Is it possible that the first guy gets there inside and waits until the end, and the second guy was inside before the show, then comes out (we don't witness his face, only from the back) ...

I watched like Yeah that's the trick they are hiding from us and at last ................ **** How the **** ???

That was sok cool but somebody press. Red thing

How is that?


Nice tricks after all plz like, subscribe, share, comments


Without talent a magician can't survive.

very impreschivichuvuchuvuwuvuv

that should be expect*****


Yo total

AsrarSehimi babe the ending is totally unexpected

it sucks?

Мнение что надо сделать другие варианты,а не цирк

Galng ahh


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Sloppy at best I'm an amateur magician and i could see all of his loads. Really predictable and mostly store bought gimmicks.

Illusion, so it's fake! Why can't he lift his right leg, probable because his shoe is magnetic or something..

Not impressed lol I have seen street magicians do this all the time

what is the name of the song??????


Dear Heartly Oh"!My Quee, . As son as l open the phone, saw my queen,s two photos on the top, left & right side. ... Dear..... To Day ..lam a lucky Mg.. Do you believe.

What is the song name

I dont like..israel.. Performance...go to hell..

So so... this is not one of my favorite... To my opinion the music is more impressive than the show ! 😉

كله خدع ولو لاحظتم فى شئ برجله اليمنى مثبت بالطاوله والبنت نصفها مختفى بداخل الطاوله العرض بكامله مليئ بالخدع

My favorites and I'm interested also hear.

Not able to understand a single word?

That was the weakest show lol, I kept watching just to listen to Sia sing.

So irritating as this is filmed/edited! Every second another shot ?

Sloppy at best I'm an amateur magician and i could see all of his loads. Really predictable and mostly store bought gimmicks.

Lo que cae mal es la cara de esos idiotas que están atrás del escenario no los pongan a ellos nadie los quiere estar viendo

Translate in english....

Zimply Melai kamuka ma nung sa back to the future ung tatay nung bida.

#MajesticMumu . AND MAJESTIC MUMU CRIED. OH SO SAD Majestic Mumu entered a commercial Sienna SUV at Owerri on his way to Lagos. Before they departed, he pleaded with the driver and his follow passengers to wake him up at Benin City because he is a heavy sleeper. But they forgot. When they reached Ore about one hour thirty minutes from Benin, they stopped to eat and woke up Majestic Mumu. He wept uncontrollably when he realised that they have passed Benin City. The driver and passengers in their collective guilt, remorse and repentance agreed to take him back to Benin. At the Benin motor park, they asked him to get down with his luggage but he refused and resisted the order. he told them, " I took my diabetes drugs at Owerri early in the morning and my wife warned me to take the afternoon drugs at Benin. Please wait as I take the drugs and we will proceed to Lagos".?????? The driver and the passengers were shell shocked beyond belief. LESSON: In any communication with anyone, always get the full details before taking any action. Again, time is in the essence. Time lost can never be regained

Lo más impresionante que he visto asta hoy.. Vien hecho....

What the hell⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡???

Unblevible this is fake not this real magicine but look when I watched I am ShOucked

What is the name of the sang piz?????

This will not play. There are several that won't play. What's going on?

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both times reading, its a real book... but when he turns around and reveals his book, he swapped it with another blank book... we asume its the same as before so we laugh at his assistant, but in real... we forgot to pay attention to him swapping the book while turning.... simple.... misdirection...

I think they showing only 2pages. .then all 2pages are same thing like that.... Magician learning only 2pages note..

Wow, the cameraman needs to respect the magicians angles. He caught a compromising moment in the coin trick, filming from behind

do you see what I see in this video?

FALSE OR TRUE... Real Or Not Real..... it was just a long as the audience is entertained

This was copied from a performance of one of the contestants in Britain's Got Talent. This is not totally amazing anyway

V funny and super magician

Uh now we can win AGT by stealing Shawn Farqhar trick ??

Wow amazing☺

Amazing...I want to understand these tricks ?

Obviously.. He swapped the real book with the one he showed the last

This guy it was great how he can did this? This is the questen

Come Malaysian...go to final...awesome

My doughter is very-2 Talanted.... Jiska all world challange hi.... Koi hi.....

Cedrick Renigado Paul Catayong galeng hayop kala ko maduga hahahahaha skl.

I'm amazed wd his talents?

It took him awhile to see what was happening

So simple but effective lol

Mataya Dyer watch till the end

Rafiq Ziad Shoubash Al-Hassan

Ammar Aranki

It's really incredible!

Caleb Prince hmmmm... I feel like ive seen one of these before

Andrew Lee you look different on here

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That's not talent....that's pure evil....that's what you call witch craft!!

They did not show the best part where she walked off stage and the stuff she put in the bowl burst into flames.

She's controlling by devils, this is not a talent, i can see clearly that the way she played are all evils, i rebuke in the name of Jesus to be destroyed all of the evils plans on her.

