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Question from an European: Isn't Trump hurting himself by going soft on the Saudis only weeks before the Midterms or isn't it a big deal in the American Politics?

Im still trying to figure out why he's so orange but his eyes

Did his uncle get his degree at trump university?

People vote like your life depended on it, Because it dose. Health care, Education, Human rights, Social Security, Jobs , Taxes. BLUE WAVE?! LET'S MAKE IT A TSUNAMI!

Listening to Trump talk about science makes me wonder if he stays at the White House or a Holiday Inn Express

And the messed thing is a man lost his life .

The Kavanaugh brouhaha was domestic. This is international intrigue. There is no similarity.

That ending was hilarious!

Has anyone noticed how thin trump used to be and how fat hes gotten. Are we sure we want a president who gets fatter as he gets older? I dont. #notmyfatpresident ?

This administration is clearly disgusting &despicable uterly mind blowing

I'm not a detective, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Great job, Trevor. Once again, you nailed it!

Saudi need more weapons to do more killings

My uncle was a prophet so I am a prophet too??????

Couple problems I have with this. First, you do not prove innocent, you can fail to prove guilty. Second, the $100B+ arms deal does not benefit America so much as it benefits the arms industry. I worked in the arms industry and it is not the same. With Saudi Arabia being the way they are, how do we guarantee they do not use them on us or an ally.

Anyone else notice that whenever Trump doubles down on his bs, he always has his arms crossed like a little kid that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Akhil Kadiyala Sharath M Sukruth Amjad Al Sayyadi Anil Vs natural instinct for science itseems. Nityananda of America this guy is!

Trevor, that's because THEY 'told him it wasn't true'. That's how he convinces himself he's not a liar...either.

Even a small child can tell that the Saudi journalist was killed.Trump just wants to nail that $100B arms deal.That's how he puts America first regardless of who gets hurt.?

Stable genius with a knack for science because his uncle was a scientist. We got a winner here folks!

So weird. Are we just enjoying this whole trump thing cuz its funny now? Like we are watching an uncomfortably interesting netflix chill marathon?

How long before MBS starts making Henry II noises? "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome journalist?"

He stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Again, what does this have to do with TREVOR covering Trump defend the Saudi's of murdering Jamal Kashoggi?

Dezmond Dez hahaha “My Uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years. And I didn’t talk to him about this particular subject” ? ??? Wth

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Canada’s become the next door neighbor kid with all the cool toys and the best family you’ve ever seen. And we’re the kid playing with something broken on the front porch while their parents are screaming in the house at each other. This is getting depressing. Happy for y’all though.

This is how Canadians deal with America

We await the ramifications in the years to come ... No one ☝️ really knows what is to come ... America has Tump Canada ??now has Weed ... Some choice !!!

Dumbest thing you could have done from someone who lives in Colorado - WHERE IT IS LEGAL and ruining my state. Wish you luck.

I'm sad that my ancestors decided to shack up just a few hundred miles south of the Canadian border, thus making their future generations Americans instead. I mean, we're stuck with Trump while you guys get weed?! Curse you, ancestors! ??

As if we weren't already jealous enough.

How Canada will get thru the next 2 years of the American Horror Story!

I love being Canadian

This is going to hurt a lot of very young youth this was a HUGE mistake that the Canadian Government has done they are not thinking straight they may think so but they are not Helping they are HURTING a lot of Canadians

I love my beautiful Country ?? Canadians love our American neighbours too ? We truly only want the best for your Country!! And just in case you were wondering, that’s a moose lol ? ❤️✌️? No, I’m not high lol

As a Canadian who doesn't smoke I made a huge hit on the TSX the other day when I bought and sold like 500 shares of Aurora cannabis. man it was great lmao

As a frequent business visitor to NYC, there are surely a lot of angry people in this city

Love this guy, much love from Canada ?? I’m a 55 years old grandma and pot has helped save my life. ??

So not happy that Comedy Central no longer allows streaming via Roku without binging to a service provide. Will miss you Trevor. But not signing up for a service provide.

Go Canada! Sitting here in the US (Indiana specifically) thinking I was born in the wrong country. ?

If "t" had a brain he could put a dent in the deficit by legalizing it in the states....but he'd have to fire Sessions first.

My favorite thing about NYC was getting yelled at, yelling back, and moving on with my day. Don't ever change, New York!

I like the idea, that cannabis can be used as medicine for people with Cancer, seizures and other ailments, like Arthritis. Friends of mine used it on weekends as recreational pot, it relaxed them. Alcohol is legal - so what's the diff? I had no use for it, when I was young, but now in old age, I think, it would help with painful Arthritis in medicinal form. What say ye???️

Danny Izaguirre this shit reminds me of when you guys would yell “I’m walking over here” on the line

I’m enjoying the stupid news coverage that makes it look like weed was unheard of yesterday. “What’s a bong, Dianna?”

Couldn't be more spot on!!!! when politics fail to solve problems it gives people weed!

?? canada doesn't have universal healthcare, it pays for docs but citizens still have to buy private insurance for medicine. Their is no universal healthcare in the world unfortunately. Still better than ours though

Biggest f****** mistake in Canadian history you watch accident crime and insurence is gonna go through the f****** roof

i moved to the PNW 2 months ago -- can't wait to make my way up there! Daisy Hamilton

Happy for those with chronic pain, seizures and cancer patients. My brother was terminal and only lived 8 months here in the U.S. he died at 32 years old. wish he would have had help since cannabis helps kill cancers cells and would have helped him with his pain.

