The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

TONIGHT: Gayle King from CBS This Morning shares her advice on how to gracefully handle a case of mistaken identity. ... Zie meerZie minder



We need more Stephen Colbert in this world ❤

Mueller report comes up empty. Steven takes a break because he and his entire staff are drinking their sorrows away. Pretty embarrassing for the last 2 years of, "IT'S MUELLER TIME!"

Hahaha, so true. Both women are beautiful and good at what they do, so in the end it's a compliment!

I wonder why this guy is not on the major talk shows? His info is shocking.

He has kids & kids have Spring Break! March Madness = no one usually watches then so take some vacation time. Who knew it would be a blow up week???

Stephen is OFF AGAIN???? I swear He takes off from his job more than Trump. I hate reruns. I hope that his entire staff and crew get the same time off with pay. However, his writing staff are brilliant, he is hilariously creative and a great mime. He has taken more time off than I ever did in my 25 years of working.

“... what other people are thinking” — very few people are “thinking” on FoxNews. Shep Smith and Chris Wallace may be the only ones. And even they are thinking enough to leave Fox.

Ron Perrott March madness. Duh.

Go girlfriend ‼️

re-runs again !!!

As usual, he's off just when some big political news breaks! ?

stop repeats!!!! Have guest host like Johnny did. I hate all the repeats, why should we watch it twice?

No lets talk about Russia, Stupid!

whose the cockholster now?

What no news on the report today. Ha!

Wow mistaking Aretha for Patti LaBelle and now this? Fox News is like fan-fiction for “book-lovers” who never quite got past Choose Your Own Adventure novels reading level. “Choose Your Own Version Of Democracy: Tha Won That Werks Fer Me and My Sister-Wife”!

so many repeats...he's ridiculous

Nice chat w Gayle King! Please invite the Riccardis to sing on your show (Randy Rainbow too!). Ck out their brilliant parody of "YOU ARE NOTHIN' LIKE MCCAIN!" sung to tune of Rogers & Hammerstein's "There Is Nothin Like A Dame!

I had so much respect for Gayle King until now. Many years ago there was a huge fad called Glamour Shots where women would have professional photos taken after professionally prepped hair, makeup and attire. I recall looking at an ad board for these photos on a mall kiosk where the women were all white and I am guessing the average age was mid 30s. Granted some of the women had red hair and blue or green eyes so they stood out a bit among the mostly blonde or brunette with brown eyes. The photo array struck me as really odd for some reason. I stepped back a bit to take a look from a more distant point of view when it hit me, all the women in the approximately 100 photos looked alike! The words "they all look alike' popped into my mind at that moment because it applies to all races! Get over it America, get over it! It is time to move on.

working in Seattle near several TV stations.... a sports news anchor from one of the stations came in our store..... jokester that I am, while walking by, I made the internationally recognized gestures of... 'I'm trying to think of your name' … .... now face to face, I put out my and said the name of the sports anchor of another station... (the second anchor being over 300 lbs) …. turning and walking away, the first fellow ignored me.... (smirk)

Why aren't the new episodes up on the CBS app?!?!

I’m sooooo over G.King! Pick something/someone else to re-Run.

Another rerun, yuk.

Not all black people look alike!??? That about sums up the mentality of the FOX news crew! Well put! Gayle!❤️

CBS celebrates CBS. Wow. How impressive. ?

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TONIGHT: A look back at our chat with CBS This Morning's Gayle King about her interview with R. Kelly. PLUS a visit from Pamela Adlon for Better Things and a performance from Mumford and Sons! ... Zie meerZie minder

TONIGHT: A look back at our chat with CBS This Mornings Gayle King about her interview with R. Kelly. PLUS a visit from Pamela Adlon for Better Things and a performance from Mumford and Sons!



Uh, Mueller report! We need a live show, stat!

Where is Stephen? Haven't seen him since the middle of last week! I'm getting desperate!

I hated basketball before this is not helping

For those asking why there’s a rerun. It’s because of CBS’ March Madness coverage. Late Show will return for sure next week!!

Dearest Miss. 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Dresses Twinsy Banana Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Lemon Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Kiwi Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Green Apple Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Green Grape Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Blueberry Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Blackberry Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Purple Grape Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Golden Apple Lattice Satin Princess Dresses Twinsy Cherry Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Raspberry Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Strawberry Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Red Apple Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Red Grape Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Peach Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Apricot Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Cantaloupe Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Pineapple Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Banana Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Lemon Lattice Chiffon Princess Dresses Twinsy Kiwi Lattice 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XOXO

Gayle king famous for no reason!

I believe that all sports should be on the sports channels not on network tv, after all the cable co. Charge us for access to sports.

