The Daily Show (Trevor Noah)



I've always loved his angry, sarcastic, sometimes cynical sense of humor. It's always intelligent! He actually brightens my day!???

Tom Knapp

We are just trying to to make America great Again.

Cody Falkner just cuz the comedian lol

Marco Perissinotto

Rabea Semmler this was it

The only phrase anyone should learn to write in cursive is why the f**k am I learning to write in cursive! Last time I wrote in cursive was in the fourth grade when the teacher required it for everything. That taught me to hate it. Haven't used it since.

Michael Salvador

Richard Masin

Joseph Citrano emotional support animals. Judy Ritter schools in Ohio going backwards.

Lizzet Vargas

USA is starting to be a joke

My ex husband paid dog support and we had weeknd visitations from his previous marriage. I couldn't belive it either !!!

I am careful with emotional support animals and service animals because there are people that served our country with PTSD that get a lot of help. Also people with autism and Aspergers get help too. Everyone else who does not have a legitimate reason should be wholly embarrassed. It would be better if they just carried around a security blanket or a stuffed toy.

Collin Glass it's been a while since I listened to one of Lewis Black's furious rants

Cursive is a redundant skill and should not be required learning in school. In the age of computers it would be much more beneficial to teach them how to type.

So glad Lewis is calling out the stupidity of requiring cursive in education (and I can write in cursive; I think there's better ways for education tax dollars to be spent).


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FUCKING INAPPROPRIATE! Jokes about child mollesting is NOT FUCKING OK EVER!! ?? Reported!



Best wishes from Germany. I hope the next president is an adult allready!

I’m a father, so I warn you, be prepare for the terrible two... ??

The “semiliterate” part really hit me hard. How did this happen where 43% of the country was inspired by a man who can barely form sentences.

It's still hard to believe this man is actually our president.

How can we have gone from voting in Obama to Trump? Bi-polar Nation?

He doesn’t even know how to operate an umbrella . . . ?

Lmao 'bye bye" ....sadly though we are the laughing stock of the international community because of the President.

My son had significantly more poise and grace when he was 2.

The Retrumplican are complicit in allowing this ManBaby to slowly but surely diminish our country ??‍♀️ just saying

This is too sad to be entirely funny.?

When can we say bye bye to him

lol the music is from The Sims 2 ???

Whenever I eat M&Ms, I like to hold two m&m's in between my fingers and squeeze as hard as I can until one m&m cracks. I eat the cracked one, and the one that didn't crack becomes the champion. Then I grab the other m&m, and force it to compete with the champion in this deadly game of m&m gladiators. I do this until I run out of m&m's, and when there is only one m&m left standing, I send a letter to m&m's brand with the champion m&m in it with a note attached that reads: "Please use this m&m for breeding purposes

Can't laugh. It's real. My country is at risk.

He needs to be in time out

Give him his warm milk, blankie and stuffed toy so he can finally take his most needed nap

When he makes his last trip up Airforce one steps, show the one with the toilet paper on his shoe. That’s hilarious.

"Wooooooooah, we're halfway theeerrreeeee"

We’ve got trouble in the USA

I don’t know maybe they should try changing his diaper, giving him a time out, paci, nap or bottle. I mean something is bound to work right.

I didn't smash the table. I should have. I should have, but I didn't. And that takes great restraint on my part. I'm so patient and so kind. Nobody does kindness like me. Ok, look, I smashed the table, but I had very good reason.

What a deal maker.. No wonder all his business endeavors have been 5 stars successes through out his life.

And this makes u how old for fucks sakes stop acting like fucking two year olds...take all that money your getting paid and buy yourself a life

America’s Presidential Embarrassment. MAGA #LockHimUp

It's absolutely depressing to think that 43% of Americans really voted for a narcissist Sociopath

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Tressie McMillan Cottom is pettiness goals ??? Full interview:



If you can find a young person who wants to steal a book. Let them have it!

They used to follow my daughter around and demand to look in her purse. She OWNS a bookstore now.

If people are going to steal books let them. Omg reading is at an all time low

Success is the best revenge.

Love that! She got her Pretty Woman moment. Big mistake, Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now. 🙂

The only part of that story where I saw pettiness was when the store owners took her purse.

After 9/11 I went to the social security office here in Reno and MY purse was searched and I had to take my boy scout knife back to my car. Came back in and watch while no other women's purse was searched. And sometimes I think I am invisible when standing at the deli with others waiting to be served.

