a girl's best friend)

This is one of my favorite Rehearsals! I love her!


Follow this link to my anti Trump music video called Who's gonna pay for the wall

Compare Steve's wife to the first lady. There is your laugh.



It makes me sick that you can’t find anything funny other than to make fun of our President!

I miss when we had an adult in the Whitehouse.

OMG. What a circus he made out of this White House. He is such a disgrace!

But Obama was “unpresidential” because he wore a tan suit ??‍♀️

BAHHHAHAA .."Tiny"...who didn't already know this in their soul?

If the Saudi Crown Prince opens an investigation into whether or not he had journalist Jamal Khashoggi murdered, won't it be pretty much like the FBI investigation ordered by the Whitehouse into Brett Kavanaugh's attempted rape of Dr. Ford: short on time, limited in scope, and concluding exactly what the Saudi Crown Prince wants it to conclude.

i always wondered why tRUMP called ivanka "my little pony"? now, i know!!

He's just mad that she ain't riding his face anymore since his tiny shroom can't even hit her g spot. Yeah, I said it.

Amazing he mentioned her face. I am sure that was the last part of her he was looking at

Mr. Trump denies he has financial interests in Saudi Arabia. Of course, I believe him.

Mike Sunday Aiwekhoe Odiase..this what a president should be doing??fighting with a porn star on Twitter???how low can this country go?

Can't believe the president of our country and a porn star are in a twitter war! These are very sad times for our country 🙁

The new normal in America.?President is in a Twitter war with a porn star.. she has more class!

It's wonderful to see our country engaging in such mature discourse. Truly a beautiful thing to behold.

Your Vote Is Your Power. If you don't vote = you don't count. If you are turned away at the Polls...demand a provisional ballot. Dont let them steal your vote.

" I love the Saudis, they buy my apartment buildings 40-50 million worth", but I have no dealings with

Soooo funny! I truly look forward to his opening segments

Stormy Daniels does not get enough credit for that clap back wow

I think the hoetus is having him do this she is jealous that's probably why she got another facelift??????????

Sigh. These would be all hilarious if they're all scenes on Reality TV. Unfortunately, that TV Celebrity/Carnival Barker is in the Whitehouse.

Until we have RCV everywhere... I am passing out flyers at the local university with all the information for voting and registration. The college vote can make a big difference. Uber and Lyft are giving free rides Vote early Take pictures If anyone gets turned away from the polls Just say this- “Give me a provisional ballot with receipt, as required by law” “The whole world is watching”

I'd just say that I'd rather be called horse face than not horse dick. Horses are beautiful. Freak of the universe.

The murder was committed. But the explanation of who did it completely differs, depending upon who is offering the explanations.

I heard lots of laughter throughout this video when there were no jokes being told, super confused ?

The tiny winey who picked up 3 trailer park hookers for wives from Eastern Europe can’t stop hating on women.

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On the count of three say, “be best!”



Melania Trump is a beautiful classy lady. She is certainly far more a lady than Michelle Obama ever was or is!

I’m also impressed with her ‘be best ‘ campaign ... it’s really helped... WAIT... her husband just called a female a ‘horse face’ ... Melania needs to start from home , and work her way up.

She might speak five languages, but English is not one of them.

Also just a reminder Trumpets: your values are well represented by a man who admits to walking in on teenage beauty contestants and is controlled by a hostile power and mourned 9/11 by bragging that he had the biggest building in Manhattan and mocked a POW for being captured and ripped children from their mothers' arms at the border and denies the deaths of thousands of Americans killed in Puerto Rico and has been accused by more than 20 women of sexual assault and has spent more time and money on vacation than any president in history and believes that white supremacists are "very fine people!"

I am so over this crap. Stephen C is lame and boring. Same ole crap, different day.

We can be gooder than that - be bestest.

Do people realize that is actress Laura Benanti?

Does anyone else think she's dressed like Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark? ?

Ahh, quit bullying that poor woman! (sic)

I’m surprised she didn’t do another nude picture shoot there. Pat Robertson would be pleased. He has always thought her nude pictures were art. And as a “Christian” he would know what was saintly. Just remembering Jim Baker’s like for “forbidden” pleasures. And don’t forget Jimmy Swaggart’s tearful confession for sinning. Geez

Laura Benanti is fantastic. But too pretty and too smart for the real Flotus. Plus Laura's face and eyebrows actually move.

Laura Benanti is the bebestest Melania ever!

