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This is how my stomach sounds when I'm hungry ? ... Zie meerZie minder



That dog is one beer away from ending his owner

Why do people find this funny?

" omg my dog bit me and I dont know why!" ?

Can someone make a ringtone with that please??

Just waiting for the time ppl can laugh at things again. * checks comment section*.... ok nope ppl are still serious prunes. ?

I think the dog knows how amused his owner is when they do this , other than the noise he's making his body language and eyes so no discomfort or anger . Just another kooky critter amusing his owner . My critters do silly things to when they know it makes me laugh

Unlucky Poor animal being under power of human being's complexes

This dog doesn't like that...Just letting you do it cuz your it's master....If it bit you it knows you'd kill it....Sad indeed....Get a hobby....

All he needs to say is aacha cha cha like Jimmy Durante.

She's fearless! I don't even go close to my dog if it growls at me

Just wait untill the dog learns to do it by it self and wakes you up at night doing that...

he reminds me of Hotel Transylvania :)))

This vid will never not be funny

This makes me suffocate laughing every time?????

Anna Mattero we should do this to chip when he starts growling ??

Satan called asking for his dog back

This is the funniest thing EVER. HOLY CRAP.

This video is old but it's still funny.

Wow lol I laughed till my stomach started hurting

Dries Olivier Ezra Christian waahaahaaahaaaaa kunne niemer ??????????

Ariela quando abbiamo fatto questo video alla Kelly??

Almost gave me heartattack for laughing too hard!! Hahha

Someone is gonna get bitten one of these days ?

Quetzalli, éste video te decía de la voz de Batman. JAJAJAJA

Evonn when it’s too quiet on my Jeep ?

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ATTENTION: This carpet is HOT ? #VMAs ... Zie meerZie minder



Nobody knows who they are

New game. Guess the celebrity by their shoes.

She wanted more camera lol

Camera guy loving the boots lol

Isn't this an award show for people with talent, why da hell is farrah there she's only good at lying on her back ?‍♂️

I have no idea who any of these people are

they still do the VMAs? why? haven't seen a video on MTV in decades

And the winner for worst dressed goes too...

Carper looking better than most of the people walking on it

is that the carnival show ???????

? Some black kids who just came to America

I wish Jim Carey cameos and does another universe speach...give some substance to these empty meat sacks

If yall would leave politics out of it and leave it about the music...I'd watch...but hall forgot where ya came from...peace out.

I dont care about vmas they disregard rock.. It should be multi styles of music not just one or two ..

people can have so much money and still dress funkie as heck..ugghh.. and they call that fashion. I call it money wasted.

I see we have the latest in ANTIFA wear by people who have never carried a rock and ran away from Patriots in their lives. LOL

Was there a theme this year “get dressed in the dark in a charity shop that specialises in drag”

Man I wish I had all that bling bling and money to pay for my vehicle at the transmission shop...if anyone wants to donate me $4,000.00 I will sure appreciated

How many people watching this , haven't figured out this is for the Video Music Awards, and are still waiting for Rob to start the normal show ?

My daughter (17) says this is today's fashion.. she can't be right. 6k people on this live.. someone say something?‍♀️?‍♀️

On today’s episode of discovery channel and Animal planet

Im switching between feeds and this is the actual livest feed wish the camera man would stay on point

I used to live near NYC. I wish I was there for the VMAs...

It just makes a person ask, chow much per hour."

Chaperone of the vmas erosmith

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Squad goals ? ... Zie meerZie minder



hunters leave the dogs tied with chains as a decoy to attract the bears. After that the bear ate the dog. Not funny at all.

The bear ATE THE DOG...the dog was used as bait...not too adorable anymore huh?!?

Please watch the whole video before showing this crap. Love the show but this is animal cruelty and you should not be posting this bullshit. Rob I expect better from you!

Um not funny the dog was used as bate the dog is probably dead

And then he eats it. Why is the camera operator not trying to protect the dog!!!

That polar bear just had two hits of x and can not explain how amazing the dog feels

He is not petting the dog.. He is playing with his food..

Playing with his food. Should tie up hunters for the bears.

Poor dog... It is chained and can't get away.

