Humor and facts




Keith McMahon?

Abigail Douglas



Jennifer Clark



Sean Mulvenna ??? remind u off someone lol

Shannon Michelle Nicola Lorraine Carla Kiera ? ?

Danathan Coplan ??

Kelly Wolf



Joe Maggio imagine


Lauren Stendardo ?

Brittany Lorena

Ofer Agady

Sparta Jon something u'll do as a doc ???

Josh Lane

Sahil ModgilGurie Manoor

Beth Delcie I wonder if I can get McCammon to do this to mine Thursday ??

Joe Maggio imagine

Vivin John

AmyLilly Paz good thing our scars don’t look like this ???


Kevin Parker ??

Cyrus Meads imagine if ur hand got stitches like this

Kim Eden Prince

To add to your Karl Bowman

Karen Jackson Meyers

Could see one of our drs doing this ?? Yancy Beard Brooke Ashlyn Bentley

Paul Coxon

Garrett Brock

Justin Green ya this point I wouldn’t be surprised lol

Sabina Nilsson skulle kunna hända mig

James Armstrong




????? that’s hilarious!!



Too funny. I bet she was pleased

Lol yes that would be me lol

Lol I believe you would!!

That’s awesome



You sent it yesterday ha

Ha ha!????

Omg so funny!

Lol lol lol & worth the $20 co-pay .....

Haha! Love it!! Kinda exciting! Huh?

Oh shit that’s funny ?


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Sharon Cratch Rehmert LMAO

Ross Lapish heaters

Eric Blaydes

I know plumbers like that

Haha had to read that twice


Allan Goodhand ?


Jerry Chandler: this is your kind of joke! ?


Kyle McReynolds lmfao

Steven Taylor?????

Erkki Päivärinta


William Martin !!!!

Mike Daglish

Anastasia Markwell

Andy Damveld

Jeremy Bush

Carroll Moore

Michael Adams... ??

Tara Ochoa Chanique Spires lol

Andrew Sturgess

Nichole M. Collins

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Dhara Milind Milind it???

Holly Van Steyn I see you!

Dianne Robertson ?

Isa Olsson Nicole Moulin ?

Jolin asså så Magda ???

Kristine Gilchrist omg!! ??

Is not my dog lol


Good pup

Shyann Swart

Al Smith

Maddy Lisa

Colene Wingfield should be moms dog ?????

Maya Harfouche Zouein roxy

Hanna ?

Kacey Flores-Rodriguez lol

Andrew Canchon RUBY!!! Deborah Garza Gonzales Michelle Valero??

Jenny Ek precis som våra damer ?‍♀️

Lol Snickers Heather Saechao ??

Rishabh RAj

Carla Stewart

Armando Rivera

Laken Davila ??

Breanna-Jayde Kitching ?

Elana Warren ??‍♂️ lol



Danielle you're the only one I can send smart memes to. Nicole just snorts at me.

Don't understand don't get it can somebody explain


Post about Viagra then.

Your getting physical!!!?

Elements of the periodic table...

A nurse would

The base is under a salt....

Assuming people are unaware. Silly

Like that a lot



Very funny and clever


Hahaha good one

Good one......????


But I'll understand it. ???


Petrona Egan do you think Blake would understand this joke? ??? Kaitlyn O'Reilly Debra Pappas

Some stole my gold necklace and I said...A u give it back

They'll be here till Thursday! Try the veal!!!

Funny shit ??

Still not funny even if you do understand it... ?‍♂️

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Laura Marie Elliott you need this ??

Estefania Del Mastro ?

Andrea Birač you?

Brenda Marzano. Lmao aunt Brenda, is that you?! ??

Megan Conway ???

Sarah Coan Tracy Grace Alannah Grace

Britty Stanton show Suzie

Rikke ville ønske jeg havde den nummerplade på min gamle bil ?

Charliey Menton

Haylee Murphy

Teenee Flamer Weidner



Not funny it’s hilarious

LMFAO! ???

Not funny

Martin Sei

Not realy funny




Lol Sophie Sheather and Chloe Bagnall

my life


? ? af!!!!!

Shayne Nguyễn =)))


Renee Noriega... LoLo

Raneen Abu Ahmad Siri rocks!


Melissa Tucker

Hamna Ahmed

Rooks Buitenissig

?? Cadie Champion

Nikki Bebe


Who's this!? Isaias Danny Martinez David Mendez Elidio Diaz

Toreka Long

Jershika Kumar this biiiiitch ?

Ankush Kumar

Akayla Dorris-Cuthbertson Cierra Batchelder



Claire Sanderson u without the turn ha ha ??

Beth Pell. ?

Kaity bahaha

Christine Vinson

Natasha lol

Nely Castrejon this shit right here hahaha all you

Shirley Martin can you & Kym do that one day? ???


Yes...mean ass customers

Fatasia K. Hamil I wouls

Katy Nicholson feel like this is you

Alicia .. lol

Raneen Abu Ahmad ??

Mike Lydon

Courtney Morey ??

Kontessa Keith ?

Sidsel Meldgaard Pedersen



Yessssss ? Built in Pockets on a dress means we can put our chapstick, debit card, and a small bottle of lotion in there ?

Karen Masters this is us !! Haha ??

When u thk, we actually do exactly that. Hands in those pockets. Just saying ?

Laura ??? xx

That's exactly wat I do lmao!?

Its so true lol

Jan Falconer

Sarah Cohoon ☺️??

Keely Anne every time!!

Rachel Roil

Jennifer Boyle

Susan Glancy



Jade ????

OCD kickin' in?

That made me twitch before I even read the comment ?


Dylan Gurner ??

Kaye Kiernan ????

Haidie Aaes ?

Gunnar Robb

Suzette Bryson

Qudsiya Parveen

Sarah Herlihy

Freya Young

Ashley Dawn Mantz

Ida Gustafsson?

Kimberly Joshlin lol

Richelle Sierra

if that was at my house i would cut a rectangular piece out of the middle lol done this with cake fucks with the wifes head lol



Omg ? ? ? ??????

Benjamin Gediman

Garrett Brock Maranda Brock

Digy Odog

Jeanette Dorney Ford

Tapan Kolay