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Wondering why socialism’s on the rise? Blame Bezos, not Bernie. Neal Brennan reports.

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People really need to understand the difference between "Socialism" and "Social Democracy." Nothing in Bernie Sanders' political platform is considered "Socialist." He and other progressives constantly cite the Scandinavian model as what they're trying to adopt. All of his policies have either previously existed in the U.S. or currently exist in European and Scandinavian nations, which are not Socialist.

This is exactly what I've been saying the rise of socialism is because of corruption in capitalism.

Maybe it should just be rebranded. A lot of people who hear/read the world "socialism" think about the Soviet Union or "Animal Farm." Marxist Socialism and pure capitalism don't work. Honestly, there are a lot of things the free market can give us, when Amazon first came out it was an awesome upstart that helped people save money and helped fuel competition. Now it's so big it stifles competition. The government has a role in regulating capitalism. The free market, with regulations is a better way to buy a book. However, there are a lot of things the free market isn't good at. Imagine how ridiculous it would be to have free market competition for a fire department. If someone's home is on fire they call 911, not Google the best and cheapest fire services. I really think we should rebrand health care for all. For example, we don't call public school "socialized education" even though it has a lot of similarities. We pay taxes because it's a service we all need that supports the public good. Sure it could be better, but it is a lot better than every school being private.

Is he a stand up comedian? Because I want to see more of this guy.

Well remember these are the same idiots who blame Obama for racism.

People blame bezos, but should be blaming the tax code for letting him pay no corporate taxes the past two years. Maybe change the mf tax codes.

Except we haven't had capitalism. We've had corporatism. Learn the difference.

having a free market whereby people offer the money is not bezo's problem, there is a two way street of exchange occurring in that transaction. perhaps this occurs in a society where people pay you to come to their city, like bribery,.. where a better alternative instead would demand the company better the community and surrounding areas with its wealth that it is in theory going to create by hiring employees and offering a competitive market of goods and services. Socialism is stealing everyones money and redistributing it as the state see's fit.

Actually no one is questioning why the idea of socialism is on the rise. Our nation is putting out more weak willed whiny pathetic excuses for humans than ever before in our nations history. I mean the idea of something for nothing to these ppl is pretty much their dream. Too bad for them it will never come to pass and too bad for the rest of us we will still have to listen to their whiny bullshit.

New York wasn’t just giving them 3 billion.. it was a tax break on the 30 billion they would have gotten.. so New York was going to get 27 billion plus 25,000 jobs.. for a 10 percent tax break. Sounds like a great deal.

Labels. We have always had a mixture of capitalism and socialism. People allow talking head to fear them into a zero sum ideology. The problems come when we have a society that goes too far inneither direction. Right now it favor capitalism as we see the people are contributing to government while corporations don't, yet corporations control government. Just look at the tax bills and who the policies favor. Amazon made over 11 billion in profit and paid zero in taxes while the average Joe had an increase to their tax bill. But because of the loyalties to the TV talking heads, all the average people are fighting each other while corporations, and the wealthy are recording their largest gains ever.

The best thing out of that entire video? "Bud light is the Medicaid of beers."

tDUMB is NOT a billionaire--he's just a millionaire!

Socialism is tite you get payed in toilet paper instead of money

Damn, not really funny but clever commentary.

Nah. Bernie He’s been advocating for it for decades

Except Bezos got rich by selling cheaper products to people, saving them money. Sooooo, I don't know if that's the best argument against capitalism. Pharma Bro would be a better example.

For people who cannot differentiate between a cash subsidy, and tax break!!

This guy your guest doesn't believe in Jesus as God because he depends on his own thoughts. Please relay that Trevor, thank you, I absolutely love you and your show. God bless you.

I thought I was listening to RT for a second

Wonder why politicians still matter? Me too.

I once saw a meme with a "Vote for Sanders" sign placed on a lawn cut in half and the caption just said "Fair is Fair" and had a good LOL because that is essentially what X person would be voting for

Fascism and Socialism are both on the rise. Good times.

More Neal Brennan on the Daily Show please. He was built for this

I'm laughing, but the reality of that shit makes me want to cry.

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The Daily Show

Mexico’s not going to pay for the wall, but they wouldn’t mind borrowing some of it. ... Zie meerZie minder



"Yeah I built a wall around my house and Donald Trump paid for it!" That's gold.

Flint, michigan still doesnt have drinkable tap water but lets spend money on this stupid thing

God I love my Mexican neighbors!!

DJT, Supplying Mexico with free building material since 2016.

Trump supporters can pay for Wall , end of story ,

Ah, the sweet taste of poetic justice ?

You can’t make this stuff up! Oh my tears laughing- news story real. ?????

4 day old recycled story because democrats wasted hundreds of millions on a pointless collusion investigation. ??????

Mexicans are straight up gangster gotta love them??

The current immigration wave at the US Mexico border is mostly due to the social economical and political destabilizing effect of the Dominican Republic-Central America FTA (CAFTA-DR) trade agreement made in is in President Trump's power to redo the CAFTA-DR trade agreement so it could stabilize Central America economically socially and politically - this would reverse the immigration patterns we are now seeing.- Trump is too stupid to realize this though...Trump would not necessarily need change the federal budget to redo CAFTA-DR ....Trump is an idiot.

So instead of having guards stationed along the border, either human or electronic, we have to build a Multi-billion dollar wall and then station guards along it to keep it from getting stolen. Perfectly logical in this world we live in.

It is funny. But at the same time, it suggests maybe that there’s a criminal element in Tijuana that perhaps you don’t want having unimpeded access?

OMG best laugh I had all day. Laugh ?

We guys we thought it’s a joke but it’s ? fact ???? well done Mexico ??

Nebraska needs the wall right now not Mexico.

Waaaaaaiiiii.....hilarious????I thought only Jamaicans would do this...??

The irony’s not lost on him...

Inorder to help revitalize the economy of the US territories - Congress should exempt US territories from the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 ( aks Jones Act ).

You can’t steel something you paid for...... It’s more like purchasing on credit.....

I don't care how many times you post this! It's mine too! Hysterical ??

This shitt reminded me of lord of war where they took the whole plane apart in a week and the last was the wheels,jajajajaja just hilarious but that’s how Mexicans get down,now I ask what more does the US need to see to see it’s not gonna work remember the good old US saying “WHERE THERES A WILL THERES A WAY”

Build a wall they say Mexico will pay for it without a doubt LOL. LMFAO " President " orange guarantees it. #EPICFAIL

The irony is if we had the funding for the wall this shit wouldn’t happen.

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The Daily Show

Michael Kosta's win-win reasoning for why white people should support reparations. Full clip: ... Zie meerZie minder



Not all white people were involved in slavery, and not all black peoples ancestors were slaves.

People are missing the point here: This was very funny, Kosta was hilarious ?

Wow, if the US government had to compensate every family, ethnic group or minority that has been harmed or exploited in this country, it would definitely go broke.

My fellow black people....ever heard of a murderer paying for their victims funeral? Just stop we aint gettin shit lol

I dont feel guilty I wasn't there so bug off

Sorry I don't have any white guilt.