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My amateur opinion: I think she’s got Rowan Atkinson level chops with facial expression and comedy. She can be broad, she can be reactive straight role, and she’s not bad in drama. I’m glad for her success and admire how she’s fought to get paid for her efforts.

She just has that star quality. Can’t take your eyes off of her. A great person, too!

I ADORE her... ?...I don't care what ppl say...I loved Ghostbusters and I loved her in it

Does “do the same work” equate to “bring in the same number of ticket sales”?

I think she had a small part in Northern Exposure where she asks Ed if he's hungry. It looks like her. Anyway, I just love her. Suki was why I watched Gilmore Girls.

Wow, I think she’s great, but she has a lot of difficulty communicating.

John Jim and Bill Tom, I mean come on we would binge watch it right!xD

That smile! Just lights up the room! Love her!

Olivia Beatty sometimes i’m still like Suki is that you??

Love her 🙂 🙂 🙂

She is funny but I have found her recent projects not doing her talent justice.

Hey Melissa I love your clothes buy them when I can.

Love her. She is great

"Bump into things" - YOU'RE HIRED!

I really like her and her varied acting skills.

I would love to see her and Tiffany had fish in a movie together

yeah trevor you ghost busters 2016 we want our money back

Adore her ❤️

Next generation Kathy Bates anyone?

But here's the thing, those of us writing interesting parts for women can't get those scripts to those avtresses.

Ima start looking for that in movies

And because she is figgin awesome!!

The worst actress ever!!!

One of my favorite actresses

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Everyone forgets the white Australian athlete in the picture who supported them and paid a heavy price himself.

Sorry. Not very funny.

I LOVE ROY WOOD JR!!!!!!! This segment is some of his finest work. It's for the culture?????

I can't concentrate looking at that moustache, but I liked the history lesson ☺️

I love this guy.

What the hell is up with that dude's mustache I thought he had snot strings at first he must be a Dapper Dan man LMAO

WTH is up with that 'stache?

That was a long time ago. Ricky, you ain't getting your money.

Roy wood jr killing it as always

I've got a ... Fever for justice

Wasnt aware that comedy meant activism.

Should have his own show.

Josh Hunt

Christopher Rodriguez

Taylor Gibson

Fucking tasteless!!!

Baseball is the only time when a black man can wave a stick at a white man and not cause a riot. The actual joke or quote or what have you.

"The Culture" LMMFAO



It's astounding that any one voted for this man ..... Just every time he opens up his mouth I just have to sigh and say fuck we're screwed.

Good morning. The president is engaging in a murder coverup to protect cash flows to his private businesses.

Why would you believe Saudi Arabia about anything when 15 of the 19 hijackers on 911 came from Saudi Arabia

blatant lies is something trumplethinskin has a great admiration for.

Probably suicide. He cut himself up into little pieces. Probably also cleaned the crime scene after his death just to frame them

And to think, all Hillary had to do was firmly deny every piece of slander thrown at her and Trump would have supported her. Missed opportunity...

Saudis are coming up with "Accidentally" died during the interrogation, I can imagine what kind of interrogation that was.

I'm convinced "rogue killers" is Trump's new favorite euphemism (he doesn't realize it though) for "government sanctioned assassination".

Trump doesn’t want credible evidence. He wants evidence that looks credible. If the Saudis suggested this was a case of spontaneous combustion, Trump would buy it... ‘So sad - the man just spontiously composticated - terribly sad...’ Or maybe the poor bloke will be ‘seen’ in Salisbury?

Pure greed over murdering a journalist. This is Trump's wish he could do to the free press here. What a disgusting president we have.

I listened to Trump tell his cult followers to hate the media and 5 journalists were gunned down and murdered at Capital Gazette. So what makes people think he will investigate this? He wants the media gone and does not care if they are murdered. I am deeply saddened to think of the horrors this journalist went through before he died. This violence is horrible. Prayers to his family.

It's possible, Khashoggi had too much strong Arabian coffee served to him by the Saudi Consul and slipped onto the bone saw that was accidentally placed next to him by mistake. Question remains if they made Kabob out of him for a feast or took the body home for burial.

How can you sleep. Illuminati/Trevor Noah has done this to my boy at daycare yesterday. He’s all cut

Trump said : i dont wanna to get into his mind hhh !! this dude does not know what is going on in his own mind ????

Let's see. Putin says that he didn't interfere in our elections and Trump believes him. Kavanough says he didn't assault that women and I believe him. The Saudi's say they didn't murder that journalist and wait for it...

Actually the exact words he used when Putin denied hacking the US. this man sickens me on a daily basis

Trump offered no support to Canada when Saudi Arabia became angry and ended trade, cancelled flights, pulled ambassadors. His behavior towards his true allies and neighbors is frightening.

We believe that he was probably murdered but that he can't remember who did it. We're sure it wasn't Brett Kavanaugh.

He’s desperate for this to not be from the Saudi government. He badly wants to keep selling weapons to them and keep building shitty hotels there without getting even MORE backlash than he’s used to

It's all about the $$$$$$$$$$$ The US fought in Iraq/Middle East for "freedom/democracy" while Sauds were having scheduled public executions for "crimes" such as adultery (men beheaded, women stoned to death.