Where yo Colbert you pathetic idiot, no more Russians ??? what’s your next fake story ??? 'It's a complete EXONERATION': Angry Trump says Russia probe 'was an illegal takedown that failed' after Mueller clears him and his campaign of colluding with Moscow and attorney general decides there's not enough evidence to charge him with obstruction

here's your chance to scoop Jimmy Kimmel…… he refuses to acknowledge the existence of Gonzaga University.... Without Gonzaga, there would not be a Bing Crosby... <<< graduated Gonzaga High and attended Gonzaga U, in the early days....

Unfortunately nobody else at 1130 is funny

Reruns again.


How could you do this to us....on this, of all nights??!!!

Once again Stephen is missing an important news day by taking the day off. I can't wait to hear his monologue on Monday about the release of the Mueller Report!

I didn’t think fans of LSSC would be so crazy. Even if there was a new episode tonight the show tapes late afternoon. The Mueller report wasn’t released until late afternoon to the AG only. No one knows how much will be released to the public so how much would you expect Stephen to say about something no one has read yet? ?

Very good

Repeat, but a good one!


How about the Russian Collusion you POS??#eatshitcolbert??

What an arrogant moron...

What about the evidence that clearly states putin messed in the US elections with his trolls... is that like a “pass” or “we’ll let this one go but don’t you ever do that again you..”, anyway, looking forward to this report, curious how much of it will be made public.

TONIGHT: He is the sword in the darkness, the fire that burns against the cold, and the keeper of secrets no matter how hard Stephen tries to get him to spill the beans. He is Kit Harington. ... Zie meerZie minder



Lot of non GOT enthusiasts commenting. The first episode that I caught a glimpse of was one of the incestuous ones and I swore I wouldn't watch. Have since recanted,read all the books,and caught up on all the episodes.Series will be sadly missed. Great escape from reality.And I like Colbert. Why are you guys following him if you don't?

For sure you will never be great. Take your clown show and try and be a comedian for once! You used to be kinda okay, now you just dwell on political hype. Just do what Johnny Carson did and be funny. Don't chase your adversaries...

Christine Reddy

Angelina Elizabeth Murabito, Stella Drake, Sebastian Murabito III

Good guest, and handsome. His wife is lucky.

Israel Hernandez ve hasta el ultimo final....awebo que asi termina¡

Jodeen Lowrie Hahahahahahah.

The only thing I don’t like about the LS is the habit of running repeats of recent episodes. Just cultivate new talent and get a guest host!!!! I’d be happy to cover...

Alex Fangman watch the whole thing ???

Saw one episode that was gratuitously porno...

GOT gossip. Can't wait.

Phillip Vaux

Joe Sky

I legit couldn't say the whole thing without laughing.

Love this!

I.need a car so bad..

Future Batman

What dates in April does Game of Thrones return?

Liz Davies

Isn't this a repeat????

Luckily Andrew Garfield isn't in GoT.

Wow! The iron man that flies around has deep roots in the GOT dragons!???


Kyra McNicholas

TONIGHT: We revisit our chat with Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington! PLUS we talk author of "Era of Ignition" Amber Tamblyn and a performance from Hozier! ... Zie meerZie minder

TONIGHT: We revisit our chat with Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington! PLUS we talk author of Era of Ignition Amber Tamblyn and a performance from Hozier!



Rerun? BLECH!!

Hey The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, i always grew up thinking that America wants to set an example for the rest of the world, i guess is not the case anymore....the level of Morality for A Institution like the White House ! is very low @ the moment by any standards, i mean Jesus Christ God Almighty, you guys are the worst business owners in the world, since you support it by paying taxes, because you just hired an idiot scam artist to run your country ??? far right, left, east west north purple, theyre all idiots in the minds of these idiots that only care about themselves. If you noticed your president ????tried to open a business in almost every country he visited...he proposed the other idiot from north korea to open a fast food place in north korea ????....Go Team Bob !


Rerun again? You just came back from vacation. WTH man?

get the governor of the state of Washington, Jay Inslee on there...…… they are writing legislation to remove trump from that state's ballot.... since trump refuses to show his taxes... :-)

Another freakin rerun! Who else works a three day work week?

We need more Stephen Colbert in this world ❤

Want your rating to hit the roof, bring Bernie on!!!!!


I needed to hear you comment on Trump's latest, yesterday it was nothing and today no SHOW! Has something happened?

Love Stephen Colbert, he is so funny!!!

My TV tells me tonight is a rerun with Gayle King and Mumford and Sons!

Love this man


Thank you GoD

Yes thank 60 5


Stephen please snag me a hozier guitar pick lol

this might be a meanwhile norwegian thing: Building a digital wathch minute by minute #slowtv

Did he make it to church yet or still no?

No Arbrahung Lincoln???

Hey Stephen...just wondering if you have ever scene the Trumpy Bear commercial? It is so stupid. Supposed professional fire fighters saying Trumpy Bear has their backs. WHAT?? It's a stuffed animal!!

rerun and 1 hour late here wash.dc area

Edward Armellino definitely putting this on during the draft

Late Show writer Django Gold fills you in on the the year’s biggest college basketball tournament. ... Zie meerZie minder



Bummer I was actually really excited that there was a bit on basketball and then it ended up not being funny

Maybe stick to writing dude. You’re not funny. I’m tired of these videos your in. Stop it

Is he the writer of the duds jokes?

