Magicians Got Talent

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Magicians Got Talent

How did he do that!? #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Very old tricks . Iam not amazed


Old school trick that has been copied from other magicians

U already shared this before... again??? MGT

Simon Gertsen - øøøh what happend?

The trick with the bed was invented by Marcel Kalivaart. He won the FISM world championchip in 2003 with that trick. I was impressed because it had a story than just jumping in boxes and vanish like always.

Gitte Emmilie Wiendel Jacobsen, nu vi er så gode til at gennemskue tryllekunst ???

Amazing amazing how amazing

You can see the switching of people if u watch close enough I thought it was lame

Manuel Bragagnini

What A Great MAGIC SHOW, I Never See...... Lovely Lovely Day ??????


very good

very good

Fantastic Magic....

Knock off and bad copies illusions. So for me a very bad act, cause no respect for the inventors and real illusion builders !


in a blink of an eye, how did they switched? amaaaaazing!

Just amazing man.....wowwwwww

Amazing trick nice



Amazing magic.....

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Magicians Got Talent

Grab some eye drops! You won't want to blink for a second of Shin Lim. ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Check out MORE Magic right here! -

The low contrast black table makes hiding and dumping cards much easier. If you look at the card/deck swap you can see when it is in "card" mode it has some weird geometry to it. My guess is it is in sort of folded to go from flat to popup with subtle movement. When in one configuration it looks like a card and the other the face of the box. Then right at the end he quick slides it into the table as he keeps you focused on the magic fingers. Good slight of hand to be sure very sneaky. 🙂

Yo total legenda


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Saw this last night on TV, he's good

Nils das musst du auch üben ?

after reviewing this ... rewind it to -10.0 seconds you notice his index fingers and another hand underneath but yet still flawless



Hey, I like what he did last night on AFT. Hope he wins. Vote for him.

Ловкость рук и ни какого мошенничества))

La magia no cierte es la ciencia

Wow cool ? move plus hands

quer fazer batota tomem la esta



It's magique..

Joji Jimenez malupit to insan sa baraha.


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Magicians Got Talent

Magician invites Tyra Banks to the stage! What he does is incredible!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder




Si ahora nos asombra imaginense en la epoca de cristo. Para uno algo asi donde los ojos no dan explicacion a lo q esta pasando catslogarias a ese mago como a un Dios.....

The best card trick/magic I have ever seen!

he's not just a magician, he's Shin Lim - the best close up card magician out there 😀

Najib buat magic lg handal...hilangkan altantuya dgn mh370

One of the best act ecver seen

Natalia, Tomek, Zuza On ma tatuaż w imię dobrej sztuczki! ?

Trần Khải đm hình như 3 năm trước t vs m có quen thằng này :v

Her name is not written on printed version on his chest

Wer ist schön ich wollte Wiedersehen wunderbar du bist perfekter Mensch ich liebe deine Maggie mich eine Nachricht schreiben bitte mein Name ist Alizada Germani Hamburg danke

Kim Algene Nabia heyyooo

Super amazing ???

Ori Ashkenazy Ben Cale בדרך כלל הוא דרמטי לי מידי.. משום מה פה זה עבד לי לגמרי .. איזה סיום מגניב

Old tricks act of basador in casino ubod ng mandaraya dahil protektado ng 14K Gang operated in Whole Asia

Nice . perfect kaayo sya uyy . must watch dzong J-p Masamayor

U jgn cari magician ya, tar tiba2 ada tiba2 ilang lg Anggreani Halim

было бы намного приятнее смотреть - если бы не этот неебический мать его пафос с которым он все исполняет ))))

jedina greska je to, kada je kartu preslikao na grudi nije se ime sa karte prelikalo osim samo slike sa karte.

Manuel Bragagnini



Amazing magic trick ???

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Magicians Got Talent

Magicians make Howie forget how to read! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



The secret was on the paper.

