Humor and facts

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Humor and facts

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Lauren Stendardo???

Jill Marie

This is crystal and crystal wears whatever tf she wants too, be more like crystal.

Lol ?

Tiffany Henderson

Fiona Smith

Jill Mooney Hennessey?‍♀️

Katie ???

George Berry

Sammy Jansen?

James doesn't put his nose in other ppl's camel toe... Be like james...

Jill Squires ??

Shirel Harris ???

Sara ? this made me think of you


Jill ?

Jill Moncus????

Jillian Murphy?

Jill Angevine Forney ?????


Dont be Jill.

Kendalle Barling Kerry Fitzsimmons ????

Thanks Jill



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Humor and facts

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Matt White

Victor Scott

No shit Anthony cuneo

I wish my Bill's where only 700. Thatd be cheap.

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Humor and facts

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Still beautiful to her husband...or explain the five kids

Susie Moorehead

Casey Enriquez

Amir Ramezani

Malin Swede??

Ramona Hostettler


Noor Zafar ?

Joshua Erhardt

Jennifer Montez ???

Jacob Snider???

Sorcha Nic Craith



John Vanderburg

Damaris Betancourt true?❣️


Howard Learmouth


Khadija Khan ?

Sev Dosh?

Lol ?

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Humor and facts

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Cátia Silva morri ?

Holly Peters


Gabrielle Murch

I totally agree. I go shopping for my grand daughters, It is so hard to find shots that go below there cheeks. discusting.

Amanda Colgrave someone we know with a dress

Harley Tucker you'll like this one???

Tabitha Stepetz Sophie Boag Georgia Payne ?

if parents stopped buying hem then maybe they will wake up an make proper clothing for young ladies.


Nioka ???

Sharon Donoghue few should say this to the next bunch

For sure!!!!

Rhea Shrestha?

Long vaginas are the worst, don’t trip


oh yes please lol

Yes please

Jordan Emily Meade???summer is coming

I agree betty

Tell it Sista



Lol right?

She would be the one to tell someone that too lmao ??

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Humor and facts

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Malika Ahmad too late.

John Dillenger said.... Dont think of it as a bank robbery!! Think of it as a story to tell your grandkids?? ITS ALL GOOD!!

Darryl James White

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Humor and facts

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Now im a believer

And now I'm a believer ???

Ian McPherson

Amy Jakes

Now I'm a believer

I’m a believer

Elizabeth May Clarke Taylor Judge


Glen Hardy

Now I'm a believer

Waimarie ??

Sharon Beller???

Now I'm a believer... :)

But he couldnt leave her if he tried!! ?


Heard she left him for Admiral Mike ☺?

Homer Villarreal

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Humor and facts

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David Cody

You crazy but that's one way to fix it alright lol

BabeCrystal Harville

Michael Prasad ideas dad lol

Lol Nadine Henry I'm workn on it hahaha

Wade Driftwood ?????

Filip Jaman

Wyatt Barelman

Thomas Grandin?

Siobhan Ni Mhathuna Paddy should do this to shut me up .

Tommy Mc ?????

I am pretty sure Harv will like this because I am the worst passenger! ???

Tabbyy Laroe ?✋??

Right LOL

Rayray Nelson ??

Clint Cridland

Margarita Castillo I found the problem w your car

that would be Jeff definitely..?


Jose Salas ride solo

David Dominguez

Aingel JV Djk

That’s funny !

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Humor and facts

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Karen Samson

Ricardo Ochoa alrato mi perro me va mirar asi cuando le compre comida barata. ??

Alex Martinez Moreno

Shamara Williams

Robby Drought

Dammit Karen!!! Rachel Frank

Angela Marie

Paige Gibbins

Beth Bryan Robertson Here's addie

Emma Magson ?

Karen Nina Steadman

Karen Gomez haha ?

Rebecca LambertPaige Autumn

Wendy Adams Smith ?

Zach Dolenar ????

Fab Rodriguez ?

Lmfaooo never in a milliin years would i go back to kibble 100% raw has given me the BEST results and a much happier girl??


Wtf Karen.

Karen Okerstrom Parente ?


Those Karens ??


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Humor and facts

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Aaron haha!!

Jeff Sequeira - the good old days..Shikha jaise netflix fans kaha samjhege even if netflix can be paused

Cameron Warren ??

Kristen Sandison

Good old days

Deborah Black ???

Naia?? det kan jeg huske

Paul Hand

Ramona Hostettler weisch no ???

And having to watch ads.

Aishwarya Nath

Soooooo true. Lol

Jessica Cole we deffo did this

You can pause Netflix!

that was fun :3

Or hauling ass into the living room to catch the Simpson's New couch position

The good days!!


Martin Lee the days of 90210!!

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Humor and facts

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Cheap ass date!

I love my naps done got used too them

Yes!! But don’t talk during the movie! Just don’t!!!!

They are lol

Sounds perfect for when I hit 70! Geezer dating rules be different than for young'ns Maybe for Geezers getting engaged is buying the same plaid flannel jammies and matching slippers? forget diamonds, who has the time to enjoy them?

Lol yup sleep like a baby ?

And this is how you have kids

Rhiannon Lincoln our slurpree and afternoon sunshinr naps

I like that

Jeffrey Poff ???

Right if you're napping at a Hilton

Holley Kristine Marty Smeby Jr. this made me think of y’all?

