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Lmfao :)



hey guyz, i know this is da shittiest way but i'm broke af and tryin' to get some likes on my new meme page. so like Daily MmZ for daily share of memes. peace thnx

Jessica Young what u reckon is this true ? ??xxx

Jennifer Loree-Sunderland I’ve never felt that a meme perfectly summed up our friendship until right now ?

Amber you take them with me but you make a face so I guess that means you're an angel who was sent from heaven to make my life complete ?

Julie Kristina Holm Når man er på mexi med dig, hvilke basic er en suicide mission bestående af +15 pr person

Stevie Harmon it's official you're a devil ?

Tanith Pearson???why did I think of u

Anne Richard ??? do you think thusnis accurate???lol

Bec sayyyin?

Marcella Jochim... we're not so bad. Just had to let em know what we're capable of. I feel like it saved us a lot of time ?

Lonette, is this true?!?!

Turning Table now I know the secret ??

Jeg udfordre dig næste gang vi skal i byen ? Malene Mortensen

Mysti Irene LaMacchio ???????? this is you nigga lmao

Megan Mckelvie I definitely make a face ????

Andrew Puttock literally this 4 day holiday

Toby Guess I’m your angel ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Meghan or

Marley George you’ll have to inspect me and see if I can do it!

Catherine Berbis reminds me of you with your tequila shots ?

Kevin Falk text me please had to get a new phone

Chelsea Lynn everytime I see this it brings me back hahahaha

Tony R Jr. Yountz, see you should have known! Haha

Greg keep this in mind. Haha

Cole Hoyungowa yo why did you unfriended me

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Ria Kesby skulle vi ikke indføre dem hos os til de sene nattetimer på OP alt hår er dækket incl ørerne så den kan også skjule et par øreringe ???

Hadde ditta vør eit tips til sommergave til deg Christine Fohlin Verneland? Ikkje det eg meiner du søv overalt, men du får no muligheta da om ikkje anna ?

ConnieLu u kno how u napped and left me hanging... i think u n Emily Sun can b twinsies ?

Liz one that might be useful for you?

MarkFurlong this is u ??

Omg yes!!! ??? and bear slippers to match for shoes

Kirstine, Hala, Desirée, Vibeke, Sanne ? Når man ikke har sovet i ca et år ???‍♀️

Robyn ?? too bad I really don’t get naps anymore ??

Kassie Lopez Perfect gift for you. It should be part of your work uniform

Hahahahahaha kaipuhan ta ini chers Gerard Yano Shaneen Reymark Jezel wahahahahaha

Riley McIntosh sundays at work when customers start being bitchy... cya

Sannah Laura Luna Aniek speciaal voor jullie nappies

Sindre sånn eg burde hatt nå i graviditeten, siden eg vil såva heila tiå

Vika Starkz-Fili - guess what Santas buying you for Christmas...??? ?? #luckkkyyyguy lol

Tea Bjørkli Julie Lefstad dt hær e sånn folk tru afron min funke..

Sånn sko me hatt på neste jentetur ?? Silje Tone Margrethe Line Tine ?

Kelly Liu should have had this in chem last year...

Laura Purcell I'll have to get you that for when we stay out past 10 o clock on holidays??

Matt Buck i think i need this.... and u for that matter*???

Kat Walker Le parfait cadeau pour toi comme en plus l3am ljay génie vide ??

Darwin Eli us in bed after you know 😉 And after work for you lol.

Amana sådan en ville være praktisk, under din graviditet ?❤️

Colombe Taddei can I have this as an early bday present please thank u bye

Arthur Helle ønsker meg sånn til bursdagen min just sayin

Mahdi Sharara falls ihr noch nichts wisst was ihr mir zum Geburtstag schenken könnt ?

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lolol <3

Saurabh Bhardwaj this is soo true?


Jenna Noelle Why am I tagging you? Because I always kinda thought a coat hook was an octopus in disguise and because your me you probably did too.

Or a derpy octopus according to your friend Caitlyn Lancaster.