She is the grandwinner of asia got talent 2017

I think she is fake... I dont know why but I feel so.. well I know magic is tricky too.

I saw this. It was terribly embarrassing and to me, was not talent. I was so happy and relieved to see the large group of children afterwards. That's what America's Got Talent is all about. She was not talent. She was just creepy. I don't want to see her back again.

I swear I watched her on Asia got talent, I’m not the only one right

She makes scary fun again also I love watching the big scary Spice scream

Her attitude as a magician/illusionist/sorcerer makes her a good performer in the world..

Every 1st show she made the same performance..?asian got talent, Indonesia got talent..n now..

Dimna Cañete Lequin sa Asias Got Talent pala siya sumali dati. Winner siya don. Sumali lang siya ulit sa Americas Got Talent hahahaha di pala replay yung napanuod natin kanina

She just prove to us that a not all is also scarrrrrrrryyyyyy.

She is the winner of asia got talent ??

I laughed all the time watching this. Thanks ?

Absolutely love this illusionist

Rania Said Don’t touch me

I think American do not appreciate this type of Asian show s but we can't wait to watch the n ctr one??


Yeah I have seen her on the other got talent shows

OMGod i'm so scared and i'm shaking right now

He was just startled because he was not happy ?? Simon lol..??

the ending is the best part..when she walk away and then the picture&newspapper sudenly so creepy....

She is one of the greatest of the dark side. ?

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Nice trick, but she made a lil mistake with the picture trick. Take a look at her size when she passed beside the judge and her size in the picture. She looks shorter and smaller...she had her own picture printed in the card before she used it to snap. Nice trick though.


She is possesd!

Who knew the girl from the well in the ring could do magic !!??!!

Pure evil

1)All the card were diamond 3 in playing cards 2) photo was with watermark of magician pic...

She was just on Americans got talent last night

She just was weird is all.

When she go to the dark side you should be careful , or you can run away .....

I likes her show????

What's wrong with her neck or head? That's just part of the show? That's creepy!

I think she was better on Asia's Got Talent but all the same she's awesome

Watching her this second on America's Got Talent...creepy as hell!

ChoiLovhene Forio xa pla ung grand winner s ASIAN GT,, then ng try out din xA america's got talent....

She already won Asia got talent me I don't like her

She was on America's Got Talent last night.

Nah. That was dumb. And you could tell the judges were in on it. No thanks.

She will certainly deal with the jinn that inspires her appearance

Old video

She not real some magic better than her,two man with her help table move ,she already did in her country before,not fair for other real talent ?

Last moments ha ha ha...??

She was the bom and that buzzer make the audience shivering in there boot

Cindy Turner this girl was on America’s got talent last night!

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I love the lady judge wearing red cloth...... Call me

I'm chai from Thailand this show verygood

Did he take her Bra magically.?

So funny I watched iy T three times

hahaha wow Its mind blowing hahaha?????

Thats that's an air blowing performance,?

Good comedian and magician???

Jenny Gonda bat sakanila ang gagaling satin puro kung ano anong sayaw na pauli ulit na lang HAHAHA

Ashwed watch till the end ?

Kese kiya Bhaiya ,ek bar phir se please.... App bahoot talent ho....XD.....

jajajajaja muy bueno saludos a todo el equipo Got Talent

What a amazing magician superb ??

Legendas por favor. O Brasil já tá complicado e sem legenda nem ser feliz podemos.

Excellent performance of magician Supper supper supper Good comedian and magician???

Wish you wedding anniversary mi Best friend

Excellent performance of magician

Glenn Joshua Mabonga Bisnan pa panuodin mo muna to maghilamos lang ako iloveyousomuch ❤️ wag ka muna matulog po?

These guys are highly sophisticated.. They make me smile

Ils sont magnifuques et extraordinaire super magician thank very

it was very amazing i love this show

ഈ പാവത്തിന് സ്വന്തം ഭർത്താവിന്റെ ജീവനെടുത്തിട്ടു കിട്ടുന്ന 10ലക്ഷം രൂപയും ഗവൺമെന്റ് ജോലിയും എന്ന ഓഫറിൽ പെടുത്തി മുക്കിക്കളയാതെ നീതി കിട്ടാൻ കൈകോർക്കാം ....

And the face of disapproval comes from the middle aged maybe old aged woman that they show for a split second at the end

Ha ha ha ha Amazing sexcy n beautiful doll hot videos titanic

I see that show is very nice magician

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Notice he did not bring the hoop right thru , just the one end.

Old tricks..the cage was big enough to fit a guy like him..the girl is with them having a steel support at her back for balancing ???

Soz but that was rubbish lol

That was... Pretty shitty... Not gonna lie.

Wow bagong bagong trick ha! Ang malupet dun namangha prin mga judges! ?????