Larry Tabor wish I had this much fun at my job being political politics are definitely not this entertaining everywhere else. It's Savage

you can't talk about reparations without talking about the Native americans

We here in Canada keep going on and on and doing an apology tour for years with regard to our indigenous people. Yes we were terrible to them taking kids away and land away etc. But since then we have been doing our best. Now because of all these trendy movements....we had to a a reconciliation and truth committee study where past wrongs were sought out and people interviewed .....millions spent.....same with their missing women who are vulnerable in their community .....don’t know what else Govt can do but it’s still not fixed and they keep asking for more....always harping on the terrible past.....

I don't owe no body .. I feel no guilt .. It's sucks that the world used to be like this but that government was over thrown by the north. I think this is racist asf because it's like their saying black people need white people.. IDK.. I know I ain't paying shit my grandparents came over here in 1943 so good look with all that

They could never pay off that tab to the so called blacks, hispanics & native ameicans. Its not just a financial debt thats owed to us.....

Sorry my relatives were not slave owners or were in Ireland being shit on by the Brits

Find the ancestors who were slave owners. Not every white person owned slaves nor are every black person a descendant of slaves. Why not make the other blacks who captured and sold their brethren also responsible?

Are these people white racist seems white people are the target

Man this clip was painful to get through. Seriously what is wrong with people?

The Daily Show is SNL weekend update on steroids??????

Four hundred twenty-seven comments at the moment and while very few white people say they support reparation, very many seem to favor repatriation.

Dear Daily Show I have a really good idea for discussion on the topic of reparations. Please have me on so that I can tell it. Because, for some reason, I feel that, in all its comedically value, it has some of the most honest conversations. Plus I dont want to out it out for some politician to steal and amend.

...When other oppressed cultures were or are paid, there's NEVER a problem. Personally, it'll NEVER happen. If they didn't give blacks, "40 Acres and a Mule", we damn sure ain't gettin' no money. Just continue to work hard and try to build our culture up. Besides, that'll be just another subject white people will use against us in light of what we face just for being black.

Okay, that was hysterical!

By far the best Daily Show host!

First of all stop this because they can't afford it and the fukery still continues so what's the point..

What is earned is well respected. What is free is often cast aside.

where? all was needed was to be called slave of someone and you would be one or be kidnapped to a slave state and become one. same as now just walking around, and being called 911 0ne or just working on your car or home.

I'm down, BUT afterwards everyone can say any words they want in ANY situation. And I'm not worried about tracing your family back to slaves EXCEPT if you CAN trace your family back to Not Slaves (if your parents/Grand parents came over and you got pics, No Money) Also you better be including "Native" Americans (quotations because nobody evolved here, we ALL migrated.)

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The Daily Show

Before we get on the “America first” bandwagon, let’s aim for better than 49th in the world in gender equality. A look at Desi Lydic Abroad: ... Zie meerZie minder

Before we get on the “America first” bandwagon, let’s aim for better than 49th in the world in gender equality. A look at Desi Lydic Abroad:



Americans need to learn we are NOT “the greatest country on earth”, nor are we “Number One” in much. Do we have our good points? Sure. But, there is vast need for improvements.

11th in Healthcare, 50th in life expectancy, 60th in overall health, 30th in science and math, 25th in internet access, 7th in GDP per capita #1 in cost of Healthcare, #1 in cost of education, #1 in prisoners, #1 in gun violence.

"When accustomed to PRIVILEGE, equality feels like OPPRESSION".

I LOATHE when someone, in their "defense", points out someone else for being shitty, as if that elevates their position somehow to an acceptable level. Don't compare yourself to the worst, compare yourself to what you strive to be.

Really, more people need to visit other continents, Europe for example. They need to spend time in other cultures to realize how backwards this country is, how far behind our peers we are. More than half the US has never left our borders. No wonder people don't see what the US is.

When American men get over their fear of women maybe we will see equality.

We swedes are not done yet, it's not good enough, but I'd like to think we've come a long way being number 3 in 2018. The US catching up would be great. ^_^

I love that Americans regularly use "We're not the shittyist" as a testament to the country's greatness. Especially while I'm visiting a doctor and not wondering how to pay for it.

Drinking water quality, pre/post natal deaths, gun deaths, suicide, crumbling infrastructure. America DOES lead in many areas. And the right-wing solution: 'If you don't like it leave'. So another first: childish responses to serious topics.

Wow. And I'd like to pushback the pushback, by responding "This is my country. Me and all my womenfolk going back generations have worked as hard or harder than any man to make a life here. We have blessed this country with our blood and sweat and dreams. We women ARE the American way! Who would you be without us? Don't you ever again suggest that loving my country enough to tell the truth is akin to hate! We've laid down our lives too.

American simply refuses to copy programs from other countries that work. We are way to stubborn to get something right.

America just like to destabilize countries that are based on looking out for it's citizens, and scream "look, it doesn't work".

Stealing since 1492

The only ways this country reaches number one is in abuses. Abuse of justice, abuse of wealth, abuse in the prison system, abuse is America’s number one export

It’s quite funny how people still think that the United States is the best country in the world. Hahahahahaha.

"We're number 49, we're number 49!"

There may not be financial equality, but women have many advantages in society that men don't have. Nothing will ever make groups truly equal, since nobody is the exact same as someone else

Explain this metric to me that’s used to rank the US 49th. Can you explain how it is that women are not equal? Also are you aware that societies that maximize opportunity also maximize biological differences in outcome?

Why USA always compare themselves with the worse countries. Compare your selves in poverty with.....Venezuela???. Compare your selves in sex equality with .....South Arabia. ????. Why are we really so stupid??? Si what happy and lucky we are???

Why isn't her name on the meme? Give her credit

I like the "that's the American way" ??

Let's aim to be be better in everything besides military spending.. healthcare, education, democracy etc etc.

Men and women can never be equal. You can’t make two different things equal. Biology cannot be changed. Society needs to accept women and their abilities and value them- not try to punish men or change women.

Instead of asking for someone to baby you and give you their source, just do a quick google search. Jesus Christ, it took me five seconds to find this source and decide if I find it reputable.

Such responses come from people who compete for tragedies and settle for less than what they deserve. I think this is one of the symptoms of the stockholm syndrome.

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The Daily Show

“What President Trump is saying has no basis in medicine or reality.” Dr. Leana Wen sheds light on late abortion laws and what “late abortion” really means. Full interview: ... Zie meerZie minder



As far as I know, there is not a woman who suddenly decides that, at 8 months pregnant, she doesn't want her baby anymore. That's not how it works. Late term abortions are a heartbreaking choice between a woman/family and their own Dr. due to medical necessity. It's not your business. It's not mine. Period.

The idea that there are commentors on here who would force a woman to carry twins to term, labour and deliver them, then watch as their first and only minutes on earth were to suffer the absolute horror of suffocation and that mum and everyone present would have to just watch, how is that pro - life? What's gained by that?

Banning abortions will not stop abortions but it will stop safe abortions.

We all know trump has very little understanding of just about everything except the McDonald's menu.