You have no right to such a cool name. lol.

I saw his stand up on the show. Not funny. This seemed to have potential, because of intro short on Dems running for pres. That was funny....and could be taken much farther. I used to go to comedy clubs a lot and saw sad or bad comedians that sometimes made it big. I sympathize and appreciate the effort put into the learning experience. In case Django reads the comments on this post.


White guy named Django ???‍♂️

Steve does not make fun of the lazy parents or lazy kids mixed up in the University scandel? What is going on with him, at one time Steve would have talked about the corrupt coach, the manipulation of affermative action by rich, Anglo-Saxons, Italians, Irish, and Hebrews. Why so few words on this subject, did your producers say you were not allowed to make jokes, maybe they know some of the cheaters personally. Steven maybe you can ask your writers to cover the sujbect if is not to hard. Perhaps your overlords will allow three jokes on this duplicitous subject


Stand-up comedian Aparna Nancherla found the “mute” button on Instagram and went wild with power. ... Zie meerZie minder



This wAs pretty awful. Like she memorized a poorly written script

Meanwhile, guess who’s ?️‍♀️ ⛳️ ? this weekend? Guess who’s paying for another million dollar trip. YOU ARE!!!


Lara Goldie check her out, think you’ll enjoy!

I have heard a lot of her stand up and she is quite good. that was a good set but not her best, i would love to see her live

Ashley Elizabeth Kelly

Yet another comedian who's been on Dan Harmon's " HarmonQuest ." Plug the show (Patton Oswald, Nancherla, etc.) !



??? Kaley Murphy


She’s funny & smart ?

Therapy humor!!! Haha

Jodeen Lowrie Smiles on Mute Button.

Lee Wilczek

Stephen I got a recording of Trump spitting while talking in an interview in the news was wanting to send it to you how can I do this

Thank you for showcasing a female comedian of color!! She’s hilarious

Someone please help her hold the mic right


Just stop. She's not even remotely funny or entertaining. ?



Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) knows what’s going up on billboards in Alabama if Jeff Sessions ever challenges his seat. ... Zie meerZie minder



Good job Senator Jones--We Need more Democrats in the South!

Great sense of humor...never trust politicians who can't laugh at themselves.

My family’s from Alabama and I spent a fair amount of time there as a child, so I understand how MONUMENTAL it is to have a Doug Jones minded and hearted leader for that State. I wish more Dems would stay in the “radical middle.” Elizabeth Harrison Judy Davis #keepALbeautifulinsideandout

Proud to be a supporter of Senator Jones.

He seems like a great guy!

Awesome. Doug Jones is a decent person

What a hero.

He doesn't want to lead this country; he likes that his base supports his vile hatred! That's what motivates trump, not uniting this country! He wants the division. #NobodyIsSurprised

Senator Jones is so right.

He got justice for those #FourLittleGirls???? #GenuineAlabamian

What a great sense of humour. I followed the campaign where the Sen. was elected, but never caught that. Good interview.

He is right about what Trump could do

Love him, well deserved win!

Rhaina Taylor Immekus he really is a great guy...

Enjoyed your Colbert interview! Keep up the great work! Thank you.

In order to be the party of honesty and moral standards we must be willing to call out our own party. When they go low we go high. ? Please call these out. ⬇️ Virginia's Top-3 Government Leaders Are Involved In Scandals : NPR

Speaking truth to what is going on in this country.

Him winning in Alabama gives me hope.

Watch Meterologist Tony Patraca grom CBS affiliate WPRI Ch. 12 Being interviewed

sessions had his time, is his criminal monies running out and he is not able to do anything but lie

Where do all these political books go? I'd say 99 and 44 one-hundredths percent purely disappear without a trace (outside of the Library of Congress catalogue), and yet I never see them remaindered. Do they use them for those Duraflame logs, maybe?

Sessions is senile!

Too late from Trump. Hes caused too much damage with trust, moral justice, disrespecting honorable veterans, and lack of decency and humility for human rights. We don't need his type of leadership running our country or building strong relations with our FRIENDLY allies.

I don't think too many Dems were sanguine about how long Jones would last in Alabama.They're beyond hope or help down there.

May lord be colorful

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“Billions” is more than just a role for Paul Giamatti. It’s also an education in erotic sadomasochism. ... Zie meerZie minder



Liina Broms

Norm Best

A sadist and masochist can't work out. The masochist will ask the sadist to "please, spank me", and the sadist, cruel as they can be, says "no".

-- he'll always be 'Miles' from the brilliant & memorable 'Sideways' for me .. absolutely criminal that he wasn't nominated for Best Actor ..