Lol I see it now too

Ella Lesslie that must've been what I saw??

it does look like a octopus drunk

Taylore M Colerick i feel like you will appreciate this

Kristín mér finnst þetta nokkuð líkt þér

Amazing I <3


Kit I found Hank


Quintario Surrealz

Well , you’re not alone

Mark so funny ? I

Rhi Beretta why do I find this so funny


Simoane Holmes


Warren Polinder this reminds me of you idk why




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R.I.P Groot Marcel Bergman ?

I am groot


Christopher Sigurdsson Brandon Crawley Gerrit

who killed him ?

Mummabird Higgins SinghStaff

"I WAS GROOT"hahaha savage???

Julien Corentin ??

Rochelle lol

Ruby ?

Paris Shepherdson ??‍♀️

Matt Rowland ???

Brad Wallace Lamar Rushton

Ashley Adams ?

Dean Zeldon ?

Jack Dowson ?

Jodie Price

Christopher James Ryan Brendan Tompee Thomas

Danielle Marie Alvey

Joanne-Louise Reilly

Courtney Smith

Cassidy Foster

Austin Brown

Maureen Ann Duffy

Jasmehr Singh Bhogal

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me ?????? ... Zie meerZie minder

me ??????



Who told you that you could use my picture for your meme??

where did you get my picture at the beach?

Kia Brown this beach is gunna get whatever body I give it

Riya Sharma tm summer mein to bahut khoobsurat dikhti h re

Ashley Diaz you sure you want to go to the beach?

Anu Chirayil since your family has been saying that you got chubby. I couldn’t find a karutha panni. I love you, don’t kill me plz

Griselda this will be me in Mexico next month ??

Shannon Gardiner Boles this will be me on holiday this year if I don’t knuckle down ???

Selvia Hana looks familiar wonder who???

Lewis Evans oh Christ someone caught me in Crete ??

Taylor Gustafson when did you take a picture of me at the beach??

Fatima this was us!!! Lety ???? embarrassing to wear a two piece

Reyna Saldaña this is me on a good day lmao....... Lol hope I made u laugh a lil

Lily Witty me this weekend ??

Sammi Shapiro Erica Kahn how’d they get this pic of us at the dead seab

Me in 4 weeks Bev ???

Maria Garcia this is gonna be me on my vacation?

Summer's going to get whatever body I decide to give it!! ??????

Larenz D. Esplain, me today at the lake ???

Nicolette Vickers me when we go on holiday ahah

Emma Cunningham least you’ll look good next to me ahah ?

Jess Lemm I ss love island last night when adam was on the beach

Sweet meat! KSHE 95 is looking for you.

Sheila O Connor since u call me a pig everytime ?? thats me baking on the beach ??

Someone has predicted what I’m going to look like in mAlta ?? Jordan Danziger

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anxiety ?? ... Zie meerZie minder

anxiety ??



George Longden this is me if you don’t put as many x’s or type in a slightly different way ? xxx

? Kirsty this is you texting me thinking I’ve got attitude ?

Kayla Lamb why is this us??

It's crazy how you just feel the text Right. That must be is tapping into our other senses. Or whatever

Daniel Brown I feel like this is you always thinking I’m angry

Me every time someone uses the word "sure" no matter what situation it is. ??? What the hell do you mean SURE!?!?!

This you ? Pat Reeves always thinking somebody mad

That’s actually what I think Brianna

Mel Acostayou always be thinkin im mad ??

Evan Hemontolor this is you “Alex are you okay?” Yes “I don’t believe you” ?

Levy, zo stuur ik ook altijd naar vrouwen ???

Cindy Vess who does this sound like ??

Leon This is me, like for real. ?

Angel babe this is literally me ?????

Emma Lynch something I’d say to u ?

Michael Greico I feel like this is you. If I ever woke you up at that time. lol

Nicole Carra never related to something so much.

Mosa Khan why is this you asking me if I'm mad ?????