This took place back in 2016 at the Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary in Churchill Manitoba Canada ?? These are sled dogs that have been rescued. They live outside on chains in polar bear country. A recipe for disaster if you ask me. But the dogs are fed and loved but they also have no defense against the polar bears that roam through their sanctuary.

Dana how yoda must feel ?

Moments before he ate the dog with ketchup and mustard ?

Sled dogs, there are more in the background. Not tied as bait.

I joined this group because this past Thursday my sisters life was threatened ,when a drunk driver made racially motivated slurs at her, and then proceeds to aim a gun at her. The other Melaninated Counterparts that came to her offense (mind you she had just pulled up at the gas pump (that he felt like was his ) when all off a sudden this took place. Then after the fact when police where called they called him a ambulance ? and sent him home . So that is what brings me here today please share and save a life today ! www.facebook.com/656180101153247/posts/1621763077928273/ Full Live www.facebook.com/100005130763049/posts/1015746938606322/ Clip1 www.facebook.com/100005130763049/posts/1015481018632914/ Clip2

You know when your drunk at 2am and the taco bell looks so good that you just pet it. Yeah... poor dog.

....and then he ate it

Brenda deze hadden we nog niet voor onze collectie ⛵

Not funny at All.....big failur ridicoullesnes??

That dog is on a leash. Whose pet is that?


When you try to use live bait but your catch just plays with it lmao

I don't know if I'll watch the show anymore .you should be better than thos

Right before he killed the dog.

Doggone it.. this video is so cute I can bear-ly stand it.

Jason Schmidt now you know the whole world is getting to be a bunch of pansies!!!! Eat him already!!!

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Victoria's Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes graces our stage on a brand new episode of Ridiculousness, TONIGHT at 8/7c on MTV! ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Please move VMA ad someplace that is not in Channel's face. Bottom left or on top of the MTV logo anyplace else! Dumb! Do you even watch your own show? Are you happy with that?

Why the fk ia that vma ad covering up channels sexy face??? MOVETHATSHIT!

They talk so much against the Europeans that I stopped seeing the program

Too awesome!!!! Good laugh first thing in the morning!!!! ????

Are you guys gonna play like 17 brand new episodes back to back again? SMH Who TF is in charge of scheduling over there? How about stretch them out so we can watch new episodes all year long?

WTF is on my babie's face Channels???? She is not cute no more!!!!!!!

Why can't the VMA countdown be in the top LEFT corner, instead of the right?!?

Come on, get the logo off Chenelle WestCoast


That wave made me so happy

I love Chanel

She was such a boring guest

What genius approved putting the VMA countdown logo over the programs? It covers Channel's face and others. We don't need the constant reminder.

Chanel you don’t have to worry you sexy and way hotter

Love this show

First video there were high.


I'm watching this in my tv in room.

Chanel is soo damn hot!

chanel vs supermodel.... cute

Chanel's face us blocked???

I love this show.

Amo a channel west cost ...me encanta su risa ....!!

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Believe it or not, a lot of pets HAVE pets ?

Jack & Jack are on one of FOUR brand new episodes of Ridiculousness, TOMORROW at 8/7c on MTV! ?
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The polar bear actually killed the dog after this video

Anthony Polizzi ?? the monkey and the dog ?

Hey u are u ok boo i fail hard boo hope u are ok that s so sad of u that part

Our dog use to Stand Gard at the Kitchen door While the Cat would Knock the treats off of the Fridge!

Move that fkn VMA ad! I can't see Chanel's beautiful face! Damn #facebloxkin

Anke, Tamara, Roland, Op de laatste na best leuk, vooral eerste. ?

Suggestion David dobrik or Liza Koshi

The polar bear ate the dog

I went to the same high school as jack and jack

Georg & Silvia, wir brauchen auch noch Haustiere für die Haustiere!

Scarlet Thomas pet friend narla lol

Too cute and funny LMAO!!

Yea it got killed by the polar bear!

Eamonn Doherty look at the last one haha

thats what they call cat fishing

lol awwww too cute those cats


Necesito uno para Bowie Val Cervantes ????

Eduardo Barrientos le hace falta una mascota al mike

Hannah O'Day dude is jack and jack hahahahha

Chanel debe ser la mujer más simpática del mundo

Shannon Ruiz nova and bob in the first video

Yuli Araujo te va a encantar jajjaj

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How to rack up a $5,000 medical bill in seven seconds ? ... Zie meerZie minder



What is this medical bill you speak of? ??