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They study the profile of Howie and found out that he is color blind... they play with him.. not really funny tricks

This was the reason people in india say- please don't tap on head

Is it weird I figured out the trick ?

It was a paper that shows different things on different angle. They used to be free gifts in chewing gums in earlier days. But smart approach I have to say.

Total there are 6 cards in his hand. 3 are readable by any person 3 can’t be read properly by a color blind person (Howie). That’s what happened here ??

I noticed that Howie is most ask judge to help people out in there acts.

Well...she must be too clever to study local U... So they reject her. Guess local standard lecturer not up to her standard. This should be the only explaination....

The truck has to do with distance not angle like a collage but depending on the distance you are viewing it from determines what you see

Yo total legenda

? ? omg ? absolutely I have never seen in my life like this, amazing ?


In our native language we call them #Madaari ????

i dont know how they do was clever!

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Excellent! Bit the Star calling ilusinims, so that the undesirables don't keep trying to voicote their acts looking for errors because supposedly it's magic

Howie suffer from colour blindness and also the paper printed specifically for him. Tat d reason howie has been targeted in dis act

Alice sta cosa m'ha sempre fatto scompisciare ahahahahahahaha

They only flip the card.its only ambigram word also us in tattoo design...

Ganz einfacher Trick . Beim drehen der Katzen stand einfach was anderes drauf . Irgendwelche Buchstaben .

there are million of tricks in magic

Good entertainment!! 🙂

How they do that? Amaizing Unbeievable What a talent Wow wow wow

To me, it's the best AGT prank ever.

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Magicians Got Talent

An act so scary that Mel B wanted nothing to do with it. ??‍♀️

Judge Cuts adds fright to your night TUESDAY 8/7c on NBC.
... Zie meerZie minder



Check out more terrifying auditions on Magicians Got Talent!

Another girl sit inside the box (check carefully you can see the box has enough space for a person). This girl lighted the candle, rang the bell and changed the book. And if you Take a deep look at the hard cover of the book you can see, there were 2 different books with different types of handwriting. ===== The trick Riana used is quite easy but the way she performed it is excellent.

This is creepier. Her ghost behind the two guys. ? 1:38

I am starting to believe that she really have magic power and that it is not an act

Why no one says to check the box first .. that girl already stays inside and burn the candle and change the book which kept inside..

Hope she gets disqualified, she's so demonic. How much more money does she want after winning from the other show.

Where can i see the full performance of Riana .....?

Affffff quase morri ?, someone can tell me where she lives? Just for me never get closer please!

judge unprofessional at all, she want show magic whit act horror

The handwritting of "do you want to play" at the 1st book is different with the 2nd one. I think she changed the book.

i first saw her in Asia's got talent, She really got me with her acts! they were all mindblowing! She's doing it again un America's Got Talent. She and Shin Lim are my bets ?

I am laughing at so many of these comments. As a performing magician for over 25 years, I really enjoy the originality of her performances. So what if you saw it twice on 2 different shows. Her character, and showmanship is very entertaining. I hope she goes far in this competition.

Shes only acting magician horror then why judges let her stop and said go away shes amazing very talented girl she won asian got talent. It is only a trick guys ????

I thought that Simon always says that he wanted something they have never seen before but i guess he got scared ? now when he sees this

She joined too in Asia's Got Talent

I'm so sad she did this act before in Asia got talent... I wanted something new but it's still good ??

Dis s d creepiest performance of sacred rianna. All d judges were scared and she didn't finished her performance.

Check out the shocking acts which terrified the judges. What did you think about the performances?? Let us know in the comments below... Watch below

I though she has a good magician but she did it in horor way... So that it can scared...!!im so funny for the reaction of the judges..... But maybe if on that time...maybe i fell scared also...!!!!! ????????