Jacie Lee Czosnowski when you respond like this I sometimes think your angry ?

??? Crystal see.when I tell you I can hear your attitude in the text.

David this makes me think of last night ??

Jessica Cuellar everytime ur msgs r short/one word.

Tyler Martin that’s you when I short word a reply lol

Nous quand on suppose des choses ??? Dahly Ann Smith

Hailey Crowell this is me checking on what kind of day you're having ?

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Me :o



Unfortunately the world is not God.

Contact not found.

The liberal democrat motto.

So there's no Republicans who don't wanna work either or too lazy too..SMH

I am sorry, this prayer cannot be completed at this time (error sl07) please reset your prayer stance and try again.

Oliwia Sikora ? that’s me every morning ?

Hakan Kayabasi when I wake up, I always think like this hahaha btw, how r u ?

Join the Democratic Party

Neither do I all I'm 62 just want me me pension

Zoe Keck whish it could be this way?

Delilah Moreno you kno who this is lol lol

Brianna also me at 3 o’clock in the morning

Becky Quinn both of us this week??

Me playing the lottery.

James, not a ferret but still seemed appropriate


Insert Political Joke Here.

That you all the time Co Taylor Whittle????

Line Mig lige nu!!!

Cassie King this is so you ?

Lauren ? it's me

Alanna Mayers Deacy Not that you know what work is

Bram jij.... ?

Zarin osss ??

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me ??? ... Zie meerZie minder

me ???



This is wrong, the lights are still on

Tina this is me ?????

Ariadna Zavala Valles that was suppose to be me today ?

Princess Irena weee i didnt know you can watch netflix on a tv like that hahahaha

Chloe Scott-smith this its me right now ???

Dayana Kell story of my life! ? I need your motivation lol

The t.v is closed n she is pretending that she is watching the t.v

Suyash Nigam...aisi hi jogging chal rahi hai na aapki??

Giovanni Reza this was me friday but I’m back on my grind

Lukas Earle except i got pasta and pizza in front of me lolol

Becky Beales well at least the thought was there lmao xxxxxxx

That is me now, full of un accomplished plans everyday

Kymberly Coral-Soria... the thought is what counts ?

Laura Catherine us the past few days...

Jasper Cyrus Polloso 10 hours psssh mygahd not enough HAHAHAHAHA

Rayan Harmouch hahha is this what you do?

Me every weekend Shane Bliss

I'm gonna go jog and clean all day

Haleigh Richardson this is pretty much how my Fridays go ?

Candy Taylor so you minus the jogging xxxxxx

Justin TW Hahahaha me everyday till September ?

Talyn ComesFlying this is what I do all day so yes I am lazy

Mate why is this me??Melody Quick

Manon Japheth fi hefo sons of anarchy ?

Bonnie Bryson this reminds me of you ?

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Anthony Baxter straight up its u

Idk why I find this so funny :') Caitline Rose Gibson Liba

Nba Kyrie . I am horrible at flirting

Alyssia Kimsey I’m pretty sure this would be me with my boyfriend! Like do you have anxiety like me? ?

Ieuan Kerslake might use this line myself ??

Courtney ?? How school had me talking to cisko

Hannah Mary this. Is so you ??

Pamela Vecakis Hahahah! This is what I should ask next time... ?

Parker Henwood hahahahahahahah idk why I find this funny

That's why I can't flirt

...still laughing

Alicia Marie Hall Hahahah I’m crying bc relatable to my life?

Eddy Guevara aye, HMU if you relate ;D

Kelsey Parker why do I feel like this is you?

Megan Barela when you don’t know how to flirt ?


hahahahaha.. Do you have anxiety 2 or no 😉

Kyle Budnick Willen Leal Chris Ray kyle when auntie ann gal gives him her number kyle "well you think i should call it or let it ait their l8lolol

Jodi Hayward-Gillett one day it'll work. One day they'll say yes. One day...

Jennifer Pettit I find this kinda hilarious ??

Omg YES!