Being petty once in a while is ok staying petty is problematic.

I loved this moment. Trevor looked a bit sad when she called that ‘petty’ then ba-bang! Perfectly delivered punch at the end. Very cool lady!!!

Yaasss petty Labelle!??

I love her! She’s awesome: tons of EQ AND IQ! Such a disgrace that humanity is just now finally beginning to appreciate such inspiring voices...

Gotta love Pretty Woman style petty ❤️

I sometimes think humor is the greatest gift the good Lord gave us!

I ride a bike and carry a backpack. Similar situation in any store I enter. "Security code yellow", 5 seconds later as I move to a different aisle, "Security code red". It's the same size as some women's giant purses and I live in a college town, but somehow that behavior never changes. Grateful for my local grocery. They used to do this but have adjusted. "Rough weather for riding today?" "Yes ma'am. January is always a rough time for riding" and I go on. The ladies that have to deal with this for no other reason than their birthright have all my support. If it's frustrating for me, I can only imagine how hurtful another lady may find it.

Sometimes God outsourcers karma??

That's called being Righteous!!

What an amazing woman! What a wordsmith!! Cannot wait to read her works!!

I love this.. maybe I'm petty too, heh heh

Hell yes!! Love it!! I'm petty betty, so this is right up my alley ?

You can’t even GIVE books away hardly. Love how they think the place someone is going to hit on their shoplifting spree is a bookstore.

Good for her. I would have too.

We ain't mad at you. Do yo thang!

I had haters too. Then I decided to do something different that they didn't think was worthwhile, and I wrote a book on the subject to share the love ♡ now I want her book!!

"I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him". Booker T. Washington

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Still, they remained civil. Nice to see that.

If the U.S. could only be so civil

This was filmed in the town I grew up in. It’s... yes...

The pro Brexit one didnt really have a point so he made it about something else

Come see them settle disagreements after a piss up. I promise it's not that cordial

Let's make Great Britain great again viva

Blanca Guerrero look!! Maybe I was British in my other life as I always find myself correcting someone's grammar ???

Have these two just step out of the pub? ?‍♀️

can figure out which one would be a trumpster

Trevor I can't get enough of u, I am addicted to watching u every day more than I can count, I think I have a problem ???

He bit his nose off once the camera was gone.

That’s how I argue with my friends when drunk

Only in Wales can you have an argument on the street about Brexit

Valleys boys made it onto The Daily Show, I am immensely proud in this moment ?

Its not a comparison its a total comparison

Sounds like a turkey to me.

More a welsh discussion than a British argument

What I always find "interesting" is how far too many people in Britain -- including those in the public eye whether members of Parliament or the media -- see the UK as standing alone and completely separate from Europe. Heck, we learned in seventh grade geography that there are SEVEN continents, and that the UK is most definitely part of Europe.

omg ... it's the 2 old hecklers from the theater balcony in The Muppet Show.

Too bad you'll never see one again, the way Brittain is losing its culture

How come an American thinks this is funny when they've got Trump in the white house

Are the British a colony of Europe..? Damn the news grow fast..! I was sure England was located in Canada 😉

I'll trade you two turkeys for one prime rib for Christmas

You mean people argued over something intelligent? So odd.

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I don't remember Former President Obama having closed door meetings with Putin that didn't include his advisors.

Question is: What did Putin order Trump to do?????

"Do you like hamberders?"

"What are we going to do tonight Brain?"

The way Putin zipped up his fly leaving the meeting, I don’t think much talking happened ?

I Never Cared about Politics until Trump became President, Not One Boring Day! 😮

He didn't say anything. He just swallowed and nodded.

"What is thy bidding my master?"

Big difference between a spy and an asset

" Once a man, twice a child " Now Mafia..... Diaper Don is shitting all over America.

“How about that Tower?”...”I believe you”....”I envy your strength”....”I love you more than Kim Jong-un”

I imagine Trump got orders what to do to pay off his debt. What’s your guess ??

45% of people polled are THAT out of touch with reality? ??‍♂️

Most insulting question: "is your hair real?"

He said “The Daily Show died when John Stewart left.”

Anyone other than a left-wing, biased publication report on this or nah?

All we know is, you can bet TanTrump's mouth was full the whole time!

The "deer-in-headlights" look on Melenia's face said it all.. take a look yourself!