World Record! Kid Skater Gets Judge To Skate on Got Talent Kids China. Watch amazing kid skater perform a world record for Got Talent Kids China. What did you think about her audition?? Let us know in the comments below...!-kid-skater-gets-judge-to-skate/

Shit...! I'm beginning to think this girls magic is real...

My g0d very i am n0t thinking .its,realy.very great ,.w0nder full,thank ful t0 y0u .

Freaky Lost for words

She just hide on the back portion of the ? That’s y she place the doll &book very front in the box Nothing much guys

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Magicians Got Talent

Captain Jack Sparrow on Arab's Got Talent!? #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



nothing new...but it was executed good, in a way

Captain jack sparrow I love this man comedian


Very nice good

Ellos trabajan con el diablo les vendieron su vida al diablo para poder trabajar en esos no son por estudiar libros


Like for super


You must come to Indian City's like BANGALORE.


Wow outstanding

Amida Peiris in case you don't know who is Johnny Depp ???

Very dangeirous and excellent talent hatsoff

love these magic shows


Sao lại có những người tài giỏi thế chứ

Elena Ritter besser als as original

Is there anyone who can reveal the tricks?

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician relying on woman's intuition in a game of russian roulette with Mel B!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



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So what exactly was his talent? This is stupid

All of the staplers has pins inside but never punch unless it's pointed down to let the pins go down and out see when he check them it was facing up but when he stabs the picture its pointing down hehehe

the staple guns did not have the spring that keeps the staples pushed to the top of the gun hence is why he had to hold it upside down to make it work properly. not a very good trick at all

Is Mel B hotter now, than when she was a spice girl!?!? Yep

None of them would staple with her doing it no matter what... that’s the magic “trick”. He switched it on in “his way” somehow/ doesn’t really matter how his “safety” switch is. It would be a better trick if SHE picked it up without him touching it and stapled the last one the same except on a skull model of course.

The staple gun was not completely full, if it was the Staples wouldn't rattle like that, when you hold the gn upright the Staples don't reach the trigger mechanism. Hold it upside down and they do!

That is the easiest trick have ever seen to figure out. All of the staple guns are loaded but none have the spring that holds the staple to the top so that will fire. Notice when he uses the staple gun to put the picture into the wood he turns the staple gun so that the Staples will slide to the end where they will fire. That is the position the Staples would be in if it had springs in it to hold them there. Turning the staple gun in that direction allows the staples to go to that end so when the handle is squeezed it fires a staple. Nothing magical or amazing about that.

all staple guns are loaded but there's a lock on it, then the last staple gun he only unlock it to fire a staple,so any of the staple gun you choose you can manipulate it

Oje is das schlecht! Es gibt soviele Möglichkeiten... kleine Tasche im Sack wo er die geladene reintut, jeder Tacker hat 2 Schuss frei, reagiert nur auf Druck, kleiner Entsicherungshebel und und und... einfach nur dünne! Kannste nichmal zum Kindergeburtstag bringen die Nummer ?

He just used the last stapler upside-down. They would have all staples his pic to the wood that way but not when held up to his head the other way around. Great entertainment though

Wait wait wait...I figures that out as a kid...upside down it shoots right side up it doesnt...try learning that as a kid stapling walls?

if i were one of the judges, i would say no! Dont ask why ?

Only watched this for the breast

Wtf is wrong with people. I have a gun. With no. Bullets...... wow. Amazing. Magic? My. Best magic trick is telling chicks i cant get them pregnant. Puff of smoke im gone.

who would pay to go see this stupid act?

Hahaha all judges are fooled? it will never release the pins when you place it upside..Try to use guntackers sometimes and you will know the trick.hahaha

I enjoyed this because she's basically topless.

To be honest even if he did get stapled in the head it would only be a minor injury, some light cleanup and a band-aid.

I cracked the trick.. haha.. upwards staple gun.. vs.. downwards staple gun at the end when he place the picture on the wood


Best of luck and thanks to, you, and you r magic is very most idea, by me from Assam of in dia.

