like a boss ???



Un alcacerzel para la cruda amiga Marlon G Vague

Elisa Balfour der Georg ????

They're aiming for a bigger tip not just rating

Julie Caulkins, where is this Uber driver. We needed this person.

Emma Sweeney Sheona Reynolds Leydon may make some suggestions for here

Kathy Nguyen don’t recall Sydney uber having this in his car yet he still asks for 5 star rating ?

Reyna Reyes Taryn Ruybal Shantel Barr Nicole Marie Salazar

They would have had me at the candy.

Laura Reusch Lea Bender stellt euch mal vor ??

Joshua Box hehe

Haha, absolutley!!

U want it I got it,if not then we can stop an get it!!! Lmao Hahahahahahahaha


Can that driver be my driver please?

Kim Unruh maybe I should become an Ub ? this is the kinda shit I'd do too lmao

That’s what you call a HUSTLE ???

At first Uber use too be like that.

Vicki Peterson is this Michael ??

Jamie Bernard is this your car?


Amanda Vilumis-Berkowitz

Adam Fleshman?

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Roxana Nimigean .. sal. Cf? ( from the frigider)

Auslyn ?

Maja Bizjak ???

Daisy Rowley Lauren Gould Sam Smith

Steevie-leigh Crossley

Charley Priestley New

Haha yes! It looks a bit like him!

Dan Megna ???

hahaha so cute!


Yoana ??

John Kevin Masha heheh

Shania ?❤️

Anettka Lukovics??

Megan Russell

Michelle Fischer Nächstes Mal?

Emel Deprez??

Shannon Campbell ??‍♀️??

Idk this baby reminds me of Jayllum haha Anthony Tiarne Butler

Mélyssa Chenail??

Maja Holm Qvistgaard??

Amy Newman ?

Marios Serafimidis se tsakwsa mlk

Nikol Součková držení diety be like

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Funny Memes

🙂?? ... Zie meerZie minder




Gillian Flower

Alvina Thao ??? so you on the road babe ?.

Darren Banks me and my Pat... All's the way ???️‍♀️

Lily ??? this was me yesterday and last night ???

Matthew Stephan

Hannah Rose Verpoten

The fact that you say "responsible", means you likely mean 5-10 under the speed limit. Which is not responsible.

I wave back ?

Nicholas Strychacz


Alexander Charles

Chris Ferguson??

Dan McElhinney

Bethaney Raburn

Nubia Orantes ?

Paul Monaghan

Imane El Mouradi

Ashley Cain I know you like sloths. Lol

Daniëlla Barten

Sam Owen

Nuala Likely

Sara Marie

Colum Shanks me

2 weken geleden

Funny Memes

? me ... Zie meerZie minder

? me



Shams Raad !!!همزين اسمي بيهa?????

Sofie Vanden Berghe hier nog eentje voor de dag af te sluiten x haha at least u have one, ik geen :'(

I don't have an A in my name....

Clara Monrad ja det bliver nok mig

Aobhin Carroll hahhahahahahahahahah

Marisol Almanza You checking your grades while in Mexico

I don't even have these ??

Sion Jeong its ok sion oh wait dont even have a in ur name zzzz jkjk

click link

Celia ça m'a tué ?

I don t have an neither in my name

I could relate??????

I didnt even have that

Ana mas vsaj dva


Karen Lozano toda la carrera JAJAJAJAJAJAJA


When that mouth can do anything

Jay Rodriguez go read my Instagram message and don’t do that on Facebook frfr

C= degree ...... C=degree. It's simple math people. ?

#تسقط_وبس انشرو هالهشتاق علشان تعيش دولة السودان حرة.

Vittorio Emanuele Pugliares are u sure u don't have any a in your name becuse I can see a in your name pugliares there is a there

#تسقط_وبس انشرو هالهشتاق علشان تعيش دولة السودان حرة.


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Jessica Gionet nous lautre fois ??

Sharee Candelaria you always say that when the kids take there shoes off.. lol

??? Jerry Bristow this made me think of you when those patients took their socks off and for the longest time I never knew what you meant by corn chips! ??‍♀️

Jeff Harris ???

That face????

I almost forgot about Grumpy Cat.

Marcos Frias ? during the movies

Smells like Free-toes.

The look you give when you realize the extent your family goes to lie to you. "corn chips"

Jackie Lombera

Kelly LoL ?

Ira Lubeseder deine Füßis ?

Rebecca Stephenson .... dunno about corn chips but I remember your feet haha ?

Nobody ever told me my feet smelled that good !

Lol my daughter, shoes smell like Cheetos...lmao?