I wast my mobile data and my time for nothing

Nice, Tricks from 1678...

Too common of a magic trick...too many assistants to cover up the acts..

Not really a great trick , old style for this century.. ??

Basic..hahaha pls show us a new tricks


จับง่ายเกิน แอบอยุ่หลังกรงที่ผ้าคลุมอยุ่พอมาลากผ้ามาคนข้างในก็ผลักเหล็กที่เหมือนฝากรงอีกด้านออกมากลางกรง... เอิ่มห่วยสัส

Was that Michael Jackon?

But namangha yong nanonood? Ngayon LNG ba sila nakakita ng ganun? Very simple LNG naman yun? Tsss

Tatti sla iski trick toh mujhe pta hai Ye itna poorana hogya hai ulti aati hai dekh kr ab

Lo único q consiguen con su publicidad esquema no veamos nada, cómo no se dan cuenta

Ang kapal ng mukha nyo c panot ang sisihin nyo ,bakit Hindi kayo umalma sa panahon ni panot

The weird costumes made me wanna puke..!!????


watch Master M reveaL in YouTube. ?

Wow Magic! ?

Right her hair is balance stool


Po o cara ressuscitou o Zacarias..mkkkkk

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It’s good but not enough to get golden buzzer

Pippi if I was him I would change my artist name because in French Pipi means urine I know is name is Pippi but still

What’s up with the American judge and all of them speaking english on Asia’s got talent??

That’s why i dont watched Asian’s Got Talent..... full of bullshits. Oppsss sorry Anggun i love u but not this time ok.

Did he remind anyone of a filler from anime...I loved it

this game is not all about to believe but somethimes you need to caught the attention and make people happy dude..

Good act he made people laugh,that's what he was planned on doing.Good job you deserve the golden buzzer.

Funny on point and it's magic! The magician was so Humbled and thankful! The real magic comes from others! People just being Human and being kind to one another! #ThanksfortheSmiles

I love this kind of magician very entertaining:-D

Omg he copied it from our own magician from the funny ones

Am I the only one that noticed the dude in the suit cuff was undone dont know why it bothered me so much. You on TV in a suit and can't do a cuff properly

Not gold buzzer worthy...but it was funny. I would have just put him through to the next round n see what else he “has up his sleeve”! Haha!

On the floor Hahahaha Hilarious ????? ??

Talentless but so much entertainment..good job dude??

i feel same as him in that moment when he get golden buzzer.... actually for make world happy and happynies. Tq..bro

Hunny relax a little Hunn ❤❤❤❤ "I don't know where this act is going but I think I need you." ??

atleast,,, nagpakita xa ng tutuo,,, at kng pano nia ginawa! for me, gnyan ang tutuong magic???

This is really shit. His gimmick is giving away his tricks? How long will that be amusing? Besides that they're shit tricks...I mean...I'm not trying to be a downer and a stick in the mud but someone who follows magic, this is GARBAGE.

Paolo Lara es un csmr jaja lo igualó a la q te dejo sin dignidad jaaja

Hahahaha....serius mamat nie memang luck die la syg Aisya Yap...his magic tricks is very entertaining....

For me he put up a good smile and made it fun. Made me laugh

funny magic....haha ???

Apa Llanes haha alam ko na tuloy pano yung mga magic tricks na yun!

The golden buzzer or the gold shower... couldn't tell by her reaction

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It so simply: he had tow same copy of (1$) , in his hand and in that packet. When he took 1$ from that man he disappear it and showed us his 1$ ???

I know how it was done, but what is the fun revealing someone else trick. Magicians don’t do that....

Switch’s note at the start of the trick

Really ! He just prepared it before and he got duplicated dollar with some serial number ,,! This how he made it Think about the below steps 1 he brought the chips bag with him 2 he put one copy of the dollar with same serial number inside and seal up the bag like a new 3 why he did not ask for signature!!! Instead of dollar with same serial number , good luck guys

The bill is not the same good back look how howie folded an angle fold on it first. The lastly the bill was folded a square before the lighter. It came out the bag of snacks as a rectangle.

He switched the note when he took it from the judges hand. The duplicate copy was already inside the packet of crisp. The packet of crips was planted there prior to the show

I just had to come to the comment section knowing fully well that one "all knowing individual" knows how the trick was done! To those "omniscience", i hope to see you guys on stage soonest??

OMG! How does he do it? And this is how......The snack is rigged already with a dollar bill inside (and pls do not ask how it was close again because even you can do it with heat). The magician have also a duplicate dollar bill with him which is a fake money (remember a real dollar bill does not catch fire or burn so very easily). Then he asked the audience with a dollar bill. When an audience gave him a dollar bill with his slight of hand skill can immediately swap the real money with the fake one and give it to any audience that will read the serial number and while reading, the magician will take the time to hide the real money. For people who will say do it on stage. Oh please even my kid can do this trick with some practice. And that's how you do it. Now for the people who will say why reveal? Well let's just say that they need to evolved their tricks in where even I will be clueless, then that will be a better performance.