Jennifer Lopez lol how i used to flirt


Boh Reyna you ????

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???? ... Zie meerZie minder




Haha good one Leah Julia xx

Dannil Clifton soo tell me why this reminded me of you??jpjp

This little doggy looks like my Puffy

Lorraine Crase you do this with the kids lol.

Just too cute...!! Love you my beautiful girl...!! xx

Loretta Selam-white , Clara Selam , Wilda Grace ???? its Prolly the other way around right ? "Just walk away from her " ??

You when I tell the kids ?? Alexis Frank

Ellay Black look at this

Why does this remind me of Alecia Sean!

Briana is this the girls with your mom? Lol

I love his little bunny ears ,???

Alexis Ramirez this is gonna be Saint and Aaron when my mom yells at me and gabby yells at you. Haha.

Does this happen to you Courtney ? Lol

Wendy Stone you will do this!! Haha

Hunter Campbell meeee when Annemarie tells patsy too leave me alone ???

Dina Molenda Donna Molenda Oh man. I can hear it now. I love you both dearly.

That's my baby sugar bug? lol

Wish she was still around

Ashleigh Riel This seems about right.

Barbara Noble love it when nan sticks up for me?

Oh hell no cute

Sofia abui saves the day

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Nicole Koehn i need a door 🙁

Nicholas W. Kingsborough heres one for ya

Matthew Chauvin if this isn't you

Sarah Garcia-Parziale never had to worry about this until now

Every time I come to your pad?Marlinn Lorenzo

LOL!!!!! that's a good one

That would be me ? Mélyssa Chenail

Laeeqa Pillay then she fall of to sleep???

Let the fun begin ?

Courtney Emily Dearlove this was exactly wat u said 10 mins ago ??

Jessica Cuellar ? ahaha "wanna go in the car" yes plz ??

Lisa Strickland

Lol Jillian Tuscano ?? wait what door ?

Whahahaha si T. Thal yani adi T. Gerard ????

Richard Moland is if we had a lock on our door

Jesper Larsen dig i aften på skolen var ???




Now that's hilarious but true

Yeah, i wish

Aroosa Aziz re-mamber? xD

Desiree Allison never kiss forever in a long time

cancer b0s

Get a towel?? Sarah Williams lolol

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?? ... Zie meerZie minder




Eran Boyd Kimberley Skinner this is my life!!! ???

Claudine Murphy looks like mr Quinn

Andi Cutt your grandma

Hari d hottest! ?

Grace omg this is you

Now this is funny!!!

Vivienne O Sullivan I don't know why but this is making me very giddy ?

That's me

Danika Ansley Alana Meikle Bethany Hayman Charlotte Armstrong Shannon Quinn Gemma Sheene Leah Goodburn Jade Moore Isabella Allen ??

Nicole Adamson




I'm dying Jackie Doherty legit meee

Acaylia Ransfield that boy we walked past today

Lol me right now


Kat Park his face ??

This is why Sam Hill ? p.s read your messages!

Sheranie HAHAAHAHA??


Chelsea Dove this is me trying to date again

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??? ... Zie meerZie minder




This is how my Cutiepie Behn looks when she smiles.....?? Smaran Yaduvanshi

Nancy Ortega when you hyped me up everytime I wore anything nice ?.

Faith J Thet hella me? even when I know is not true. I can’t stop blushing

Rachael Leitch this is legit my face because you have a list of compliments to issue me every day

The way I feel when you say I look good Mustapha Zilali ???

Your the only one that is always telling me I look pretty even if I don't cause I'm ugly af?? and ur beautiful af??❤❤Esmeralda Ferrel

That smile look like you Venghour Than

Shivani Shah, miss your compliments! ? please come back!

Sandra D Sheppard... This photo looks vaguely familiar, lol!

Bradley Howe me that night LOLOL

Brittany Niamh your face when I mentioned your hair looking better straight ????

Lisa Woppel This is EXACTLY what u look like too ❤

Desiree DuVall every time tells me I’m pretty! My head gets bigger ???❤️❤️

Angie Denna this was me last night ??