Wrong thing for kids to see

No good not alowed.World level programe.Feeling cheaper. tiger gun not working like that.

pretty smart ...

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Magicians Got Talent

Simon's face when the magician Chris answers his question... #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



I hate it when the judges press the buzzers. These contestants spent hours, days, weeks, months for their performances, and yet the judges can't even let them finish their acts. It's only 2 minutes! ?

like he came in unprepared.. too bad smh

I feel bad..... don't make fun of such.. innocent..helpless person.. alright it happened so what..... we all mess up so many things yeah.. you don't have to like..share them or whatever.......

That was the most pathetic "magic" act I have ever seen. He was terrible. I was surprised he wasn't buzzed by all 4 judges sooner.

Whoever uploaded this needs to change it from America to Britain

They turn

Clean ...

Too many judgemental ?

Maybe he was a comedian act

No need such video.



بس إشتغل مزبوط كيف بسبب حكيوا

Qual a resposta dele p Saimon? Não falo inglês


Tommy Cooper comes to mind.

why dont u put Shin Lim in this channel ? lmao


Good sir ji


Waist of time

Nice sooh


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Magicians Got Talent

OMG! How did she do that!!? ... Zie meerZie minder



Check out MORE on our YouTube channel -

I think thAt the man also is the one who is speaking. The lady is only opening her mouth because if you notice microphone is covering her mouth and the man and lady was not speak together in the same time..

By meditation...any one can achieve such kind of meditation atleast 3 hours daily...anyone can get such opening third eye...means agya chakra...

I think she knew what i'm holding now.

They use mouse code, the transmitter is hiding under the man's shoe while receiver is on that string she is holding and the Decoder is on hiding under her hair.

Birthdays must be pretty boring for her......

Since when did Heidi start bringing her bag on the stage ? Since when did Howie bring his glasses also, he literally had on his head ? The audiience person was hand picked .. I'm sure .. it's obvious it was planned

This is the power of jinnn........ Which western world cald magic

There is a hidden camera on his suit.. and the girl's eyes was implanted with device. So EZ.. WALA NA FINISH NA..

Wow! What an incredible talent! But wait i have my challenge for you. If you can give me the winning combination number of LOTTO!???

Eating popcorn while waiting experts explanation on this. Please elaborate us??

Haha))) Heidi is the only one from the jury who brought a purse. And he pick her. It was all arranged.

if you don't give us explanation we never believe it. we also will think it's a plan so give us explanation how to you do it.....?

How can you even cheat on such lady you gonna be caught as soon as you touch another lady all you you gonna hear is baeby what did you just say to that blonde tall slim crazy lady????

Muito simples. Os itens que os jurados apresentaram foi vendido por alguém da equipe do casal de ilusionistas. Ela só teve que decorar. Detalhe importante, é que os jurados foram induzidos desde que compraram os itens, a apresentar estes itens no palco. ah... já a moça do celular foi apenas uma distração, faz parte da equipe. Ela não foi escolhida aleatoriamente.

hi.guys!!its amazing offcourse!!!!!but if its real den y not she must work n airport..or security...she can identify all those things

The thought of someone, especially a pretty woman, able to read my mind is disturbing. I could get into SO much trouble.

They use Morse codes. There's a transmitter in the man's shoe. It can be activated by pressing a button with his toe. There's also a receiver in the swing. It produces vibrations which can be decoded by feeling the vibrations. It's easy but it still needs a lot of practice in order to transmit and decodes the morse codes quickly

Looked properly at boy fingers his doing sign language that both of then can understand only i dont think the blind fold is thick it might be see thru rem the boy put the blind fold not amanda when the boy hold the lipstic n eye drops thats the time he did sign again?