Megan Mckenzie Wilke

I have a picture of my husband and I asleep on the couch...after all day babysitting grandbabies...parents came home and we passed out?

Shelby Nicole

Alannah ?

and then see who sleeps in the puddle lol

Robert Boutwell

Rebecca Allsopp Jodie Fowkes Kelly Muse

Darren McGee

I ?% approve!

Dimitri Meynendonckx ?

Charity M Styers

Yez peeze.

Greg Nick Thompson

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Humor and facts

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Talha Khan wind see kuch yaad aya?

Rut Ro!!

Malin vilken avancerad vind ????


Where are these generous winds?

Shit the wind must've blown them drugs up your nose too ?

It happens?

Dang! That always happens to me! ;)

Yes I've heard that a problem many have ???

And if that fails play race card

I thought it was snow! Lol

Did the wind light it up to


Jordyn woods, that u?

I got to give her credit. Never heard that on before!? Good luck with that.?

Lying is so trendy these days... People will say any old damn thing ???

Seems to be happening more and more these days....

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Humor and facts

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Jacob Hiscoe

Charlene West Theo Savlovschi-Wicks Jasmine Yeates

Laura Sarah Shannon Natalie ??? xx

Jacob Zuniga

Amanda Silva ???

Lauren Mcallister

Lauren Tiara not us!

River Marie Hardy ?

Starlett Billington

Sarah Hatch, man I’m on a roll today! I crack myself up ???

Frances Jackson lol

Gianna Marie Lavelle me

Susan Jamieson Reichert


Neidaa Torres

Me too. It’s a sloppy joe & chips night. No healthy eating here.

Grace Bittle



Susie Moorehead

True story

??? Jeremy All fat and stupid!! ???

Your not fat

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Humor and facts

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Claire Harper me to you when i do your makeup ???????

Seriously though do you have to be so rude

Corey Lissik

Natalie Berdahl

Krissy Kae ❤

Equi Grace Kelly read this in your voice ?

Audrea Stahl

Seriously wow what happened to the educated side of town. Used to comedians were considered very intellectual. I guess anybody can get that job now huh?

Sharon Leedy - Fountain Alexandria Gumfory Jaclyn Marie Conkling

Krystal Harder Walsh Susan MacKinnon Harder ?

Paridhi Rajvanshi

Utkarsh Dixit Parigyan Tamuly

Donna Gregory

Miralis Davis

Natalie Wethers! Xx

Amanda McGrath your weekly reminder ???

Gabriel Lincoln your daily reminder ?

Brandi Bichard here's a reminder to drink your water

Marisol Gutierrez

Lena Pratnicki????

Hiraa Rizvii

Line Frederiksen ??‍♂️

Laura Shea

Sabrina Pimms

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Humor and facts

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I believe mostly came here checking out comments before or even really googling it Well? I did

Is it a 10 mm socket ?

My friend Marty was looking for one of these, for FUTURE reference when he comes BACK I'll give him this site and info

You can also look up 121gmf for the Mr fusion upgrade

Awe man they are all sold out.

Well that put a smile on my face lol

That is so cool. I love it.

That's awesome

Hahahaha. Joshua Oliver here you go. Now it has been found. Please search.

Lol I love how it says you can upgrade to part 121GMF lol ? ? ? as a MF ?

That’s awesome!

I’m putting in on my VW Sharan ??

Can't decide what year !!!??✨⚡️

It will take you back to the future

I wonder if you can go in one of the stores and ask em for 1 lol

That’s awesome! ❤️?

That’s too funny. Would love to have one.

Meh just a cheap jump scare

If only purchase was possible

It was well worth the search lol

This is awesome

Deadly, pity its outta stock

Super cool. Can it be retrofitted to a Hilux ?

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Humor and facts

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Haha Thomas Högberg det värsta som kan hända ???

Hvad gjorde man dengang der lå en gammel avis eller en telefonbog på lokummet og intet at vaske hænder i. Jeg er en gammel kone der har overlevet, men er glad for mit wc med rindende vand og en vask til at vaske hænder i.????

All of the above. Who fuggin cares. B glad u got some is al im sayin

No is yes in my house

The right way is the ‘no’ way here. The resistance of the roll allows you to pull the paper off without holding the roll. You go try that with the ‘yes’ way...! You’ll end up with half a bog roll all over your floor.

No is right!!!!

I'm the No person! I always like it under and my babe Benjamin likes it the yes way which is over! It's weird how people do their toilet paper differently. Didn't know there was a proper way to actually put your toilet paper on the rack whether it's over or under it shouldn't matter but the monster part they say is definitely not ok in my book that just means that you are way too lazy to put the toilet paper onto the rack thing when you are sitting right next to it and it takes only a couple of seconds to do it.!

Who cares as long as it cleans my ass

I'm a monster

Bill Schmitt so strange that this came up on feed. I’m being stalked by FB.

To each their own.

Guess we are monsters in my house. We dont even have a tp holder

why the "no way" is bad?

I use no but whatever

No is the proper hang ???

Only one way it goes

As long as there is a roll within reach...there is no problem.

Paul Reida I guess that explains it LoL

just put the toilet pater the bathroom Dam!

There are ways to do thing’s correctly and not.

Christina Lundy, this must be some sort of code that you have worked on. .._. __._ ..._!

Yes all the way

First of all... the top people must have never had cats that play with toilet paper because the second option is the best way to put the roll on. ?‍♀️

I usually get the last one but without the roll on top

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