Being an accessory to murder thanks to an imbecile that no one in their right mind would vote for is just part of The American Experience nowadays.

Eating it up, or he was the one to tell his costumers to use / spin it with? He does this you know. Like telling his doctor what to report about him!!!!

the 400 lb kid in my spare bedroom is gone! it's okay because the kid was eating me out of house and home. but watch out!

Of course it was a flat denial. I will give him the possibility that the King does not know all that the Crown Prince does but that is it.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” - Ronald Reagan 1987 If dirty Don had been in office it would be more like, “ I talked to Mr. Gorbachev, he said he had very good reasons for the wall and I believe him.” #TrumpisNOReagan

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Ah Saudi Arabia... home to 15 of the 19 911 terroriists and our all around good buddies.

Let’s never forget the Bush family were friends with these people. I know Trump is worse, but Bush and Cheney should be in prison.

Trevor, u need to work on that Saudi accent. U sound more Russian than Saudi lol

But, Trevor, they firmly said they didn't do it.

Bro love your show, love your comedy was a fan long before you started this show, but is your show any better than Fox News... just one sided justifying every action and narrative of one and completely vilifying the other. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of wrong with the republican narrative, but there no attempt to have a balanced show is there. I guess welcome to an era of big media...

Trump is lucky he made it back from Saudi with both hands still attached to his arms. Wonder if that's what he means when he talks about the "arms deal?"

I could murder somebody in the middle of an embassy and my folks would not care. (The Donald Trump Offense.)

• Turkish official tells CNN that Khashoggi was cut into pieces • Turks to AJ, Saudi autopsy doctor Salah Al Tabiqi did the cutting • Cutting lasted for 7 minutes, doctor told colleagues to listen music during the op • Recordings exist

How can you sleep. Illuminati/Trevor Noah has done this to my boy at daycare yesterday. He’s all cut on his face

Because South Arabia has been in the same bed with America with both political parties Oil, oil and more oil It is a well oiled corrupted capitalist system ?

While the paint is drying the Saudis hope to piece together an alibi. Throw Comrade Trump in the mix and the lies become really, cheesy. SAD!

Khashoggi goes into the Embasy and tell his wife, wait here, I’ll be out in bit/s Too soon? Too soon

I heard a funny noise during the news report. ??? Definitely, it sounds more like a ?

Trump is going to punish Saudi's with financial measures. Price increase for his hotels rooms and golf clubs rates...

“Fibbed for our pleasure” Great line. (Worthy of retyping cos the audience missed it!!)

Trevor Noah - U.S supports Saudi Arab for the Yemen war. Wake up and smell the coffee. You know there is something under the covers. This was the lesson which re-plays over and over again.

Still not ruling out a false flag operation by Turkey, but not ruling out that it's exactly what it looks like and the Saudi government had him killed either.

Jan Van Lynden HAHAH "coulda been kernel mustard or the shoe from monopoly folks" i fucking died Lama Elboreini

Somehow it feels a little inappropriate to laugh at the story of a man tortured, killed and possibly dismembered. I get it. But it just seems wrong.

Dude should have eloped to Vegas! It is proven yet again women really are the source of all evil.

They sawed the dude for 7 minutes while he was alive, he went to the consulate to get documentation to get married! How EVIL do you have to be?

If the king implied there were "rogue killers," it also implies he knew Jamal was dead. Hmm...

I want to see video of people entering and leaving, look for the ones carrying the big bags out and you'll find the people who did it.

Trevor Noah, I love you like a brother but enough of Idris as James Bond! We need more Luther seasons!!!!

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Like that stuff you sell in the US could be considered beer... ??

They don't care,they think White Jesus will buy them a new Earth

Maybe this will wake up some people...

BIRTH CONTROL and immigration to unsettled AFRICA solves all the world's problem till the year 3000.

Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics, and pop culture.

I swear my heart started to race when he mentioned the Marshall Islands ❤️??

they can always move production of barley to colder climates if an area gets warmer

Working with NASA for 30 years, I can tell you that everything happening with weather today was written about back in 1987. Reminds me of Superman movies where scientists were not listened to, and the planet blew up.

Frank Weyher sooooo what about now frank? Afraid of climate change

I guess they think no one was listening last month,,, when we were told that tariffs set by Trump would increase prices in certain commodities.... But today beer will increase due to climate change... Did Trump tell them to tell us anything cause we don't pay attention.... I don't drink beer anyway..

I am stockpiling mead now. Party at my house in twenty years.

I got Brett Kavanaughed drunk this weekend. But I didn't touch anyone... Well my man I did.. N He didn't complain..well not until after I passed

Well maybe it will get Kavanaugh to vote for climate change intervention. OMG i wrote that before I saw the Kavanaugh thing. HA HA HA HA HA

NOT THE BEER!!! Time to start growing the stuff indoors like with weed, lol

Holy shit BATMAN what ever shall we do? LOL!!!

Now how will my white neighbors fight on their lawn at two in the morning?

No worries pots being legalized good beer is going to get cheap lol.

I don’t think we will be havin that problem ?

Coronas tho? ?? its already made in extreme heat conditions....tastes good but not “real” beer

Beer. The cause of and solution too all of life's problems

I'll stick with weed, thanks.

Waiting till Edward Snowdon releases more secrets.