Thy holster is ready Herr Kommissar...

But that's not what he said. And if that's what he said, it's not what he meant. Right?..

It should be 100% of the country. He claimed the shut down. It’s his.

just off the top of my head, "yes sir, i'll get right on it, you can count on me boss"

What could he have possibly said that’s any worse than the things we’ve actually heard him say?

I have a problem and can somebody please help me and answer this. Who in the FUCK likes working for free. If your employee says to you, excuse me: your name I'm not going to pay you for 6 months but, after six months I will pay you your full amount. So you call to your mortgage people, grocery store, car payment, home insurance car insurance people and tell them I will pay you in full... in six months and see how they will respond????.

"I got more cash for another 2 blond whores" "They must bring the Time's magazine with my picture on it and spank me hard"

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The polls are rigged, but the gene pool isn’t.



One of the main tactics of the KGB was to accuse your opposition of doing the very thing you’re doing. I wonder who could’ve taught Trump that...

Yep, want to know what a Narcissist is up to? Just look at what they are accusing everyone else of. It's called projection.

Why does Eric Trump always look so... moist?

I call them Not Ivanka, and Not Ivanka Two. Then there's the Other Girl and Barron, who is young enough that he doesn't deserve to be mocked in this situation. I am deeply ashamed that I can name all the prex's kids.

You know how cheaters accuse their partner of cheating to try to cover up their own misbehavior? Apparently that applies to rigged elections. Who knew?!

They come from Trumpsylvania!!! ???

At least when he said the polls are rigged, he told the truth for once.

Textbook narcissistic tendencies. It’s called projecting. Because Orange Dump Baby Hands could NEVER do anything wrong AND take responsibility for it ??????

Anyone who's ever been in an abusive relationship knows this game TOO well 🙁

He is the true embodiment of a gas-lighter. He will project everything he does onto someone else and make you feel crazy for not seeing his real intentions.

Accuse others of doing what you've done is what inveterate liars do.

Peep Eric and Don Jr's new political vampire film "Twi-lie."

Eric and Don, Jr. --still a better love story than Twilight.

And that is the truth. Every time he points a finger, its because he knows he's done it.

Reaction Formation By Traci Pedersen Reaction formation is a type of defense mechanism in which a person acts in the exact opposite manner to his own disturbing or socially unacceptable thoughts or emotions. This behavior is often unconscious and appears exaggerated, perhaps in an effort to overcompensate for the embarrassment, guilt or repulsion the person feels regarding his private thoughts. By using reaction formation, one’s self-identity remains “safe” as the ego is kept in ignorance of the person’s true motives. For example, a highly religious man with lustful urges toward women might react with exaggerated disgust upon seeing a woman in revealing clothes, or he may go into long lectures about modesty. Or a woman who harbors racist feelings may go out of her way to be overly kind to people of another race. Or a man who fears that he is falling in love with his new girlfriend begins to pick fights and lash out at her in anger. Behavior due to reaction formation is often extremely exaggerated, compulsive and inflexible. These behaviors don’t vary due to changes in emotion as do natural behaviors. For example, a father who feels guilt at resenting his child may go above and beyond to express showy love to the child under all circumstances. These behaviors based on fake emotions are often easy to spot. Therapists often observe reaction formation in patients who claim to strongly believe in something and become vehemently angry at everyone who disagrees. Although reaction formation was originally a theory of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, his daughter Anna elaborated on the term, along with many of his other defense mechanism theories. Later, American criminologist Albert K. Cohen further developed the term as he believed that reaction formation was a major factor in gang-related behavior and crime.

Unless people are stupid enough to base their vote on how someone is polling, who really gives a shit if the polls were rigged? Much ado about nothing.

Don junior looks more like Cohen than Trump ?

Hey now we're catching on . What he lies about others is half truth about his own actions

The Cullens have infultrated the House.

if I were a pervy vampire, I'd be insulted RN.

Just saw an old preview of your show saying that Trumps charity was shut down. That’s funny to you? So the people depending on that charity losing out is funny to you?? PEOPLE, we need to support OUR PRESIDENT! He succeeds, we succeed.. United States succeeds. MAGA ??


So, when democrats used dead voters to pad their numbers and bused people across state lines in an attempt to win states. That was ok... I think the only lesson you teach us is we the people should fire all of you.