Paul Giamatti is one of my favorite actors. I have so much respect for this dude!

He's such a good actor

Joe Nowak

Paul Giamatti rocks !!! #billions

I think Paul Giamatti would make an excellent Tom Bombadil!??? #makeitso #tolkiennerd

I love this guy and Billions is my kind of show. Paul would make an excellent Louis Gridley Wu.

Nice entry music RIP Mr Dick Dale.

Nice job with the Miserlou, Jon Batiste and Stay Human! Dick Dale will live forever!

re: on Fantasy- Sci-Fi Role He doesn't acknowledge Limbo, from Planet of the Apes?

Sascha Vervloet

I love Paul Giamatti! His laugh reminds me of Glenn Ambrose. Glenn, are you sure he's not your older brother?

Stephen, we love you but at the moment, all we want is to see the MUELLER REPORT. Everything must wait.

Eugene Canady. You look like Paul!!!

Wonder why nobody remembered that Paul Giamatti played Limbo in Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes (2001) when Colbert asked him. That would count as a big epic sci-fi franchise. Paul needs to team up with Tom Cruise the next time Cruise does another science fiction film. Forget the blue skinned alien in Star Trek.

autoerotic strategic air defence 007



Oh Paul Giamatti would work so well in Glen Cook's "The Black Company!"

This show is brilliant!


A part of me has always wanted to meet him; but a part of me knows he'd just pour derision my way just to be a Dick. It's kind of a shame.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez holds a late-night town hall where all the questions come from “Late Show” staffers. ... Zie meerZie minder



If this woman is the future, I feel a lot better about the future.

“Tucker, please don’t reproduce” ???

Terrifying ALL Republicans because she’s the most talked about politician in the country! Making the cover of Time magazine... my bet is the President someday soon. Cedric Dupont

She’s awesome ??✊?

Love ? it Stephen when you said TUCKER don’t reproduce. LEGEND

She is funny and pretty, when she runs for president she has my vote

She is awesome ???☀️

You should have more of those “one question “ episodes with AOC then those good ole boys wouldn’t be so intimidated by her, also I would like to know her better she’s the future young, energetic, charismatic and hip!

She's right, we really didn't need Obamacare, just expand Medicare.

Tucker please don’t reproduce! Amen

Colbert is the man.. keep it rolling Stephen..

Turns out this woman is for real. 2028?

Breakfast club, molly part was fun, funner, funest ???

Tucker, please do not reproduce. I agree.

We don't need little Tucks running around the place. Don't whip it, just beat it!

Late Show has done it once again. Now, my day has begun.

Most popular congress woman , Thanks to the right!

She and Stephen have the same IQ.

The electoral college is an old fix that is. Past it's time. They will baffle you with statistics and population.numbers.

Have you noticed, trump hasn't given her a nickname either.....

I think she has some good ideas but I wasn’t for celebrating Amazon not establishing business and jobs in the city. Maybe she could have suggested working on a better deal or compromise.

She is adorable which helps a lot.

Three second delay on the video made that weird

Aoc should be a regular on Steven show

Maybe mz cortez should stop worrying about cow farts and apply her attention to something that might actually help,for example maybe she could find funding to purchase some paint and reflectors for the roadways in new york,that would be extremely helpful to everyones saftey,and if you have ever driven around here in the rain after dark, you know exactly what I am talking about

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While one Democratic presidential hopeful wants to eliminate the Electoral College, another would get rid of routine infantile circumcision. ... Zie meerZie minder



Yang 2020!

Not much dif between FGM and circumcision. Let people decide for them selves when they understand the question. .

Too many people running for president. It'll split the Democrats even more. Hopefully the best Democrat will win and defeat Trump!


Get rid of the electoral college. It is government interference with our votes.

The greatest gift the orange one could give....his absence

At least it is better than the Republican gang last time.

Easier than one might imagine to phase out MGM: First, pass legislation that Medicaid won't pay for it, then tax doctors $5K per prepuce if they perform the unnecessary surgery. The American Academy of Pediatrics has already withdrawn endorsement of the practise.

and get rid of trump.....

Both make sense to me.


Eliminate the electoral college! More insanity ?


Every vote cast should (must be) both on paper as well as computer!

More liberal idiocy

Each state controls if the Electoral College is winner take all in their state.

We need ranked choice voting

You joke, but Intactivists are real and they are agitated in their protest work.

Turn the election into a popularity contest.


Yang 2020! The only candidate willing to talk about these tough issues. Seriously though, he's great

I support both ideas

So the bleeped line was, "Not to be confused with the ball-sackivists"?

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Dancing time! #RehearsalRewind ... Zie meerZie minder



And again he picked a bad time to take off ?

We said don't you just know he can cut up on a dance floor...

Is jon stewart working behind the scenes on this show?

Q: Is Stephen playing with "fun-chucks"...?