Remember, it's only a small number of super rich companies that are responsible for a great majority of pollutants and emissions. And it's not like we can't find them.

Corona is a Mexican beer, not American. Corona (beer) Corona Extra is a pale lager produced by Cervecería Modelo in Mexico for domestic distribution and export to all other countries besides the United States, and by Constellation Brands in Mexico for export to the United States. The Corona brand is one of the top-selling beers worldwide.

Its ok. Well just throw that MAGA hat that made Kanye West "superman" on top of Brett Kavanaughs head who "loves beer" so much and he'll solve the problem.

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The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library is headed to Miami with brand new exhibits and updates! Tag your Miami friends in the comments! 




Haven't the poor Floridians suffered enough?

Maybe the proceeds could go to hurricane relief for the people affected by Hurricane Michael. That was quick, I am not holding my breath!

Who wants to go with me?

If you have a chance to go, do it!! It's fantastic!

Evo Love let’s go ??????

We really need this in Houston on October 22nd. Near NRG stadium, please.

I got tickets to this online and can’t go ???

Joe & Benjamin! For your Miami trip!!!! ??

Nina Miguel We're bringing the show to Miami in two weeks! Would love to see you. Let me know if you want me to secure tickets.

I hope they leave it in the ocean.

Should have set it up in Palm Beach ...

Time to vote blue

Alina C. Perez I can tell you're chomping at the bit to drive A-A-L-L-L the way across the swamp to see this. 🙂 Bring Henry. An educational field trip!

Miami vice with Colin Farrell

bring it to seattle!!

Miami VICE!

Kylee Neeranjan I just might have to plan a work day in Coral Gables this week.....



Victor Ayers DAMN IT!!! I totally SHOULD have come to Miami next weekend!!!

Holly Dunlap can we add this to the list of stuff to do around my birthday? ❤



Nikita Nair

Dianne Rubin Jorge Valens

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Savannah Georgia puts up a statue for a Rhode Island born man, raised in Rhode Island, established a Rhode Island militia, was elected to the Rhode Island General Assembly, fought in the battles of Boston, and Rhode island, long island, pihladelphia, and Trenton, before being promoted to general to limit the British in the South to the coast in 1780, where he fought in North and South Carolina, was given an estate by SC, NC, and Georgia, retired to his estate in Georgia in 1785 and died there after 1 year. Im confused as to how this left wing Rhode Islander is a Savannah Georgia hero.

"Harming historic monuments is no laughing matter, in fact it's a crime." Please prove that this sculpture was harmed by having googly eyes stuck on it. Seriously, it's not like they're welded on. It's adhesive. A little warm water and everything is just hunky dory again. And that's assuming the adhesive is strong enough to leave sticky spots in the first place.

Leave them up and make them look funny. It provides me with endless profile pictures.

They should ask him who did it, am sure he saw them, he also look like he saw something he can never un-see, they must have done other things in front of him, he looks shocked ??

Put them in an art museum where they belong..

Interesting that officials have their panties in a twist over a silly prank but, think nothing about screwing American citizens out of their right to vote so the GOP will come out on top!?

Recycle them for $$$ and house homeless veterans

Also. Take note of everyone who thinks this is a Confederate statue. These dumbasses are allowed to vote.

My question is... why hasn't this been done sooner?

Cut off all of the heads and replace them with the likeness of Colin Kaepernick. ?

In Glasgow Scotland this is what they do to the Duke of Wellington (an Englishman): Everytime they take it down someone puts a new one up!

I don't think you hide history. The point is to learn from it. But we need to build new statues as well to highlight the heroes of today

Y’all, I’m from Savannah, seen it the other day. I’m just mad I didn’t think of it first! Well played Goggly eye bandit!

Republican or Democrat it doesn’t matter this is just hilarious ?????

Instead of tearing them down, they should instead be engraved to honour the horses of history. After all, the horse carvings are beautiful and most of their names are known, so let's honour the horses.

i guess even stupid attention is still attention? shoutout to my people in the 912 SCAD bees gonna swarm 3ID 1st Ranger Battalion yoooooo

Pierrick Roger that’s exactly how we should deal with those Confederate memorials! Parodying something that incites hate is more effective than simply censoring it ?

My husband made me promise that if he died first I would cremate him and put googly eyes on his urn so it would freak out our kids. This is just as good lol

I always have googley eyes on hand ... just in case. Recently I put some on our Roomba and named him Steve. But this is even better.

I live in Savannah and a lot of the articles about this had a link to my work's website for more information on the statue. It was probably our biggest potential reach ever coming in with over 100 mil. ?

I live in Savannah. Maybe the cop should worry about solving the 50 murders we have had so far this year.

Kevin Lee Cochneuer Lmao! I think Michael's sells packs of mustaches. I know you can get black felt if nothing else.

Dress them up in odd sartorial creations, as they do with the Waiting for the Interurban statue in Fremont?

Maybe the Confederate statues throughout the us will stay longer if we did put googly eyes. Who could stay mad ?

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This story sounds familiar.



Everyone seems to be missing the point. The POTUS made a statement. Issued a challenge. Challenge was met and now he refuses to Honor his word. What kind of Man does that?

