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Lmfao :)



Lol I make faces with everything,I'm the definition of a party pooper ???

Michelle Lima sure this was you on the ships hahah!!

Chloe Windley why do I feel like this is you ??

Andrew Puttock literally this 4 day holiday

Stacy Quintana I still make a face ?? You don’t though ??

Poppy Logan any girl who takes tequila as her 21 shots. Maybe I am the devil

Alex and I leave you with this one ? goodnight ??

Nerissa Disss you, ya never flinch ?

Jess Ryan don’t know bout you but that sounds like us at their service ?‍♀️?

Julie Moldovan Valerie O'Callaghan and ye are legit the least evil satanic people I know ?

Amber you take them with me but you make a face so I guess that means you're an angel who was sent from heaven to make my life complete ?

Jojo Garza sometimes I make faces to pretend it bothers me ???

Leah Mr devil says hello and would you like to sign up for our hell insurance?

Kaneesha Richardson First half’s 100% you, so go ruin them all boo??? You got my blessings but don’t forget you still my number one babe☝️?☝️

Is this us tho? Katie cause i know it’s me for sure ?

Marcella Jochim... we're not so bad. Just had to let em know what we're capable of. I feel like it saved us a lot of time ?

Lonette, is this true?!?!

Turning Table now I know the secret ??

Meghan or

Toby Guess I’m your angel ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Julie Kristina Holm Når man er på mexi med dig, hvilke basic er en suicide mission bestående af +15 pr person

Stevie Harmon it's official you're a devil ?

Greg keep this in mind. Haha

Femke, de duivel heeft u inderdaad gezonden ... Want me 2 is altijd leuker

Chelsea Lynn everytime I see this it brings me back hahahaha

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Dave says he.d never see me upright again.....

I need one of these on the bus to work and back! ???

Toni hahahaha you need this

I need this with the new meds Helen night lovely. They seem to be kicking in now

Jasmin When you search for relatable memes to tag a bud and the first one you see turns out to be perrrrfect for them????☺️

Ashley Duncan reminds me of you cause of how fast you can fall asleep sometimes haha! Birthday gift maybe?? Hahaha

Vika Starkz-Fili - guess what Santas buying you for Christmas...??? ?? #luckkkyyyguy lol

Jade Parkes I’ll buy you one of these for your night shifts ??

Romanna Harvey best i get you one for your birthday lol

Ariel Benson Fiona Hazlitt feel like I’ll need this this year now I’m not living on campus and can’t have mid afternoon naps in between lectures

ConnieLu u kno how u napped and left me hanging... i think u n Emily Sun can b twinsies ?

Omg yes!!! ??? and bear slippers to match for shoes

Ellen Roos Nikki Lize vervroegd verjaardagscadeautje? ?

Chelsea Knotts this is how you're going to look when I come visit you later in the school year ?

Piyush Sah always ready for a nap and this best suits you??

Joe here's the solution to your lack of pillow ??

Dareyne Joubert ca te serai surement très utile question de t'endormir un peu partout quand tu voudra !

Robyn ?? too bad I really don’t get naps anymore ??

Hi friend, just download the app freenet and use the 79S6ST code to get instant 10 points that you can redeem data packages.

Kassie Lopez Perfect gift for you. It should be part of your work uniform

Laura Purcell I'll have to get you that for when we stay out past 10 o clock on holidays??

Ashleigh I’m getting you one of these!! ?

Hahahahahaha kaipuhan ta ini chers Gerard Yano Shaneen Reymark Jezel wahahahahaha

Jey Velez why can i see us wearing this to like some club or down a really busy street... or if it were you alone... Wal-Mart

MariamSultana Bring back the y10 days eh?

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Jenna Noelle Why am I tagging you? Because I always kinda thought a coat hook was an octopus in disguise and because you’re me you probably did too.

Or a derpy octopus according to your friend Caitlyn Lancaster.