As much as I hate him, this is how he is brilliant at using weak minded people. Cry fake news daily and when the real shit hits the fan the dumb people will never believe it.

People really need to stop with the whole "the 10 year challenge is a conspiracy to update databases/improve facial recognition tech!" There are so many ways for 'them' to get up-to-date pictures of us from our various devices, cloud storage, or just ordinary security cameras which are EVERYWHERE now that they don't need to 'trick' us.

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"Super expensive and not going to protect me at all"

Who's going to pay for the wall? Mexico.... Mexic.... Mexi.... Mex.... Me??

In Portugal we need a wall to protect us from spain. They speak mexican. Bad hombres!

Whenever I eat M&Ms, I like to hold two m&m's in between my fingers and squeeze as hard as I can until one m&m cracks. I eat the cracked one, and the one that didn't crack becomes the champion. Then I grab the other m&m, and force it to compete with the champion in this deadly game of m&m gladiators. I do this until I run out of m&m's, and when there is only one m&m left standing, I send a letter to m&m's brand with the champion m&m in it with a note attached that reads: "Please use this m&m for breeding purposes."

Shooooot need to get me an Amexican card to pay my bills why the government is shut down.

I certainly need one of those cards ??? I have some shopping to do. You guys are the best always delivering news in a funny way despite the situation.

Can I collect miles on this?

Earn miles on Trump Airlines!!!

Great illustration of how that wall thing works!

When it even sounds so ridiculous in this perspective, I don't understand why they did not think it was when he made that promise.

I love his graceful exit ?

Had to watch twice, second time was funnier for some reason. ?

Whadya think "Amex" stood for?!

????? I understand you want to secure the borders but you cannot force another country to pay for something that they don’t want.

The most funiest clip AF, Trever Noah is the only Man that doesnt let trump to sleep? #endshutdown #mexicowillnotpayforit

Does it give $1 back for every $3 spent though? ?

This is frumps "brain" on dollar hamburgers.

Where can I applied for this card lmao

You are the best…need this card!

And they're still waiting on check from Mexico to clear ?

My daughter is going to start using the phrase now. Thanks Trump!

Que cagado!! ??? I knew about cuerpomatic lol but not about this one

Can I get the card and completely new Walls for my house? I have to renovate?

Should I expect a charge for that on next paycheck for that? (Mexican worker)

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"like we have in India " you are from Ireland ???

idk bout yall but that Afghan music was pretty bangin'... ?

Trevor's facial template = The chicken of food.

Trevor you only look like ur self, coz no one can have ur lovely features, love ya ❤

Canada how about we trade in Trudeau for the Afghan wedding singer ?‍?

That's why i dont jump on everything social media puts out there. #bewise

That is a close match with PM Trudeau

"The USB port" was the best throwaway joke I've heard so far this year! 😛

you sure it's a doppelganger?? His father really got around. ???

Thats logical rougly 2.5 to 3.5 billion people come from the same village about 13.000 years ago in northen Afghaniatan aka Balkh old city, in Balkh city in the province of Balkh.

India and Afghanistan are two different places have numerous cultures among them. Comparing them like what you just did just shows how much you care about them. It's like they are both South Asian they must be the same. It's just sad. Do your research.

Can't say the "white guys" name? Just because you're 50/50 doesn't make any form of discrimination ok....js

Gulay Hasanova you’ll never see Justin as you see him now ? (or as you saw before his trip to the FakeLand ?)

It's not a scheme to gather photos facebook already has them. It's driving traffic and ad views, like any other quiz.

And there are those son of Castro rumours ....

Don't worry Trevor Noah you are one of a kind to me ha ha ha! 🙂 🙂

Trevor Noah is so much more handsome then those guys!

I sure hope people stop taking that risk so we can save our eyes

Unbelievably funny!! Trudeau is squirming lol

I say we keep taking the risks and post our photos. After all, Life is short ?

I can understand ur feeling Trevor. I haven't met anyone in my life who doesn't have a relative who looks like me.

This one was good,,, funny

Trudeau looks like a young Fidel Castro, and his mom knew Fidel Castro.

Now he regrets for having golden teeth ?

It makes feel really good to look at your videos and critises, overhere in France, political critises and satyre is over on the TV media, only one line : the Macron gvt one's, all TV media here looks like ( at different degree) to "Fox News", it's very depressive, no more "les Guignols de l'Info", no more "Groland", keep on the good work, best regards 😉

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GoFundMe should donate the 20M raised for the wall to the furloughed workers instead of refunding it back to the donors

It’s pretty scary when Cardi B starts to make sense too ...?