In the original report, it states that she has an unadmixed (100% Native) ancestor in her lineage 6-10 generations ago. For comparison, Chief Bill John Baker of the Cherokee Nation has an unadmixed ancestor in his lineage 5 generations ago. I, a card carrying member of the Cherokee Nation, have an unadmixed ancestor 3 generations ago. I don’t see the issue here. She may or may not be Cherokee, that’s for the Cherokee Nation to decide. But I recall the issue at hand being whether she is Native at all. I believe she passed that test.

Native Americans from the Cherokee tribe have expressed discontent with her justification... they said that a simple DNA test does not make you NA... It had ONE ancestor 6-10 generations ago lol My great grandmothers family immigrated from the Italy, guess I should start calling myself a Native Italian or Roman

The fact that this gets more publicity than all of the things Warren has tried to do to protect consumers is the reason democracy is in trouble.

Am I disappointed that Trump went back on his promise/deal? No. That would denote that I expected him to keep his word to begin with.

Look i hate the cheeto in chief as much as anyone, but does anyone else not think it's ridiculous to claim you're NA when it's 1/1000th of your DNA? Like yeah, I'm part viking probably but I don't run around asking where is my horn of mead and hectar of land in the new world

She has one Native American ancestor maybe 6 generations ago. If you had a room of 64 people, and they were all white except for one, you wouldn't say, "this room is pretty diverse."

I wanna laugh Emoji and cry Emoji at the same time

don't you just love how trump delievers on all his promises? Who else here is loving the wall? Its so big and majestic and non existent

Just shows how much she gets under his skin.

I could be wrong but I thought he said he'd pay a million dollars if the DNA test proved she was Native American. From what's been reported, it proves that she's not.

Wait...0.01-1.6% possibly Native her great great great great great great great great great great grandma might have been Native American, hey mine too! Does that mean I can apply for scholarships now..?

I don't know enough about DNA testing to really have an opinion, but I do know that after so many generations, previous generations become "inconclusive." It's there, it's just been so mixed that it's "inconclusive." So, if they say they confirmed a Native Ancestor X number of generations ago. My question is how much effort went into finding that small of a percentage? Scale down this bet for a moment. She likely knew that she did have at least 1 Native ancestor, but should've worded the bet as just that. "I have an ancestor who is native american." But I wouldn't go around claiming to be Native American.

There’s not a single tribe who would claim her as a part of theirs, and the Cherokee already have come out saying her doing a DNA test is of no consequence because of several factors, including that they don’t differentiate well between native north american and south american

p.s. Interesting to read what the Cherokee Council statement was, that they don't recognize her claims and that she is hurting the legitimacy of their authority!

Now it's: "...from a DNA test I administer..." (Ya know,... just to be sure). What a(nother) DICK move. Reneging on a "PROMISE(S) MADE; PROMISE(S) 'CHANGED'.

and while the world burns...we argue over some DNA test & other stupid shit. Might as well throw on some trailer park boys and have a drinkypoo. i hope that Voyager 1 reaches a far more intelligent species that can save us...otherwise...we're FUCKED. oh wait...40,000 years til it reaches the next star. lol...Gulp : (

Steven Guerrera I just squealed ? this is so funny but so awful because it’s TRUE and that is just sickening

1/1024th isn't proof. And if you know, The DNA tests don't normally include Native American genealogy, as they typically refuse to take part. So the DNA test sample Mexico, Guatemala, etc... for "Native American" DNA markers.

Cole Anderson a funny from my man to disguise the disgust for a quick minute or two ?

After 65 years of thinking I was part Indian---I took the DNA test-----= 0% Native American---12% Italian & 12% Middle Eastern--gave me the complexion--

But she ain't fucking native... Lol... Somebody was way back... That's like me saying I'm somewhat white because I hv some facial hair!!!

45¢ can't afford a happy meal without borrowing the cash from his next door neighbor...

Shes about as native american as diluted gasoline...get this shit off my obviously dont know shit about shit..

I have great Aunt or some slightly distant relative whose Native American. A Ute from Utah. I've been told that some of my physical features come from her. Sometimes people see that and not think I was anything but a white girl. I quickly set them straight cause one ancestor doesn't give me the right to say anything other than that. (Even though I do thank her for the perfect skin and slick hair) Sorry Warren isn't Native.

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1/1024, less than 1/10th of 1 per cent Native American. Most any American citizen has at least that much Native American DNA. She used that crux to advance her career and qualify for programs she was not entitled too- she is a common criminal. The Daily Show is a joke, Elizabeth Warren is a phony, a liar and an insult to all true Native Americans.

Well, she said she had ancestors, not that she was fullblood! Big difference!! Hard for trumpsters to get, I know ?

She wants him to prove he has a million dollars.

If it came back negative then he would care!

I want reporters to start asking him if he doesn't really have the money to pay her. That sort of insinuation really gets under his thin skin. If he says he does, then the follow up should be, "So you're just a welcher then?" If we can't impeach him yet, let's at least embarrass him.

Remind your viewers of who started this wasn’t her, but twice loser Scott Brown....and Trump puck it up with his Pocahontas racist name calling...He loves to make fun of women who he is terrified off.

Everyone freaking out saying shes not realllllyyyyy native are the same ones that tout around bragging rights cuz thier great great uncle was a baggage handler for the german airforce in ww2

Actually, it makes no difference if she is or isn't, she took the test, and that was the bet.

He doesn't pay his contractors, what make you think that he will pay any of his debts, public or private? The guy defrauded the U.S. government hundreds of millions of dollars, why is he not in jail?