Berenice Olivares when Evelyn Olivares takes her shoe off that’s why the rat pulled up

Damn. I got a better one, when your feet smells worse than corn chips lmfaooo????? Raymond Rodriguez

Cindy Martin toi pis t shoes rouge


Amaya Vasquez ??

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4 weken geleden

Funny Memes

?? ... Zie meerZie minder




This is totally me today xxx

Linda I think Johnny Ponny would rather go to work!!!?

Not me! Which films shall I watch today? ?

So me holiday jobs..

What is this normie shit

Hawler arm kiend

Ajajaj damn it

We need to hang out with the mixed nuts again Marie Montes!!

Hannes morgen ??

Thank God it's my job??

Can't feel that way if you hate Christmas $15 each referral!!!!!

He's an elf, right ?


What would I watch on Christmas day?

I'll make up something. Bunk work ?

set fire to the building the night before

Amy Rodgers Olivia Rogerson Jo Saddington Janet Beech Fiona Millicent Jolly ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

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Funny Memes

yep ????? ... Zie meerZie minder

yep ?????



Amanda Mckay hahahah

Stacy Christina Nicola Anne ???

Holly Spradling??

Rabeya Ahmed ??

Valérie D'Aoust ???

Aas Maa???

Selenny Moran ??

Bassam Azzam it's Christmas for me every month with you dad hahah 😀 thanks for always covering me even if i don't ask for it <3

Marija Buljan hahahahah

Carmen Ortiz Liliana Ortiz Nicholas Aceves this be Jaime Aceves ?

Kellie Rose???

I'm waiting for one of my kid's to offer. Just one lol

Pay those bills Carlton

Taylor Dehne ??

wanna laugh??

That would be nice! LOL!

Stacy Quinn ????‍♀️??‍♀️

Lol ?

Follow the link to watch the best memes collection ever and don't forget to subscribe

Adrian Alvarez lol

Laura Ken Sikorski Shaun Shannon

Dave Krupski lol

Rebekah Bailey Desiree Bailey Daniel Rason Shäwnä Rëëd

Jake Jagger ?

Stuart Trevena ?

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Funny Memes

be smart ????? ... Zie meerZie minder

be smart ?????



Obada Alam aha det är för fixa när du är svartsjuk då! ?????. Skoja.

Michael John Perez that's why I'm stressing out myself para di na hassle no??

But some guys actually like girls that are stressed out its weird One man asked for my number after arguing with me because he liked my strong character The answer was No

Until she gets pissed and stabs u

Leslye Perez good thing I stress you out . Im doing it right babe lmao ? juusst kiddin

Pernille omg it all makes sense O.O

Shirley Sandivar Espinoza ?...... nah jk babe I love you heaps!! ❤️??????????

So happy i have a real boyfreind that enjoys me and my happiness and not fucked up

Well that’s one way I guess ?

Maringi Pia see my plans haha

Sounds like he has low self esteem and is paranoid

Alec Jones now I get it... ?

Stressed to the max!!!

Good to know...?

Thats fucked...???☹️

lmao for sure seems like it

This dont work some dudes jus thirsty

What the actual

give him a medal with a gun symbol.

Been my husband's plan for 8 years now lol

Until she leaves you for it and is relieved and happy, then gets a better man lol

Must be insecure of your relationship to post something so ridiculous

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Funny Memes

tru ? ... Zie meerZie minder

tru ?



Stinelise Oskarsen radio Bø?

Ashish Mathew is this what you think of my car cos it doesn't have aux?

Henna Asghar me in my brother car ffs

Naomi Gamwalla my car

Sam Owen my car

Paige Nadine ?

Hayley Booth Kate Bruce ?

Tina ???

Emalie Harris in your car????

Josefine Ottersten när stereon i tdin krångla ???

This morning Tashaa Morrish

Karen Owers ?

Put a number on it it looks like my first race car. Hell it's probably faster.

Kate Campbell “what year was this car made in ?haha oh wait ...the ancient years”

Just don't give a shit of this ?

When me n ty dont have the aux port in our car..... Ryan Gardner exactly what i think ???? Tyrone Farrell


Hahaha for reallll! ???

Lene Kvam Høsøien meg for tiden

No aux, no bluetooth. Just a CD player. And no car payment. ?

Darren Bast... uh yeah.. my iPhone 3G won't connect to my 2018 Equinox lol

Ann-Helen Rakvåg din røde ferrari ??

Hannah ??

Lidija Šepac ?

Jessica Gustafsson du i Volvon??

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2 maanden geleden

Funny Memes

??? party ... Zie meerZie minder

??? party



Sandra Déborah Kadi ça cest nous dans notre état normal

Sam Buysmans gy en ik gwn hahah

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Edsel Fernandez Jr. Naa njuy gagawas ani sa akong feed. Hahahaha

Aw love it .ha ha .♥️

Delia Duquette , Kales Rabbitskin-Cappo That One night at my house when we were drinking vodka and you guys spent the night <3 😛

Lynn Aishling Sophia Looks about right for Saturday! ?

click link thanks

I’m the bottom left ?