Agamemnon believed in the prediction of a clairvoyant. So he sacrificed Iphigenia his daughter at the altar of Artemis.He paid a heavy price.You must also read Macbeth

Magician Has A Dangerous Task For Mel B on America's Got Talent. Magician Rogue as he invites Mel B on stage on America's Got Talent 2014. What did you think of his dangerous magic audition?? Let us know in the comments below... Watch below and share your thoughts

If her performance needs the swing, or something for her to hold onto... But how the hell can someone see the expiry date

I was attending a birthday party here in egypt where a 15 year old amateur magician did the same trick even much better with his 13 years old sister ... I was stunned but there must be a trick an easy one actually no magic here

مرحبا أيها العالم هناك شعب يقوم بثورة الآن، في شوارع العراق Hello world, there are people making revolution now, in Iraq! Show your support for right of Iraqi people to protest Peacefully! #Save_the_Iraqi_people ??

It’s easy!! Use Soda to wash ur eyes three times a days, for six weeks.. gradually ur skill will improve?

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician saws Heidi Klum in half on stage!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Thats how he did it

‏Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Ostrze, którym rzekomo ją przeciął nie weszło w nią, ale schowało się w górną część obudowy ostrza. Kiedy odchylił pokrywę przykrywającą dolną część ciała, ukazała nam się płytka na której namalowana była część płyty znajdującej się za stołem tak abyśmy mieli wrażenie, że patrzymy na płytę za stołem. Nogi jej nie zmieniły pozycji, a powinny opasć wraz z podstawą/płytą pod nogami, a one zawisły w powietrzu. Na płytce imitującej płytę za stołem narysowany jest jakby ciemy tunel w którym jednak powiino być widać przecięty brzeg ciała, ale tego tam nie ma, bo to tylko rysunek. Tak więc nie wykonano dokładnie obrazu tego co naprawdę powinno być widać. Wystarczy trochę wyobrażni i dziwię się, że jurrorzy tego nie widzieli.

Mi ez az állatság már megint, nézek valamit, egyszer csak megszakítják valami hülye reklámmal, majd kiírják, hogy rövidesen folytatódik. Hát nem elég még ez a rengeteg reklám? Lassan megszüntetem a facebook-ot is.

There is another box inside the box where the design is just like the background with the yellow board. Heidi is still lying straight inside. And the cutter is not actually penetrating inside the box.


The small yellow part is the real box.. He raised a moving part

Its magic I don't know how they do

Did anybody see what I saw? I now know how he did it.

When he up that cover we saw other cover of yellow same as the background


Illusion with colours of the backdrop colour illussion

the trick are the view..the body of hiede was coverd on that yelow color...

As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!

It was easy to tell how it was done. A toddler could have done it and been more impressive!

Anyone else see how he did it because I did

Haha mirror illusion....try to split away

I have wasted my 2 mins.

Maywood mission is on South Broad street.


that is what we call magic..thats only a trick

It lifts heidi butts upwards so it looks like in the camera was halfed

Totly fake ????

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician impresses judges with magic tablet and gets a suprise at the end of his audition! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Modi bhi Kal Sardar Bana tha.. Aur jar state mein Naya roop dharan karta hai.. Pappu aur Fenku Ya Koi aur Sab rang badkte hai... Ziada tension na lo.. Also don't try to be holier than thau?

I need someone to explain how he did this

Yo total

Yo total

You should share aref gfauri magic show in turkish got talent final

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As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!

Swarna Ambastha. Check it how beautifully it is portraited

good talent, I enjoyed your show. well done ?

those virtual things came out of the tablet? how in the world did he do that! #ilovemagic

That is real good magic show.Last time see playing card show remove clothes not allowed like that pl.

This can have been possible,,,,,,,yeah,,,,, in the near future,,,,,,

Now, this guy has talent !

wow...ur so great,can I have the tab.☺

Loick Rasamimanana maay an io ?? Ts koi f apindramiko anlah n tabletteko ??

magic professor where are uuuu... Explain this please

I got feels surprising and wonderful.

Very good!!!

How is he doing that amazing ....