He said he'd only pay if he did the test himself. I didn't even know he was an expert in DNA testing. #hiddentalents

If I was 6 generations removed from a Rockefeller or some other famous person, I’d still make a case I’m related.

I don’t understand why this is all that important. A lot of people are told by family that they are part Native American or part this or whatever. Sometimes it’s a actually true and sometimes not. It really makes no difference on who she is as a politician.

I'm 1/8 and barely feel comfortable saying I'm part native american, I don't feel like she should identify as native but it is fair to say it is in her background

If he is short on cash, he has plenty he can steal from his charities or money laundering operations.

If I had 1/1024th of a dollar every time someone claims they are something they weren't, I'd be a millionaire.

Anyone realize this sounds just like a school yard fight? Both sides really show pettiness. Lol. My dad can beat up your dad.

Tom DeMartino imagine if you said you were native american and then revealed you were 1/1024th cherokee. Apparently that's ok now lmao

Anyone with even a single Native American ancestor (no matter how far back) has Native American ancestry, but not everyone with a Native American ancestor has Native American DNA. Only half of a person’s DNA is passed on to their child, so with each generation that passes, the potential exists for DNA from any given ancestor to be lost.

Even the Cherokee nation came out and said she didn't use Cherokee dna in her test. The test used samples from Peru and other places. Hey, if that's what she identifies with, so be it. But lets not justify her claims. That's just absurd.

I don’t blame her. Giant 5th grade boy makes fun of your mom and wants to look up your dress. May have confused me when I was 10, but not recently?

LOL, The margin for error means she owes colleges ect , Even the Cherokee wont claim her now. Soo get over it, They said maybe ten generations ago LOL,

Lmaooooo Trevor Noah I cant wait you!! ??? Honestly, I dont know why other people feel the need to prove that child man wrong when he hasn't released his taxes yet!! smh

Don’t we all it seems I love Elizabeth warren though I think I have more Indian in me however my great grandma was 100% Cherokee Indian

The people complaining that "well, she's only 1/1024th" are completely missing the point. She said "this is the ancestor I have that was Native American" and she took a DNA test and that's the ancestor who's Native American. We knew ahead of time what that percentage was. It's dishonest to engage in character assassination by calling somebody a liar and then dismiss it as not being relevant when they prove they're not the liar you said they were.

I cant even focus on the bet or DNA results. I'm still stuck on why people are still referring to Native Americans as "Indians"?

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I'm still looking for the so called butt the kid touched? ?

First of all, it's CAROLYN. Leave us Carolines out of it.

And now there’s Hallway Harriet??

#1 She turned around enough to see it was his backpack, his back was towards her. #2 The police said there was NEVER a call into their system. #3 She claimed in a full video that she was a police officer or was part of the police dept. #4 She's full of $hit & should be fired from WHATEVER job she holds. She traumatized those kids & pissed off the entire neighborhood. I had a preteen black kid run his hand across my rear, saw him grinning as he walked away. I looked to the end of the aisle to his mom & sisters, I could see panic in his eyes. I whispered "You know better." He whispered back "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I told him "Don't ever let it happen again." End of story. I would NEVER be a Donna Dollar Tree! Kids need to be taught. But make sure it really happened!

I would have thought "meth-head maggie" was more appropriate...?

What world do we live in? Everyone wants to blame Obama for perpetuating race wars? What a joke. I have seen nothing but blatantly racist behavior since Trump has become President.

What isn’t shown in the video is the little boy getting upset about her calling 911 on him. That broke my heart to watch

Am I the only white person who doesn't know what World Star is?

I still think she should have been called 'Bodega Becky.'

These white women need to be called what they are- RACISTS. But then they messed up and got found out and got fired. So... Yanno... karma! 😀

Lady, you live in NYC. It's crowded. People brush up against each other ALL. THE. TIME. I grew up in NY. So you turn around and you realize it was just the kid's backpack in a tight spot, so he didn't even know he brushed against anyone or anything, and you GET. ON. WITH. YOUR. LIFE! I don't understand people anymore.

I guess she hasn't had much human contact, if she is unable to distinguish a backpack from a hand. She's just lonely, and no wonder.

The hell is WorldStar?

Can we just go ahead and admit that the human race was a ridiculous evolutionary experiment that failed, and should be wiped out as soon as possible.. (Here's hoping for a giant asteroid strike! ?)

This was very traumatizing for the children as seen in the video. She needs help and it's people like her who got innocent blacks lynched years ago.

Uh Rosewood..Emmit Till... Nothing has changed

Don’t people in the USA get charged for calling 911 when there is no need to? Maybe if the police started handing out fines for people calling 911 when it’s not an emergency that would make people stop and think before making a call.

Americans are so crazy they believe 9 year olds can be guilty of sexual assault.. Insanity.

So...what was the end result after she saw the video tape? Did she even have the decency and courage to apologize? Or did she run out of the store claiming a “mob” was threatening her?

I am BEYOND upset! I have a ten year old boy and can only imagine how this whole thing would damage him if he was that little boy! And to make things worse: SHE DOESNT EVEN HAVE A BUTT

Oh god. I had heard about this story, but I didn't see the "No, white lady, I will not." 'Okay, white lady.' bit. That is .. hilarious.

