Magicians Got Talent

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician SURPRISES judges on Asia's Got Talent 2019! ... Zie meerZie minder



AfterShock in Bohol Phillippines March 25 2019

Bon reuh khp mai Ram Hillu Siakeng

, jb

Nivek Harrison

Otmane Zidane

Mikie Rhodes Amos Stevens

Janna Ivshina Seleznyev

Mind blowing


Magicccc baby ?

The look on David's face in awe! It would be so much fun to see a magician perform close up tricks!

Its better lim.

Why he take the card look different?

His card tricks not entertainment...?


Adel Kenjii

He good but I was expecting more from him

Nice badge.

Wow fantastic ???


Good one ??

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Magicians Got Talent

BEST Magic performances on America's Got Talent: The Champions! ... Zie meerZie minder



Ben dit is gewoon fantastisch ?

Highest airport in India visit at

True Supernatural powers.

They all are awesome...

Easy... he actually had them throw multiple papers so it wouldn't be random. She already had the paper marked with the X

They are the team..

Am i living in a real world? They are all awesome performances!!!

Just Owesome

clearly been planted

Is Perfect Magical Real.... impossible? ????..Magical Got its American got talent ???????????????. .Congratulations

YEAH! Amazing Talent. That was MAGIC!

What dimension


Shin lim is perfect magician

Excellent magic

I know all the tricks just pm me if u want to know girls only ABRAKADABRA ??

This is so fake … I seen so many magicians doing this … and it's staged … only magic I got was wasted 23min of my time, I can't get back …

It's just a show.

Magnet on that box

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Magicians Got Talent

?? How does he do it?! Rewatch magician Richard Jones' unbelievable #BGT audition!✨ #TBT #ThrowbackThursday ... Zie meerZie minder




thánh việt nam tao đâu bây alo alo

Android மூலம் மாதம் ரூ8500 சம்பாதிக்கவாட்ஸ் அப் செய்யவும்9025148776

This is amazing

घर बैठे अपने मोबाईल से पैसे कमाये वो भी सिर्फ एक ऐपलिकेशन को सिर्फ तीन सैकेण्ड ओपन करके और बिना कोई पैसा लगाऐ फ्रि का बिजनैश है पैसा कमाना है तो ईससे सुनेहरा अवसर फिर नही मिलेगा|| हाँ दोस्तो अब ऐसी ऐपलिकेशन आ गई है जीसे आप दिन मे चाहो जीतनी बार भी ओपन करो वो भी सिर्फ तीन सैकेण्ड के लिऐ तिन सैकेण्ड के बाद "BACK" बटन दबा दो और दिन मे जीतनी बार चाहो ओन ओफ करो हर 3 Second के बाद आपको पैसा मिलेगा और सिर्फ ईतना ही नही ईस ऐपलिकेशन मे हजारो और भी ओफसन है जीनसे आप बिना कोई पैसा ईन्वेस्टमेंट किये दिन मे हजारो रूपये अपने मोबाईल से ही कमा सकते हो सिर्फ आपके मोबाईल मे ये ऐप ईंस्टाल होना चाहिये आपका जोईनिंग का एक रूपया भी नही लगेगा और ईंकम जीतनी आप चाहो उतनी कमाओ निचे दिऐ हुऐ लिंक पर क्लिक करके ऐप ईंस्टाल कर लो और अपना रजीस्टरेशन कर लो रजीस्टरेशन करते समय सिर्फ आपको "SPONSOR ID-22322067" कि जरूरत पडेगी तब आप 22322067 लगा देना फिर होम पैज पर एक ओडियो अपने आप चल जायेगी उसे ध्यान से सुनकर सिर्फ जीवन मे एक बार आपको शुरूवात का चैलेंज पूरा करना होगा उसके बाद आपका अपना बिजनैश आपके हाथ मे होगा || Click Here

Porn is better

Came to read the comments about how he did it. BTW, Captain America has no job so he needs to be magician? Lol

I've seen this already ? is this repost ?

That is awesome!!!

That's amazing....????