There is no room for politics between a woman and her doctor. As such, the government has no right to legislate the fate of a fetus based simply on the idea of privacy and the infringement of this right (protected by the 14th amendment). The fact that conservatives take a hard line for the second amendment but not the 14th, despite what fate may happen to children, is quite telling.

Considering Republicans are all about smaller government, they sure want to expand it right into people's personal lives.

As a man. It's not my choice. As a husband. It's not my choice. As a human, it's not my choice. It's not the government's either.

"What President Trump is saying has no basis in medicine or reality.." no shit!

First we want to regulate who marries who. Now we want to regulate if women can have abortions. Pretty soon Republicans will try to pass a bill to tell you that you can't take a dump in your house without the government's permission. IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You have the right to believe whatever you want, but the second you start pushing your beliefs on everyone else is when it becomes toxic.

Bottom line...late term as she said is when it’s deformed or life threatening to mom..... Early is financial/health /mistake/rape etc..... Rarely is it just used as birth control as in ‘oh I can sleep with whomever whenever and I’ll just get an abortion, way better than spending money on the pill or diaphragm etc...if it happens it can be terminated’......nope does not go down like that....prez and all bible thumpers like to sell that theory.....

Who gives anyone the right to dictate what women do with their body?

Sad so many people think women should have less bodily autonomy than corpses.

It none of your business if its not your body. Its also none of your business if your not a women or a certified doctor. It simply none of your business.

ÄSarong Way All of you do realize you are killing a child I don’t care if it’s Late term or early term This is a child you are killing People on this thread will advocate for dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, all other animals But a it’s okay rip them to pieces and dispose of him or her What is wrong with all of you.

We should be much shorter with this topic... if you are unable to give birth (labor and delivery - mostly males) then your perspective doesn’t really matter. We can hear you but your weight on the topic is very trivial.

There is no place for facts in the current administration. It's all about feelings I think Trump needs a safe place

I wouldn't be surprised to find out some of the comments come from folks who believe that the planet is flat, not round. ??

I cant stand Trump but please murder is murder

As far as I’m concerned it’s a woman’s body and a woman’s choice. There’s not another human being or governmental authority which should have any input on a woman’s personal decision... If women allow this to happen and don’t band together to vote out the dictators...well...that’s simply incomprehensible to me...

If the mothers life isnt in danger, then no matter what reason you come up with, itll just boil down to some degree of inconvenience... and to think that in anyones moral estimations, a human life can be outweighed by any degree of inconvenience is unsettling. (More to some than others, apparently)...

As a doctor, I wholeheartedly support what my fellow medical professional is saying.

They don’t care about mother and child. Their interest is more about what they can harvest like stem cells. This is in humane.

I wonder who would win a Dimple-Off between these ? Find out as we search for the World's Deepest Dimples

Most times you can’t even take a pregnancy test before 6 weeks because there’s not enough HCG in the urine for the test to detect.

Folks, nobody is getting a late-term abortion for funsies. Third-trimester abortions are due to medical necessity. The fetus is dead, dying, or "incompatible with life" (will die soon after birth). It often also means the mother's life is at risk if the pregnancy is allowed to continue.

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The Daily Show

LEAKED: the Boeing 737 Max 8 safety demonstration ... Zie meerZie minder



Everyone saying this is too's not making fun of the victims, it's making fun of the corporations that put people in unsafe airplanes. Not sure how that isn't obvious.

It was funny, this is not about the victims but the point is calling out the corporations that put profit before safety

Boeing sells the safety package that helps avoid nosedives in these planes. It’s a software upgrade, an UPgrade, it’s EXTRA. This is what the video is making fun of.

Blame Boeing, not Noah.

Lives were lost, families and loved ones are grieving. This is not comedy. Very low of you Trever Noah, thought you were better than that. Anybody that tries to justify this attempt at comedy, if you had a family member or friend on one of those flights you would not find it amusing regardless of who the blame is pointed at.

Trevor Noah, normally love your stuff. This is too soon, too crass, really just missed the mark with this one.

The issue with the 737Max started when Boeing's biggest 737 customer, Southwest, wanted a newer more efficient airplane. Boeing killed the 757 and began the Max program. The customer wanted an airplane that wouldn't require any new training or a new type rating. Boeing claimed that the Max was just an updated, more efficient version of it's venerable, proven, workhorse; the classic 737. But the Max wasn't just an updated version of a previously certified airframe. The Max had a new wing and new engines; changing the airframes center of gravity and center of lift. Those characteristics changed the way the airplane flew. So, to make it fly like the current 737-800; Boeing installed a new, secret, 'safety' system called the MCAS. The MCAS was needed to make the airplane fly and feel like the current version 737-800. But it was so secret that Boeing chose not to tell anyone about it. They didn't included it in any maintenance manuals, they didn't include it in any training manuals, they didn't include it in any aircraft operating manuals. They especially didn't tell the pilots about it. The airplane was successful certified as a 737 and no new training was required. A win for Boeing and a win for its biggest 737 customer. With the new flight characteristics the Max might have a proclivity to pitch up under certain flight conditions. To counteract this pitch up moment, Boeing developed and installed the MCAS. The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System is designed to push the nose or nudge the nose over during a critical pitch up moment. It takes information from computers fed by information from the Angle of Attack vanes. Apparently, the Lion Air crash was caused by faulty information fed to the MCAS. The MCAS pushed the nose over. This caught the pilots by surprise. The airplane was not behaving like they expected or like they were trained to expect. In a effort to arrest this uncommanded, nose over moment, you should be able to disconnect the autopilot and hand fly, manually fly the airplane using your pilotage skills. But, this new secret system was designed to operate in both Auto-flight and manual-flight mode. So even when you are in manual flight mode, if the MCAS is getting false information, it will continue to push you nose over, push your nose down. Runaway trim is something pilots are trained for. That is what Boeing would like to hide behind. That is what Boeing would like to use when it points to pilot error. At least with the Lion Air flight, the passengers and crew were done in by an aircraft system that Boeing chose to keep secret. If @FAA there is nothing wrong with the Max, why has Boeing recently said there is a software update coming out soon. Air France 447, was scheduled to have it's defective pitot tubes replaced when its fatal last flight was scheduled to land in Paris. Just a little too late for 228 passengers and crew? Did the Boeing software update come too late for the 157 passengers and crew on Ethiopian 302?

Come on guys. People died. Are we really going to make fun of these planes crashing? Not cool.

Stop telling us not to be upset because it’s exposing Boing and that other bull shit. We know what it’s about and we still think it’s disrespectful. We are not missing anything people. !!!!!!!!

Aid worker here who frequents this flight route routinely and knew some people on the plane, could have easily been on this plane. Normally, I love these posts, but indeed, it’s a bit too soon. I acknowledge my bias here, but I have to say it is too soon for jokes. Maybe next time. I’ll come back, no worries.

With all due respect sir this is a sensitive issue...not funny at all .

Too many offended people on this post who missed the point completely

I feel like this satirical skit missed the mark...