The actresses eyes have too much life in them. She is really good though

Did she find the moose & squirrel over in Africa?

Love this doppelgänger for Melania! She’s great!

She’s great, better than the real one.

What's with the duck lips? Oh, o I know...she sucks.

Linda Brannon. You are out of your mind. Michelle Obama has more class in her baby finger than Melania has in her her whole body. Get a grip lady.

Like a lot of us she can say “I love you” “Kiss me” “ Hello” etc in multiple plus she “conveniently” dropped out of college after one year so did she actually pas the exams? At least she seems to despise Trump now and seems devoted to her son which more than we can say for him as he is only devoted to

Not bad for an old escort service employee and we all know what escort services really are.

I didn't think I could love Colbert more but this week I have screamed laughing until my guts hurt, bravo ??

Your Melania is WAY too animated. The "real" Melania is more robotic...?..which may explain a few things.

. A whole "Annie, are you OK?" video sequence, by Melania, just went through my head. Obviously because Annie is being Bullied. .

and just what does "Be Best" mean? and, just what does she do that she wants us to focus on?

On the count of three, say JUMANJI!!!!

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We cant wait for more inspirational quotes from Ivanka!Image attachmentImage attachment



"If she wasn't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her." -- Anonymous

"Enough is enough! I've had it with these mother-f'n snakes on this mother f'n plane!" - St. Francis of Assisi

Smoke em if you got em - Jesus

"Last call! Don't care where you go, but you can't stay here!" - Noah

“It puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again.” - Abraham Lincoln

"The truth shall set you free". --Donald J Trump

“One tequila, two tequila , three tequila...floor” -Carrie Nation

"I look forward to welcoming you" - Prison, cell 45

Ivanka has learned how to bigly lie and act like it's a quote!

"Don't eat the yellow snow, father." - Eric Trump

"Watch out where the huskies go, don't you eat the yellow snow" - Karl Marx

Leave the gun, take the cannolis Churchill

Has he got nicknames for all the female staff. Kelly Anne Conway looks like she use too much Brotox.

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" -Adolf Hitler

You forgot "Just Do It"......Ben Hur... "It's a dog eat dog world and I am wearing milk bone underwear.: Norm...

Don't believe everything you see on the Internet! - Aristotle

Humorists are the medicine men of the 21st century. Thank you.

"She put the lime in the coconut, she drank 'em bot' up" - Martha Washington

The comments on this page are just toooo hilarious, l'm crying from laughing! ?????????

I want "Live Laugh Love--Plato" on my wall. Right above my pumpkin spice latte and my copy of 50 Shades.

The Answer, my Friend, is blowin' in the Wind - Willard Scott

Ivanka Trump, and your family will meet and will live with Chapo after , Mueller and God put all of you in jail., KARMA!!!

I really think someone does this on purpose, i mean suggest the stupid nonsense she does

“The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman is one of my favorite books. 45’s daughter wouldn’t understand anything about it!

Wonder if she'll send all this inspiration to Jared when he goes to prison? Hopefully, she won't be far behind.

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Commentaren suck...better to be a raccoon then a democ-rat.

That ain't no raccoon, it's a SKUNK!

I give it one hour then Donald Trump Jr. will put out tweet blaming Islamic raccoons

Kevin needs to just find another post period

Fake news again!! This are trick cameras wake up people !!

No one can be surprised that Trump went full on defense of murder

So, when is Mr.Colbert gonna run for President? I figure 2026

2 hours to go...then please try not to blow up the world why we enjoy our nice, new, legal cannibis

Now STOP insulting RACCOONS!

My new favorite name for the Dotard...rabid orange raccoon.

Calling him a raccoon is an insult to raccoons everywhere.

I think this is an insult to rabid raccoons. They are much nicer.

There’s a nut job in the WH, too.

Yall should have caught him 2 years ago and locked him up.

At least now we know why Mitch McConnell was so grumpy today. He done got bit

Yeah it’s him - just check out the telltale under-eye circles.

we love you Colbert!! give a shout out to Rochester NY!!! one night!!! so I know you really care!!!!

So happy that varmint was caught....or has he....

Trumps like their Shafting and they’re going to do it again with louder screaming their lungs out we love it , Trump!!

trumpf is one of the bad guys.

Glad I gotta watch this all play out live

This guy is only about Trump, I'm not pro or contra..... but when you make a show you have to be original...... !

too bad the rabid raccoon seems to have escaped.