Captain America

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Magicians Got Talent

? Marvellous kid magician surprises on Sweden's Got Talent 2019 ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Ai có nhu cầu thì ib #em nhận đi #khách giá 3 #triệu

a que bien maravilla magicians esta muy padre pero el nino muybien explica la magia

سبحانك يارب ياواهب المواهب لشعبك امين

Smart kid!

Jeremias look at that

Mind blowing

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Magicians Got Talent

Strangest Illusion.. But effective!? #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



a que bien magicians got talent esta muy padre

Hahahhaa.. serio ?! Nie widzieliście ze to lustro i odbicie reki xd haha taką magie mam codziennie przed lustrem. Widze wlasne odbicie WOW.

Mirror use kia hy

Pakai cermin


So.... I guess we're letting ANYONE claim they're doing magic now? like come on.... ya got the mirrors down, what's next, smoke? lame....

I’m lost here. I don’t understand what’s so amazing about tossing a ball from one side of a mirror to another.

Its mirror.. Left hand mirror doing job.. The right hand in other side...

It's a mirror.

Woh wat a talented guy...

Sould I clap or something?

Ghanta hat to do hi hai mirar ke shamne kar raha hai isliya Teen dikh rahi hai

That’s the dumbest shit ever. So throwing a ball from one side of a mirror to the other side is supposed to be impressive?

pegion for sale :-)

Tis one is so bad ?

I love the magic...

How he fool the judges with a ordinary mirror..

Unbelievable illusion

What's big deal In it

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Magicians Got Talent

Nick Cannon fears to help crazy magicians!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder




Raadhe radhe



All of the bags had a spike if you look closely you’ll notice the base after being smashed. The spiked are actually foldable. They have a lock for it. They allow all the spikes to fold and leave the one left.


scripted ?

Not magic

Thath's not magic !!!!

Chugiri ??


I wasnt impressed, sorry to say....


That's magic in their WORDS. They deceive the judges by the way they deliver their statements.

It's all a making!

? #Yes? Magicians? Got? Talent ❄ animweb,ml ❄

Lol ??????

another scripted show...

? #good_one? Magicians? Got? Talent ❄ animweb,ml ❄

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Magicians Got Talent

How did he do that? #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Oh bakit kasi maganda katabi mo!!!

اكتشفت أني فقدت عقلي عندما شاهدت صورة بالجريدة وحاولت تكبيرها بأصابعي? ..

Icream coffee 999 chúc Magicians Got Talent tuần mới nhiều niềm vui và ấm áp nhé :))

Nunca mostró la caja de atrás donde el se puso... ?

School kids can do that.....

Not too impressive. Only time his hands left the box is when he was using a magnet to lift the box. If you look closely you can see the pull on his shirt

Very nice act

Jai ho rijiju

Anyone knows how this trick is done?

Ye kya tha..?

Facebook night mode??

very old trick, sorry ? it's No from me

May tao pa yun sa loob?

Wow ? how is dt possible?

Nothing special

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Magicians Got Talent

Outstanding Magic Performance! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Thanks for the subtitles.. Really helpful

Done by twins brother

Wow, this time we have subtitles, I wonder the language they are talking and the subtitles both are the same, can't understand both of 'em

Is it real ?

Wow fantastic performance ???

I'm speechless after to show that magic performance it's fabbbbbbbulous and unexpectable

Amazing, unbelievable, mind blowing, fantastic

The subtitle is the real magic

, you are amazing performance

This is REAL magic!

Exceptionally fantastic magic!!

Very very wonderful performance.

Yes it was very outstanding performance hats off to him

Wow amazing unbelievable fantastic

In any language this is just great Magic...

It was really outstanding!!

I wonder who is he.. Looks familiar lol cameraman.. Why you focus there

This show was wonder and marvelous thank you lot

Tremendous performance..... Hats off.. Very Very stunning performance.

Yawn seen it done before and done better

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Magicians Got Talent

Simon Cowell is blown away!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Tired of seeing recycled posts...something new please!

