Humor and facts

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Humor and facts

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Marj Jones Is this why you never took me or Caitlin Jones to Toys R Us??

They shut down almost 4 ever, in u.s for good but 3 places

Becki Dodds...dare i tag keri in this ??

They are closed now...jokes in them..

I seen this couple of months ago. That's crazy ain't it? How's it going

Why can I so see you actually doing this?????????❤️❤️?

Toys-R-Us jokes, officially out of style. What, are you going to tell me how to get banned from Blockbuster next?

Just a joke...haha

Stella Taplin. Animal friendly ??

Look kinda shitty considering the situation today ya think ya could of done better??

Lyndsay Perrins this made me think of something you’d do haha

Da Vel that would be u..?

Haha jokes on them band lifted ? reek havoc


Didn’t know Tim worked at a Toys R. Us

Revenge of the Pink Panther...

That is really funny.

Sophie Kate this be your mum ??

Alissa Libres?kpatid ni black panther

Ryan Yansick, were you at toys r us that day???

Just saying Wendy ?

Caitlyn who would do this?

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Humor and facts

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Helen Baxter me back in the day lol

And a designated couch seat as well.

Mine used to, now I'm in a new relationship with a real person!! Lol!

So true lol ????

Dakota ? or my kindles and iPod

Challenging!! ?

So me ???

Exactly myself!?




Heidi Lintula ???

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Humor and facts

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Amanda Miller i tell you what ?

Katy Marie you in?!?

Taimay Lee? and Brandy Radford.

Brittany Libby lets go!!!

The nicest vacation I've ever been to was at the Austin TX Rehabilitation Center for 45 days... ???

Dawn Scovel hahahaaa BLUEBERRY

Why didn't I think of this? ?

Eller hur, Jenny Axelsson.. ??

Nice, quiet vacation

Lol! Maybeeeee

Kelsey Dustin

Patty Morris

Caylee Harper

Candy Swilling

Jarrod St Johnwood

Jim Gibbs

Pam Griffes

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Humor and facts

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Elsewhere on meme I would,say but a tough one to

Ok this is funny????


Josh Stumblingbear Josh Stumblingbear I need to tag all 10 of your accounts

Candy Swilling got reported twice I didn’t know I had a bunch of snowflakes on here ?

Mark Michaels Matthew Rawlins Tristan Byrd

Sondra Burlingame ?

Connie Turner?

Gurie ManoorSahil Modgil

Samantha Eddie Edwards Brooke Vanessa James

Christopher Gill

Adjoa Teennha Tee

David Schmidt

Kayleigh Knipe

Nathan Skinner

Chris Chapman

Derek Doss

Fiona McCarthy

Aisha Giffin ??


Ja Watson Skid Ro Jason Watson

Fodi Granger

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Humor and facts

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Denise Turner i laughed way too hard ??

Karen Beach ???? I thought you might like this one!!!

Haha, my ex???

I like this, lol

Do true...think about it!!!???


Boom!! ?



Debbie ??

Gurie ManoorSahil Modgil

Daniella Martinez ??

Adjoa Teennha Tee

Sarah Herlihy


Stefani Cronmiller

Julie Brown

Elaine Dobbins Tovey??

Dakota Routh

Erin Nelson

Exactly! Stay off my fucking grass troll, leech bitch!

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Humor and facts

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I remember those days clothes falling off all around me

Damn straight!

If you are a slag

Connie Borck * smirk *

That's true back in the day

Thats sounds more like a magician...#BoomEffect?

? shit the games up ???????

This definitely sounds like fun !!


So naked but hilarious

????? yup

Ayaw jud cgeg katawa Thea Abas Tio???


Cute babe.

Rebekah Healey ? hahaha x

Jane Louise lol x

False. I'm hilarious and I've never had that happen. Then again I'm fugly.

Mick Whybrow

Wayne King Jr.

???? Taylor Dumas

Noo Gray

Lori Hain

Hillary Gould

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Humor and facts

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Sometimes I really wish they could hear. S

Brittany Bates you!!!

I am so like that to because I think people are so rude and have no respect and they dont know how to say excuse when there trying to get by you which that's really stupid

I am so like that. Because sometimes people are rude..stupid.. Egotistical..and downright arrogant.

That is so true, but I was raised if you think it you may as well say it, for God knows what you are thinking already, and he is the main one?