Yeah this is a bunch of shit. I know it won’t make a difference to Comedy Central or to the The Daily Show or Trevor Noah but this was in such poor taste and your content has just been steadily in decline. If you had a shred of decency you would not have made fun of such a serious issue. Give me a call when you’ve had to look someone in the eye as they take their last breath whilst they are miles from home. Let’s see if you want to make light of it then. On another note, I hope you all sleep funny and can’t pinpoint why your necks are sore for the rest of your lives. Get stuffed Trevor

I was about to say it but everyone did already. I'm sure the families of the deceased wouldn't find this amusing.

Yeah, not that funny right now.

People sit down; this is an exposè on Boeing and FAA..cnt U see his point

Love TN! This one not funny —- hundreds of people/ families are grieving.

Trevor this is disrespectful! to the people who lost their lives!

My evil jackass side is empathetic side says this is insensitive and it's too soon.... ?

Wah! Not funny when we lost a family of 5 at a go..?

I know the target is corporate but even so, this is a bit too soon.

I usually love your stuff. This is off the mark though!

I love Trevor, but this is distasteful! Imo

Never seen anyone make fun of plane crashes. Or is this a swipe at corporate America?

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The Daily Show

“In some ways, ‘Sissy’ was the first word I had to even name my difference. I didn’t know the word ‘Transgender’ when I was a kid. I didn’t even know the word ‘gay’ as early as I knew sissies, people who are gender-different, was a thing.”

Jacob Tobia on naming their book, “Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story” Full interview:
... Zie meerZie minder



For a country founded by dudes in wigs, tights and blazers, some people here sure are judgmental about how folks dress.

I don't get it, but I guess i don't have to? This person seems decent so live and let live I say.

Its funny im from a small city in usa and when i was young i reacted in many of these same ways and actually was angry at times when i saw people who were like this person because i was ignorant and i was taught to not tolerate or accept any one different then the status quoe but then i grew up and traveled and went to school and met many different people and now i wouldnt even bat an eye or look twice if i seen this person on the street i feel no way but good about people being happy with them selves so grow up and get over it small minded people smh

So much disrespect in this comment section. As a non-binary person I'm appalled, but also happy to see some representation, so thank you to Trevor for having them on your show. To my fellow trans & non-binary siblings: ignore the haters and the ignorant bigots. Their opinions don't matter.

Even as a gay man, I don’t get it but that is no reason for me or anyone else to be nasty or disrespectful to this person. If you have (or even show) more anger and or disgust towards someone who wears a dress and make up than men who force themselves on women or people who harm the innocent, then you’re the one who is ridiculous.

I loved that this Non-binary person rocked a red dress, makeup and a 5 oclock shadow. <3 all you haters getting upset saying "she" should at least shave her beard missed the point. Non-binary means not subscribing to either gender. It means playing around with both, being who you are, and who you want to be. I loved this interview so much! <3

Imagine feeling so threatened by a stranger's gender expression that you need to comment mean things on something! ? Fellow trans, GNC and non binary friends I see you and support you ?

It is remarkable the number of people who refuse to just be respectful to others out there. We are never going to get anywhere if we can't do that. They did not do anything to hurt you or disrespect you, so why do you need to act that way towards them? Golden rule 101.

Loved this interview. A really happy person. ? I don't get the naysayers, if it's not for you, you have a lot of other directions to look. Maybe the mirror would be a good place to start, bring a notepad.

It looks terrible for either gender

These comments show how little movement we are truly making as a nation. Of all the things you have in common with this person you seek out and criticize what is different.

Reading through these comments is sad. What happened to, “treat others as you want to be treated”? What do you get out of commenting something mean here? How is the way this HUMAN looks, affecting you personally?? Is the way they choose to look taking your money? Endangering your safety? No?? Ok, then what is the big deal!? Just because you do not agree with something doesn’t give you a free pass to be an asshole. Learn some tolerance, please. Kindness doesn’t cost a penny....

Trevor shines again! Such care and dignity, human compassion and joy.

Amazing how many comments here completely miss Jacob's points. Did you even LISTEN to them? No- you just throw your opinions on how you think someone should fit your personal definitions so you can be more comfortable... Sigh. #JacobTobia your interview filled me with joy and love- thank you!

The world is slowly getting more ridiculous by the day

Amazing perspective! I want to be more “gender chill” ❤️❤️

He really needs to shave. Apparently he isnt doing hormone replacement. Appears just to be a cross dresser.

Wants to be called female, comes out with 5 o'clock shadow ??

This was actually kinda neat to watch! I read through some of the comments below and yeah, i saw muchbof what Jacob Tobia said! They basically said many people focus too much about what gender is! I remember growing up and my father telling my brother he wasnt allowes to be in my room when i was playing with my barbies. He was either projecting his fear of my brother "turning" gay or projecting inappropriate thoughts...seeing my barbies naked nothing sexual towarss us kids to be clear. At the time we even thought that was weird. I remember wanting to play with his toy cars and remote control cars! Should be harmless play between to very little kids. So gender conformation (?) starts very young. The way they is dressed is what they are comfortable in. Comments are not much different...i laugh at the "people at walmart" pics. Realize you may not be right and may be projecting your own fears and judgemental beliefs upon others. Let people be people. Their life they want to live. We all want to be happy.

God I can’t even watch this with a straight face ?

Smells like doo doo and vaseline in here ?

Bruh if u wanna be a girl cool story, but at least address that 5 o clock shadow

That person in the red looks ridiculous.

What an awesome person! Great attitude to life!

Doesn't anyone notice how many men have this problem but not nearly as much women have it ?

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The Daily Show

Makes perfect sense. Full piece: ... Zie meerZie minder

Makes perfect sense. Full piece:



President Trump is a wise, generous and brilliant man whose essential goodness is surpassed only by his deep humility. He has the wit of Mark Twain, the hands of Larry Bird and he's a dead ringer for Robert Redford . He dances like Fred Astaire and he's hung like Secretariat. After graduating summa cum laude he led the New York Yankees to 3 World Series while simultaneously winning 3 PGA Championships. When his country called he was ready and overcoming painful bone spurs he served 3 tours in 'Nam with John Rambo, winning the Congressional Medal of Honour. He returned home and tried to make his own way in the world. By day he built thrusting skyscrapers that made Ayn Rand spontaneously orgasm. By night he battled criminal masterminds for the soul of his city. During decades in the construction business he never met anyone from the Mafia despite his mentor Roy Cohn being a notorious bagman for the Mob. His bestselling book "The Art Of The Deal" was made into an Oscar, Grammy and Tony award winning musical. He was offered an Emmy Lifetime Achievement award but turned it down because it just wasnt gold enough. Despite Donald Jr. openly bragging about plentiful Russian funding for Trump businesses (which he divested from- you saw all the folders) he wouldn't recognize a Russian oligarch in a line-up. His 3 Atlantic City casinos help finance his Christian philanthropy. The Pope offered him a sainthood. He's devoted to his highly intelligent super model wife and has never met a porn star or hooker in his life. Especially Russian ones in 2013. Despite Obama bussing ten million illegal Kenyans in to vote in New Hampshire Trump won in 2016 by 30 million votes. All 30 million of them turned up to rejoice at his inauguration...Led Zeppelin reformed to play the mainstage. When they hungered he divided a few loaves and fishes and fed the masses. He bestrides the world like a Colossus. From the desk of Sarah Huckabee Sanders...Miss Universe 1996

Guys: Its hard to find the clit when you're the most sensitive thing in the room

Because you can totally know with accuracy how things were 7000 years ago.