I say we all protest by going down to the White House and throw a red shoe Cardi B style.

Putting gas in your car to get to work. Spending money on food so that you can eat while you're at work. Paying a babysitter or daycare because you're forced to go work....and you're not getting paid to replace those funds. This is when you find a good doctor to put you out on medical leave because you will be depressed, possibly suicidal, and bankrupt after a while.

come on people , there are always openings in CONSTRUCTION AND HOUSE CLEANING , vegetables picking, Get your jobs back !! come on , since we are stealing them , get them back ...????. OFCOURSE IS easier to make a GoFundMe page.?

Trevors melania accent gets me laughing each time he does it

Lol Cardi is excellent. Politics isn't what I do either, but those people need to get paid.

Cardi B is a national treasure

OKUURRRR!!! Cardi B say it louder for the racist in the back?????❤️???

I find her to be one of the most annoying celebrities to ever exist, but she’s right on this one.

That just sounds like slavery with extra steps...

"naaancyyy.... Get the f**k off the plane!" ?

Did anyone catch trevor call Trump chump before correcting himself ???

Cardi B the voice of reason

the letter conveys the cockroach's sentiments but he didn't write it....too grammatically correct, the spelling is spot on and it makes sense. maybe his daughter wife wrote it for him. he is never that lucid. a;0

I can actually fix this. But it takes numbers. Let's take down the current wall until congress understands that we don't want it. At all! I'm willing, I have bolt cutters and a sledge hammer, just need a ride.

lmao i loved the video of Cardi when i first saw it because my immediate thought was 'girl, same.' Emily Gagen

Trevor i am in awe. GOD bless your family for raising such an amazing personality

If you really need to use a GoFundMe account to eat and use credit card after just 3 week something is wrong.

Why don't the celebrities donate to them? I'm not saying give them 1 million dollars but enough for them to survive donate to the parks instead of talking behind your damn phone screens shut up if your not going to help

Whether i have an opinion on the matter or not; I honestly don't care what she has to say.

Tayyaba Naqvi Komal Shafique listen till the cardi b part ?? this is hilarious ?

i want to ask what a Cardi B is, and then i remember i'm old, and Celebrity Culture is a cancer on our society...

Trump shouldn’t be paid either

Sad how this is something to joke about.. and the last thing I heard both parties were at fault.

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There’s nothing to it! Okay, there is something, but it wasn’t with Russia! Okay, it was with Russia, but it was just a little. Okay, it was a lot, but it wasn’t collusion! Okay, it was collusion, but Trump didn’t do it. Okay, he did it, but it’s not a crime!

Rudy Giuliani needs to collude with reality..

So you have a bevy of corrupt people working for you, but we are supposed to believe your squeaky clean. Yeah right!

You have no idea how close to the true that is really. A new scandal everyday deflects deflects deflects from what’s going on at the moment.

Can we get a GIF of Cuomo’s reaction? That was practically Looney Tunes-quality!

The more I watch the news the more I feel i'm watching an episode of Arrested Development. Every time I see Rudy Giuliani I see Barry Zuckerkorn.

All joking aside though he doesn't act right. He is an attorney but he isn't articulate or's madness how bizarre this all is. He literally says two different things at the same time. I don't understand it.

Chris cuomo’s face is hysterical when Giuliani says he never said there was no collusion.

I never know what’s going to come out of your mouth, Trevor, but I do know it will be interesting, funny or both. Love your show!

I have no idea what little respect I had for Rudy disappeared to

And As the White House turns that's the new soap for 2019, special guest a new lawyer every six weeks???

Let's face it. 9/11 was the best thing that ever happened to Giuliani.

Thanks for always making me laugh

Also, Rudy Giuliani is completely mentally intact

Any collusion not a delusion!

Rudy is just getting back at Orange 45 for not giving him a job on his cabinet

Hilarious how quickly conservatives will throw their colleagues under the bus, lol. Loyalty? What is that?

Man, interviewing Crazy Rudy sure does give Chris Cuomo’s forehead a workout!

I think Giuliani is in need of a mental institution before Trump.

I got a parking ticket last week. I took it to my lawyer Rudy Giuliani and he got it reduced to premeditated murder

We are past the point where this ongoing bullshit out of the White House should be funny. I have run out of laugher for this fiasco.