Hi. I have noticed that all this week you haven’t been uploading to the episodes tab. By doing this, I can’t watch the episodes back to back. I tried to watch in the playlists tab, but. After every video it defaults to a David harbour interview from last year. I like stranger things, but I can only hear him say “fake moos” so much. Can you start uploading to episodes again?

I'll be back when Stephen gets to twerking!

As the media anxiously awaits Mueller’s report, even the most trivial actions taken by the Office of the Special Counsel are portrayed as breaking news. ... Zie meerZie minder



Just hilarious... Still smiling...

Maybe your time on TV will come to an end too

This guy is such a punk

Trump Trump Trump ??????2020 One Nation Under God?

For 2 years you have milked this - what are you gonna do for material after? How did this irrelevant usa hating queen get a TV show ? Who watches this crap ?

Wow, a lot of Trump Sheep replying here, check out some of their homepages, full of posts about hate, bigotry intolerance and food, lots of food. We are taking our country back from you. Your experiment to live in the past has failed. Live with it. Grow a brain.Grow a heart. Become a progressive.

Can’t stand u??

Happy Thursday in Australia ??

Save it mullett!

Maybe they doing a six feet under investigation...(trump went six feet under to attack John McCain)??

Remember trump is fighting with a dead man and the dead man is Winning

Grrr! If Mueller's report gets suppressed, it'll be the French revolution all over again!!

Oh man! 2016 Liberal meltdown was so much fun!!! Let the round 2 begin!!! ???

The Capitol Hill corruption still continues, should of known Republicans would cover for each other! Light sentences and strangely Trump hasn't tweeted nary a word. eerie! Deep State? hmm

ITt has ended.

It have ended,

trump twitter...………. I woulda gotten away with it if I hadn't been toe toe lee guilty...………… spelling mistake???? pur haps...

Well he wasn't guilty think the night show host should apologize

LOL I love how Colbert goes into the old cartoon style criminal with the New York accent.

Hey I watch and post anti-trump because I worry he is crazy enough to not leave office if voted out in 2020. He has been laying ground work to claim voter fraud where none exists and the white right could back a civil war for the first time destroying the peaceful change of government this country has enjoyed in the past.

Keep acting like cattle, keep being treated like meat product.. ???

They say it’s up to Bannon or Justice dept (Trump) to even say they have it. There is no law that requires them to even announce it’s been received.


possibly along with Trump's tragic presidency?

Stevens I'm watching a show right now and this man that you're just said his wife goes to bed with you every night so do I I can't see

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Aparna Nancherla drops by tonight! ? ... Zie meerZie minder

Aparna Nancherla drops by tonight! ?



Jerrica Allen

I didn't think she was funny at all, maybe I feel asleep and just thought I was watching....

Kaitlyn Olden


Watching as I write. She's funny.

Nancy Long

Claire Nesbitt this is the comedian we like with the powerpoints!

Casey O'Connor

Khyati Mehta

Brandi Brand

I know the feel, btw Late Show with Stephen Colbert, congratulations on the Disney/Fox buyout, it occurs to me now that certain Australian businesses may have been doing the Ru thing, influencing our elections with propaganda, so Ru by joining in made it obvious and practically exposed them, I don’t think it’s the nation of Australia just private business interests, like Cobra Command or something.

Jayne Ziehm ?

I'll see your rates and raise you crazy.

I really enjoy this hilarious woman. The delivery always makes the punch line funnier for me.

My Brian hurts more than yours

Hahahahaha! That’s so funny! I must have the same Therapist.... I’m suddenly cured too! Thank you, Aparna Nancherla. ❤️

You were great on #jococruise!

My therapist believes in neuroplasticity - so that must mean “make it work”. I go to the VA also.

Miracles, Miracles , sweet Jesus

I love her! She's so funny!

Show was not aired repeat from March 17th instead


Isn’t she the person that booked a tour and then cancelled the whole thing? Yeah, I had tickets.

My exact sentiments.

Get some last-minute tips for your Democratic Presidential March Madness bracket. ... Zie meerZie minder




"He's a 1% crusher and infrequent hair brusher!" ?????


Anna Zhang

Haley Zimmerman

Jeb is making noises that he wants to run...…. I say..... GREAT IDEA! … the more the merrier.... it will keep donny dimwit's pea brain occupied...

Nora Viramontes

Poor John Goodman! ? ... Zie meerZie minder

Poor John Goodman! ?



It’s always hilarious when republicans try & look “human”

Guess John Goodman will be making a SNL appearance.

I think he has a closer similitude to Fred Flintstone.

I suspect he is a person who has a deep knowledge of trumps lies and collusion with the enemy, and will protect him. But I hope I am wrong.

That's an insult to John Goodman!!

spit him out you beast! He's a good guy!

John Goodman Barr Someone find the joke that's in there

Someone call the Men in Black, they missed another bug.