It's a copy and the bag was opened and sealed with the real one way before he went on the stage...And money don't burn like that

Did you ever think he may have just done slight of hand with Howies $1 bill and swapped it with a copy of the bill inside the bag?

Flash paper printed to match the dollar in the bag. Real money doesnt do that. Flash does. The bill he got he just slight of hand replaced with the flash bill. Good job for a 16 year old though

Such a easy trick make a counterfeit bill with same serial number in his hand put the real one it in the bag of chips and then make the other one disappear its that simple

Here with my popcorn waiting for the internet magician experts "be like" to explain the whole trick?

I burnt money and the color of money is not like that when it burns. It should burn like blue ish color not like when you burn a regular counterfeit paper ??, people now a days believe anything.

Wow, spoilers galore. Any magician worth his salt can see how it's done, but it's not about that. It's about showmanship, and he nailed it. I thought we didn't discuss methods, anyway.

Yç hyyyhyyyyyy yyhyyyhyyyyyyyyyyyyhyhyyyhhyhyhyyyhyhhyyyyhyyyyyyhyyyyhyyhyhhyyyyhyyyyyhyyhhyyyhhyyyyyyyhyhyhhhhyyyyyyyhyhhyyyyhhyhyyhyyyyyhyyhyhyyyyhhyhy yhyyhhyyyhyhhhhyhhhyyyyhyyhyyyhyhyyyhyyyhhyyyyyyhyyhyhyyhyyhhhhychyhhhhhyhyhhhyhyhyyyyhhyhyyhhhhyyyhhyyhhhhhyhyhyyyhhhhyhyhhhhhhhyyhyhhyhhhhhhhhyhhhyhhyhyhyyyyyyyyhhyhhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhyhyyhhhhhhhyhyhyyhhhhhhyyhhyhhhhyhhyhyhhhhyyhhhhyyyhhhhyhhyhhyhhyhyhhyhhhyyhhhhyyhyhyhhyhhyyhyyhhyyhhh yhhyhhhyhyhyhhyhyhhyhyyhhhyhyhhhhhyyhhhhhhyyyhhyhhhhyhhhyyyhyhhhyy hyhhyyyyyyhhyyhhyhyhhyhhhhhyyhyyhhyyhhhhyhhhyhhhhh hhhhhhhyyyhhhhhyyyhhhhyhhhhhhhyhhhyhh yhhhyhyhhhhhhhyhhhhyhhyhyhhhhhhyhchhhyhhh hhhyhhhhhhyhhhhyhhhyhyhhhhhhyyyhyhhyhhhyhhhhhyyhhch hyhhhhhyhhyhhhhhhhhhhyy hyhhhyhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhyhhhhycyyyyhhhhyhhyhh hhhhhhyhhhhyhhych hhhyhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhhchhhhhhyhhyhhyhhhhhhyhyyhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhyhhyhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyh hhhyhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhyhhyhhhhhhhhhy hhhhhhhhyhyhchhhhhyhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhyhh hyhhhhyhhhyhhyhhyhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhchhhhhhhhyhhhhyhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhyhhhhyhhyhhhyyhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhchhhhhhhhcçhhyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhyhhhhhhhhyhhhhhyyhhyyhçyyhhyycgcycçyyyyyyyyyyuy hucha CCCB la h el cucho chicha cuenta posi de nuevo çg que 9 de las dos años ti y si de q tu sabes pero yo escuche el es mi amor de q si es pagada ć que 9 es te haz enamorado del mejor amigo y ir xq te quiere igual te quiero yen de verdad mi vida que no le pare 9 de í uu huy iu9iu9u y pues que te toca cantar q bueno que tengas el u 9 es mi idea jajajajajajaja la casa ya hijita fui 9ucigciugc la q ases despierta gcuiuugcgcugciuu čgc de gucci III uli í ü la onu ir con mi sobrinitas jaidjdjdudh a mi bici John u a casa mi preciosa la otra final el no tenía q averte pegado un beso enfrente de todos ficticio de ufc justo antes que el día s jijijij jijijij de 9ucigciugc 9ucigciugc posii de una el día madre esta conversando de cci9i99iiu 9ucigciugc de q ases guapa buen dato justo la casa de mi amigo que se q tu lo dije de amor tu también sabes mi pasado bendijo mi amigo aburrido de las clases medias el y usted también cuidado se lo dije de los que me voy pa mi preciosa usted no se si le dijeron que es el es un derecho en vivo de las buenas la noche eso de una Junta de Gobierno que se vive en un angelito quiere quedar que los días v chat o lograr en las personas el y o menos lo voy saliendo el no me respondes de q si me quieres si q no le duela que el no tenía ni se puede separar de sus que usted c comunique a mi me voy a las prácticas con el.imiforme del diario me queda en las que se q usted tiene su novio pero igual que me lo dices jajaja de q compa más q ases ahora sólo quería hacerte una pregunta en casa con usted quería hacerte con un angelito cm usted si la verdad tu si estas preparada para conversar que no te voy s i don el día s a decir jajaja que los días v chat en verdad q hacer nada pero si será imposible que vallamos la noche el y usted también cuidado x la casa del liderazgo ćç

I know a Taxi driver in Beijing who can do that, switching notes at beginning 🙂 No offence to the 16 year young guy

the boy had already put the paper in that pack and wrote a number on that paper and the hand was in the paper which was burnt in ash.....

