With :)))



Mitchell SB Remember the 1st time we saw Gil J Rivera eat an ORANGE?!

Depends how stoned I am

Chloe Funabiki Gong I usually just throw the burger away and eat the wrapper wbu?

Real men eat peel.

Charisma Ash you with your bloody peparamis!! ?? (sorry can't spell:3)

edible burger wrappers are actually a thing now... Welcome to the future ?

Ben Mellin you probably eat it with the wrapper just like with your starbursts... Tyler Austin Wyatt Daniel Francisco

That was not bitten. It was torn. Nice try though.

With.. Thanks for asking no one ever does. Its like they don't care.

Àũŧo I fee like people really do this ???

With. Otherwise i get period everyone

If it's In & Out, always with the peel whether I see it or not lol

Wow people do that??? Never been that trashed before

Nobody. Nobody’s mom and nobody’s dad either

without the wrapper and not from McDonald's!

In what mind state do you think you can do that ?

Want free v-bucks call 519 792 1582

Sometimes I eat the peel before the burger✈️

Without...I don't like the taste of waxy paper. However, I do enjoy junk food cheeseburgers.

Only if it’s a good day

I usually ask for double wrapper ?

You forgot to smear mayonnaise on top of the peel

I prefer without, but it is fast food and sometimes you just don't have time to peel it. And if they slap a sticker seal on it, just chomp away, fuggit

If I wanted to eat paper I coulda got it free in a notebook

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Lmfao :)



Why do i find this joke sad?

OMG!!! Guess what I’m eating???

It's want some ?

Barking is fine its the yelp and silence that gets me

Celia ça m'a tué??

Domenic die Katze ?


Pernille jeg tuder ærligt

Coral Maltabashi וואי אני מתהההה ממש כמו אתמול בסופר.. אולי הרגו אותו

Rok Janežič kitajska dons? ?

Jane Hankin ahahahahah

Joley Chong Denise Belen Angela Tang ??

Hahhah Zac Brady

Luke Stadden Ashley Stadden Olivia Miller

Iza Stiglic Urša Tomažin Lara Turel ????

Brandon Parker Alex Watts Craig Wyatt-Earp

Nicole O'Brien ?

Luisa Tee ??

Dervla Kelly lol

Cecilia Johnny ??


Clint Thompson

Kevin Valdez ?

Shauna Devenney ??

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Who ever wrote this is living in 2039

If you're holding onto a joke for a month to test this, you have issues. Lol

Jokes don't usually have the same effect the second time.

Suppose her memory works to remember basic things longer than a month, then what

Lelia Acton these getting ridiculous....

Perla Cardona i just found this so funny

She's cheating him because that joke is not funny. I think so :'(

Tika Portel wanna try it out????‍♀️??


So not true ?

Well I say laugh at it at end of day better then crying over it laugh better then crying but that's just me true or not be happy I say

Yikes that’s paranoid.

Or you could stop being so desperate, you can laugh at something at some point but not at another. Grow up

Bro by that time she would have left you these days you don't last a month...

Guille Arquero

Matthias Legenstein

Jasmine ????‍♂️

Jensyn Lynn hmmm?

Mathilde Guldhammer HAHA FLÆKKER

Mhicee Shih bessy

Alex Lockyy?

Nick Homsi ?

Stu Snyder ?

Victor Asencio Figueroa

Nancy Alvarez

2 weken geleden

Funny Memes

???? ... Zie meerZie minder




Ellie H-s Haunting of Hill House ?

Debbie Hagan Mark Egan us when we finished watching the undatables

Chelsea CampbellChelsea wait what no more Helix? AHHHHHHHHH

Ashley Horan me when i realized I’m all caught up on 911

Nat Smith I’m too scared to keep watching Riverdale for this reason alone ?

Me with charmed Travis Peterson that’s why I re start it every time lol.

This was us on Sunday Henry Chaparro.