Sally-Ann Bird nice sleight of hand with the ball etc but this is shit?

Roberto Esposito all'inizio sembra una cagata però dopo è chicazz


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Magicians Got Talent

Magician shock Howie and Tyra on stage! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



So each card was laced with a different flavour and essence? They were hardly 10 different cards in the deck.

What's the relation between being naked and the trick he made?!

That 'fool' did not have to be naked to do this trick and that was not necessary at all! One can not watch this magic show with the family and this rubbish magician should never be allowed to show his foolish trick ever again in front of the public in the hall and for the tv audiences. That is very wrong he is being naked and not acceptable. Shame!

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I think he want to show his body to public ?

Simple! All the card were 3 of hearts. Remember, he offered the fanned deck to Howie face down.

I feel so bad for the souls that are so joyless that they must search for an explanation in a magic trick and take all the fun and imagination out for themselves and others.

he is funny ???

Hi one time Chance for lifestyle is gold...,.....?

Why he need take off all the not funny he's rude

This guy saw the 3♡ while Howie pull the card from the deck from the floor as a mirror.

As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!

I dnt think that tyra was shocked

It was simpler but so funny???

Thanks for your leadership meeting

It's a simple card force....and a bunch of theatrics.

Dairty game no need to remove clothes.Playing card game in India we have to much.

O monte de baralhos tinham a mesma carta, ele não mostrou todas elas.

What is the purpose of dressing? This is trivial

Each card has been sorayed with flavoring I can distinguish 52 diff flavors easy

He had all the cards which were 3 OF HEARTS

Simple his left eye wasn't completely taped. He actually peeped through his transparent tape..whoever can't see that needs glasses...

I can do it how to do anybody tell me plz.

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Magicians Got Talent

Illusionists terrify Nick Cannon! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Came to the comments to see if there was any of the "sold their soul to the devil to get magical powers" comments. Never disappointed on the magic videos lmao

So Marilyn Manson is a part time illusionist now eh....

It's not about finding what's real and what not grab a beer and allow your self to be entertained great show let's go to vegas

Magic is evil no matter how interesting it might be. People shouldn't be encouraged to follow that part. It's not all rosy

Now lets see someone reveal this

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This is magic... It exists. Waiting for who will tell me it's fake

I've watched way too much fool us... Now I see some of the more obvious stuff. Like the double with his back turned to buy time, the person with no legs switched out for another person brought back out etc.

Y a rien là ?? 😉

Devil Involved.. Scary

There’s a lot of razzle dazzle but hardly anything innovative that hasn’t been done by magicians for years. It was a hack job dressing up a bunch of old tricks. You can see the wooden plate on the leg portion of the guy. Likely two midgets; notice also how the midsection is always rigid when together. To probably practice for years to make it look passable. The pigeon bit has been part of magic acts for hundreds of years. The last bit with the guy and the screen can get done by just about anyone with a camera editing suite and hiding stuff behind the screen. The part where he goes behind one screen and emerges behind the other is accomplished by stairs going under the stage.

Y'all didn't see the pyramid before they start their demonic show. These are all the devils work to keep us distracted from what is going on in the world. Satan was once God's angel and this is one of the things God sent him and his followers to hell. Wake up people!

Roman Mike Andrey Denis how does that half body thing work?

Wow Outstanding Performance.. and unbleivable...

I'd love to hear the backstory on these guys. I've seen all of them on Penn and Teller Fool Us so I wonder what made them want to team up.

ohhh My God Outstanding Performance.. and unbleivable...?

I saw them in Manhattan a few yrs ago amazing

The guy on the left is so fake.

So, dwarfism and caudal regression syndrome, everything else is slight of hand and timing. Looks good though.

the seperated body that they brought back is not the same from the body they move in latter. they just used dwarf man as a half body

That was great Talent

Acts like this deserve it singers minus opera can kick rocks on this show

I think hardworking creats magic?