But sometimes it just runs down into my mouth, and jumps off my tongue like it's a diving board ! 😮

I am Edgar Cassey bro I can understand

Sometimes what I don't want to say just hops out anyway.

Me too I would be

My favorite line.....oops did I just say that out loud hahahaha!

Ya i guess so,

So true.......

Very true ?

Now This is the Lords truth!



Oh you have no clue…

Joel ???

Joanne Jones Brad JonesI need this on a t shirt

Sarah Britton ?sounds familiar??

Payton Amber

Denise Turner

Jim Fraser

Ann Stokes

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Humor and facts

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Thats not parenting thats lack of respect and having a bratty kid do to some kind of short coming on the parents side

Never had to do it once I give my daughter look she knew there was no argument, and obey but she wasn't happy lol

No your a horrible parent because your kid don't know how to behave and not throw tantrums

My son knows better than to act out in public. He tried it once and got embarrassed and hasn’t done it since. #Winning ???

I have done this many times.Both my girls were raised the same and one was a whole lot more head strong than the other. That was 20 years ago and I still have a very head strong young lady.She digs her heels in when it something she believes in. I have never worried about her standing up for herself.

Never had daughter was raised right and realized that kind of behavior was not nice. If she saw other children acting out, she had a "Wow" look on her face....

Thats,true most parents are unfit parents,who don't watch there kids rite at stores or to the laundry mat or else where they either need to leave there kids at home or with. A baby sitter to watch them well

Here's a true memory our family lived close to the movie theater l would watch my brothers while parents worked. Sometimes we would walk to see a movie..they had to get on the frount row. During the middle of the movie one pulled a tooth and dropped it, couldn't find it. Well that involves me, the usher and the lights being turned on, never found it. That was when children still believed in the tooth fairy. HD to almost drag(had to) him home crying about not getting to put his tooth under the pillow.

Anna Maria :)))) Nu ai dat încă testul suprem, ei lasa ca mai ai timp :))))))

If you haven't had the RED not BLUE agreement with a 3 yr old. Your NOT a parent.

Kelly Nash them feels ??‍♀️

Had to leave the state fair like that once ?... not the store tho...

Or you are lucky enough to have a happy laidback child like I did.

I never had to and I had 8

Reino De Vaal we are certainly parenting

Omg Alaira Burley Sallerina eddy at the stores in Cambridge ???

Very true!

Jy ken my al te goed lol!! Jean-Mari Germishuys

Hannah McLean cant wait to witness you do this with Avery ???

Vincenzo Caccamo ?

Amy Elizabeth

Erin Sutcliffe-Mallia

Jayde Wiles

Christine Hutchings

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Humor and facts

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Ann Scott Katrina Ross Steele yous two ?

Adjoa Teennha Tee u cnt relate

Ashley Cano yup.

Chin up. Tomorrow could be the best day ever. You don’t know til it gets here. PMA. ❤️❤️

Amy Tyrrell that's us??

Remember there is the day after tomorrow, you be alright

Ezrie Scott back to work yay

Just thinking about it am finished kikiki Monday blues

Poor Kermit! He doesn't know how to ?F.R.O.G.!?

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Yep, and the next day, and the next day....

I'm like. That a lot of the time

I know I am

Ah poor little groggy....NOW HOP IT



Jessica Bijster Moest meteen aan jou denken.. ???

Especially on Monday ?????



Me too

Amy Lee hahahaha

Hey you

Me lol

Donna Boobyer..i legit just said this hey ahahhahaha

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Humor and facts

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Snigdha Samanta This is me trying to flirt.

Hey boy, do you live at the zoo? Cause you look like you belong in a cage.

Not sure if this line would work with a woman..but it is funny.

I read that in Barry White's voice. Loved it!

Funny ?


Carli Woods lmao! Since you are a zoo keeper?

Becca Ford you need to find a guy that talks to you like this ?

Keeper Collene ???

Chanel ?

Kelsey Lucas ????

Angie Warren, Jessica Lorraine

Tori Watson ??

Paddy Moran Mark Jennings

Alex Jackson Chris Sleater

Helmut Lang ?


Monica Brandhuber ?

Mills Harper Smith

Michelle Shay ??

Ebony Telford

Ashley Spears

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Humor and facts

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Life still going to be way harder

Good , children need strong parents , parents that give them love , understanding, time we need to do our best , because when you let them do what ever they want now , they will be awful adults and it's to late. You can discipline and love them and guide a good parent not the parent that gets THIER ass kicked by THIER own kids.