Some of you are getting all bent out of shape over a joke.

Women don’t pay for beer anyway.

And helped smuggle alcohol during the prohibition cause it was seen as rude to pull females over ?‍♀..... Can we make that a thing again? Lol jk

Not that funny

Joke apart the fact is that beer was first brewed by women in the UK and only women. It did not yet contain hops which meant it did not keep long. Women would sell it out of their houses. Each brew and each house would be different. It was when I can't remember which king came in and said that their needed to be controls on it that things started to change. I think it was in the 1600s but I can't be sure. He sent out inspectors to check that the women were not selling the beer to expensive or a bad quality. During this period lots of women stopped as it became too dangerous. The ones who continued had to. Start selling not from their houses but from a public house. This is the beginning of pubs. This also was a problem for women as it was not seen as a respectable place. The last change came when and again I can't remember who brought hops back from South America I think. Once added to the mixture the beer could last a lot longer and could be done on greater scales it is really at this point (so when it became financially interesting) that men fully took over the beer business.

Keep lowering that comedy bar, liberals...

Y’all need to lighten up, it’s SATIRE.

Every post this page makes is just a huge load of neo-liberal crap

Cool more entitlement, how progressive. ?

So I made some french fries today and right as I went to salt them I realized that I forgot to buy some from the local grocery store. I couldnt go and get some because by the time I got back the fries would be cold and far from their peak deliciousness. I was seriously worried my snack would be ruined! Thankfully the MAGA crowd helped me out by supplying enough salt in this thread to allow me to finally enjoy my fries!

This would sound more like a joke if people were not constantly trying to collectively claim credit or victim-hood for something that happened to their ancestors in a serious manner....

7000 years ago civilization didn’t exist. The Sumerians in Mesopotamia only go back to 3000 B.C., which was only 5000 years ago, which is largely considered the beginning of written history. Please pay your bar tabs and tip your bartenders.

Odd, men make plenty of things and still expect to pay for them.

Remember when the daily show was a show about politics and holding the powerful accountable? Pepperidge farm remembers

Cool! So I dont have to pay for every invention by a man? ;)

This was so close to being cool and then she fuckin ruined it. Tip your bartenders. Sign your bar tab. And don’t use people’s lively hoods to push a stupid agenda.

"In the summer isles, they worship a fertility goddess with six-teen teets." .. "We should sail there immediately."

She's just not funny at all

This is probably why men demand women bring them one then lol

She received something to sign, so she paid, she just didn't tip...

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The Daily Show

Hypothetically speaking, prepare to hypothetically see some Biden/Abrams t-shirts… ... Zie meerZie minder



Dwayne elizondo mountain dew Herbert camacho for president 2020! He'll fix the ecomoney!

He hasn’t even officially declared his candidacy yet, has he? I guess you could say he’s just Biden his time. *crickets*

Dems need to find someone who’s actually won something. Abrams and Beto have no business being in this discussion.

How about Biden for P Obama as VP

Hope she likes being a token to distract from his questionable voting record, especially on civil rights.

Stacy Adams doesn't need Joe Biden.

Trevor Noah for president

Not a fan of this match....I like abrams BUT feel she would be better in another office for a while.

"I was made by the same combination of people," made this joke ??

The only upside to Biden running is opening the door to talk about what joe did 40 years ago means we talk about what Donny did 40 years ago.

She should do what is what Gillum is doing in FL. Stay and advocate for improving election accountability. However, I really do like the idea of this ticket and she should continue to pursue political office maybe even Senator or House Representative.

Doesn't matter if they run. One is a pedo and the other a cheat. Trump landslide in 2020.

I'm holding out for a Biden/Beto ticket.

problem with Biden--Anita Hill

Media interested in Joe and Bernie not anyone young democrats.

It just wouldn't be an election without Biden loosing the nomination.

Nope. Nope and nope. A woman maybe. But not Abrams. Would she be ready on day one? Biden/Beto or Biden/Michelle for me.

A mistake by Joe if he indeed goes this way.

Biden and Abrams might be too nice to win. The Midwest electtoral is angry,,,They voted for Trump to change things but Trump is doing the same old sh*t that all the other Republicans have been doing in that sense these past Trump voters are feeling betrayed - a winning challenger to Trump will channel that voter feeling of betrayal into a vote to end Trump.

Biden should have to fight trump for the victor take the presidency since trump said he could beat him up in a fight!

Abrams? Personally, I'm more old school. For taking out Nazis, I prefer Shermans.

And if Stacy Abrams respectfully turns down the offer?

Biden's ship has sailed should've ran in the last election when he was hot. Now he's cold not feeling him

DNC "packaging, marketing, hype and distribution" starting early.

I was addicted to reading comments, I was the head of comments readers association south east chapter 2014/2015, after reading comments, I go ahead and read comments of comments to the extent that I lost my house, car, wife and family. But today I am liberated and delivered I am now known as ex_chief comment reader

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The Daily Show

“This entire tournament is just a bunch of kids working hard for no pay, wearing shoes made by kids working hard for no pay.”

Roy Wood, Jr. and Ronny Chieng break down #MarchMadness, Robert Kraft and the OBJ Trade in this edition of: I Apologize For Talking While You Were Talking.
... Zie meerZie minder



“This entire tournament is just a bunch of kids working hard for no pay, wearing shoes made by kids working hard for no pay.” Nailed it!

Well, technically the players are adults who are compensated with free education. As we all know, school debt is crippling, soooooooooo that should count for something.

The school’s sure love raking in the cash from their 50 million dollar apparel contracts with Nike, Addidas and Under Armour.

Jared Winston

“This entire tournament is just a bunch of kids working hard for no pay," If you have a kid in college you know what these "kids" are getting paid. Free tuition, free housing, free super sized meal plan, tutors. HEY, FREE college, we just get Nike to pay for it!!

Well, dont those top NCAA athletes all get scholarships? So they get a decent financial reward in any case.

911 what's your emergency? caller: OMG...there's a kid outside my house acting happy! 911: OUTSIDE?! caller: Yes! Not even inside playing a video game! 911: And Happy too?! caller: Yes! Flailing his arms and shouting with joy! 911: Oh no. Keep an eye on him but don't get too close. I'm sending multiple units out. We got to nip this happy stuff in the bud! No telling how far that may go. caller: Exactly! ...

For profit college is a scam, college sports are a sham, one and done is absurd, and conference realignment was the final death knell to me. I used to care extraordinarily, now I refuse to watch any of it.

pay the kids, but in turn, make them pay a full tuition.

The one time it's not a white person calling the cops and you don't mention it. Lol

The kids get paid. They have their tuition, room and board, books, free food, uniforms, health insurance all paid.

You can't simultaneously complain about the sky high cost of college tuition and also say that kids who get full ride scholarships aren't getting anything. It doesn't work that way.

Annie Salyers

“To be fair, you are built like a gummy bear...” ?

Built like a gummy bear! ?

No Third Month Mania this year?