What an amazing piece of magic...and he is only 16 years of age. I hope to see him perform in Las Vegas sometime.

Am I the only guy who invokes the power of the Divine (God) here??

the reality there is the serial no. is correct.

He's just 16, what does he think he knows???... All he did was give the fake dollar made with flash paper to Howie the had the original in that sealed chips thiny. Howie was the stooge... Hard truth

That’s purely a quick swap from howie’s dollar bill and the bill he already have in his palm and the one inside the bag is just a copy.

One thing I could say he counterfeited the same money opens the bag and put it in and sealed it with a sealer we have today

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This is magic and it's demonic. Invisible forces are there helping him. People who come online to talk shit by saying it's not real, they no nothing about the spirit world.

Give him a different table to do it and see if true

I'm just here with my popcorn waiting for the internet magician experts to start explaining how it's done lol ?

We all know The Flash was involved...if you pause it when he flips a card you'll see him running by, while eating a taco!

Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

That is not an ordinary table. It is covered in Vantablack material. It absorbs 99.96% of the light. It's the blackest material. Even if the table has hidden compartments or overlapping flaps, it will still appear flat because of that material

His magic indeed amazing.. But hey he looks like 17 instead of 33???

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How about he turns all my quarters into $100 bills and then I’ll believe it ? kidding! Love magic shows ❤️

Foot pedal behind the plant with cables connected to rotating rods. There are more than 4 coins and one side of coin is black. You can easily see how he discarded the white cards and you can also see the table shaking when he presses the foot pedal. Different set of rods for rose pedals that are in a cup. Great performance!

Yah I know this ,,the black sheet on that table made of carbon emissions it creat an illusion of what we are watching and I am sure I don't know what I am talking about ,thanks far reading anyway

It has something to do with spiritual power which can not be seen by naked eye... No body could see that somebody is helping him except himself...???

I am able to figure a lot of tricks out however I am fooled with this one. I however believe he isn't doing "slight of hand," as done traditionally. His sleeves are to tight and no slight of hand could have done the trick to the coins when he did the snap. He definitely had to do quite a bit of pre-show work piecing this all together and believe the table has something to do with it.

There's no such things as demonic magicians. Try to become a magician you'll understand. Magicians practiced a trick for years and people says its demonic because they couldn't figure it out. Its the reason why some magicians would let you think that its demonic magic because its what you believe. "PEOPLE FEAR WHAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND"

Kung lahat ng workers puro regular naisip nyo ba pano na mabigyan ng pag kakataon libo libong bagong graduate taon taon? makapasok ng trabaho?

I don't know why people have to explain how it was done so who cares gees just enjoy the show is it a crime to have a little magic in your life that's not hurting anyone.

How ever he does it it still great entertainment if you can wow your audiences and keep them guessing how did he do that then that's magic regardless if it's real or not.

At first he have torn rose petal and falls down and it falls at the black table were he have to do magic and the the table board were were extremely black the rose petal dissapears and I think there are more than 4 coin and all coin one side is black to make dissapeared. But he done this tricks very smoothly.

My guess is there’s a foot pedal by his right foot (artfully covered by some foliage). He can use it to cover and uncover fake coins. The covers are impossible to see because they’re black on a black background.

Tv ? is already been program to do all that am people are forcing on watching the tv without watching his the camera ?

He should do this on penn and teller ! I’d be interested to see if they can crack this one !! Hahaha amazing trick !

he can do the magic with smile face , even this is not real magic but at least show your nice part on front of people , no need to show your hard shape , good luck

Okay, so, the cards he slid into a compartment. There was just enough of a pause in his movements to notice it. The coins switching to rose petals, I actually caught on the camera. You see a very small part of the third coin left before it's completely covered and before the petal is uncovered.

As a member of the Comment Reading Association of America (CRAA) , I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you .??

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I personally found this boring

I dont think saw that is really magic if i am the judge i vote him for big No is just a simple trick that even a regular magician can do it.

This type of magic did by some street magician in India, I still remember, Not a really impressive for these days...

This is what Sri Lanka magician look like????we all know this old tricks even kids too... And he performed like a new kind of magic... Girrrr?????

That is not a magic even kids also know that kind of it.