The trick was right at the end when he reached for the card with the paperclip and skillfully changed the card with the 3 of clubs

صباح السعادة والنعمة الالهية الى كل الاحباب والاصدقاء فى كل مكان من العالم كلة وبركة الرب تشملكم بشفاعة ام النور مريم العذراء وببركة شهادة القديسة اذوكسية يارب امين كيرياليسون

He speaks like he really needs to go to the loo.

amo e adimiro e curto muito este programa MUITO BOM MEDMO !

All r playing card so simple

Very nice superb

wooow that i cannot unsee... nice...

هذة من علامات الساعة وقد اقتربت الساعة الرب يقبلنا الية يارب امين كيرياليسون

For Online Earning

This guy is marvellous

NFL not for long hahahahah

Now this is brilliant

He is talented ??

chouf la rapidité et la confiance en sois :p Hamdani Islem


Dex de Jong eigen showtje opzetten

Very nice super

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Magicians Got Talent

13 Y.O Magician Does Close-up Magic! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



<3 <3 Em xin lỗi anh!! 1552471664101

Bím trên trαng cá nhân em có thαm khảo ?⛵? 1552471389316

રોહીત મજામા

Priot un va kem!!! Broma no entiendo.,? (Just kidding I don't understand.)

انا غيرت شكل الفيسبوك للوضع الليلي ? للحصول علي الفيسبوك باللون الاسود اكتب في جوجل whatcub واختار اول موقع لتغير لون الفيسبوك ?

αi Comment ở đây αddfr tâm sự làm quen đi nè?|‍❤|️‍? 1552472332357

lâu lâu em quαy clip sexy mà hông αi coi chαn' quá <3 1552471658522



The kid have improve his charisma


I can't understand the language



Zubić Vila

What about subs?


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i saw how how pass it to the other 1:30

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Magicians Got Talent

Money and Magic!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Трамп настоящий друг Путина, перенаправил рускапитал из офшоров в экономику России

أخيراً انا غيرت لون الفيسبوك للون الاسود ( الوضع الليلي ? ) بكل سهوله من الموقع الرسمي لتغير لون الفيسبوك للون الأسود? ، من هنا >>

The last 10 dollars was in his right hand and he put in his back pocket.

Más fome caché todo los trucos

Nice trick ...?

We can see the cheating.


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Nice execution! Clean trick!


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He's not good... When ge starts halving all the bills you can see the previous bill folded underneath, his fingers are constantly closed which reveals his slight of hand, he dug in his right pocket constantly

He keep talking and put out those to judge eye and attion away from he can pull out something from his pocket..

This is REAL magic!

Super magic..vdieo.. Nice Bro.. Odiasa

You can see him twice putting things on his pocket...

The story ? and the trick is also nice to see.

Im participated in the challenge #جامب_كاتس .please watch My Video I hope that appeal to you? :

Constantly in his right pocket. Nice trick though

How money withdraw? how do it.

how a u do that

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Magicians Got Talent

Mat Franco Shocks Rosie O'Donnell! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



There is a reason the cards are counted into his hands. He puts his hands together before giving them back to each person. That’s where the swap happens. As for the 3 coming out, you will find most the deck he had would have been nearly all 3’s except for the end card with can be seen as an ace

Nobody wants to see her

1:10 onwards, focus on his left hand.

Who in the hell would want her with them for anything!!

Look 3 cards seperated

Why didn't he make her disappear permanently? Now that would have been an awesome trick!!!

Hey Rosie ! Long time no see.

Only thing Rosie is your lips overworking Sucky Democrats



I watched until the cow came out.

Đánh_giá: rất ngoan ngoãn chiều khách không láo, không tráo hàng qua tường em coi CLIP FULL ??♨ 1552304353809

This is my most favorite trick

Where are all the experts??

His performance in the finals night is the best!

انا غيرت شكل الفيسبوك للوضع الليلي ? للحصول علي الفيسبوك باللون الاسود اكتب في جوجل whatcub واختار اول موقع لتغير لون الفيسبوك ?

