Humor and facts



Just after u awake?

Oh you can take a nap right away, it's a fact, look it don't look it up, just trust me

Whenever you damn well please lol ??

Julianne Louman, I thought for sure you must have been the one that posted this.?

Think twice if you still want to wake up,just take a nap immediately

Right away. I try to lay at an angle so any food particles from my last meal kinda fall off the pillow into my mouth.

As quick as you can get from the bed to the couch

As soon as I fluff my pillow, change the channel and throw a dip in.

The time it takes to get out of bed, pee, and wander off to a new comfy spot. ?

Open your eyes look around doing get our of bed turn over n take a nap because if you get up it's a trick you can't go back to sleep so y even get out of bed

What's a nap don't get any

Just the time it takes to visit the loo.thats enough ?

On the weekends....I pee...and get back into bed, put on my sleeping mask with a smile on my freakin naps for me....

Sometimes I take a nap rite after my coffee.

You have to be up at least two hours. Just my opinion

5 minuets


30 minutes

Pelle Johansson det måste va dig dom frågar

As long as it takes to shut the alarm off

After the pee!!!

About 45 minutes

Scarlett mcinnes


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It literally vanishes into thin air, never to be seen again

A smart CEO would read these comments.

It's very irritating and it gets worse with every update. I think the programmers have gone full blown stupid and should actually test the app before they release it.

It will not come back for a long time. Here is a kitten pix to make you feel more calm.

IKR? or when I am reading stories that I have clicked on and some damn sponsored thing or "congratulationgs"

THAT pisses me off!!!!!

Glad I'm not the only one with this problem!

I thought it was my fault

Happens daily ?

Omg i hate that shit!!

Just doing that now...most annoying ?

Or before I accidentally hit the top corner of my phone and everything scrolled to the top ???

Yes, this is a serious issue

Shonna Letourneau this is me trying to find the post Emmy Crow tagged me in so I can show you lol

I hate this new set up where you have to actually post on the item to LIKE it etc. I just skip past everything now

Yeeesss.. hate it!

Grrrrrr FB... leave our shit alone...???

I just experienced that?

Amit Kumar Dash emiti kebe heichhi ? ?


It just happened now ?

Totally true and sooooooo frustrating!

Ashley Randolph this happens to me a lot

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How about spelling cheating correctly.

"Baby, put the knife down..."

She raped me and I accidentally knocked her up (true story)

I never had sexual Relations with that woman

My heart belongs to you but my c*ck is community property.

“I didn’t do anything” “It was before I/we decided to be something serious” “I was just trying to make them feel better about themselves”

If you had been a better girlfriend, I wouldn't have needed her.

You can't get an std from a blow job it's ok ????

I had sex with her, I made love to you.

Who said i was cheating or if I'm gonna be accused i might as well do it ..

Cheating!! I hate it when I can’t share a god damn post because of a misspelled word!! #stupid

Why cant you trust me? You're crazy, i havent done anything. You must be the one cheating being you accusing me.

What? I don't know what you're talking about ? Who told you that? She's lying

“That was in my past” (It was last week)

You must be the one cheating if you are accusing me of cheating. Cheaters always accuse the other half of cheating to deflect attention away from their own cheating. Are you cheating on me?

Believe whatever you want, because it’s not true...

Its nothing your paranoid about it we are just friends

I CHEATED on you because you can't spell

It's not what you think.

Him*Girl I don't no what ur talking about that's my cousin ?????

You come at me with this on the worst day of my life!??? What's wrong with you??!

Eatin' ain't cheatin' and suckin' ain't fuckin' !

You need your lying ? eyes checked agin, your eye exam is way over due!? Cause that wasn't me?

Im loyal when treated right!

You're over reacting It's not like that It's a misunderstanding It wasn't flirting

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Then scratch my ass. I’m in a meeting right now, and can’t really do it because people will see.

Take it from my belly and stuff it about 8 inches lower. Lol

You can take some out all over, except my head, I need to keep all I’ve got up there!

Tiffany Cummins you guys still do Friday funny

Yes please!

And make my ass round again thanks


Sandy Christiansen lol we were just talking about voodoo dolls ?



Yes please !!!

Lisa Moye lmbo teeter totter!

Merinda Gidgup ??? this is gold

Tanu make mine n then tk out the stuffing..... ?



moi ses jours si ? Manuel Séguin Nicolas Lacoste Alisha Brazeau

Soumita Dinda please

Jo Simone and put $10,000 in my pockets

Niabh Finn ??

Barbara ?

???? Toni Rodrigues

Nouisha Greene ??

Ray Zavadil

Ally Johnson ?



Stephanie Martinez, this would be Fifi!

Bernadette Bertrand Pinnataro lmao


Adrián a Obregón Chung te imaginas?

Too funny!


Naughty dog!! ?