Giuliani is fucking stupid.... DBZ 9000+ times over.

Dumbest interview ever.....blah, blah, yak, yak blah, duh, bah, blah! Deny, yup, confirm? Yup. These TV fuck fests are only frustrating.

Duck season! Rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season! Rabbit season! Duck season! Got um.

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It's like watching the symptoms of a stroke~

And the Academy Award for Best Original Batshit Short goes to: Trevor Noah’s mom.

Maybe he was just making faces in the camera for all the kids watching.

Trevor Noah’s mom. The hero America needs.

I actually find it really sad from the 9-11 hero to this. This is his legacy, how the mighty have fallen. There has to be something medically wrong with him.

WTF is in the water at the White House these days. Holy shit. ?

From America's Mayor to America's Crazy Grandpa. Sad.

ah. i lived in NYC under the reign of this fascist. once, ca. 1998, i ran into him in the street, he was in an open top vehicle that was stuck at a red light immediately next to where i was standing on the sidewalk. i told him Musollini was less of a fascist and that Hitler had a bigger heart. He actually just looked at me and said nothing. He had no idea what to do/say. At the time, he was at war with the NYPD. a few cops standing nearby were covering their mouths to hide their laughing/smiles.

Rudy looks like someone farted and locked all the windows! ?

With that pinky ring he’s gone full mob consigliere.

Are these the faces he makes at the proctologist’s office too???

Your mom is clearly a treasure and should be protected at all costs. ?❤️

Good grief, he looks like a cartoon character.

Trevor's Mom: undiscovered talent!!!

Nosferatu makes all the best faces!

Only going to hire the best ?

Someone needs their meds increased

He definitely looks crazy. He has also proven himself to misrepresent the truth.

I loved your mom after reading your book. Now I love her even more! ❤️ ??

Your mom deserves a medal!

Will this be his Wake video?

I love your Mom!!!! What a great sense of humor!!!!!!Keep them coming Mom!!!!!

not only would i not let this guy be my lawyer, i wouldn't let him sit next to me on the bus

He is an insult to Italian-Americans...

Why someone with so much money didn't get his bottom teeth replaced so they'd match his fake upper plate is beyond me.

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Sorry, she’s reactionary and responds without thinking. After Al Franken INVITED an investigation into the alleged ‘incident’ during an entertainment tour decades ago - she forced him to resign without giving him that chance, and we lost an AWESOME democratic senator - who was WAY better than her! Sorry - not my kind of girl. ?

She will never live down throwing Sen. Franken under the bus. Hard pass.

Yes she did throw Senator Franken under the bus I would never vote for her. Beto O’Rourke is my choice until someone can do better.

Let me be Franken. No.

She also has taken a ton of money from healthcare lobbyists so I suspect she is being less than truthful.

Trevor..u should run for President..

Is 2020 the year they're running in or the number of democratic hopefuls?

Haha! "Pinkish-grey is a color", haha!!!!!

I have one thing to say: "Do Bernie again. Please? Pretty Please?" lol

Yo my dog is running too on the Democratic ticket

For everyone complaining about her saying Al Franken should step down: I have bad news for you about pretty much every other Democratic candidate....

I don't trust people who smack their lips every other word!

52 is not a young mom lol hahahahahahaha one of the funniest lines i hear today so far

Has Trevor acknowledged Tulsi Gabbard in the race or is this the part where the media will pretend its not happening and replay footage of Trumps empty podium?

Not the best,she shouldn't loose her time..

We don't need another tired blonde from NYC with links to Wall Street.

William Barr bears an uncanny resemblance to Steve Bannon...IJS

Trevor, you can’t do a Bernie Sanders impression. Stop embarrassing yourself.

She doesnt have the charisma. The OC does! Next time...

"as a young mom", was more of a sympathetic statement as, "I've been there"... uff

I don't trust her. She harmed lots of people. From immigrants to Senator Al Franken. She's a closeted Republican.

Kirsten has a better chance of getting struck by lightning while riding a unicorn than getting the Democratic nomination.

Ask Gillebrand about Wall Street Trev!!

Playing the mom card right out of the gate. No thanks.

People made fun of how many Republican candidates there were in 2016. Didn't hurt them any.

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Rudy Giuliani has three facial expressions: 
1. Is that Dracula?
2. Oh sh*t thats Dracula!