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician impresses judges with magic tablet and gets a suprise at the end of his audition! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



انا غيرت شكل الفيسبوك للوضع الليلي ? للحصول علي الفيسبوك باللون الاسود اكتب في جوجل whatcub واختار اول موقع لتغير لون الفيسبوك

Looking so interesting

Incredibly mind-boggling

Thanks brother thanks

Amazing oh my god

Horrible magic so easy to know what he did

it was ok. a little boring

What’s his name???

Very very...Amazing

Amezing ......?????


I find it impressive, how can someone take out a thing in a tablet and bring it to reality!

So amzng.......

Was it his birthday?

Its just drama. Not real. He is picking every thing from the table

Wow. Is this witchcraft

Awesome & amazing?✊?

Blessed are those who does not see and believe

I can't imagine, It's wonderful and amazing as well.

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician Rico wows Judges!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Siktir git ibne Kopegi nerden cikarion kapagi kapatirken iki kisi kapatiyor kimseye içini gostermiyor Kirma kolu

Dogs shouldn’t be locked in such small places.

He needs more practice

La MUJER nose inclino como los demas al final...? tenia algo en la espalda que lo ayudaba y sostenia en su truco

worst magic.. bt one of the best gymnastics...

Old tricks and poor dogs.. and I think that old lady z doing this trick since her 20..??

This amateur bullshit again? Filipinos are easily (PBS) entertained.

Im reading the comments hoping to read on how the tricks were done! None yet so far ?

Just tried the ole "Abracadabra Doggo Appearo" trick. Nothing happened, still no cute dog showing up in my living room ???

صباحكم سعيد ومبارك ياكل شعب الرب يسوع الفادى ومخلصنا الصالح يخلصكم من جميع مشاكلكم وينجيكم من شر ابليس وكل جنودة ببركة وصلوات القديس البابا كيرلس السادس ومكللة بشفاعات والدة الالة القديسة مريم العذراء امين كيرياليسون

I thought his going to turn that old mamma into a dog

The lady don't bowl...i WONDER why.....she must have e metal track on the back to support her

Sa likod ng babaeng matanda nandun ung support tignan nyo hndi sya maka bow kasi ung bakal sa likod nya?

Everything is fake.. Watch that dogs! 2nd dog was already in the top cap.. So lifted by two persons!!

Amateur hour... that was just bad

Lame. I really feel bad for the husky feeling the heat even for a few seconds.

The second trick kinda worries me as the big dog must of been sat in that metal tin for ages,

pl's don't hurt the dog, coz i love doggee...

Astonishing and a fantastic show....Nice.

Wao talent amazing....

Hope they did not eat the dogs after the show?‍♂️?‍♂️

191 million the largest ever I have seen on Facebook amazing talent

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Magicians Got Talent

Magician relying on woman's intuition in a game of russian roulette with Mel B!! #GotTalent ... Zie meerZie minder



Estan trucadas las grapadoras jajaja

A very insane act.

All have staples. U hear them shaking. The spring that pushes them to the top is missing. That’s why when he staples the picture he uses the staple gun upside down.

Ncohxoyxoydoyf75xufuvydhdy hdjv6f ydyresye zgzfrdh?????

They are all empty probably got something else in there that's what's making the noise

don't try at home but can try at the office

An act that is really very dangerous... Seeing this i was like, omg what this man is doing ...

this is not magic, I don't like it, and I won't to see you again ?

Magician ain't got talent

Please don't try at home

I think that was boring anybody can do that

Not sure what I'd call that. Magician? Probably not. Ballsy? Yes.


The staplers have safety buttons where his finger was to make it work I have seen it before not magic

Don't think , feel

That isn't magic! Lol

Fantastic talent

cheeting all working but need hard place and hard push to work trick

This is no talent . Move on.

Wow it's a wonderfull talent but my suggestion don't try at home

Like to try that with Mr.Bible my 1994 reading teacher..?

Making fool every one. Gravity plays a role here nothing else. Keep it upside down and then clip it in your head. ?

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