College sports—no wait, all sports in general—yawn.

Pervert in WH ??

How much is a semester at duke again?

You’re still on the air?!?

No pay? Yeah, right.

Well of course the cops were called!

Roy Woods jr. looks good, has he lost some weight?? Always a handsome man

Funny, sad, scary...all at the same time!

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The Daily Show

Oooh the Mueller report has dropped! ... Zie meerZie minder

Oooh the Mueller report has dropped!



I won't celebrate until a Trump is in handcuffs.

How long have yall been sitting on this image?

I'm prepared to be disappointed. Well, maybe not disappointed, but I've tried to keep my expectations realistic.

Trump is Becky with the bad hair.

Not a one thing is going to happen to this motherf@&@#%r!!! I am so mad I could open my second bottle of wine?

Mueller may be finished, but the further investigations his work have spawned will continue, on and on. Go New York AG!!!

1. This was a counter intelligence investigation of the Russian government into the election. Anyone involved with it was going to get caught sooner or later. If Trump was in on it then so be it. If not then oh well; it’s honestly not his biggest threat. 2. Trump has already been implicated in multiple crimes that have already seen two of his associates get time for with many others pleading guilty to campaign finance violations, election fraud, insurance fraud, witness tampering, tax fraud, bank fraud, misuse of charitable funds, and of course inaccurate financial disclosure. Regardless of what the muller probe says, Trump still has a long way to go before he’s in the clear.

?? ain’t shit going to change. AG Barr is going to do what trump hires him to do and that’s conceal the shit. Congress need to just gone and subpoena mueller and have him testify about his findings. And if nothing is there, the country needs to move on from that. But trump ass is still grass with all the shit in SDNY investigations.

Rage tweeting to begin in 3...2...1.

Ah jeeze now we have to put up with all those Trumpets and the "I told you so's" completely ignoring all the indictments, guilty pleas, people in jail and on their way and ongoing investigations and court cases with ONE main, central connection, TRUMP!

I'm sad to say, I believe there will be no charges for any of the Trump regime. This will lead to a positive swing for Trump's approval and probably a reelection...This is a sad day!

I’m not even excited about this. If there was anything there, we would have known way before now. ??‍♀️

I could be wrong but I don't think anything is going to come out of this.

How long have you been saving this graphic?

oh and nobody was indicted for collusion

How long have you guys been waiting to post this one ?

Ooohhh can't wait for the libs to go apoplectic that the media and Dems fed them a bag of lies for 2+ years and that Trump isn't going anywhere.

When nothing happens, and absolutely nothing will, I want all of you to come back here and re-read this ?

I've been telling y'all for 16 months NOTHINGBURGER. And, Trevor isn't half as good on this as Jon Stewart.

Jesus H Christ. We're at peak politics in the UK already. I may implode

Anything released on a Friday afternoon is not good for most people.

Trumps AG is going to only make his version of the report public...BS. freedom of info act needs to be applied to this. No watered down reports.

It will probably be released some time after Trump's tax returns ?

Ohhhh snap!! I’m so nervous and excited at the same time???

Well, shit! My bracket is busted!

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The Daily Show

“New Zealand gets their gun control on Amazon Prime, whereas in America, it’s delivered by a turtle who died in 1783.”

New Zealand announces a ban on assault rifles 6 days after a shooting:
... Zie meerZie minder



Poor New Zealand. Worst decision they could probably make. Not my funeral. ??‍♂️

I`m from Europe, so I`ve never understood the fascination with weapons but could someone please explain to me why any civilian should have an assault rifle?! Like, seriously.

I'm a New Zealander, we are not a "gun" culture so this was easy for us

Here in New Zealand we have united together against the hate of White supremacy and all it stands for , so our answer to those with so much hate in their hearts is with LOVE ? ? we come together to honour our citizens lost. Unite and show the world that LOVE can heal . Guns kill. Sick people , angry people kill .... well why wouldn’t a country decide enough !!! Take military style Guns that can slaughter 10s of people in seconds out of our Nation and protect our citizens ... and just for the record ... White supremacy and extreme ideologies of hate and violence are NOT welcome here and will NOT win !!! ?❤️ Racism and fascism will NEVER win as long as we shine a light on its darkness and bring it out into the open.

America is owned by the NRA. You could have a mass shooting every day of the year and you still wouldn’t do anything about it

ONE SHOOTING! One!!! That’s all it took for Australia and NZ to pass gun laws..! But America- oh no. We must hold onto laws written when men wore stupid wigs!

Because the NRA is giving politicians large amounts of money to prevent any kind of gun control. Follow the money!!

No one in New Zealand cares about the NRA.

Can we also take a moment and commend the fact that she had a sign language interpreter next to her? That is amazing!

So the guys sitting around with their guns,waiting for the gumint to turn bad, think that said gumint won’t show up with bigger weapons? This logic never makes sense to me. Guys, you will always be outgunned by the armed forces.

I'm a little baby and I want government to take care of me. I trust them explicitly to make my decisions for me and protect me. They know what's best.

New Zealand has a functioning government. The United States doesn’t anymore.

A turtle who died in 1783? No way is Mitch McConnell delivering our gun control!

I love my New Zealand ❤️ I'm very saddened by what has happened. But our Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden acted quickly and swiftly, to send the right message, to those mourning the loss of loved ones, because of the mosque shootings. Essentially there is no real use for semi automatics or assault weapons, being in the hands of citizens. Also the solidarity shown by New Zealanders, since last Friday has been overwhelming. I'm proud of our Prime Minister, who didn't leave the decision up for discussion. Instead acting decisively. Shootings and killings unfortunately are a norm in the US. Powerful gun lobbyists, companies, clubs, individuals etc, have to much control. Unfortunately it's all about the bottom dollar in the end. So that the New Zealand Government took a stance, against the ownership of semi automatics and assault weapons. Is a step in the right direction. New Zealand ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aroha nui Trevor! Fun fact, there was a small kick back knee jerk reaction in Aotearoa New Zealand, mostly from gun store owners and enthusists but they were silenced very quickly by the overwhelming support of this ban, especially by those who volunteered their assault weapons. Many stating "we are not America, we do not have this within our funding document". Also, several radio and talk show hosts who posted anti islamic, anti immigration, anti indigenous rants on social media have somehow disappeared.. ?

As a dual citizen, I can tell you which country I’m more proud of right now!

We love you New Zealand. No nation is perfect, but the rectification and response for the deeds of those who stand out is what matters. Thank you

Oh only 6 days? I thought it would be harder than that to correct a problem. That’s what the US makes it seem like anyway. Now to see how many rebellions pop up in response to the new gun control policy. Wait the New Zealand NRA doesn’t participate in lobbying and doesn’t have a problem with saving lives? Oh guess it’s just us then.

This whole subject is a pain in the ass and a headache waiting to happen. But we should definitely have stricter gun psych evals and such....(something they should do for military and law enforcement)...New Zealand at least came to a quick decision instead of flopping back and forth like a dead fish....(hmm hmm America you know who I'm talking about.) And I hope the families that have lost loved ones take some comfort from this decision and from each other.

"That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends(life, liberty and pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it,..."