You?... it’s a reminder if you I think Lewis Smith

I thought that before I even read it

Sarah Evans ngl i see the octopus HAHAH

I read this as goat hook and was really confused

Annie Ewart I just realised my shoes look like koalas

I'm got tears pouring out my ?eye's so funny

The real meaning of an alcoholic LMAO

it does look like a octopus drunk

Ertem D. Ertem Ð. Hero Sergej März Je länger man hinschaut umso lustiger wird es ???

Taylore M Colerick i feel like you will appreciate this

Brenda Valdes trying to fight everyone that stares at you when you’re drunk lol

Amiera Beydoun Babe, I actually laughed out loud ? why am I like this?!

Queena Cheong come reply to these great memes

Katie Wackett German guy @ the hostel....

Rhi Beretta why do I find this so funny

Rasharn Kadashian idk why but this reminds me of you ?

Angela i feel like this is what you would see

Chelsea I know your love of octopuses

Lindsey Cunningham the hooks in the bathroom!!??

Amanda Ramirez yes i do 2 ranch and bacon burger

Warren Polinder this reminds me of you idk why

Emily Louise Middleton when the alcohol settles in and you see this ??

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Does anyone have rockets cell no



Join group called make me laugh

I am groot

Kieran, finally ?❤️❤️❤️


Davida Torres omg im tearing up 🙁 poor groot

Oh! What happened kay groot?

This is Halarious but so mean ???

who killed him ?

"I WAS GROOT"hahaha savage???

Alexis Pixler i almost peed myself.... i have a problem...


You are cruel miss Simmonds.. Groot lives forever??‍♀️??‍♀️

Found where he’s been hiding all this time Maria Antony

R.I.P Groot

"I am groot" is my ringtone lol

does anyone have rockets cell no

Thought you’d like this one Kaine Devo

Awesome I <3

HAHA I am groot!


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me ?????? ... Zie meerZie minder

me ??????



where did you get my picture at the beach?

Hahah stopppp this is my senior yearbook pic

Helena Mulligan ye already hav d bikini pics up ?

Sarah Guascone.... the way you’re going at the moment! This be you on holidays (just trying to help you ) ??

Leiry ,definitely you lmao.

Kia Brown this beach is gunna get whatever body I give it

Brenda H. Ch Jessica Flores that’s why I didn’t attempt on going ?

Che Ri Ohh i found your missing Summer photo ??☝

You could be that Big by then Aaron ??

Edelyn Vejar fuiste a la playa y no me invitaste! Que culera!!!

Mark Eadie I asked you to delete the photos from the beach ?

Kevin Formby Daniel Grace This will be you in Fuengirola Kev if you don’t pack the yum yums in?

Anu Chirayil since your family has been saying that you got chubby. I couldn’t find a karutha panni. I love you, don’t kill me plz

Reyna Saldaña this is me on a good day lmao....... Lol hope I made u laugh a lil

Katerina ME ME ME ME ME ME (I hope you can hear the picture ????)

Griselda this will be me in Mexico next month ??

Beach looks nice on ur holiday lol x Nic Phillips

Taylor Gustafson when did you take a picture of me at the beach??

Me in 4 weeks Bev ???

Riya Sharma tm summer mein to bahut khoobsurat dikhti h re

Fatima this was us!!! Lety ???? embarrassing to wear a two piece

Jnlyn David wag naman sana ako ganito sa summer. HAHAHA ??

Ashlee Ferrell which one of your friends is this I can't see the face that good

Sweet meat! KSHE 95 is looking for you.

Dan Reyes including the breastfeeding nips ???

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anxiety ??



Me every time someone uses the word "sure" no matter what situation it is. ??? What the hell do you mean SURE!?!?!

Chelsea Watambwa This is me all the time probably thinking u mad wen u text or talk differently

Lyssa Renee || YOU with your “I guess”. I gotta play guess her emotion from what I just said a minute ago LOL

Remember that one time when you thought I was upset about something? All because one can not identify the tone through texting! ? Afifa Farooqi

Hahahah Aoife Ní Dhúill why you spicy at me using all them exclamation marks

Jake Bixby yoooooo, if this ain't me ??????