Cherie Dowman Haha us with literally every show lately...

How I felt when supernatural was over well the 13th season Angel Vasquez

Steve I hate this moment


Tendresse Chouinard moi avec bojack, F is for family et big mouth D:

George Collins us when we finished big mouth?

Claudia Jackson hahaha you when you rushed home for making a murderer 2 ??

Bobby Fleck.. the tragedy that will occur when True Blood ends ??

Alanna Kirk me when I finished Brooklyn Nine Nine ?

I thought it was u ha ha

Sam Griffiths when power finishes hahahah

Stacey Payne this me with originals ??

Billy Duquette when we binge watched stranger things haha

Keeley Stewart, you finished Hill House?

Me watching The Originals ?

Bryan our New Amsterdam show. This is how I felt the other night ???

Saartje Oeps hahaha weer veel te vaak ???

Eleni jeeeeeedes Mal

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2 weken geleden

Funny Memes

?? ... Zie meerZie minder




Sandy Hernández Trigueros when you hang with your lawyer friend

Eva Lamberts jaja mieke zo laat thuis van de heksentocht ... 😉

Jayden Gray, this is why I want a pug.

Linda Davidson the night you came in all drunk and loud and shit?

Alyson Sirsky me sneaking in from your house to see if josh is up ??

Liam Jones this was you on sat ??

Alicea me last night

Alyssa Nicole Simbulan i always think of u wen i see these ????

Jess Rigby this is sooo u

Ryan Hood Erin Weaver. That time after the game when she said don't stay over there late and you got home at like 4

Emilienne is that 11:30am? Haha

Who was game enough to use the door?? Window for me!?

???ohh my gosh

Taking a break this weekend. Next weekend

Monika that’s you ???

Marcus Windle... If Floss behaves like this she is learning from u... x

I'm the parent though lol


Jessica Fisher this reminds me of you and Grace ?

Sonia Lana Hasan whenever I go out with you

Brad Starkey this will be you tomorrow except it will be like 3 or 4am

Georgia Childe this was us when we were told to turn the tv off lol

Makinzi Pendergast when we came rolling in the drive at 2 am in dads whip ??


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Darcie Brown Kelly Airey Charlie Yates-green Joe Mcgee maybe we need to start doing this at work ??

Rose Jiddou This is something you would do???

Meleah Brookes what you gotta do with your rice

Breanna Jade should’ve done this with your Tim tams ?

Jerrel Ellerby idk why but this made me laugh ?

Arif Ahmed this is darren. Show him this.

Seems like an unfair ratio... ? Lucas

Do you need to practice this now Rachael Lewis?

Rachel James so your bros don’t eat it?

Sonali Kumar you expert in stealing my food

Brian Kelz this is how I'd label my food so no one steals it

I k ow you Chuck you would bloody count them. Poor Ant can't even take a tic tac but you'd know lol come on over Ant I'll not shout at you for it ????? Charlene McCoy

Jonathan Carter this is me with my pick n mix ?????

Luisa wieviel Reis isst du so durchschnittlich? : ))

Keeley K-nee Scurr I would start doing this ?

Kate remember when I saved them m&s sandwiches in works fridge for us and someone ate all the delicious ones?! ????

Tim McCullough the Asian voice you do just played in my head while reading this ???

Tania- your tea last night?

Emily May This is so you ?

Omg so it is ??

Who this remind you of?? Sydney Frye

Maria Grace Vendiola *Add 5 more pieces of shrimp* 😉

I would eat three of the rice, just to make them have to count it again!

Still would of managed ?

Sounds like something Isaiah would write. ?????????

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Funny Memes

tru ? ... Zie meerZie minder

tru ?



I did the other night. The alarm on it was going off and I couldn't shut it off and I was getting so mad in my dream. It was going off in real life. hahaha!

Nick Homsi true ?

Scott Eastup tom Thomas Devonald Courtney Hollis on the subject of dreams earlier this is so true ?