This is how we're looking before drinking, we look much better after few drinks 😀

Monica Williams all the photos that I have of us on my phone ????

Is that Izzy!!

Katelyn Fiorello pretty sure the top dog reminds you of our crazy night lol ?

dog lovers clean up dog shit ,wow what fun

Felisha Sapa'u I can picture us taking a photo while we’re horsing it like this ??? idk why lol

Jess Johnson Gabrielle Martinuzzo Cathy Ward I have a few of us on my phone and they look similar to this ?

Rebecca Velez estos vamos a ser nosotros el fin de semana ?

Aww how sweet is this pic

lol,,,that the nice pal at the back who is gonna take them all home

Didnt see that pic being taken at christmas meal lol x

Dm me for pussy show

hey everyone click this link if you want to make easy money its legit I just got 10 bucks to start and already made 80 bucks in 36 minutes lmk if you got questions ill add you on my snap if you got any further questions


Argie Calingo boii bakit kaparehas mo sila ng nose ? ??

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me ???



Nik Ko daw same to sa kuha ko cmu aw??

Aaron Ashton-Jones i dont even need to say anything about this post ???????

Gabrielle Benavidez .. Me , just about every time we used to smoke at your aunts. ✌??

Meg Burchell look familiar ? just realised I couldn't sleep knowing I hadn't tagged you in a meme today haha ?

Sander ik vorige week ?

Me at 07:45 when i know i need to og to School

Miranda lol me whenever we lay down together to witch a movie...

Taylor Tielens me every time I'm asked to watch a movie after 8p. 1 minute in ... I'm done

Andy Pugh you....

I have not slept all week. Feel so sick I’m that tired lol

yes im tired

Arn 9:30

Lizeth miiiii????

Slept for 90 min

Tucker Mills me every night this last week as soon as we crawl into bed ?

Gary Dillon me in your house u tired no two mins later im conked on the couch ??

click on the link for easy money guys follow the steps theirs only 3 you wont regret it

Kurtis Cookie Carnell ‘do you want to watch a meme comp in bed’ Me: yeah! Me:

Me when I try to stay up on nye

Maysam Hahahha sleepover under specialeskrivning ... Naziiiin sover du? Nej... ??

click link

Elof Grimling detta är typ jag?❤️

Lil meow meow is dead, wake up meow meow

Dennis Arifi ohne scheiß.. viertel nach 10 und ich lieg im bett..

Maxim Lambert hahahhaha das echt gie

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2 maanden geleden

Funny Memes

?? ... Zie meerZie minder




Ryan "yeah im trying to stay up babe" ???

Christian Mendoza just like what you did last night ? ooppsss ??

Matthew Trott me on FaceTime last night ??

Axel Leon sounds like someone that always falls asleep ?...

Don Giovanni ? every morning I text ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Jamie Dale “sorry I was sleeping”....”what are we doing I fell asleep”....”I’ll get there in an hour just woke up”

Nick when you want me to call this is my reaction ? straight after I press send ???

Lyric Guildford-Pokai

Husband: Honey the baby is crying Wife: go check up on him Husband: oh no! He is completely dirty and we dont have diapers. And no money either Wife: Say no more Husband: You are a saviour

Natalia Toma Rose Jiddou me if i say i cant sleep and then 5 min later dont answer but you guys have my location so you know?

Imma need yall to click this link ???? Im literally beggin you

I got drunk last night, told my friend I was dead and then I ended up dying.

This is what u do when your ph says active all night ??

Ashley Richardson i get like this with you now? but you always sleeping but you a night owl

That's my son the phone is the best thing that ever happened at least he always knows where something is!!!

call me to wake up..???

Kim this is me when you message me after work!! Sorry!

so you my love hahaha miss you, how i wish i can call u mine again lol

Texts after 7pm don’t exist. ?

Hey guys can y'all go like my friend picture pretty please she has this competition at her job ugly sweater please give her a like I'll share the link below i really appreciate it thank you again please go there's no much time

Anfal Hussein de her to uger, når vi rigtig skulle møde tideligt for at skrive rapporten haha ?? Go make some extra money during the holidays! Referral survey site!

Shelby Mcansh lmao when I message you late sometimes lol ??

click link

Please subscribe to pewdiepie on youtube!

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Funny Memes

True ... Zie meerZie minder




Laure Richard le gars quon parlais lautre jour lol ak son doigt sa tete lol

Janne Van Styvoort wij hebben wel een zeer healthy relationship dan

Ara Azadian bei uns aber auf höchstem Niveau ???????❤️

Arn ano barahan wala ka pala e

Cédrick Robidoux pour la garantie? de notre couple ?