Leave John Goodman alone, he's a fine fella and handsome, too! This clown? Not so much.

His son is 1 of Trump lawyers on Mueller case...

I thought he looked like Mr C from Happy Days

John has a sincere smile. This guy makes me nervous

He definitely is a toad. A poison one.

Let's hope he does the right thing,,, and releases the full report . As for his son,,, all kids make mistakes. Is dear old dad, leaking information?

The first thing I said when I first saw him was..."he looks like John Goodman, AND his last name is Barr???"

This one is good but the Joe Biden one was perfect. ?

I really like Colbert but he really takes tonnes of cheap shots at how one looks. I mean really. He's smarter and funnier than that. Getting a bit tiresome.

Why are do many people look like Steve Bannon?

Optimism based theory: What if Barr wrote that letter to Trump knowing that he would get the job based on his apparent bias? What if he's actually not bias and plans to do the right thing but KNEW he'd never get nominated if he didn't seem to be corrupt

I love how “fat-shaming” is only ok if it’s done to a republican...

Soon we will find out if he is a patriot.

Do you remember the frog song. Crazy frog. 2005. Well. That's what the picture made me think of...

I was crying lol at this last night! How can Stephen get through his monologue with out cracking up!? ?

perfect...i couldn't put my finger on it until this described him perfectly. And Fred Flintstone is a very close second.

John Goodman + Phil Jackson

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has all the answers tonight! #LSSC ... Zie meerZie minder

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has all the answers tonight! #LSSC



We need more people like her in our government.????

Even if you don’t agree with her policies you have to agree that she’s changing the conversation and fighting for the people.

She’s the best, future president for sure! ???????⭐️⭐️?????

She has personally done more damage to the Democratic party than any Republican could do

I love AOC she is a champion of the people

She’s smart and beautiful!

She is the best!

I think she’s awesome

She is everything Republicans hate. She is beautiful, she is a Latina, and she is a woman.

She will be president some day.

She really cares, thanks AOC for doing a great job!!!?????

My Future President ?? ?? Girl Power...

Stop giving her a platform Steven. I know it is good for ratings, but so would releasing tigers into the audience.

This may be inappropriate and off topic but, has anyone else noticed how gorgeous she is?

What a smart, beautiful and above all compassionate politician... I really hope she runs for president one day, I feel like she can be the American equivalent of jacinda Arden.

If she gets anywhere near a nomination it will have been a great day for our country

She has all the wrong answers ???

She has a wish list. I have not heard a single solution or contingency plan.

I was disappointed in her bit. I just thought there would be more "serious" topic discussion, not another fluff piece.

She better have some answers for that $900,000 or in her campaign manager transferred into another account campaign Finance fraud

Hope you can leave your taxes out of it....You've changed Colbert

Can this stop already..... I probably just need to leave the internet alone

I want so bad to like her but I feel like she tries too hard sometimes. Edit, by that I mean to be 'quirky' or different. This is just my opinion

Two words: ? ?. ? Seriously, after this week she’ll be wishing there were more cow farts.

Yeah you go girl, you do it! Rip the government up and make the shitheads think for once in their crusty old lives.

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TONIGHT: It's Mueller Time! Or not. It's hard to tell. ... Zie meerZie minder



antici . . .

Michael Bench it can't be nothing! It can't be nothing!

Every Friday I think, maybe today?

I hope it does Trump in...Out .

Gold as always.... best trump impersonation!!!

Nas Stephen Colbert has a hood pass he gets to say whatever. I got you back Steven Ask Cortez where that million dollars went from her campaign fund though.

So I won't support you

stephen-always a great spot.

And nothing will happen after the report comes out. Like usual.

Citizens united all but turning over the power of the American people to Oligarchs, the DNC colluding to push Hillary over Bernie, AIPAC heavily influencing congress, and we're concerned about Russia interfering with our Democracy?! Wake the F up.

I saw Mueller yesterday (on the news) driving a nondescript SUV into a nondescript parking garage in DC. He hasn’t been photographed publicly since 2017. It’s Mueller time. ?

Colbert I'll take you down lying garbage, I got money back me up

if you want check out

Bet Trumpy is sweating bullets right now. ?

You know breaks heart most I love Gil, and I have fight with punks

I'm true to game, I use watch you, I'm country your reckluse, you experience

Collusion...okay...all well and good. Sic 'im. Bring him down however you can. But I think it's high time that serious focus begins on his mental deterioration.. It's not a joke anymore. He's not an idiot, he's not a moron. He is mentally ill and it is dangerous. >:(

One can only hope

Oh God---SO guilty.......!!


This talk show host got to be the biggest idiot in the world !!