? Kirsty this is you texting me thinking I’ve got attitude ?

Logen but literally this is me ... wow shook

Tara Heistman, you said everything I send sounds angry because I don't use emojis. Lol

Zwel you’ll get that talking to me lmao

Alex LMAO why do I feel like this would be me

Jennifer deadass can't lie I be thinking like that

Evan Hemontolor this is you “Alex are you okay?” Yes “I don’t believe you” ?

It's crazy how you just feel the text Right. That must be is tapping into our other senses. Or whatever

Daniel Brown I feel like this is you always thinking I’m angry

It’s the ... that gets me. Such as: “thank you for the help earlier.” “You’re welcome...” Like, what does that mean?! ?

That’s actually what I think Brianna

Leon This is me, like for real. ?

Fto Maria it be like that when you a sensitive mf ?

Angel babe this is literally me ?????

Mosa Khan why is this you asking me if I'm mad ?????

Makaela Brooke remember when you dated that guy and he was literally like this, " there was a lack of emoji's, what's wrong?" ??????

Lucas Galimand ahahah mes reactions à chaque fois que je lis tes messages

??? Crystal see.when I tell you I can hear your attitude in the text.

David this makes me think of last night ??

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Me 😮???? ... Zie meerZie minder

Me :o



I am sorry, this prayer cannot be completed at this time (error sl07) please reset your prayer stance and try again.

Unfortunately the world is not God.

Christina Ann Horton i dunno why but this made me think of you?❤️

Febe Albazi I want my dream to come true already lol

Star Saban that’s me before sleeping being tired of work ???‍♂️

Adelaida Pinon me every morning haha

Keep working, and don’t let the GOP get their hands in our Social Security. It’s called retirement. You work for it. It doesn’t come from God.

Mãyå I wanna graduate but I don't wanna go school***??

Evan Dalton...haha dole 4 life

I am sorry, this prayer cannot be completed at this time. please reset your prayer stance and try again.

Contact not found.

Dear lord I want good grades but I don't want to go to school

Carl how I felt this morning??

So there's no Republicans who don't wanna work either or too lazy too..SMH

Oliwia Sikora ? that’s me every morning ?

Hakan Kayabasi when I wake up, I always think like this hahaha btw, how r u ?

Neither do I all I'm 62 just want me me pension

Zoe Keck whish it could be this way?

Brianna also me at 3 o’clock in the morning

Adam Thomas Zuck this is you idk y but I could see u doing this ?

Me playing the lottery.

James, not a ferret but still seemed appropriate

That you all the time Co Taylor Whittle????

Robb Coates one day haha xxx

Do I really need that paycheck Kelly Katona

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me ??? ... Zie meerZie minder

me ???



This is wrong, the lights are still on

Mavis Togia why do I feel like this is what you do every morning ? ??

Je sais pas pourquoi. .. mais j'ai l'impression que ça te représente ? Thamara Cameus

Farah Ahmed dont know why it reminded me of you haahaahahahahahha miss you baby

Ula Ska u should give me ur netflix password ;)))

Hayley Gibbens, us on the morning school run, then on the afternoon one ???

Tina this is me ?????

Samantha Cook this you talking about the gym, but instead ??????

Bolette, måske ikke lige løbe, men altså sådan her er min ferie indtil videre ???❤️ så mange ting og alligevel vinder tv’et ?

Jennifer & Ashley — this is the new me ?

CJ Elías when we say we’re going to hit the gym

Sophie Lamb currently in my pants with a multipack of crisps on a Netflix journey ?

Princess Irena weee i didnt know you can watch netflix on a tv like that hahahaha

Annie Yu this is gonna be u since u got the Netflix now

Carli Briggs seriously I have good intentions ???✌?