That’s because our turtle is still alive on the Senate floor...since 1783!!!

Actually it's hyperreactivity. If every time there's a crisis a week later we outlaw everything and I guess we're about to lose the internet cars alcohol cigarettes Vapes etc

The leaders do make a huge difference in the lives of people, if only if they have good intentions to do so. Huge respect and honour for Jacinda Ardern for her role to make people safe in New Zealand. She definitely is an angel. Heaps of prayers for her.

...and when they make their announcements, the NZSL interpreter is visible in the camera frame!

At 29 seconds, I loved the translators sign language representation for assault riffles. Haha

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The Daily Show

Let’s talk reparations. Full piece: ... Zie meerZie minder

Let’s talk reparations. Full piece:



Republicans "Pull yourself up by your boot straps and make something of yourself. Hardwork and dedication should be what you aim for." Alexandria Ocasio *pulls herself from working at a bar to be the youngest congresswoman ever eleceted* Republicans "No, not like that."

Cool. I'm Native American, so I get reparations too, right?

Alright... I am a democrat - and if you don't know me yet, you should. Reparations are wrong. Everyone's been tossed and turned. Many of us, of all colors have had businesses go bad. There isn't a race alive that hasn't been a slave at some point. The American spirit is not about whining or blaming other people. I think that is key to our success.

Hi, Japanese-American here. My family received reparations in the late 80's, early 90's. In order to receive those funds, certain criteria did have to be met. You had to be either a former internee or immediate descendant of an internee. If you can find a surviving slave or immediate descendant of a slave, I'll gladly support paying them. However, under the established criteria that my family and 120,000 other Japanese-Americans had to abide by, I don't see reparations happening.

Everyone stop fighting. It’s exhausting. I don’t believe in reparations because all humans have treated each other like garbage for centuries. I think the real focus should be creating new systems to help all citizens have the basics they need. Giving reparations to one group or another does not fix a broken system. It’s like giving someone a fishing pole and bait but there’s no water to fish in.

Who are we paying? I do not believe there are any actual slaves still living! History shouldn’t have a cost associated with it, it’s a memory.

Taking or tearing down historical monuments is called vandalism and a crime. Reparation is a different and very complicated and devisive issue. Are Africans willing to accept responsibility for raiding, capturing and murdering fellow Africans for the sole purpose of selling them into slavery? Are these African Governments willing to pay reparations to dencendants of Africans in America? I am certain that it is the right place to start.

Well, history has to be a reminder, not an excuse or a reason for extortion. We are not liable for what our ancestors did, but we should definitely not forget them or their mistakes.

We should start with legislation that for every confederate statue they don't take down, that state has to contribute X amount of money towards reparations. If they want to put up a new confederate statue, its 3 x X amount. If they have the confederate flag as part of their state flag, it's 5 x X amount. If they fly the confederate flag together with the state flag, it's 10 x X amount, so forth and so on. When "history" starts getting too expensive, they'll say "fuck history."

I would think reparations for Native Americans would come first.

I'm a 100% proud Englishman. You still owe me for the tea that was thrown in Boston harbour.

The price was paid in blood.. Approximately 620,000 union soldiers died from combat, accident, starvation, and disease during the Civil War.

let's erect a statue of Gen. Sherman in downtown Atlanta, he is part of their history too

I can see the merit behind asking for reparations for a family's suffering. In essence, that is the meaning behind our civil law system, showing harm and asking for compensation. I ask you this question though. Are we responsible for our father or mother's sins? It would be symbolic to hold the families directly descendant to blame, but how far would you go? 2 generations away? 4 generations away? How many new family lines can be added before they are not enough of the lineage to be held to blame? In other words, what is the eternal take away from asking for monetary compensation for a past that cannot be changed? Heretical solution here from random guy on the internet: We need a cultural and spiritual awakening. All races and all faiths need to take a step back and ask their 6 year old selves what they would do if they heard how the world thinks about other people, and how we each think of the world. Take a moment, I can wait. 8) (Picture the stockholder scene in the movie "Mr. Deeds".)

And yet the same ppl will be the first to remind us of the Holocaust, over and over and over again.

Depends. What's included in the reparations package? An open conversation followed by actions beyond financial recognition?

Seriously. Lets pay those reparations....with interest. I mean how much could interest be on 40 acres and a mule over 150+ years. O wait.

The District of Columbia Emancipation Act paved the way to compensate slave owners for their “loyalty to the Union” and for the loss of income incurred by freeing slaves

I'd sort of understand the pushback if this was really as personal as people take it/make it. I mean I couldn't name any of my great grandparents, so the hell am I paying any of THEIR grandparents debts ?

I thought we already did reparations? I wasnt old enough to remember but I thought I heard Chapelle doing a bit about reparations back when it happened.

Depends on who you ask...this division must stop before the rich use it fullybagainst us...we should be having bbqs hanging politicians

There isn't enough money to pay me back. It's not about money, it's about forgiveness and you have no idea what it is like to be on a cross as you sacrifice for others. I Am Irish and my grandmother picked cotton in the fields of Mississippi with my 3 year old mama out in the field with her.

DNA tests and region research to narrow down tribal history that was stolen should be reparations. Any form of money is like being paid to get treated like shit. Don't believe it or me when's the last time the government took natives serious. They can get a monthly checks and land but nothing changed for them. One thing they managed to hold onto was their culture and history and they have that to make them strong.

But even though that is history it shouldn't be something that celebrated. Of course there should be memorials and things like that and it should be taught but it definitely should not be idealized via statue in the local park

I'm not paying dude next door for what some dude did to another dude 150 years ago. I will, however, help current dude out if he needs help with something.

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The Daily Show

What happened to Rudy Giuliani? That's this week on "Unsolved Mysteries: White House Edition" ... Zie meerZie minder



Resting comfortably in his crypt by day, drinking the blood of unsuspecting New Yorkers at night.

please turn this into a regular segment of your show ???

Rudy Tooty Fresh N Fruity!!! ROFLMAO

Ok the Nosferatu photo made me cackle ??

? omg!! “Spreading like gonorrhea in a Floridian nursing home”!!! ?

Roy Wood Jr. is a national treasure.

The 10 million dollar question is why is KELLYANN still around???

Have you checked up 45's ass?

I think he crawled back under his rock!

Have they checked the morgue.

I had mentioned about 10 days ago that Giuliani seemed to be missing...but, not missed.

Get me an Uber, it’s cold as hell outside! DEAD?

They finally put him in a straitjacket and hauled him off to an undisclosed location lol.

Last I saw he was at a meeting about Russian adoptions and he was wondering why they carried bone saws.

Philosophical question: If Rudy Giuliani fades into obscurity, should anyone care?

They have to hide dumber from dumbest. Start a search for tooty rudy, a different picture everyday

He really does look like Nosferatu!?

He got sucked into the abyss, the Trump abyss. Oh, no, he went to the dentist to have some new teeth implanted, My bad.

Check the local equine dentist.

The trump associates has issued him a gag order.... ( stay off cable news )

He’s probably busy trying to ship more poor and homeless out of NYC. Crook.