... . : Rules for WITCH HUNT!: The Board Game ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ OBJECT OF THE GAME: Despite overwhelming evidence of obstruction of justice and collusion with a foreign power (or three!), you must prove that the charges the Special Counsel brings against you are just a politically motivated WITCH HUNT! Fun for the whole crime family! PLAYERS: You, the primary player; your main opponent, the dishonest Special Counsel; your secondary opponents, the Fake News Media and the nefarious Deep State; your teammates, who profess ignorance by looking away from the board; and 325 million spectators, a majority of whom are rooting against you. PLAYING TIME: It should wrap up by whenever the next major holiday is. For a speed round, play while consuming a gallon of Diet Coke. GAME PIECES: In addition to tokens for all the players, you have: a phone with the numbers of your three remaining “friends” who can still tolerate your ranting for 45 uninterrupted minutes about the WITCH HUNT!; a battery of lawyers “straight out of Central Casting” (for playing ridiculous, over-the-hill bumblers); one substitute token labeled “David Dennison.” ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ... . : PREPARATION: Months before gameplay starts, place foreign government cutout tokens facedown on the board in secret locations, hiding under each one a Quid Pro Quo card. When the Fake News Media overturns the cutouts, you must repeatedly set down more-acceptable-sounding Quid Pro Quo cards. The game officially begins after you use the Quid Pro Quo card that says “Nothingburger,” an untranslatable German word meaning “feigned indignation over completely damning evidence.” SPECIAL COUNSEL: The pesky Special Counsel follows your token around the oval board in an attempt to prove obstruction of justice and collusion, but in doing so also stumbles upon a few hundred other crimes, including a nonfiction book proposal from you titled “If I Laundered Money Internationally for Years and That, Along With a Deeply Warped and Power-Hungry Psyche Forged by a Horrible Father — I Mean, Really Bad, Just, Like, the Worst, Aside From Me — Made Me Run for President.” ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ... . : GAMEPLAY: Place your token on your bedroom square, just in front of the TV symbol. You won’t move it much from this spot aside from a five-minute briefing session at which your teammates tell you everything’s going great to prevent you from coming up with “ideas for deals” and “a Mars force.” During the game, you’ll choose from the following actions: DRAW A CARD FROM THE TWEETDECK: Pull a random Unfounded Exclamatory Accusation! card from the TweetDeck. Bonus points for Arbitrary Capitalizations, superfluous “quotation marks” and spelling erors that everyone has stopped mocking because it’s now more sad than funny; penalty for drawing the Self-Incriminating Statement card, which forces your lawyers to devise absurd excuses for it when they land on morning talk show squares. To prove you’re not merely an unhinged tyrant but also a family man, spend some quality time @ your wife’s government-designated Twitter handle. “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” BOARD MASSACRE: After you reach the “S.N.L.” square, threaten to flip over the board and scatter all the pieces, but don’t actually do it, because your incredibly tolerant teammates may finally decide you’re too childish to play with again and also you’re sort of afraid of confrontation. ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ... . : ROLL THE DICE ON NUCLEAR WAR: If you roll a seven or higher, mock the physical appearance of an enemy nuclear power’s unstable leader; six or lower, coyly say, “We’ll see what happens,” as if you actually understand geopolitical statecraft. If you succeed in goading the enemy into launching a nuclear attack on the board, the WITCH HUNT! will be immediately over! ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ... . : COMMUNITY RALLY CHEST: Pick a card from the Community Rally Chest with the name of a red state, place your token on it during a public entertainment event tailored to liberals, and spend an hour invoking the hallowed number 306, making racist statements that aren’t even thinly veiled, and stalking a few feet from the lectern after each screamed punch line to say to your teammates, “Wasn’t that great?” WHEEL OF PARDON: To distract the spectators and signal to your teammates that they can break the rules of the game so long as they evince sufficient fealty, spin the Wheel of Pardon, which will always end up pointing to the worst person in the room. ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ... . : BUILD A HOTEL: For every hotel that you build on an undeveloped foreign square, give the owner of that square one Back-Room Political Favor chip. The hotel piece thus attains Accepted Collusion in Plain Sight status, making it ineligible for the Special Counsel’s WITCH HUNT! ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ... . : DECLARE BANKRUPTCY: You can’t declare bankruptcy, since the game started precisely because you already were bankrupt (financially and morally). ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~

I would like to see the report and see where all the American money has been spent on!! God ! what collusion was it with the Russian Orthodox Christians that had Bible’s

TONIGHT: The delightful Paul Giamatti from Billions, Author of "Bending Toward Justice" Senator Doug Jones and a super funny stand up performance from Aparna Nancherla! Plus a special appearance from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez herself! ... Zie meerZie minder

TONIGHT: The delightful Paul Giamatti from Billions, Author of Bending Toward Justice Senator Doug Jones and a super funny stand up performance from Aparna Nancherla! Plus a special appearance from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez herself!



Sorry if she’s on we are not watching going to See Jimmy the rest of the week in protest by Steven

I don't care about those other folk's, but I'll watch it for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...