Bradley Maverick, totally.


Ashton Pipkin Marley Claire Pipkin???

Lesa Horton ???

Katie Lee ??

Carissa McFadden Chelsey McFadden ?

Adam Harper

Jessica Lee Walker lol

James Leslie

Katie Adams



Republican males view of the world...

Nitika NitiAnurita Saggu yep ☹️

Alex this would be you!! lol

Chase Tobin this would be you ??

That's exactly what my husband would do!!! His "elevator" never went to the top!!! lmao!!! Kicked him to the curb 31 yrs. ago!

Literally some shit Adam would do! Hayley Britt

No need to peel them at all ! Why do people do that ?

Yeah... A buddy of mine, years ago did something similar. He bought stuffed shells then put them in a pot of boiling water, like spaghetti! It was a bit of a mess, but funny later! ?

Yea that sounds like you how you need

Lmao. This is just about it.

because they have selective hearing! drives me NUTS !

Hahaha god luv him ?

Jessie Nevarez lmao ?

Yep! Too funny!

LOL That’s funny



Dean Howe Brian..

Too Funny

Jessica I’m only trying to help!

George Xkidd, saracii de voi.

Austin, u would definitely do this. Lol.. Jk


Samour Smaine☹️☹️

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That's funny I should send that to Lorie

Cute. ?????

Olivia Raymond ????

Suzan Druck

Dennis Jones

Cindi Henley Posey

Martha Ferguson



there are alot of things i wish would go back the way they were

Nooo.. I would not feel safe...I will stay home, be safe and no mosquitos...

Years ago when it was still safe to be in crowds but with all the crime today, I would not feel safe.

There are still a few around, I really enjoy going brings back old memories

Not only drive ins...but how about manners...morals...and respect.

Gangs ruined it here near Chicago. Some people just can't behave

It was nice back in the day when you weren't afrid of getting robbed or shot or shanked going to it

Sounds nice until a small-penis truck parks in front of you

I wish they’d make a comeback, and not be built where trains go blasting through the entire time you’re trying to watch the movies.

Still one up and running in Coldwater mi. The capre drive in. Should check it out. Cool place

Yes and with new technology girls on rollerskates taking food orders and bringing food to your car

There is still an open drive in at Elko-New Market.

There’s still one in Enderby BC?

you won't survive accusations or become a Supreme Court justice

There is one in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod

I want a shagging club where I live

We still have one.?

Would be great

Hell yeah


Paul Daily!

More babies

Need some decent movies.


I do



Brian Erwin roflllllll omg

Matt Fanning Kidding kidding

Lmao Heather Zonnie I can think of a few people ???

Daemien Espindola is this what you do with your cookies?

Matthew And-Ivy Moore the message today haha

I think we all will have somebody we feel like this about!

Babe Crystal Harville

Versha Bagri...yahi karna hai...???

nope, cant think of one person i would like to do this to.

Im not talking, ya cant make me

Evan Woodward I don’t think of you but this is funny

Ole Martin ?? <3

How mean

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Lol!!


Kae An Is this why you hold your Oreo under for so long

Yep ! More times than not !!


Quite a love ?

Fatima Sosa maybe youre cookies and milk habit is not so cute and innocent ?

Haha ang hard Lorenz Tassha

Donna Brown I know a swamp !

Rachel Crandall. This is so me

Tara Dusenberry????

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Hey hey now!! Too soon! Way to soon

Lacy Ignacio McFadden why do I see you doing this?? ??

Brittany Hilliard Cowan I’m gonna be using this one soon ?

Maigan Tina... Thank you, I'll be dreaming on tomorrow morning!??

Tanya Stephenson Johnson I’m going to keep this in mind ?

Hah Dr. Rick. She got you!

Martha Granados Briana Granados Courtney Beagle gonna start using this

Angel Jenkins lmao

That is good

Samantha Abigail ??‍♀️??? xxx

Jarna McIntosh.....hahahaha lol ?

Dustin BeenerDustin lol

Dhara Milind...?? Kavita K Loganathan

Lindsay Olsen Kim Coombe lol

You! Angela ?

Matt ??

Martha Burris this made me think of you!

Rick Rzepka ???

Casey Taylor haha

David Rogers!!!!

Angie Whatley I'm gonna try this with Mark ?

Faith Garcia

Patti Avery ??

Mikel Smith

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Anna Leigh "fam" ?

Rikki Bourque how We felt in hip hop ??? Tiffany McZeal

Everything you do is based on the choices you make. Its not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument, or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make, period.

Blake Sayer take notes pal

I'm not

Totes Peter xxx ???

k fam

Or 37

Nor am I 27.

Helen Mullen ??☝?

Ruby Vo lol

Lisa Byrne ?

Taylor Hoinacki Andrew Wibben

Chris Tait ?