Raccoon escape from Hillary Clinton bedroom Bill had it chained up for years coming after all you Democrats special you Stephen Colbert you suck make something original this s*** sucks

Love love love this show, especially calling trump out on the idiotic way the orange buffoon acts and talks. Keep up the good work. Great show.

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Hey Ivanka, you might want to double check your quotes before tweeting. #LSSC



"If only my dad would quit looking at my boobs" - Ivanka.

“Actually I can say I’m the most bullied person in the world” - Socrates

good grief, if you combine all the brains in the family you still have nothing

"Me thinks she is a pendeja." -Socrates (If he were alive today)

She's an encyclopedic wealth of wrong answers.

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Regardless of who the quote is attributed to how lame of a quote when it's her father that continually goes back to fighting the old by blaming everything on Obama and Hillary. He hardly has focused on building the new!

A bill and Ted's flashback here

I believe Confucius had the best rejoinder to that: "That's f*cking dumb, Ivanka."

The first thing that came up on a google search was this: "At least not the Socrates of ancient Greece. According to Wikiquote: The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. This a actually a quote from a character named Socrates in Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives, by Dan Millman."

"The only thing that remains the same is change." Heraclitus of Ephesus. I know I read it myself. I have no idea what she is talking about.

Ivy league ? REALLY? SO AN IVY EAGUE EDUCATIOn only gives us the sentence Be Best?!!! Well, rhat was money well spent...NOT!

"I wonder if I should actually verify this before posting it? NAAAAAHHHHH. It'll be FINE, I'm SURE!!" -The entire Trump family, always

Well, this is what happens when you rely on fortune cookie quotes as legitimate sources of information -- pretty much sums up the entire Trump administration! #alternativefacts = #lies #dontbelievetheirlies

#ThankCanada for legal Weed. This a actually a quote from a character named Socrates in Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives, by Dan Millman.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. This is actually a quotation FROM A CHARACTER NAMED SOCRATES in Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives, by Dan Millman.

This is taken from the "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman who nicknamed his all-night gas station attendant and mentor "Socrates." I see that plagiarism isn't the strong suit in this family either.

“Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father...” - Socrates

Somebody’s heads gonna roll when she figures out who gave her that brilliant idea for a post...she couldn’t POSSIBLY have thought it up herself ..could she???

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott.

I believe her quote should be for herself “ To be, or not to be....Always confuses me!” Lol

Socrates did not wrote anything; quoting him is always at best a risky business, at worst plain stupid.

Socrates did say it, just not the one people would immediately think of... check with the fictional gas attendant, he can clear it all up.

Let's not forget when she thought she was quoting Einstein... "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert Einstein

Dan Millman quote from a book, but in all fairness it was said by a character in his book "Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives" named Socrates.

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Put that bow tie back on, Tucker! #LSSC



Look at the difference in his eyes. I guess that's what before and after looks like when you sell your soul.

Darn it ! I can't stop spelling his first name with an F ! ...0:)

Let us never forget the famous Jon Stewart/Tucker Carlson smackdown.

When did he start having that permanently confused look on his face?

He looked so much happier before Fox bought his soul.

Best argument for abortion rights.

Remember: he stopped wearing it after John Stewart asked Tucker if his mommy dressed him everyday!!!!

Nah , He has always been a " DOUCHE " !

I just went to google and stared at pics of Kavanaugh and Carlson...they look like brothers LOL must be that "entitled" look they share

You can't put enough lipstick on a pig

But I can’t eat out in real restaurant, because I’m such a jerk, people can’t help but tell me so in public. Waaaahhhh!

Will always be a douche.

Never liked him back then and Definitely not now

At least with the bowtie he can moonlight as a member of a barbershop quartet.

The blue in his eyes went away along with his soul.

Before / after the sale of his soul to Satan. And Satan got the short end of the deal.

He looked less mean-spirited when he was younger -- the bow tie has nothing to do with it.

Wasn’t Li’l Tucker cute when mom dressed him in a bow tie?

Nah, he's always looked douchy...and always will.

Before his forehead started to fall down over his eyes...

Just another vessel for the GOP cesspool.

The bow tie photo looks like it was taken yesterday . The standard tie photo looks like it was taken in 1978 .... He didn't just change the tie , he changed the personality of his wardrobe

Did his eyes change color too??

Yeah but you got to admit that blue shirts really made his eyes pop.

He still manages perfect Shartface no matter his neckwear!

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