Finvola MagÚidír wow

Tiale Tapega since you sleep a lot, do you ever dream about your phone? ? or just Henry? Rachana Mal

I did Last night. ?

Marcos Morales crazy ?

i dont get it, maybe thats because i cant remember the last time i had a dream lol

LMAO maybe it's a generational thing. I've had dreams I was in the phone and woke up laughing.... Must of been a good conversation cause I had tears running out..... But most dreams are be just attempting to run from "god knows what"

Annabel Osborn woah wtf aye wtf I never see my phone in my dreams

Simone Mary Valentine simulation!!

Totally agreed on it, I never had a dream about mobiles ??

Jade Rubidge ? so true

You don't need it because you already own it. You will dream mostly about things that you don't own it such as... 1.000.000+ $, or dream car, dream house, etc. You would dream about a smarthphone if you really wanted/needed but couldn't afford it.

Had a nightmare I'd smashed the screen, woke up covered in sweat and in my own urine. Tough night

Omg true!!!! Bobby Bland

I've seen AI and bluetooth devices many years ago but it was on large television like screens

what the hell is a smart phone? is it smart ? .. I mean the smart phone could be the brain of a human for all I know .. lolol

Chris Walters....I mean, he's got a point hahaha

Demi Lou Dower Jay Dougal


Nick-q ???


Anna Hermes lol

Rachel James

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Funny Memes

???? ... Zie meerZie minder




Daniel Holl this couldn’t be more you

Anthony Lozano I’ll do this kind of biking with you ???

Fanny Sa lass mal ne fahrradtour machen, schwester <3

Rob Waitewhen you asked me to go biking ?x

Ariana Ashby YEP!! Right across this PIZZA LOL

Alexandra Zhang dis can be *our* version of biking

Jerissa Chan because I know how you feel about actual biking ?

something you'd like Ian Hallhall ?

Toni Liddington go biking three times a week, like to keep my fitness up ?

Kellie Ida Moses we should get pizza lol

Aaron Hamer so you baby???????

Brittany Berg ? our kind of cycling. Want pizza for dinner by the way?

Ethan Tarlowfor the Chicago pizza pals!!!!

Sam Lawrence would this be classed as exercise? ??

Robbo Willis now this is my kind of cycling ??

Deedee Olsen What a perfect replacement for your pizza slicer...

Omar Drhorhi ur question is answered now ??

Jeff Jenkins u should get one haha

I want that pizza cutter so much!! but my nephew might think it's a toy and cut himself 🙁

Casey Weston ahahhaha the only Biking I do

I'll go biking the whole day, lol

Hannah Jade Baker look this is perfect for you ?

Adam Krautkramer, I think you need to add this to your funny kitchen supplies ?

Katy Cordon this looks sick wtc

Cassie Bermanseder need one of those pizza cutters?

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Funny Memes

Me ??? ... Zie meerZie minder

Me ???



Simone Jackson me the last week ?

Rorielyn Barrera if this ain't you

Jorge Gonzalez that's u hun lol

Katie Danielle McIntosh only most of us dream of this ??

This is us so bad?? Sierra Madison

Jemma Kingston me this weekend

Michael Richards this is literally Jason sometimes, or all of us on a Sunday ????

Brittany Ward can you guess who this is

I dont mind if u wana go early jon. Gerard Phoenix Killeen

Tina Hahahaha this is me


Jajaja ya lo veo jaka


Samanta 100% čia apie mus ?

Maliha jij 10000000%


Yukarith Loya Erica Pantoja no joke! ?

Rhiannon Ampt too many of these apply to us ?

Kate Last dis us or wot

Ash Durrett me I remember back whe I was new and stayed till my shift was over even doing extra work ....#dead this is me now

Reema Chand those Saturdays when you would let me go home early then I'd look at my pay slip a few days later and silently cry haha

This is the difference between us lol. I’d leave, you’d stay Melissa Paquin

Tegan Jade Dyer me all this week ?