Amira Randolph

Samantha Ford DeSimone

Kristin Cipriano

Dave Tennyson

Ryan Metcalf


No. The stupidest shit is when they add a "T" at the end of words that end with "ed". Learnt..... So fucking stupid



Looks like a horrible waste of water.

Alyssa Robinsonplenty of room for both of ussss

Jayne Sanders we need this

What a waste.... many people with need of water and we make it worse

Kloie Pickering this is neat

How to make my water bill the most expensive bill I pay problem solved....


I think I would drown in that flow!??

I’d be allll over the fucking place

Ganto gsto ko Gilbert ?

I'd live in that shower hahaha


Oh my yes l would love one.


Anna Rose Beilfuss too bad your bailing

Love it.

Yes please!

That's awesome.

Alexandra I need this

Andrew Bart.. I would still find a way to hog the water haha

Morgan McDonald Cameron Seaman Tyler Yuhas


Renee Johnson

Corey Wheeler

Brenden James Wurr

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Samantha Tipton Clay Tipton this reminded me of your booty poppin last night!!!! Lmao

Good morning monkey.


Good morning!

Good morning

Good Morning

Hey, good-looking Good morning.

Good morning sexy

Good morming!

Good morning

Adam Pasche??????

Wyatt Hull lol

Jason Benbow ???

Lali Topete Jelin Jimenez

Anne Giddings

Sharon Elliott

Gracie Valverde



Kelly Still Deb Ford Samantha Lines ??????? x

I look every morning lol just in hopes , lmao I like under 40 ppl , but everyday I think this!!!

Hell ya they need to

Lol good one.

I send people a message,

ohh yea

Lisa ? ?

yes lol

Me too!!



Kj Yates ???‍♀️?‍♀️


Sonya Walton ???

Nitika NitiAnurita Saggu

Melissa Fecher

Jemma Foulkes ??

Amber Caldwell ?

Evan Fresquez

Simone Verita Robinson

I blocked someone on the Facebook chat/text. I was at work and my boss was getting on me for the pinging. So I told him to stop, he keep on. I blocked him he unfriended me. What a chump.



Am i the only one that DIDN'T ever get told this??? I've showered so many times in storms and never known this wtf ? ovos the unloved child ?

It 's true you guys. There have been people struck while in the bathroom. My ex was struck while on a landline telephone. And read this: s it Dangerous to Shower During a Thunderstorm? Throughout your life, you have a 1 in 600,000 chance of being struck by lightning, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). ... The NWS says it is indeed possible to be struck while showering because lightning can travel through your pipes.Jun 17, 2018

True and phones too. We also unplugged tv and radio?

Way back then there was a real reason for it. Steel water pipes and some stupid people that used these pipes as the house electrical ground. Now most houses have cpvc pipes. It won’t happen anymore.

I went to a stupid Catholic nuns school when I was little, n those IDIOTS made us little kids get under our desks ,girls had to put a scarf ,pulled all the shades down, go around unplugging everything!!!! WHILE PRAYING THE ROSARY A.THRU THE WHOLE PROCESS. Oh my GOD I grew UP EVEN NOW so afraid of thunder storms n bathing n even washing my hands. I REALLY GREW UP HATING THOSE PINGUINS!!!

Yes I don't wash dishes,use washing machine or. Take bath if a cloud even comes up. I unplug washer, dryer, learned to respect Mother Nature when living on the coast of Georgia.

My brother-in-law actually got struck in the shower after being warned. Lightning hit the ground outside and it came through the water pipes. He couldn't see for 6 hours and now won't shower when it's raining. Lmao

The place probably isn’t electrically grounded which means yes you could get hurt.

Very true, lighting struck our house once, burn mark between the toilet and tub.

And I have passed on the same to my kids ?

Not familiar with this one. I am familiar with you shouldn't use a landline phone during a lightning storm because if the phone line gets struck by lightning and the electricity travels through the wire and could make the phone explode into your ear or face.

Oh yes she did, so now as an adult I’m petrified to take a shower, do dishes or go anywhere near water during a thunderstorm.

couldnt talk on the phone either. i just talked to my mother in law (88 years old) a couple of weeks ago and we were having a bad storm and she said she better let me get off the phone lol!

It’s actually true. Water & electricity. If a lightning strike happens close by is can cause a severe even fatal shock.

Only if showering outside in the rain

I think everybody's parents said that. I even said it to my own kids

Yes, lighting can strike the water line outside and run in.

Yup my mom said the same thing.

it is true about running the water in your house during a lightening storm

Ground lightening to water pipe-. Zap, not funny!!.

We had it come up thru the bathroom sink when I was a kid.

its true if the plumbing isn't grounded this is indeed a fact

Myth busters did a show on it and said it was possible

Or talk on the telephone during a thunderstorm

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