Caitlin Docherty ur to skinny and ur hair is to long but I am perfect ?❤️

Morgan Parvey so me calling deenis bederast is healthy, here is the evidence

Katia Korobeyko lmao more like absolutely destroying each other till someone cries

Jayda Evlat Well you try to roast but you have dead roasts

Only if the other person is feeling playful...

Ian Cook but you roasting me most of the time and me not at all ??

Yeah if you are two Aries ??

it teaches you how to be creative

Some peeps just can’t hang, but they’ll gladly still rip on you, or try to at least lol

you guys sit on facebook all day right why not make money while being on here click the link below its 3 easy steps to start earning cash!!

Seems to be a sick part of young relationships these days that is considered normal...the world is in big trouble.

Pie is life 3.14159265359

Angela Hawes healthy friendship ?


Ayse Asig zieje bish ????

I want a meme friend whoz up?

Nafiza Din flikker toch op

Luuk Spierenburg standaard op workie twerkie

Hodaya Kalderon תמיד אמרתי שככה צריך רק להעליב

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With :)))



Charlene Sturrock is that how u aye ur burger yesterday, it’s been so long since u had one?

Kristiaan Welch Maisy Simpson ???? Personally I eat mine with the peel

Depends how stoned I am

Real men eat peel.

Mitchell SB Remember the 1st time we saw Gil J Rivera eat an ORANGE?!

edible burger wrappers are actually a thing now... Welcome to the future ?

That was not bitten. It was torn. Nice try though.

Charisma Ash you with your bloody peparamis!! ?? (sorry can't spell:3)

Ben Mellin you probably eat it with the wrapper just like with your starbursts... Tyler Austin Wyatt Daniel Francisco

If it's In & Out, always with the peel whether I see it or not lol

With.. Thanks for asking no one ever does. Its like they don't care.

Àũŧo I fee like people really do this ???

With. Otherwise i get period everyone

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bro try this:unrap the burger then eat the peel,itll taste better.theres peel reataurant if you want.

Nobody. Nobody’s mom and nobody’s dad either

Sunday morning how to leave early for appointments ??

Without...I don't like the taste of waxy paper. However, I do enjoy junk food cheeseburgers.

I prefer without, but it is fast food and sometimes you just don't have time to peel it. And if they slap a sticker seal on it, just chomp away, fuggit

Jessica Ellington this just remind me of you saying you eating lollys with the wrapper on when you can't be bothered ?

Yikes they gunna have a difficult time shittin out the paper

If I wanted to eat paper I coulda got it free in a notebook

Monalissa Medina ala lang namiss ko lang magtag ng wala naman talagang kahulugang memes ???

Ann Morley I feel like this is what most flood simple callers are like ?

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Lmfao :)



Barking is fine its the yelp and silence that gets me

My purpose out here today is to share this article to the world about how Dr osita the great wizard from africa helped me in getting back my EX-girlfriend that broke up with me 6 months ago I tried all i could to make her see reasons with me that we can continue our relationship but she neglected and turn down my decision. Thank God for giving me the thought of going into the internet for help, i searched properly and i saw different reviews of Dr osita and i insisted in giving it a try by contacting him via whatsApp on +2348151756736 He gave me reason to live again and he prepared a spell and told me that my Ex-girlfriend will come back to me within 24 hours. Can you believe it, my EX-girlfriend came back to me and you Contact him now!!! if you need any help whatsoever. Email: ositaosenispelltemple04@gmail. com or WhatsApp +2348151756736

Domenic die Katze ?

Pernille jeg tuder ærligt

Gaby omg ?

Mary Wells ? I miss my Chinese food dates with you ?

Lol RIP Lassie

Earn easy money by posting on social media ??

That’s why you go eat in the restaurant instead of ordering before lol I got you ? Raven Rae Gambler BigMama

Hahaha, How funny is it

Cat rat snake & monkey buffet

Alexa Calandra

It's want some ?

OMG!!! Guess what I’m eating???

Samuel Neo... O bo o itse gore e thateilwe???

Kate Campbell Tori Anderson when you don’t see the stray cat outside like usual...

Kennedy hoho's cook dogs?

Nope... you know it’s going to be authentic ???

Except it was our waitress at Mongolian that we never seen again ????? Spencer Christian

Maddie Beekman that's why I don't eat Chinese food ?‍♂️

Usman bhai Ap se milta julta lag raha ye ???? or wese b ap ko to chinese food bht psand

Ado Vila ? jo wonder you don’t like that chicken baboon

Julian Bow stop hoor?????

Celia ça m'a tué??

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