Well this wasn't just about the was on the entertainment aspect with the meaning of the song...the dance and the person with whom he danced..this is why it is really magical...and funny...if you don't understand the language of the the song and its meaning do not judge it...his act is of a similar genre to Matt Edwards from Britain's Got Talent..

i really hope they change jackson antony from the judge board to a younger person who is more humble and has a better attitude... cz jackson is messing it up by tryna b like simon cowell in agt...lolll

One of the best entertainers!!! Keep it up man...Be happy සන්තෝෂ වෙන්න ?

Lighten up people geeewiz, we all know this is an old trick but give the dude some credit it was funny as hell watching him do it??

Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Its a very easy magic trick ... When I was a kid the magic show mela use to come to my town where we can buy and learn those trick with just 50 rs cost to learn...?

Old magic tricks cutting the rope I saw 40 years ago when I was a kid this guy is boring and he doesn't smile or laugh.

he can do the magic with smile face , even this is not real magic but at least show your nice part on front of people , no need to show your hard shape , good luck

If you understand the song and the context it is so hilarious. This guy is a brilliant entertainer and the audience loved it. If you want to see complexity in Magic you should maybe watch the World Championship of Magic or Penn & Teller Fool Us. Sadly this video doesn't have his full act as well!!! Hats off to Hannibal - the Magic Warrior!

Thats call entertainment! Man this is so funny! Excellent!

The Got Talent franchise is about talent in general and not about who can perform the best magic tricks. In that regard, this guy is pretty good. The way he delivers an old trick in a way not generally seen, entertaining viewers in doing so is what makes the act special. This is what makes the Got Talent franchise so special. It is a platform for people who possess a range of talents which individually may not be extraordinary but in combination form something special to showcase the full package. As a Sri Lankan who follows the American and British versions a lot, I found enough uniqueness in the act of Trevin Hannibal to make it stand out from the ordinary.

I dont even sees any big changes about the juror cutting roap hahaha which is. Should be interesting fact hahaha .he is a comedian hahaha as you can see his face .looks like weirdo definitely in srilanka talents for them are to easy .its a big no for me ?

Yes its a very old trick. If you give a rope to a kid and tell this is the method and those are the handlings within an hour the kid will show it. Its true. But there are not many people who can get that kind of a trick in to this kind of level. Its always the singer not the song. Guys even Penn and Teller still perform their cups and balls routine. I have seen this guy performing. But this is not the complete routine. Also the entertainment aspect of the trick is limited because of the language. Nothing personal. Just what I think.

I believe the whole world and especially srilanks will be proud of this talented magic show. Never forget in this 21 at century. ?

worst magic trick ever it was too boring... y is he acting like tht on the stage but i saw dilshan dancing

Different! Would be interesting to know what he does at next level. The rope routine did not fool me, as I specialize in rope magic, more complex than his routine, and not as impressive as some other magicians performing rope magic.

It’s not all about magic it’s total entertainment. The peoples who don’t know anything about Sri Lankan songs and culture gives lot of hate comments. good luck bro its super entertainment.

I am expecting more works on stage. ???????. For me. Its A NO... sorry...... I am not satisfy with your talent... bitter luck no time..

You have worked incredibly hard.Good luck for all your efforts, May you get what you truly deserve, We are proud of you..

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Hey You ... Yes...... , you The one who is reading my comment . May God bless you and your family . Have a great day buddy.???

Self taught? As if the rest all went to Hogwarts!

He told a story with cards and a story line he had I the only one not impressed?

& now, I'll download this video & play this in slow motion then I'll reveal your tricks

Great. Start watching the video and the ad comes on in the middle and freezes the video so I cannot watch the second half. Wonder when they will start doing this to our phone calls. You will be on a call and an ad will come on.

Fb should do something about these useless ads in the middle of the video lol

1. time ever ....I was totaly impressed with a magician!! Hawe always been bored with them. NOT THIS ONE !!! - hawe too watch again ....

This magic is SIMPLE. I'll show you. Since childhood I could hide a coin in my mouth and still tell mum I didn't steal it! That's magic?

and he was the grand champion

Why didn't he assign the clubs or diamonds to Mel b or Cannon...?

After reviewing the video several times, I finally understood how he did it but it is my humble opinion only, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view. but also by looking this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear, and by considering each and every one opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

No-one cut the deck. He said they were shuffled but who's to really tell?

Wow, no critic no analyst till now.. He is great, loved his presentation..

Is it just me or is he just really good at pretending to shuffle cards?

I think all cards were fixed

Kirsten Flores ay basic HAHAHA kinabiliban na siya ng lahat hahahahahaa si jack lang yan eh hahahahaa

Yeah he has his own show in Vegas now. I saw him there. He’s so good!

Matt Franco, the winner of America's Got Talent 2015

Yea so i downloaded this video..saw it slow motion ovr nd ovr agn..nd guess what?? I found nothng ???