Nosheena Rani You got to see this vedio and believe that??

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician Tom gets Tyra Banks to help with his amazing magic stunt! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



This isn't magic. This is technology. He preprogrammed the calculator app to show the result as this particular number and addition with 8 digit random number *while her eyes were closed* is the key to the trick. We do magic like this all the time just couldn't ever got a stage like this ??

Do you really want to know this? It's very simple I know it all..just send me you banking details with your PIN... believe you me you will see the magic

Waiting for someone to explain this trick ?

Jokes on you. He actually filmed 74 million of these and he had them play the exact one that was on stage.

I know how he did it...he just did it????

Why all the audience looks ready when the magician asked about the phone ? anyone can explain the trick of this magic!!! Please

If he continue to practice and practice,maybe someday he become like me...

If he did it, we all can did it too cz he did it ??

How’d he make everyone’s phones change?

Maths not involved this is pure magic fyi ...

Brilliant intelligent great no words can define

Esto es lo que le están haciendo a Colombia favor entender ellos no son sólo mentirosos o locos ellos saben para donde van abrazos

No one was surprised about their phones ?going wacky and they all had them ready. ? Hmm I wonder.. ITS, ITS LIKE A JUNGLE SOMETIMES IT MAKES ME WONDER HOW I KEEP FROM GOING UNDER

Maybe there is other person who add number and give conclusion to magician

Pretty simple... the calculator/phone is preprogrammed and it displayed that number no matter what Tyra types in at the end. She doesn't even know what she typed so how can you check

It's tom and Terrance London, identical twins, they have been doing twin tricks for years. The video is Terrance dressed identically as Tom.

Wow wow this is so amazing. I look up to you ???

Amazing I can't believe this

What I can’t believe this ..nobody going to tell the whole page they know how it’s done or they can do it better..

Worst magic trick, if this even qualifies as magic to begin with

Hmmm mm We are done for with use of cell phone?

Exactly.what should move.forward on americas got talent all singers minus OPERA can kick rocks on this show

Magic is actually a trick. Even I know some but need to sharpen them to be a stage performer.

A blue screen. That explains the side walk, a rigged calculatior, and good homework , on the judges . A few distractions. It's magic.

im stunned! how in the world did he do that! he is amaaaaaazing!

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Magicians Got Talent

Ant & Dec's GOLDEN Buzzer Moment! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Please give me back the 5 minutes i wasted with this "magician" clown.

Extremely boring and did not like it much.

please can someone explain to me the meaning of this golden buzzer...cause I can't really figure it out..what's does the golden buzzer signify ?

it was an awesome magic trick, but i find it boring, sorry ?

Can't believe I cried while watching dis

Como todos los magos cada uno con su estilo y magia son magníficos ✌??para todos los magos soys buenos sensacionales la gente maravillosa se kedan como si fueran niños/as. gracias y un saludo para ellos los magos ?

Jim Carrey 2??

Strange?????? ... He did something ordinary and never deserved Golden Buzzer.. many of the contestants did the same thing and more did not get the Golden Buzzer like him!!!!!

Someone help with the name of the song in the background after they hit the buzzer please

This guys is great ! 🙂

this man has the real talent. and this is the future of magic. who doesn't agree with my words they are"mf ". bosudike

Nothing new...wasting time

This guy is awesome, love it

I love this, full of passion and so funny....goodluck deserve it.....

What I saw is a good entertainer with spicy

Wow look at that WOW it's amazing by hope to see you live for my next event in Hong Kong on October ???

Old episode but I always like it ?????????

That was really funny xxx?

This guy should came on the mask 3.

thank you Ant and Deck for doing a golden buzzer on him

He remind me to oldies jery lewis brilliant

Love this ?? i laugh manytimes with Clap ??

Not really cool tricks. But it’s was very theatre like what Cooperfield back in the 80s. That was the best part.

I thought he was good. Funny.

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