My husband and I were talking about his interview last night while watching it. I couldn't help but notice the amazing makeup work his mortician did.

"Oh, wait. I'M Dracula!"

I got a parking ticket last attorney Rudy Giuiliani got it reduced to manslaughter...

Giuliani is morphing into Nosferatu.

He looks like Uncle Fester in this collage.

The first one is literally Tucker Carlson every time he has someone on his show lol

More like, "Is that Van Helsing?" "Oh shit! That's Van Helsing!" "VAN HELSING IS COMING RIGHT FOR MY FAAAAACE!"

Oh yeah... this retired firefighter respected this man... many years ago. Anymore he's laughable and pathetic. His legacy will fall within the category of "Silly". Sad.

Im going as Rudy for Halloween

#1 I need to find the bathroom.#2 Please help I really need a bathroom #3 Oh shit to late

And here this whole time I thought it was because his dentures were so ill-fitting.

3: Dracula, you have have had game in the olden days, but I'm a monster for the new Millenium!

Those faces look like he’s being sodomized against his will by a drunk 20 year old Brett Kavanaugh.

"You'll never grow old, and you'll never die...but you must feed."--Kiefer Sutherland, The Lost Boys.

Does he wear dentures? Because it would be *really* funny if they fell out during his conniptions.

I've seen those faces in an Alzheimer's unit. Who are you? Where am I? Did I just crap myself?

A ?‍♂️ that hunts in broad daylight. He also reminds me of ? in Batman movies.

"There was no drinking blood" "Even if blood was drunk, it isnt a crime" "I never said there was no blood being drunk"

It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by Trump, who wished to pay me tribute!

just replace "Dracula" with "Robt Mueller"

I would rather do some serious Jail time than have this WACK-A-DO so called lawyer represent me in court......He freaks me out!

Actually the third one looks like Voldemort in the back of Quirrell's head at the end of the the first Harry Potter movie.

I posted those last night on my timeline! What the heck was up with him opening his eyes so wide? WTF?

at least Dracula had regular dental checkups. Rudy's bottom teeth are just plain nasty lookin'

Dracula's been dead since the fifties. Killed by Blackula. Who was also killed by the last surviving vampire in the 80's. Crackula.

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Cursive writing is obsolete? everybody who claims to write in cursive follows their own style anyway it’s completely made up and unreadable? teach them kids about saving, debt, and credit scores.

As a teacher, I didn't appreciate this bit. Usually enjoy what he has to say but not this one. Teaching handwriting (manuscript and cursive) is important for lots of reasons. I have two children in a Spanish/English school where they do all Spanish lessons in cursive and all English lessons in manuscript. Hand to mind connections. Love how and what they are learning.

Forgive us in Ohio our leadership likes to focus on things that keep us as dumbed down as you need to be to keep voting for Republicans!! Ohio the state of perpetual ignorance. Go bucks!!

Checking in from Ohio. I realize I'm going to sound old but I had to learn cursive and I don't see a problem with kids today having to learn cursive. 🙂

Hey, Lewis Black, I invite you to come see VT. It's a great state with a lot to offer. You may want to wait until June, though when it's above freezing.

Why is Ohio teaching the adult secret code?

That R Kelly joke had me on the floor laughing. I love Lewis Black.

What's crazy is that NH raised it to 16!! The rest of the NE states have the legal age to marry at 18.

I am Dutch born and cursive is what I learned at school. I still write handwritten letters in cursive.

Why stop at cursive??? We should be teaching students Hieroglyphs. How else will they truly know what early texts say? It's important that we have people able to read these old texts for themselves and not just take a college educated expert's word for it!

I don’t think learning how to write it’s a bad thing instead it help to build there vocabulary . Am taken college classes 2/3 of my class mates can’t spell because they use auto correct when typing. It’s a real concern in the educational system.


(Ohio Resident) Really? When I was a child, cursive was taught in the second grade but even then, the teachers struggled to explain why we needed it.

Funny that, from afar, Vermont is a state I might consider if I had to live in the US.

He’s not wrong about Vermont. Lol

As a kid we moved from Colorado to Nebraska. A teacher asked us to write a word on the board and that’s when I found out that they already knew cursive. I had to cram cursive! lol

I needed a good laugh! Very funny . Must not forget the issues are real though.

hey Rutland peeps...that's Art in the Park in the Vermont segment!