Kahri Wride this will be me this weekend haha. Enjoy your road trip, drive safe!!

Maria Garibaldi when I say imma do something and never do lol

Chloe Scott-smith this its me right now ???

Dayana Kell story of my life! ? I need your motivation lol

Lukas Earle except i got pasta and pizza in front of me lolol

Like she's getting Netflix on that telly!!!!!! Lol

Miyotzi Jimenez I think this was me when I set my alarm for 5:30 pm instead of am??

Naale Amara... definitely not me ??

Joel Mayberry imagine this been me having my own place 😉

Suyash Nigam...aisi hi jogging chal rahi hai na aapki??

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Renee Jones I can't breathe ??

It is annoying. I have bad anxiety too. When you are with some1 who doesn't know what that's like it really sucks. They think u can just snap out of it n that is so not true.

How I'm gonna shoot my next shot ?? Seanie Muñiz

Daniel thanks for sharing all your remedies w me

Kristin Murray You flirting this week?

Peter Olderon you tryna have nervous breakdowns together or naw? ?

Jenna Blake let’s have anxiety together ???

Maria Killeen this remind me something u would say lol

Joe Jobina how we pick up our men

Siddhartha Kannan????? fuuucckkk Sid this would be you and me ??

Jodi Hayward-Gillett one day it'll work. One day they'll say yes. One day...

Joe Ross I don’t know why but I thought of us as people when I read this

Ieuan Kerslake might use this line myself ??

Courtney ?? How school had me talking to cisko

Alyssia Kimsey I’m pretty sure this would be me with my boyfriend! Like do you have anxiety like me? ?

Hannah Mary this. Is so you ??

Parker Henwood hahahahahahahah idk why I find this funny

Pamela Vecakis Hahahah! This is what I should ask next time... ?

That's why I can't flirt

Alicia Marie Hall Hahahah I’m crying bc relatable to my life?

Kyleigh Beebe My flirting skills not on point but hey ??‍♂️

You got lots of work too or no? Matthew

Kelsey Parker why do I feel like this is you?

Megan Barela when you don’t know how to flirt ?

Jenny Bliss literally one of our first conversations together ?

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Sam Wilson it’s not even the caption it’s juts the dog ????

Lauren Little nana did this to me one time with you! I’ll never forget it!!??

Dannil Clifton soo tell me why this reminded me of you??jpjp

More accurate would be that they just both roast me Maria Antony

Lorraine Crase you do this with the kids lol.

Oh wow I found a picture finally that looks like my sister

Just too cute...!! Love you my beautiful girl...!! xx

Loretta Selam-white , Clara Selam , Wilda Grace ???? its Prolly the other way around right ? "Just walk away from her " ??

Thomas Terry this was you with your Nan the other day ????

You when I tell the kids ?? Alexis Frank

Why does this remind me of Alecia Sean!

Briana is this the girls with your mom? Lol

I love his little bunny ears ,???

Susan Petitjean i used to do this. Tellin on u

Alexis Ramirez this is gonna be Saint and Aaron when my mom yells at me and gabby yells at you. Haha.

Does this happen to you Courtney ? Lol

Wendy Stone you will do this!! Haha

Eric Truong some memes to cheer you up 😛

Hunter Campbell meeee when Annemarie tells patsy too leave me alone ???

Magellen Acinom Why does this remind me of Hershey when he is sleepy. LOL.

Dina Molenda Donna Molenda Oh man. I can hear it now. I love you both dearly.

Danielle Short this'll be archies face ???

Ashleigh Riel This seems about right.

Cathy Darby every time you tell Kinsler she can do something after I already said no....

Heather Swan, I’ve seen Lainey look like this a time or two. ?

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??? ... Zie meerZie minder




Adam Czubak You see, people are kissing for a long time before...

That is so much my husband

LOL!!!!! that's a good one

Matthew Watson you know it aswell mate ?

Eve Avila, is this me?? lol idk how quick I am.

Or shut the door with Bo Brittany Morehead ????