I stand with President Trump 100%!

Yay for AOC!

Give her all the air time.

Paul giamatti is the man

I love this show!

I stand with President Trump 100%!

Btw. You don’t speak for me on anything so you can gth

Won't watch AOC...

Oh God, please let it be as Cartoon Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Waiting to see what Colbert says about the all almighty Mueller report .???????

No! Seton Hall basketball preemted Colbert on CBS!

Dang! Now I have to stay up. I’m exhausted.

Conan and Kimmel have the same problem.

AOCs stupidity makes me laugh

Excellent guests

Have you always been a softball pitcher

Have a wonderful show, Stephen ???????????????

I stand with President Trump 100%! content://media/external/file/100425 read it

The Democratic party's biggest talking head. Spouts more lies than the whole party does. Cortez is a psycho that was raised by the clintons

Never watch .Can we swap Senator Doug Jones for the senator from Georgia

"These people" that Paul Geomanti referred to in his self-harm skit (?) could be like my youngest daughter who is more beautiful than Kim Kardashian & 5'10" with a brain harms herself. She's actually been to the E.D. because she cut herself too deep. Her ill-sighted dad told her if she was going to cut or hurt herself, do it up high on her leg so no one could see the marks. Great! Because she had been cutting her arms probably for attention, DAD!

Ask Paul about "The Goon". He'd be a great "Franky". I heard he was approached to voice the part for the potential movie! It's a strange and great comic book series.

Giamatti would make a better Ferengi rather than Klingon.

Dumbo star Nico Parker has lived a large portion of her life believing that Oprah Winfrey was an actual queen. ... Zie meerZie minder



She was just adorable, I know she is her own person but it was like seeing a mini Thandie Newton walk out.

I remember when G.W. Bush was parodied on a public radio variety show. He said he liked opera. The response was, "Oh, I didn't know you liked opera". The pretend Bush, "Sure, nice black lady, she helps a lot of people and gives away cars."

Wow she looks just like her mom

So poised and well-spoken! What a charmer.

So sweet. Great job Nico. At 3 years old I would believe Oprah was the Queen of the world too.

Thandie Newton!!!!

She is darling

She definitely loved selling underage girls to her cohort Weinstein like a queen would do.

Jeez, as soon as I saw her I knew who her mother was. #genetics

How do I get this Colbert stuff of my Wall. I don't think he's funny and I never watch his show.

Omg I thought that was her doppelganger as soon as she walked out!

Stunning young lady! She looks exactly like her Mom.

Maybe she had Oprah and Latifah confused? ?

She is so cute. I can not wait to take my grand kids to see the movie.

For a time she was.. The Queen of day time talk shows.

She also spent a large part of her life believing that Queen Latifah was a talk show host....

Adorable young lady ❤

She seemed like a nice kid.

So darling

She’s adorable!

Wow she looks like her mom

Very heart warming interview

All In with Chris Hayes host Chris Hayes finds Devin Nunes’ lawsuit against Twitter to be “gross,” considering that America is partially founded upon the people’s right to mock political leaders. ... Zie meerZie minder



Not to mention all of the people who would sue Donald Trump if this guy were allowed to go through with this. Lol

i still can't believe they missed the chance to name the cow "devin moo-nes"

that he heck does Nunes think trump does on a daily basis? Maybe everyone should sue trump for his remarks if ANY court allows Nunes to do this.

And they call us "snowflakes" big f***king man/baby...

Who cares about the Constitution?! Not reTHUGlicans.

Then they need to sue trump. My god, who hasn't he insulted on twitter?

OK, this is fun to see Chris Hayes in guest mode. He is generally so somber and controlled. Seeing him let loose is a gas.

No one from the other side can call Dems snowflakes ??‍♀️ like ever ... cause this is taking the Manbaby name to the next level!

I hope Devin is charged with obstruction his actions were to further a conspiracy to cover up the truth from the American people .

45 and his entire administration, are bullies thugs and COWARDS--they can dish it out but they can't TAKE IT!!

And we don't hear constant criticism from Trump to others, he is the king of criticism.

TROLLS are working double time today.

I find Nune's lawsuit so funny.

Nunes you signed up for this

White ISIS Our own homegrown haters

It's like a boxer went into the ring and crying because he got his tooth knocked out.?

I think Kellyanne secretly hate Donald ? but she is very good at her job!

The suit will be dismissed on the pleadings.

yeah and Bessie the Cow is MoooooS*** pissed off as well

Clay Ramsey is a demented troll?

I think Hayes and Colbert underestimate how large the white nationalist population is. That's why Trump has not offended them. They will come out in even larger #'s and probaly get Trump re-elected.

I'm not on Twitter? But were I to open an account it'd be Devin's Puckering bung hole.

I wish he'd let him answer the questions without interruption!!

What’s really gross is the Nunes smile ?

He’s a “corporate newsman.”

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