1- When you make the decision to immigrate to another country, you have the duty to embrace that country as your own and to love it. Part of loving (someone or something) is being critical of it, trying to improve it the way you can. So seeing something that's not right and trying to change it should be seen as proof that a new comer is actually becoming a positive part of the community 2- Their is no logical reason to compare the USA to RSA. South Africa is a developping country where a large portion of the popultaion still lives in dire poverty and is uneducated. You should be comparing yourselves to other first world countries like Danemark, Sweden, France or Japan... You'll then see that the USA still have a large room for improvement... I'm a naturalized french citizen, born and raised in Senegal. If I had to compare France to Senegal, I would never say a damn thing since they are more advanced in almost everything than my homecountry. Still, I love France, we have one if not THE best social security and health care systems in the world but we also have a crappy educational system (free but dysfonctional). Should I shut up because I'm not a natural born French citizen ? Nope, i won't, I try my best to do my share in improving it and my standards are not the Senegalese system but the Norwegian one... See my point ?

If she had looked before she leaped she would have seen the little boy holding a bag in his hand so there's no way he would have been able to grab her that quickly and walk away normally. Secondly, he is a child whose mom was right behind him holding on to his backpack at one point. That lady made sexual gestures towards the child after she accused him of sexual assault. It wasn't shown just now but if you see the extended version it is there. That is when the child's mom got in her face before walking out of the store. The kids were terrified and crying and she still called the police knowing that it was an accident. If someone grabbed you it is different than brushing up against you and you will feel it.

That "white lady" was off of her meds. I noticed kids playing "catch me if you can" in the grocery store, as one of them crashed into me and stomped on my foot. I spoke to the parents, who then insulted me. Calling the cops was the furthest thing from my mind. I blamed the parents, for not telling the kids, that the store is Not a playground, and I limped back home.

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My grandmother on my dads side is Cherokee & my grandfather on my mothers side is Cherokee. Lots of people from here in Mississippi have Cherokee blood line. Would be interesting to see it on paper tho.

We are still waiting for him to prove he is not half orangutan

1/1000, while it is one drop, it is not enough to claim a tribe and therefore doesn't actually count as a claimable ethnicity

Have the same story in my getting a DNA test to see if Grandma told a true story. What the fucks the big deal. I think it would be cool to have even a drop of Native blood, at least we can claim full on American Native.

I too, was told by my grandmother that we are American Indian. I still believe her even after the DNA test said I wasn't #Ibelievemommom

She is .09 % lol. Even the Cherokee nation said get fucked

Trump repeatedly lied about donating to Veteran's causes. What makes you think he'll pay this?

My mother said her great grandmother was a full blooded Indian who married a French fur trader. Being from Detroit I believed her, but I have never pursued it to find out if it's true. But so what? It's her memory, and she provided details about language barriers. No one tried to collect any money because of it. Why is everyone so ugly about this? It was fairly common out on the old Mississippi and the great lakes. We are all a blend of something.

my family is always told me that we had Indian in our past two but having a little bit in my blood doesn't make me Native American either

She had a DNA test but they were limited in what they could test on. They couldn’t test on red blood cells or white blood cells. They couldn’t test on saliva or hair follicles or skin tissue. They were limited to asking her friend in 3rd grade and her 8th grade math teacher. They couldn’t even interview her parents or other family members. Therefore, by GOP standards, it was an extremely thorough DNA investigation.

Karl Beals a funny little explanation of why she took the test. not to say HEY I AM A Native American, but that is indeed a part her heritage.

The question of who belongs is a lot more complicated than most people understand. I know that I have Cherokee or Aniyvwiya DNA but that does not make me Cherokee or even part Cherokee. There is a great book called “Who Belongs” by Mikaëla M. Adams that describes how in the 20th century began to decide who belongs to what nation (hint: the U.S. recognizes 566 as existing. Oh, and prior to the Europeans showing the cultures did not have a concept of race it all had to do with your tribe not what race you were so because of a cultural concept of adoption as a common and complete transformation into a different nation and family origin. Phenotype was not a factor until the Europeans started coming over.

Ha! I wonder where he's been leaving his DNA and wants to argue later about who did the testing on it?

Look at all these non-Natives who are suddenly experts on genetics and tribal affiliation.

Please we're still waiting on him to prove that that thing on his head he calls hair is his.

Hahaha. He doesn’t have $1 million to donate!

Dude she's more white than most white people. ? her story has always been that her parents eloped because her mother was so native American her father's parents were opposed to them getting married. It has NEVER been "I'm 1/600 Peruvian ancestory therefore I am a native American." She is a liar. Big surprise

The percentage listed on her dna results isn’t just something that shows up for anyone/everyone either. I’ve taken a dna test myself and my results claim 0% Native American, because nobody in my descended family is Native American. You wouldn’t have ANY percentage Native American in your dna results if you weren’t some percentage Native American, which is what she claimed...that she is some amount Native American. She didn’t state what percentage and she didn’t state she was half or full Native American arguing about the percentage her dna results state or dismissing the percentage as “not enough to count as some amount Native American” is idiotic.

I've read with Cherokees all you need is one drop of Cherokee blood. So if even 1/520th of her blood is Cherokee, she's way over her limit.

and that ridiculous petty man said he never said it. How stupid is he? Tape and video of him saying it. Good grief, good people die daily and the rotten live on.