Them spots are FLYIN off that mofo!

Laeeqa Pillay then she fall of to sleep???

Let the fun begin ?

Courtney Emily Dearlove this was exactly wat u said 10 mins ago ??

Sarah Garcia-Parziale never had to worry about this until now

Jessica Cuellar ? ahaha "wanna go in the car" yes plz ??

Jose A. Ortega ?? idk I just found this funny ??

Lol Jillian Tuscano ?? wait what door ?

Prajwal Dai k ho yesto, sakyena????

Now that's hilarious but true

Liam Adam Sly me with the blinds and windows ?

Haha ?

Courtney Louise haha baby this will make u chuckle lol xxxx

Mark Mullan... go close the door ??

Salvador Reyes ??? babeeee lock the door ??

Desiree Allison never kiss forever in a long time

Pta tawang tawa ako dito ???

cancer b0s

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?? ... Zie meerZie minder




Emily West my type of flirting

? Jess Mullen this is Rosemaree Vitullo if we took her out to meet someone ?

Emily Allison Lynn Game Face girl. Go get em’! ????

Edelyn Vejar that was you when you got "nervous" around that dude at the party ? "oye guapa como te llamas" "edilin" ?

Hari d hottest! ?

Me when you said you’re on your way...?? Paul McQuilton Miles

Grace omg this is you

Megan Tiffany dude if this isn't me ??

Is this you Sammy Caddick lol ? xx

Hailey Swisher Fowler JT Getkin this is me. I’ll forever be y’alls 3rd wheel. Sorry.

Vivienne O Sullivan I don't know why but this is making me very giddy ?

Tiale Tapega does this make the 2 of us ? ?

Shay Doherty y take anyone at this stage ?

I'm dying Jackie Doherty legit meee

Acaylia Ransfield that boy we walked past today

Our day for sure ahahhaha

Kat Park his face ??

Zoe ??‍♀️

Danika Ansley Alana Meikle Bethany Hayman Charlotte Armstrong Shannon Quinn Gemma Sheene Leah Goodburn Jade Moore Isabella Allen ??

Kim Hammer sorry but I thought of you ?

This is why Sam Hill ? p.s read your messages!

Chelsea Dove this is me trying to date again

Emilie Lisa moi pcq jveux une meuf ?

Louise Brown Another for you ?

Ashton Garraghty how I thought you were gonna be last night

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Rebecca Ray okay who’s taking all these pics of you

This is how my Cutiepie Behn looks when she smiles.....?? Smaran Yaduvanshi

Maddie Luette idk why this reminds me of a young Lola

Nancy Ortega when you hyped me up everytime I wore anything nice ?.

Alyssa all day at the wedding lmao

Tara Wells jessalyn when I was talking about her book bag lmao

Manny Fazo I be like ohhh okayyy daddy ?

Rachael Leitch this is legit my face because you have a list of compliments to issue me every day

Your the only one that is always telling me I look pretty even if I don't cause I'm ugly af?? and ur beautiful af??❤❤Esmeralda Ferrel

Fry Melecio naghahanap pa ako eh hahaha. Ang cute nya parang ako pero di ikaw ❤??

Is that your dog too? I thought that you had only the pug. And I keep forgetting his or her name. You always take such cute pictures. Bet the pug is your bff ?. You are a very good mommy. Miss you. Have and awesome day. Love you. Ciao ????

ÄhàÑa ÀhAña after some time try to control ,,,,n that is more cute?????

So Great to see a Doģ Smiling.....its a Absolute true thang.

Brittany Niamh your face when I mentioned your hair looking better straight ????

Lisa Woppel This is EXACTLY what u look like too ❤

Desiree DuVall every time tells me I’m pretty! My head gets bigger ???❤️❤️

Joe Shave this’s almost as good as the ‘when you have a nice hat’ Ben Sutcliffe

Mia Arostegui every time i snap you and you hype me up

Enosh Katta this is your face when someone compliments you

Tayla Hurley IDK why this reminded me of you, but here you go ???