If you watch closely. After shuffling the Deck of cards,he reached behind him. This was well rehearsal.

how did he turn that other card to be blank and how does he change cards into photos

Very simple story trick . It's the same as Joe the cab driver . The deck is stacked to the story .

Very nice and intelligent performance. Well done

Franco is amazing ... Mel b's mobile trick was lit ???

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This is so basic and amateur act

Mga Kapatid na pilipino ilbis kayo mag malaki sa kapwa niyo niyo lahi kayo pa nag baba sa kanila.. Grabe!. Oo madali sa paningin niyo pero mahirap ang skills na yan.. Nanonood lang kayo pero hindi kayo ang nasa posisyon niya.. baka masyado kayo mapanlait hindi niyo kilala yang c tatay rico ang bait sa personal.. at amf ang event niya sa isang araw halaga ng sahod ng manager kahit sa bangko pa.. 30k to 50k per event.. tanong ko bago kayo manlait kaya niyo ba magbayad ng ganun para sa entertainment ng mga anak niyo.. pilipino nga na naman. Makikita mo talaga ugali ng mga pilipino ilbis tinataas ang talent ng kapwa pinoy sila pa humahatak pababa.. hindi ba kayo nahihiya sa mga comment niyo lalo na mga nagmamgaling diyan.. haiisstt God bless u mga Kapatid

I was cool with this until they brought out the snake and started shaking it around. Poor thing must be scared as shit.

The midget was awkward, his wife as his assistant was awkward, the fact she didn’t do her job in time and he had to put the front back on and wait for the snake... the dance moves were awkward, this is an act that you’d perform at at a retirement home... not a world stage

sa lamay. Apo : condolence po lola. ano po ba nangyari kay lolo Lola : ganito kasi yan apo. natigok sya nung nag jejerjer kame huhuhu Apo : baket naman po kase kayo nag gaganun po eh ang tanda tanda nyo na. Lola : Alam ko apo. kaya nga tuwing linggo lang namen ginagawa at dahan dahan lang ang kilos ng lolo mo isinasabay nya lang sa kalembang ng kampana ng simbahan. Apo : ha?! pano po yun? Lola : pagtunog ng "ding" ipapasok ng lolo mo pagtunog naman ng "dong" ilalabas nya. ....... buhay pa sana ang lolo mo kung hindi lang dumaan yung bwiset na sorbetero ??? hahaha! ?

Amazing! Your country has so much great talent. I'm planning to visit philippines for my vacation. Hope I find my soulmate in your country. Greetings here from Mexico pampanga

When you are forced out of retirement to do a last gig of an act you used to do 20 years ago...and insist on keeping the same wife and crew ??

For all the people who see or seen this, look again at the end as he pulls the snake from the box, the man in the back on the right side pulls a lever allowing the snake to call out from the back of the box, you see this when the magician opens the box and you can see part of the divider as he still tries to fall.. This Magician is so bad...

You notisted the door in the box

I'd like to say LOL... especially when he checks before opening whether the lady has moved to the bottom of the case with double bottom! ??

Wow. Oh crap, the snakes not in position, lock it back up. No one will notice.

mga tulig to mga nagkokoment...may pinto daw sa loob ng box?? isip2 din.. ang dami2 na nonood dun habang nag peperform c rico.. kaliwat kanan harap at likuran.. konting pagkakamali lang mapapansin agad yun.. tsaka pano magkaka snake dun .. eh sarado.. that is what we call " magic " .. madadala ka talaga ng illusion.. dahil mata at isip mo nasa ilalim na ng dilim... tanong ko lang? saan nanggaling ang MAGIC??

Video was too long. Halfway through it, I got hungry so I left it playing and went to the kitchen to fix my self a sandwich. But then I found out that I'm out of mayonnaise so I went to a store. There, I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life. But I'm really a shy person so I took up a three-year personality development course so I can introduce my self. She was very friendly and all, but unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. So I said, all good, I'm a mature person. I want the best for her and I harbor no illusion that I am the best person for her and she seems happy with her boyfriend, so I did not bother her anymore. But we kept in touch and we became friends and I got over my crush on her. Then she broke up with her boyfriend, we drank some alcohol because of it, I told her she'll be fine and I wished her well. I still think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, but like I said, I am over my crush on her. It was like five years already when I first saw her. Besides, I am quiet happy with the friendship I developed with her. It was more important than a crush. So we kept hanging out, drinking, having coffee, and all. I had a girlfriend, she started dating other guys. My girlfriend wants to live some other life without me in it, so I said, okay, I want the best for you and I want you to pursue your happiness. My lady friend and I drank alcohol about it, and she gave me the same advice I gave her when she was in that position and I became okay with the breakup immediately. But we were really drunk, so she spent the night in my apartment. I only have one bed, so you know what that means: She took the bed and I slept on the couch. But on the couch, I really can't sleep. Something was bothering me. So I tossed and turned for about three hours, then I finally can't take it anymore, I stood up and went straight to my room where she's sleeping. I approached the bed, gently sat on it and I reached for her shoulder to pull her closer to me. She stirred and woke up. She asked what's up. I told her, you know, the first time I saw you, I was watching a video and left it playing to get my self a sandwich then went to the store to get some mayo then I got distracted by life that I forgot to finish the video. She said, you know what, I've been wondering about a weird noise in your night drawer. So we opened that drawer, and lo and behold, there's my phone and this video still has two minutes of play time on it.

who the hell is that judge????? shemale ?