Mitchell James Cole, you the other night ??

Melissa van Vianen cough this summer ???

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Funny Memes

???? ... Zie meerZie minder




Dominique Diaz me last night and everybody and their mom staring okkkuurrrtt

How sweet!!

Logan Napier this needs no words ?

Zoe Renee why does this picture say "I'll be in ma boooth"

Saw this gal yesterday, she bought that twerking turket


I'm dead. ?

Mmm.. top parts ok. Made an effort on hair ( look further down) oh a dunlap, (look further down) um that's a very short skirt and leaves nothing to the imagination. In human form I'd cringe. Good thing it's a dog and I except them all as they are ???

A doggy mental health doggy health doctor

Allan Mudgway have a good shopping trip ??

Too funny

Maygen Ezrawhcs I could see your cat in this outfit lol

Iol that is true

Jairo where you goin?

thats is cute dog so bronw


Looks like yo mama

Every person I've seen at Wal-Mart did this.

Åsa us in chicago last year ?????‍♀️

thats is cute dog so bronw

thats is cute dog so bronw

Loren Gentle.. what ya think?? A new outfit for my corner??

Join the Page „ClipundKlar“ for more funny things ?

Ha ha ha

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Funny Memes

This burns me up ???? ... Zie meerZie minder

This burns me up ????



Regina Martinez I can so see you doing this

Hell yes!

Naomi Carlin hate these people

Trust me the cashier feels the exact same way ?

This so annoying... just get out.

Jen Carter you all day everyday ???

Thats why I only do self check outs now.

Kimberley Birch what you was on about last night ??

Samantha Prince Danielle Ashley Hunko and you just have to smile and nod while you watch the line growing behind them ?

Christina Googz Sarah Peters this reminds me of the day we were at the store with Ceasar Samy buying his sweater holding up the line lmao

Naomi everytime ?

Loren Gentle.. that lady counting her change at the checkout today bwhahaha

Yesterday at Spar those people that were making a final dash for knives were really holding up the queues.

Indeed please people who do that stop it and lets make the world a better plece!

Or keep talking to the bank teller... gawd that shits annoying

Ashley this is me when I’m starving

Jennifer Schafer Newton not going to lie I sometimes do this ??‍♀️

Stacey Welch had this a few times

Especially at toll booths!#*&@

Abby Paulauskas every time Someone talks to me at work ?

It's the game

The ones that get angry are usually the non workers, where are they in a hurry to go or do.

For real this is not a family reunion ?

Annoying losers. These are people who everyone hates most of the time. That's why they have no friends and need to talk to strangers. I speak from experience.

Join the Page „ClipundKlar“ for more funny things ?

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Funny Memes

????tru ?? ... Zie meerZie minder




Aoife Kirwan love this ?

Isabelle Dalton Maddi Hambly my life with you 2

? Dezii Ruizthat is funny

Denise Chang-Faux thought you might like this one ??

Hannah Taylor dya know who I’m on about? there’s 2??‍♀️


Parneet Assi Acha to ab Samjha tera snapchat wala quote Kahan se aya.. ?????

Pete Themeat Gould this is what I have to deal with

Jessica Twining i love this

Also when you're wicked

Rebekah Tusaporn Somthong me when u make stupid decisions or go with the flow

I'd rather be stupid.

Catriona Kenny love this!!

Elfie Clough I'll have 19 box's please

Jame Mason haha so true

Alexa McGregor haha sorry ???‍♀️

Haha ,Brittany Brookley. Who do u think that’s about?