Ivanka and Jared probably pointed a non-working camera at him somewhere in the White House and he's been talking to it nonstop.

Possibly seen as a liability or already under cover for the big "news" party in April.

Robin Warder I thought you might find this funny bc of the Unsolved Mysteries reference ?

Busy getting all of those plea deals to reduce parking tickets to second degree murder, remember?

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The Daily Show

Funny how it’s never the right time to fix a problem. Gun control? Too soon. Global warming? Too far away. Reparations for slavery? Too long ago.

Full episode:
... Zie meerZie minder



How about adding the Native American's to that list, since they got fucked just as hard.

Our Identity was stolen our names were stolen. My last name is Smith the slave masters last name. I think part of the reparations should be free ancestry or African ancestry investigations for all African Americans to find out what country we are from and free name changes. Just a suggestion.

Well I’m only 25 and my grandmother grew up during segregation. So it’s not far fetched to think someone who is older than me could have grandparents who grew up during slavery. All this fucked up racial shit didn’t happen as long ago as ppl would like you to believe. ??‍♀️

BTW: slave owners were compensated by the government for loss of property when slavery officially ended.They cataloged each human being they owned and their worth and they got paid.

New Zealand banned assault styled weapons in 6 days with bipartisan support. It is insane that we continue to allow this cancer to plague us when we can allow common sense to prevail.

No one alive today was ever a slave in U.S., so why should the taxpayer put up with this nonsense?

Until African Americans have land ownership and are also business owners the landlords can raise rents or hold down wages to squeeze out more labor from a group of people who already paid 400 years of dues. I say let them own land as allodial title or land patent in such a way the land can never be sold mortgaged or foreclosed upon forever. Then impose a moratorium of 400 years of no taxes for occupying residents of those lands. What will result is the largest construction boom since the industrial revolution and it will not be uncommon for enormous mansions to be built that will rival the best in Europe. America it's time you get off their backs roll up your cuffs and do your own work and let them build the American dream they deserve.

What about Indigenous people.

If she's asking about newly immigrated nigerians then she has no clue what reparations mean (or why it's even a topic).

Trevor as much as I agree with most of the stances you talk about don’t put a price tag on equality .....the best justice is CHANGE

No monetary reparations please. We already have a major entitlement culture problem... #NotHelping

Anyone of African decent should get free ancestor testing. A list should be comprised isolating regions of slave decedents. 3 Free flights back home to whatever Village, town, or city should be granted to each family member. The encouragement of multi family trips back to Africa should be at the forefront. Enabling those to find theirr roots and family ties again. There should also be an allotment monetarily speaking that enables those proven Africans, to be able to live tax free. They should be entitled to one lifetime, of ZERO taxes. They can invest this money if done wisely,and rebuild their communities by helping each other out. We should get them free education in business and economics. As well as grants to those who want to learn trades or become doctors, lawyers, accountants. Mandatory minimum GPA’s should enable this free path on whatever they want. IF you can prove you’re a descendent. I am 100% behind this as the groundwork for reparations. If this enables my kids to not have to deal with this ancient issue, I’d make the sacrifice. I’m also Portuguese.. My people didn’t exactly help dismiss the slave trade. They were literally the shipping hub. So that’s all I got. To far? Not enough? Chantelle Wynter

When Nazi looted art is discovered it's returned to the rightful owners or their descendants. Why not give 40 acres to each descendent of slaves split up evenly from landowning descendants of slaveowners? I know why not, but we should do that shit. It would really piss off Trump's support base, and I find that hilarious. I don't know if there are enough mules, but donkeys and horses are dtf.

I want to know how they would determine who would receive the money. Would everyone have to have a DNA test done? Then what % of African blood would be acceptable? Then, if you had the acceptable %, then would you have to trace that blood back to a slave owner? And provide proof of this? What if you look white, but you have the acceptable % of African blood? Not trying to be mean but with all of the mixed blood in today's society, I think it would be hard to determine who gets what and how much. Would you get a higher amount of money with a higher % of DNA that can be traced back to slavery? And, is it just this generation who gets any money versus future generations? So many questions.

I'm in early 40s my dad had me at 48 and his dad had him when he was 75. My grandad was born a slave.

If a candidate seriously runs on this it is another four years of hell. NO.

Slavery hasn't end it anywhere...we just gave it a new name to mask it. It is now called human trafficking.

I got my DNA test back. I'm mostly of African descent. I'm not asking for a lot. I just need a car to get back and forth to work lol

At the VERT LEAST invest in the children-the amount of $$ spent per child should be the same regardless of school district! People in $$ zip codes should not have better schools than innner city kids or poverty will never end!

I know for fact my great great grandparents were slaves.. my great grandmother and grandmother told us the stories and showed us pics.. she died when I was about 13 or 14... and of course my mother still shares those stories.. all history isn't lost just because everything was taken from us and we were given slave master names. It wasn't so long ago.

This is one of the stupidest things ever concocted. Nobody alive has ever been or owned a slave here. Fuck off with this generational guilt trip bullshit. ?

My grandparents on my dad's side picked cotton. They had a 3rd&6th grade education. They were life smart!

Money doesn’t solve everything. But as long as employers can pick white folks they will. I believe with all my heart that PTSD is passed on en utero. Doubt me? Check out google for articles about women pregnant at different stages during 9/11 who lived in New York City. But I do believe the stress of oppression is a cycle that creates seriously damaged people. And no one balked when as a veteran with several sexual assaults, harassment, and traumas I was given a compensation claim and veteran income compensation for life. Couple of years ago someone suggested that some male military sexual survivors were often unable I have loving sexual relations or just fuck because of their traumas. Then another group challengers that females could not be excluded for being classified and compensated for being unable to have sexually intimate relations either. Our biology may be different but many of us are still no longer able to have a sex life while other survivors may still have limited sexual intimacy but still can trigger panic. Guess how much Uncle Sam thinks reparations for being unable to mate is? @ $120 a month. You can’t get a hand job for that. Not that I’d want one just saying. But I’m white, and nonbianary and asexual so they invented an equation to put a “price tag” on my sexual disfunction. It’s not perfect but it definitely validates the attempt to apologize from trauma I didn’t ask for and didn’t deserve. What kind of reparations could be made? What does it look like? How about a partial rent voucher for people whose white well-paid neighbors gentrifying low income housing and then mark up the price? How about 10% discounts at all the places that give veterans, senior, or handicapped discounts. How about we celebrate a national holiday every year on the date of the emancipation proclamation was signed? How about a 10% deduction on the taxes you owe and a 10% bonus if you owe nothing. I got more ideas but comment is not the best platform for long brainstorms.

In the words of a well known activist Brayan Rustin and friend of the beloved MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Its a, and I quote, “ridiculous idead... if my great grandfather picked cotton for 50 yrs, then he may deserve some money (or reparation), but he is dead and gone and nobody owes me anything... it is insulting to african americans to offer them reparations for past generations for suffering, as if the balance of an irreparable past could be set straight with a handout” Yes invest in african american communities, schools, community centers, jobs and anything that can better a community as a whole. But handing out money is not the solution.

So you’re saying we can’t fix every problem and address every issue at the same time?

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