Omg terrible! Felt for the snake. The guy should be tried for animal cruelty and human cruelty for sitting through this crap!

His act was crap I could of done better a magician has beautiful young ladies to assist but sorry the old lady must of been him wife !

To everyone.... relax..... if you just try to understand his act, it’s shows how the magicians doing the tricks. His not showing any magic. It’s another way around. He is showing and revealing how magic done by magician. It’s a revelation guys....

She was clearly in the top half of that box.... takes two people to lift it off and then back on. Yet he lifts it back on his own....

An old trick! Notice how thick the box that magician never turn around the box.dont fool people idiot magician!

Perfect example of the magician doing almost no work. What a basic routine full of his helpers doing all the hard work

bsta q saludo aq sa lht ng magicians?muka lng mdli o kht sbhn mdli p ang tanong lgt b ng tao kya gwin ang gngwa nla?mtgal n pnag aralan at pnghndaan ang mga yan kung kya nio yn at mdli lng at tngin nio mgling kau bkt d kau ang sumli at mgpsikat?????msigbong plakpkan pra sa isng batikan ng mahika,salamangka????

we all know that it just a trick,,ang talent niya is how to execute in a fast and clear way,,,bat pa ang daming parang nagmamagaling o ignorante talaga,,,,sali na lang kaya kayo,,,ang talent nyo humuli ng moves ng magician, let see kung paano nyo gagawin,,,,,,,,,,,

Oh my god Anthony John you have to watch this. When the guy hits the table thing it remind me of stevie!

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What song was playing at the ending? Sounded like cold play

Unbelievable!!! Speechless! Don't know what to say!!!!

He hid on the stairs... the hand shown is not his hand its another person.. table side can fit a small person, trim with black color to look small

Lol, very easy act... and always show in America and British Got talent if you are always watching them! The fact that magic is already revealed! ???

I found answer: He isn't from our world ?

I have nothing to say, but I'll leave a question how did they do that it was freaking awesome......

His magic tricks are not original. The Masked Magician revealed all of these tricks. Try watching Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

The problem in this show they switch the camera angle many times. Why they dont just focus the camera to the magician

There are two types of magicians magic first normal spirit magic and second demon magic

What is his name? He is an absolutely beautiful man!!!

There's a sorcerers school hidden in Europe and one in South America hodden though only the chosen go

The aim is for people to believe in spiritism

love it.. only magic can leave me speechless

Só acredito se eu tiver na plateia até então pode ser truques de câmeras

the best magician i have ever watch (simon always said)

Very fake magic tha man put in the box than in the steps and in the box already have someone

It's a tricky game of illusionist ... don't believe everything you think happened, it was designed for you to think that way

Dịch vụ like, cmt, thả tim tăng tương tác giúp bài viết của bạn trên tường nhà bạn bè thường xuyên 350k/ 3 tháng/ib. Cmt tự động xl nếu làm phiền

So so unbelievable, scary and trilling

May be there is someone on this world worth love

They are all deceptions you do not trust

Its the same with the girl magician on other got talents

Unbelievable !!!!! I can't believe my eyes ?

I had never seen ...this is amazing.

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Its Nothing Compare in Philippines Magicians... Filipino People are Best Magician in The World. U Can Find Them in Airport Just Bring ur Baggage and everything inside will disappear....Believe me...

1:39 mid man fast hand

nice play with the judge. they planed well

about the bread that was removed to the judges shoe,,,as u can see.the third guy from right to left,he gaved the ball to the first guy that he almost covered the middle the middle guy took his chance to put the bread,,,fake bread into the shoes...replay if you dont get give it to the first guy and seems he found something in the shoe,,but as u can see,,,the other hand he use to get the paper is in his pocket a while he took the paper from his pocket..

@ 1:39 you can see the Indian reach in his jacket and put it in the shoe

Isn't it obvious they have printers in their mouth?

This is the proof that this show have to be a fake


Watch never gets his shoe back

this Idiots are not original, they tape the mouth to be cool and silent, but this is already used by Tape Face who is funny, hilarious and original

May be there is someone on this world worth love


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Hell with ad.... anyway Nice show

nice play with the judge.

tapeface ripoff

Very nice

Kevin Laatsch das war ziemlich cool ?

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