$10,000 to live in a state where the median asking price for a house is $274,000... that's not even a down payment. Nope... Think I'll stay in Michigan.

Are you kidding? They expect kindergarden age kids to know how to spell their names, colors, all kinds of stuff. When I was in K, we drew, sang songs, took naps, and played as we learned. With all the stuff that's expected from our students, how can they make time to learn cursive?

Why did the Daily Show video editors stop adding captions? Used to be every video had captions, now we get one a day or so without.

Slap on hatters who says Prophet Muhammad PBUH married Ayesha when she was 13 and make a fun about it.

What if the minimal marriage age is increased to 26, will it decrease the chance of divorce?

As someone who has lived most of their life in New Hampshire the age of consent was an old law from the days of prearranged marriages and was to protect girls. Otherwise this is hilarious and Lewis Black needs to be on more often.

Glad to see New Hampshire improve somewhat on their legal marriage age. Now if the rest of the state's would follow suit. Children are forced into marriage at an alarming rate in this country. Which allows grown men to "legally" rape young girls. This practice needs to stop.

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She came to talk about Black Girls....not all girls....there is nothing wrong with that and people shouldn't feel so uncomfortable because she narrowed her focus on this particular topic. Of course "all girls" need protections, but come on this is not the focus of this discussion.

This was powerful, thought provoking, and beautiful. I love that I can get this kind of thoughtful content on The Daily Show. It's also sad that I can ONLY get this content on The Daily Show.

Acknowledging what one group of people go through ( their pain, experience etc) does not diminish the pain and experience of others. This isnt a competition to see who is suffering most, it's the start of a dialogue which is to be had about the experiences of all people, their similarities and differences and what we can do better as a human race.

"All girls matter" unless you're R. Kelly who preys on black girls... which is what the subject of discussion is about.

One of R. Kelly’s victims was a Latino... This whole situation is sick. These girls need everyone’s support and R. Kelly needs to be in jail like now.

Don't feed the trolls..... I have already spotted one ?

So glad Tressie is speaking and shedding light on this issue. It’s unfortunate so many will miss it, but then again, others won’t! Black girls deserve better ✊?

She is so great in how she shares her ideas. That was (another) great interview, Trevor and Tressie.

Everybody else gets to be a fxcking kid but black girls. It’s so annoying.

I love that green on her. So sad that as a black woman I knew this all too well. Being sexualized very early on.

I blame the girls parents as much as RKelly

Celebrity Worship used to be call Groupies but @R.Kelly took it to an entirely different level. Cultism is sick twisted minds that see no wrong in their right.

What a powerful message

Point of correction only part of some black girls in the US . Trevor you know so well in Africa we treat our bodies with respect and our parents are so strict . We are proud of ourselves .we are never seen as sex instruments but as goddess and respected as mothers . This woman should not classify the black girl. Did she go through what she is saying ??? Or generalizing all black women. Shame on this woman

It’s seems like all The Daily Show is about now is race. His jokes always seem to mention race. Whenever I see The Daily Show FB posts it’s about race. I miss when it was Jon Stewart.

Where can I listen to more of her ❤️

Amen. That monster needs to be put down. Young girls need to be protected.

If R KELLY...a Famous Black Artist was picking up White School girls and/or peeing on a White Girl, without a Shadow of ANY DOUBT the justice system would have found a LOOPHOLE to send him to jail...and this is STRAIGHT FACTS!!!!!!!!

Can someone interview R Kelly ? We need his side to these atrocities.

this has been one of my biggest issues with the rkelly mess. ive heard from other black women blame the girls and women but not rkelly. he's a POS who should be held responsible and not the victims.

Utter bullshyt. All "girls are sexualized. Not just black. We just the latest to want sympathy for the shyt. Dont forget its a white religion out there Morman lds mafukkas out there married to 50 lil girls. Really really under age 12 13 14.

Think about the standard Michelle Obama is held to as compared to the trashy First Lady now.

Case on point—the olympic dr charged & found guilty of sexual assault on mostly white gymnasts. The female athletes were ALWAYS portrayed as victims. ALWAYS. NEVER a suggestion that the athletes or their parents were at fault.

It’s crazy how people place black girls as if we don’t have feelings and deserve respect!

I’m not disagreeing but why all the woman that start these movements seem butt ugly and not attractive. My mind wonders too much . lol

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