Humor and facts



Yesi Lisette C



Most definitely.... its a sad thing when you have to worry about stuff like that.

Dave Litzinger, this looked like something you would post so I simply had to tag you. ??

I so understand that lol

True ???

That makes no sense to

Maggie Mc Closkey

Chitwan Bagga Vivin John ????

Sam Robinson ???



Lol possums need love too

Isaiah???‍♀️ it’s our husky

That's not weed that's acid .. pot don't do that ...unless it's laced

Linda MacNeill Canham

Narine Valentino?

Kyle French

Matt Long

Tammy Bell

Jenny Sanchez

Alejandro Arevalo



Leanne Thompson ?? excuse the language had to share it with u after our chat lol

I already put my tree up myself.

Sarah Britton ?

Vivin John

Sahil ModgilGurie Manoor




Alexander Richter warum denke ich direkt an dich

Natalie Lynn hahahaha

Haha....Kyle Helker

Chitwan Bagga Anurita Saggu Nitika Niti

Seancey Chauncey Vickie Creek ??

Sahil ModgilGurie Manoor

Gail Lucey Cull ?

Amber Eckhart Schuelke

Vivin John

Darren Walton

Nicky Payne Terrence Davis

Bev Wowak

Jackson Spanton

Kara Jean Cook



Marie Mariani

Shelley, is this you before coffee? LMAO

Chris Delgado me and you

Angelina a glass of Stok?

Jenny-ann Phillips ?

Teresa Kavanagh



To a tee. Wait until you get your dog! Then you will have two to worry about.

Tralee you to a T


I love pussy too

Shannon Green I am not sure about the responsibility one totally ?

Renee JonBenete ? m'doket osht e dyta here qe t'etiketoj!☺️

Uma Tamang yo chai tero mitini le lekeko hunuparcha hai

Isabella Bella weil hat was mit Katze zu tun:D

Mayara vc

Muzaffar Ahmad tag hamza

Jaden Starr DeGree;) ♡

Summer Poland

Madi Carlson

Beth Collins

Sebastian Italiano


Tami Holley Erin Massie Renee Cottrill Taylor Marie Cottrill

Shylynn Fulford

Joylin Pais Jyothsna Pais

Nicole Duthie

Kaelah Wigan

Claire Bear Pettet

Meghan Carr

Molly Justice

Barbara Joyce

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I’m sober and my brain and stomach both say “NOPE.”

I'm sober n my head is hurting looking at it let alone walking across it I'd die it's to trippy

Leah Marie Jacobs and Rachael Carter could you imagine us in Vegas with all hall pictures what this would do to us??

Or Vertigo ??

i would get sick

This carpet is too old admin, change it please.

i like it ohh yea

Hahah fuck that, I’d crawl. Drunk and sober ?

Omg I know!!!! I wouldn't be able to handle it. ?

Brandon Thomlinson kinda like the motel wallpaper in St. Louis

Wouldn't like to walk along it sober never mind drunk!

where can i get some of that carpet

Kirsty Minikin think I may have some OCD coz this carpet makes me I'll with out a drink lol x

this would be absolutely the worst. makes me dizzy just looking at it

I think even without beers it can still be a challenge

It would be more of a challenge if You were sober

Lines r dead straight I have had 2 bottles of wine tho ?

Twould be great on a cruise ship during rough weather.

that type of humor will cost them business ??

Hayley Perry imagine waking up and trying to get too shitter after seeing that lol

it's a challange sober as well.

I'm dizzy just looking at it!!!

Tatiana imagínate con otra cosa loco jajaa Un paso y nos quedamos filosofando mal plan.. y.. valimos jajaj..

Regina Nijland ik heb nieuwe vloerbedekking uitgezocht??

Fuckkkkk ya

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Smh lol

The feeling though

You are crazy

Ellie Louise Davenport

Chukee acabame de cagar!!! Lmaaao

Lol. Lol. Lol.

Ronnie Hooks

Shane King

Patricia Johnson... Lol

Jennifer Montez

Kayla Byers

Taylor Joy

Mike Greco

Lisa Herrera Jennifer Montez ??

Trump turd



Izzy Piland you

Tracy Morales this was u u held your ground was funny as hell but proud u did it..?

Lauren Kuhn OMG me! example: first night in Buffalo...

Maggie Michele - know anyone like this?

I'm that friend too...

I use to be, but, I am not anymore. Serenity Now!

My whole life ????

yea me

Ludo you are


I would be ur bestfriend and best enemy hahaha

That's a little bit of me

I'm the one yeah ??

So me


Jo Williams Denise Wormy Natasha ?

Erin Lowrie Kate Delaney

Phil Burt Jackie Andrews Kayleigh Grundy

Aruna Jyothin bewarez

Angela Drayton lol

Zaki Ahmed

Mohamed Ameen

Marie Mariani



yup that s me


Yep pretty much .

I prefer staying up it's the only time that's peaceful and quiet.

? Sounds familiar.... ?

Pretty much!


Hannah Wirth

Clare Hutchinson



This is you Roëlla??

On my couch ?

Laura omg this is you ??? xx

I love doing this.. wish I had someone to share it with me ?❤???

Melissa Miller that's you

you forgot and your DILDO lol

Lol. Truth. Me too. Lol

Yes this is me!!

Lee Pack ?



LETS GO .....................................

Don't need nothin but the fire....if it decides to STOP RAINING

Where is the bathroom ?

And me...?

I'd prefer a warm beach any day!

I do....?


I'm ready

I would settle for just friends .

No Fire please I live in California

Myrna Scott Christi Herman Bromley Yeeeeeesssssss!

Sanne Og Per Nielsen var det noget ??

Katie Randall Matt Lush !

Daniel, Rob.... wird Zeit.

Besa Fazliu Renee JonBenete Leonora Deliu

Sammy Keay Dave Savage Shaun Lloyd Winstanley

Michelle Poskitt Jessica Gaston



5 mins into work@ Jennifer Gonzalez-Berrios Keily D. Guichardo

Sammy Ellis what are you doing on the floor?


Have you ever considered charging for your time and attention?

Phil Stone ??‍♀️


Jake Carlson

Rosey Almano

Alexis McKay

Patricia Johnson

Laura Vaher

Cassandra Papa ?

That's me after a day working 3 parking parkcades 9 hrs a day ya c all kinds

I think I have seen this scene before, Paul

Chitwan Bagga Harpriya Gill nah never ever ever

Me everyday

Tanuja Das

Devin Bennet

Jenny Sanchez



Taking the fifth would be better

I'm taking the Fifth!!!?

Said Abbes