Dennis Osae hahahaha

Nick Homsi hahahahaha

Robin Bruynseels de harde waarheid


Madi Crofts hahahahaha

Rebekah Bailey Tony Vieira Julie Vinette Angela Blondin


Vincent Lin cough

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Funny Memes

??? ... Zie meerZie minder




Kabbaj Mehdi For some reason this guy reminds me of Saad El Eulj

Lynnea Piwish when we were kids and granny would give us sweaters haha

U defo should of got tht hugo boss set Joanne Anderson Callum Anderson haha.

KG YonesHow ducks looked last year with his jacket

Loren Gentle.. me shopping in adults sizing for clothes

Asi hay que comprárselas lol Cindy Navarro alcano crecen rapido lol

Linzi Henderson me in everything a owned as a wean

At least l stopped in secondary school this poor suckers mother is still doing it ?

Renee Valdez this was me telling you kiddos ?

Sherry Hintz THIS WAS SO YOU!!

Kate Johnson i still panic and think I should buy size 6 shoes despite only ever being a 5 cause Pauline Smith used to buy me a 6! ?

Dalena Na Mama fragt immernoch warum wir zu kleine Sachen kaufen ?

This is more like a lifetime and beyond

Naomi Carlin Sean except he grows into things within the month!!!

Aaron Hand was it mammy That bought the fusion jacket ???

Pai Vang and Pamala Southammavong here buy this size for the kids and dont have to worry about it until the old enough to buy they own clothes lol

Jamie Jordan you two looked like this with your school bags Tui

Claire MacGill so you can fit all those other layers underneath... ?

No you didn't and neither did I!!???

My sister did this all the time when buy our school clothes!

Olivia Pollock - I think that 1st year blazer is still too big for you ?

True, mothers are always right!

Michael O'Dwyer J wouldnt have to worry about buying a bigger jacket. Youve been the same size since 2nd class. 4 foot.

Doug funny is a midgit?

What's screwed up is at first glance I thought it was Adam Sandler! Lol

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Ecehan aula's be like.. Femke die zorgt voor blauwe plekken op ons benen

Carolyn Ann Vidiri I feel like this will make you giggle.

Katie Dalton when you’re watching a movie and afraid someone will grab your ankles

Alex Elson this will be us ???xx

Sheree Morgan the wiggles and Peppa pig

Mike Procek Omg I’m dying ???

Lauren Sasson this was the guy at the end of the aisle at the Joy Luck Club screening every time we needed to pass . ??

Cienna Leflar when we watched mamma mia.

Adriana Rojo that lady that kept passing us that time at the movies ?

Amanda Ortiz Lmao trruutthhh

Flossie Smith omg I don’t know why I found this so funny

Nina Marie ? miss you already!


Lol right

Nicole Twitchell?

Kylee Nelson idk why I thought of us

Sophie Rose the photos just funny

true 😀

ryan voss

Ami patel

Monica I just need someone to find this as funny as I did hahahahaha

Lauren at the nun




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Funny Memes

🙂 ... Zie meerZie minder




Pete Themeat Gould I need to stop tagging you

Helen Storey something I would say ???

Kiel Vega oh nawww ????

Justice Kiro I'm so sorry I have to tag u in this lmao

You could almost say that I'm God Jayde, well in your eyes ?

Now she wit an english teacher...?

Chris Pointer... you should save this one

Half wits who still talk to each other and how they talk

I'm hearing "Too Cocky by YG" play in my head now after reading this ????‍♀️

Facts ??

Vanessa Jarrett lmao they’re all with god

Claudia Kelly what we talked about on the phone haahahaha

Jessica not a big loss anyway if you use the word wit ?

Adam Kellems this reminded me of you lol

Jocz Salgado if u ever leave me it better b only for god the only upgrade there is. ??

Jasmine Compton I read this in your voice lol

Liza M. Avila THIS IS A GOOD 1???

Madi Crofts HAHAHA OMFG I love this hahaha

if u are then RIP

Rebekah Dunne if you ever left me

Carina Timeea aka ‘...’ stii tu ???

Jessica dachte ich mir 4 Jahre

Michelle ich sterbe ????

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