Bill Purdue, Here is what a DNA test can do. "You most likely had a fourth-great-grandparent, fifth-great-grandparent, sixth-great-grandparent, or seventh-great- (or greater) grandparent who was 100% Native American. This person was likely born between 1680 and 1770". How much Native American am I " Native American 0.1%" and 99.3% European. Take that Donald.

A pity he wasn't tricked into agreeing to release his taxes in exchange for her taking the test. I mean.. once he states on camera he will release his taxes, there's no way out of that right?

I would just like to point out (as someone who has studied anthropology and history at university for 6 years) that the evidence of accuracy behind DNA testing for ‘race’ or ‘ethnicity’ is not enough for the anthropological community to accept the results. The current view is that it is not possible to biologically determine race from DNA, and in fact, there is more differences within a community than there is between communities. Race is not a biological construct. It is a social and cultural construct.

I have vitiligo , many don't know that I am one fourth Choctaw... I don't do politics....but we have to be careful, genetic testing is still in its infancy'

Good luck getting him to pay up on that bet, he doesn’t even pay his employees.

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I've seen a lot of comments here saying that she never claimed to be Native American. Here are just a few exceprts from a politifact article on the subject: --There is no dispute that Warren formally notified officials at the University of Pennsylvania and then Harvard claiming Native American heritage after she was hired. --"Elizabeth Warren’s avowed Native American heritage — which the candidate rarely if ever discusses on the campaign trail — was once touted by embattled Harvard Law School officials who cited her claim as proof of their faculty’s diversity," --The Boston Globe followed the Herald with a report that the Association of American Law Schools listed Warren as a minority law teacher each year from 1986 to 1994. --But I knew my father’s family didn’t like that she was part Cherokee and part Delaware. So my parents had to elope."

To anyone into MAGA out there: Trump claims he “never said” he would take this bet with Warren. And yet, the audio of him saying it is plain as day. Does this make you feel anything? Even a tiny twinge of humanity deep in there?

Well, well, we've seen Warren's DNA test results and Obama's birth certificate, now to the million dollar question: when are we going to see #45's TAX RETURNS ??

Trump doesn't have a 1 million dollars. He's deeply in debt.

Granny Warren will light into him with a big kitchen spoon and throw him out the door by the ear.

While you're at it, cough up that $2mil you said you'd pay for Obama's birth certificate.

She has Native blood!!! She didn't say how much, nor did Trumpfh!! She HAS native blood. Get over it!!! He MUST donate 1 million to her favourite charity. Unfortunately, he probably doesn't have 1 million. He's such a terrible business man - doesn't even pay his taxes!!!

I despise Donald Trump so much that I can’t even see any more news about this jerk. Like for real! When I see him on TV I just change the channel.

Oh, Trump acting like a prick? This isn't news, it's just another regular day now in America.

Trump promised to pay legal fees if someone punched a protester at his campaign rally. You see how that turned out for the hateful person that did. He is not going to do anything but stir up stuff and lie while congress is steady in the background voting and changing whatever they can to accomplish their collective agendas under Trump's MAGA circus show distractions and lies.

Good luck getting him to pony up that million dollars. He hasnt delivered on anything else in 2 years

$1 million to a charity of her choice huh? Sounds like #MeToo is getting $1 million.

It’s just trump being trump ,,, except there’s no toilet paper on his shoe this time

Someone tally his lies. He is a phenomenon! a so called high colour indian from Canada..who was taken away from my native parents to get the Indian out of me...I found my real parents when I was 17...I may talk like a white man...but my parents taught me how to be proud of my race. Thankyou I love you man!

Hey remember that time you did a segment of Warren's Native Heritage and highlighted a previous test that was inconclusive and said she needed to apologize for saying she was part Native American because there was a chance she wasn't even though she never personally talked about it that much? Are you going to apologize for that? There's video of that too if you don't remember.

Sure 99.9 percent of euro-Americans have native in them, did we miss that point? We’re all related to some degree

???it’s fake news???God help us??Trump is like a cheating man. You come home and find him sleeping with a woman in bed and when you ask him who is that woman, he turns at you and say WHAT woman i’m home by my self. Your going crazy, are you ok??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

His wife says she.. “ Loves Him “ If true she needs to have him committed for mental health issues.

Now, all of a sudden it's :"Who cares?". Well, tRump made a big deal out of it, calling her names. You have over 300 Million people living in your big, beautiful country, a totally ethnically mixed society, and there are people, who still n e e d to be "white" supremacists?? How sad. There is absolutely nothing supreme about having pale skin. Just be a decent Human Being any color, and be a kind and pleasant person, regardless of your ethnic background. Peace.

From OMB Directive 15: - American Indian or Alaska Native. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America), and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment. This is the only racial category in the US that requires something other than ancestry to belong.

As an actual Native person, I am so disappointed(but not surprised) in all the liberal spaces cracking jokes at our expense. Let us enjoy things, too.

Any surprise that among Trump’s many faults is that he is a welsher on bets? I would have been amazed if it had turned out otherwise. Snail trail.

Brian Roney he said "you better read it again" but it's a video of him saying it ???

Trump can't drink his own Kool-Aid. Is anyone surprised? While he arrest babies and children Americans retire in nursing homes in Mexico. Homes where they are treated with dignity they would not receive here at home. Anyone surprised? Not me, Many Americans need a heart and fact check, big time.

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