Yeah and I spanked him too when he screwed up and did something wrong because time out didn’t work on my child, so put me in jail I’m not one of ur pc idiots

??and then they become Teenagers

Was told that when I was raising my kids. Think they turned out pretty good.

Yeah ones a royal marine the others got a degree

"Be careful......there is a breaking point.....then suicide!"

I can honestly say this


Brittney Monreal... well except for brody n Bryce Monreal wait Brandon Pinte is and well bry.... dam sorry I guess I was only hard on u lol

Got that right !

Abbi Jones ?

Jyoti Dhyani Sharma???

Evelyn Medina

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Humor and facts

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Where’s the bathroom?

No way José might come and go at the same time by getting hit by lightning??

Absolutely definitely yes x

Pee in a bush? Is that a metal frame and you’re surrounded by trees? Nah you’re alright mate...

If we're talking thunder, lightning, and rain, or a not too cold snow... Absolutely. S

Id need to know this isnt airtight lol it might get hot.

No way for me but my husband yes Eric Durand Elijah Day

Yes as long as that stormy night doesn't involve hurricane or tornado force winds. I am not into being impaled by glass

Yeah... Anything but a triangle though

No would be all steemed up...nothing to see...?

No it's a lightning rod

As long as it’s bulletproof

Too cool ..but better for a clear starry night.

Yes I would

No way Jose

Yes ,as long as crawlies did not get in.

Ok don’t know about this one ! Maybe not!!!!

With Vin Desiel yes I would

You're a brave lady, too scary for me!

Heck ya

No way!

As long as I'm the only 1.

Power of the pyramid

If the price is right.

Not a chance ????

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Humor and facts

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We answer "you kill em we chill em"

Aniston Barrington when I called you ??‍♀️

Timmy Ladhams Rebecca Giddings try this next time

Rebekah Lynn Nodes we should start doing this!

Or....City kill em ....we chill em. !!

I'm gonna start using this phrase! I get a least 5 a day!

I answer, "Poke County sheriff's department whats your emergency?" with a strong southern accent....

I use this a lot

Kelvin this seems like something that might interest you.

I work for a call doesnt work..?


We should try this in our country

I answer.. emergency dispatch... do you need help?

Tiff Jackson I’m doing this from nowon

I like that! ?

Lindsay Anderson worth a try

Mick Whybrow ??

Adriana Tijerina???

Ashley Moreno

Malcolm Smith

Edith Ann Canada ?

Zack Hopkins

Michael Pruett

Kelly Almond

Lauren Nugent

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Humor and facts

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Mariah Tink Bryant I’m doing it

When I was in High School I put packs of Pop Tarts on the dash board of my car so they would be warm for lunch.

I’m gonna try this next time Wisconsin gets another heat wave

Shelbi instead of pizza? Lol

Chris Motes you should try this. Lol

Neeraj let's try ?

now i wanna try it

Crazy don’t forget about the kids

Ilze Pretorius wys vir Franco ?

Shelby Irwin try it

Gurie ManoorSahil Modgil ??

Sheila Luff make us some cookies

Elijah Day

Craig Koppman Tammey Koppman

Corey Kelley

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Humor and facts

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OR they take their sh!t out on you cause of the pain someone else inflicted on them! This is after you ask them if they're ok! Sorry for caring! It won't happen again!?

Zachery Mixon maybe me? ;-P

Unfortunately my loved ones have become so used to my psycho they have stopped hearing me at all the numerous times I've shared things calmly and quietly. It must not be important, I suppose they reason, if I don't feel strongly enough to throw a hissy fit.

I was punished as a kid for sharing my emotions. I never knew both sides of my family have mental issues?

hahaha...bgmn rasanya bos...? mantap ya ...begitulan kemacetan di jkt...apalagi pas jam kantor pd pulang...;)

Alison Spence 😉

Yes that's me

I'am a psycho... Awkward

Yup! That’s me!!!!

works for me.

Pretty much



Mine too?

Brogan Roze my bad yo. Sorry cuz. Dopeboy fresh

Terry Mckie this is me ??

Zak Gilmor not me, right?

Nicole Anderson lyf

Helen Mullen ??

Brad West your wife?

Dannika Laird


Dean Annie Porter