Julio Lopez this really be me when you tell me I’m cute??

Do you have the “I look good”days too ? Jade Parkes

Tyler Mains that's how I can explain that feeling I've had. ?

Geneva Miller I can see you doing this when I compliment you ??

Georgia Rose when you straightened your hair. ?

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me ?? ... Zie meerZie minder

me ??



Maihi Bennett pretty much every single time we drink ?

Aiden Roberts difference is I definitely wouldn't be dying and I know we'd both probably drink at 9am?

Lily Vang Yingcha Vang we all have that one friend ! *Cough* yingcha lol

Kashia Genaro the whole group ?

Mandy Sue this is us.... Me: I fear nothing! What do you mean it’s Monday, I’m still on Saturday night ?

Ashley Smith why do you come to mind when I read this??? ?????

Meenu if this isnt u @ me w your 11 am mimosas

Tommy Cochran this legit looks just like a conversation we’ve had before. I’m blue and you’re grey??

Juan Mora you’re the first person that came to my mind when I read this ??

It's not on, but then again at my age can do what ever I please!!!!!!!!! xo Lol

Damnn Danielle me the other day in the morning ??

Kayleigh Barr how I roll? ps we are doing Mexico next year.

OK, you 2, adjusted what I said, does not mean you have to follow me until like me u reach your 60's and anything goes!!!!!!! Lol xo

That random time we got drunk @9am with the mimosas. NEVER too early !! ?? again?. Melanie

Haha! You should never fair ILL Lily ?

Rebecca Ordish acho me yesterday had no sleep and then went to my brothers and started drinking again ??

Mathias sounds like every conversation we have after a night out ???

This is what parents feel like when the last day of school comes .

Akira Condry Tiffany Klein I feel like this is something Jesse would say ?

Hahaha that would be somthing you would say Mike Bowers ????

Morgan Reid lmao!!! Gotta do what ya gotta do! lmoa

Lauren Elizabeth Jones steve and i were always the last standing and the first to start again? i miss that kid!

Derrick Spurlin I miss drinking with you guys ?❤️

Max Wiles why is everything coming up so you? ?

Alex Baum why did this remind me of u ??

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Funny Memes

What’s missing???? ... Zie meerZie minder

What’s missing????



When one of your parents call u by your full name

When my mom yells my full name or calls me Marie and also when my brother comes out of no where and is like mom she did it

We need to talk. So true. Nothing good ever started with those 4 words

True. I cant have 3 or somethings going down. ?

What's missing is your mom calling by your first middle and last name. When that happened we knew we were in big trouble. Lol

My worst one is "20 missed calls from mom"

Samantha Stockman that one day when Rikki was lying on the bench and your mum came why u not answering your phone lol ??

Channy the last one triggers me

Amber Hovey bahahahahahah or when satyam says he’s emailing our parents ???

Aasreethaa Saggu.....ur mom calls u every minute

вeιng called вy yoυr ғιrѕт мιddle and laѕт naмe ???

Mom is waiting up when you walk through the front door ?‍♀️

Tansum Tanha amra jokhon kono trip e nai tokhon amr r tor khetre 5 no ta???

Melina Quand la daronne t’appelle 20 fois c’est mauvais bail tmtc ?


Sarah Moratto terror when the sold out sign is up at the headband stand

Lexi Stutes back in the good ole days lol

Cas Tynan anytime someone says we need to talk or lets talk the first thing i say is am I in trouble and do i need to sit for this followed by slight panic ?

Doorbell rings, cut no one called to say they were coming over.

The username password is to relatable Kate Witsell

Missed calls from the mom's is instant death☠️☠️☠️☠️

Tomek last one is the worst

Terry Dee Holsti the last one makes me want to run to Africa

Julie Ahrendtsen hvorfor kan du aldrig huske din kode eller brugernavn

Pressing send text to the wrong person...

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