Joe Shave this’s almost as good as the ‘when you have a nice hat’ Ben Sutcliffe

Mia Arostegui every time i snap you and you hype me up

Enosh Katta this is your face when someone compliments you

Tayla Hurley IDK why this reminded me of you, but here you go ???

Julio Lopez this really be me when you tell me I’m cute??

Zach Martin every time you compliment me❤

Yolanda Quevedo When I notice your perfect makeup. ???

Matthew Johnson that's how I feel when you compliment me ??

Sanjana Sahajramani...dekh tere jaisa hi tedha muh kiya hai???

Tyler Mains that's how I can explain that feeling I've had. ?

Georgia Rose when you straightened your hair. ?

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me ?? ... Zie meerZie minder

me ??



Crisol J. Hernandez ? soon to be me, work got me stressed ?

Callie Davies and Holly Paterson me on Saturday. ?? Meanwhile, you two are completely fine!!!

It's not on, but then again at my age can do what ever I please!!!!!!!!! xo Lol

Damnn Danielle me the other day in the morning ??

OK, you 2, adjusted what I said, does not mean you have to follow me until like me u reach your 60's and anything goes!!!!!!! Lol xo

That random time we got drunk @9am with the mimosas. NEVER too early !! ?? again?. Melanie

“I fear nothing” is drunk speak for “im an alcoholic”

Oliwia Sikora us in the future alcoholics ??

Michael i could hear this in ypur voice.

Jessie Jane, this was legit your last party I went to lol

Haha! You should never fair ILL Lily ?

Rebecca Ordish acho me yesterday had no sleep and then went to my brothers and started drinking again ??

Mathias sounds like every conversation we have after a night out ???

Cody Markham this would so be you!!!!!

This is what parents feel like when the last day of school comes .

Dillburt this is YOU, literally our conversations ?

NicholasWinsky....i feel like this is something you would say!

Ryan Singers this is literally you ?

Sameer Naga...Naga....Nagonnaworkhereanymore????sorry....i had to

Jante JJ us during the happy week HHAHAH

Shea Rhane Go i fear something....hahaha

Morgan Reid lmao!!! Gotta do what ya gotta do! lmoa

Alex Baum why did this remind me of u ??

Abby Burmeister next day in the morning getting stuff for bloodys

Presley Murdoch lmao we all knew someone like this

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Funny Memes

What’s missing???? ... Zie meerZie minder

What’s missing????



When one of your parents call u by your full name

True. I cant have 3 or somethings going down. ?

When my mom yells my full name or calls me Marie and also when my brother comes out of no where and is like mom she did it

We need to talk. So true. Nothing good ever started with those 4 words

My worst one is "20 missed calls from mom"

Cas Tynan anytime someone says we need to talk or lets talk the first thing i say is am I in trouble and do i need to sit for this followed by slight panic ?

1 missed call from dad ??

Sara Schwerd “We need to talk!” Gets me erry time!

Sarah Moratto terror when the sold out sign is up at the headband stand

If you say “we need to talk”, plan on talking right then and there. DO NOT say “we need to talk” intending to have the conversation 5 hours later. Just wait til then to say it! ?

What's missing is your mom calling by your first middle and last name. When that happened we knew we were in big trouble. Lol

What is missing that if you've been banned from a game for no reason

Empty tp roll

Being called by your first name then your middle name

I can’t even handle “1 missed call from mom”

Julie Ahrendtsen hvorfor kan du aldrig huske din kode eller brugernavn

Cop lights flash behind u


Tomek last one is the worst

Terry Dee Holsti the last one makes me want to run to Africa

When your mom starts yelling at you in Spanish. And when your mom says “GET OVER HERE!”

Mom is waiting up when you walk through the front door ?‍♀️

1 missed call from dad.

" Hey, you feel okay? I gotta tell you something."

вeιng called вy yoυr ғιrѕт мιddle and laѕт naмe ???

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