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Not needed anymore lol

Funny Don’t have to worry about that mine is never been big enough to do that

Nope LoL

Its happens to the best of us.

Ange Hay told u the pain is real

Oh my word lol

Susanne Mcilduff



Lei N John Tuiafutea Annaleyah Natu Lagaaia you two afterlife ???




I'm gonna start with Nathan..???

Lorraine Saunders



Laughters heard over the house



Love this good come back



Jack called his doctor’s office for an appointment. “I’m sorry,” said the receptionist, “we can’t fit you in for at least two weeks.” “But I could be dead by then !” “No problem. If your wife lets us know, we’ll cancel the appointment.” ... Zie meerZie minder



That's no joke, it's true

Yep, happened to a friend. 🙁

So true!!!

Sounds like my doctors



That’s just how it is

Yes true


I woke up this morning, I started sweating, shaking, my head aching, stressed out, thought I was gonna die and then Phew! Facebook came back on! ... Zie meerZie minder





And don't forget TWITTER !!!!!!

So true



You shouldn't of had your wisdom teeth pulled out.

LOL don't wait just be ha ha !

Your coming back to do over again as some body you hate if you don't get this round



I know the feeling all to well big guy !?

The collar weighs at least 5 to 10 lbs!

My clothes weigh at least fifteen lbs. !! LoL

Yeah !


Teresa Ilene Myers Peggy Riddle Brenda Smith Sandy Luskin Tawni Thompson

Josh Thompson

Lord, if I can't be nice and thin, please let all my friends and family be fat ... Zie meerZie minder



They already all fat and ugly lol



LMAO I get up and do things while phone is Charging.

I have posted it hope this virus does not get you ! Post to all your friends!



The lid is not round like the bbq. It is S shaped.

It's a plastic drum


Dur it's plastic

No plastic sausages ?

Why does this meme keep popping up?...???

Its flipping plastic could be used for a raft need 3 more lol

Obviously - it's plastic!

Made of plastic

The damn thing is made of plastic

plastic drum for plastic people??

It's for a virtual bbq!!! Comes with burgers, sausages, ribs and bratwurst!!!

Before reading the question I thought "Is that grill made of plastic?"

What do you expect from the 99 cents store.....?

Is that a Sushi Grill? ?

The grill is made of plastic and grills are made of steel

Love this I'm sure someone would buy this plastic drum giggles


Haanmet nga barbecue grill paglabaan dyta ?

Its plastic

It's a parts washer not a grill!!!!

That will melt lol


Plastic drum ?

add ice not fire all set....?

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Write them q check

write him a check so he could take it with him 🙂

Just how filthy are we talking here?

Dump their ass in a deep freezer in the basement..get plastic surgery to look like them. Lol

Write a check for the amt and put it in his coffin !!!??

I'm deaf so i didn't hear the last part

That is easy, have them cremated and put the ashes in a trunk in my basement with all the money

S Write them a check and deposit the cash

Well if it’s my significant other and they died that’s now my money they ain’t gonna be using anymore lol

I would write a check & keep the cash.

Write a check for the amount and bury them with it... they didn’t say cash just said the money

Cut off a small corner of every bill and bury his money with him and I'd get to keep the big spending parts lol

Write out a check to the equivalent value.

Write him a check and deposit the money in the bank. Lol!!

Write them a check!! Where do they think they are going to spend the cash !!!!!

For the first time in my life, I'd have to ignore someone's final wish. 😛

Deposit the money in the bank & write him a check! He still gets buried with all his money. ???

Like the woman who’s husband died and asker the same thing write a check and put it in the coffin lol

Did he not know the old saying ‘shrouds don’t have pockets’ so there was no where to put it, sorry mate.

Obviously I'm keeping the money..having a closed casket and telling everyone we buried him with the money

Write a check, and put it in his pocket.

Lie and tell him I would. Isn't that hard to do.

Make sure i Knew where it all was before I got the spade sharpened ?.

Already got that one figured out lol

For every one saying write a check..that is good..but even better is write them an iou...

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Sandy Luskin



That was so AWESOME LOVED BABY SAGE, she tickled my heart ??

How lucky are all of us with "healthy" children! This is so cute.

So cute but all the mom's made loud sharp noises. Hurt my ears

Thus is so touching!