??look he was confused about the feeling of that pavement and his face meeting for the first time

When he looked up he looked like he just saw the future

His brain touched his eyelashes..

Damn. That thumbnail looked like that pogo stick went straight up his ass

He looked up and saw angel of death standing next him and say hey dummy not yet ???

It looks like he was in complete denial that he just jacked up his entire face and neck !, But the pain is coming young man the pain is coming.

Wtf 5000dlls for medical bill? Where i live the medical service is free. Sorry US

5000$ ? More like 50000$ you mean ? Murica aint gonna let you with a little medical bill 5000 is just getting checked in ??

Dental exam shows the concrete evidence of a fall lmfao

Almost worth a trip to Canada to visit one of our gang offiliated hospitals (*cough cough* any hospital in Canada) and see one of many of our corrupted, sinister pieces of shit doctors to make things worse for ya for free! Canadian doctors have been called out and are trying desperately as we speak to pay cash to have it hush hush. honestly I’m bullshitting when I say to come to Canada, you’ll find Canadians go to the states hospitals very often as a result of this truth, regardless how expensive it is, Canadian doctors refuse to offer the same assistance 99.9% of the time. Shit shouldn’t be so expensive, I got a bad back n the only way it’ll ever be looked at or fixed is if I go to the states. just gotta bring hell to the system.

look like a paraplegic trying to do the worm dance after he munched down that garage floor

Dan Cole wow the look on his face after it bounced off the concrete floor

Evan, Victor- all together now .... oooh ?

His face after slamming to the ground though hahaha

Now that’s gonna leave a mark!

He looked just like the quarterback off waterboy when he got tackled, lol. Who derr?! Who derr?!

I dont Pay for that shit bru thats an amurican Thing hahahaha its free were im form thank god ???only in murica

I was waiting for the kid to slap the concrete floor for hurting him lmao

Cristina Paredes It almost looked like that kid from unexpected. The yellow shirt one that was trying for a baby lol

Victoria Cole Katie Becca How I feel rn listening to this presentation.

The look you give after putting in a mass amount of work to find out youve been hitting on a dude all night at the club lmao

Hit his face so hard, he thought he was in another dimension.

Coley Powers this immediately made me think of Cole the other day. lol

Shani Smith looks like Seth and face plants like Seth ??

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Just another typical day for a NYC commuter ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Nowdays it's more important to record than to help...

When a NYC rat turns you into a gobbling Turkey!

That's society now days...instead of helping they're recording. And for what? The opportunity to embarrass this man and convince thousands of viewers to laugh at this poor guys expense. I'm so over the viral video era....can't wait until people learn to be human again. CHASE OFF THE RAT ,YOU COWARD!

Hell, I think we'd all scream if that happened to any of us, so I can't blame that dude for sounding like Curly from The Three Stooges.

yo this guy fucked up and didnt record the best part....him dancing around the subway like a girl screaming....the sound was funny enough though and me imagining it hahahaha

(•_•) ∫\ \___( •_•) _∫∫ _∫∫ \ \ The Hell are you looking at? Keep scrolling

Omg why would u tell the guy rats carry so many Diseases and if that had a big ham oh my God rabies shots are so painful shame on you you rather film then how what’s this world coming to

I wish I could say that he should have helped the guy, but rats who are socialized to humans can get territorial and aggressive. And there's no way to know if that rat has rabies without a medical check up. I wouldn't want to be the sleeping person where someone who was trying to help was in a fist fight with a rabid rat, on top of me. But the recorder should have shared this with NYC MTA, it's a major health issue.

“Just like the pied piper Led rats through the streets”

I know this will probably get lost in the comments but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot

I would've done the guy a solid and told him a giant rat was about to climb on him!!

They got a rat in a sticky trap at work and put in bag on desk. I didn't know and grabbed the bag and got bit. They bite hard as hell. And die a painful death! Hate em!

i thought there was a tortilla on the floor

Worst clip in the history of ever that's like if they sold the movies with the last half deleted #fail

That would freak me out! Been to NYC like 6x never took the subway..dang I will pay for the cab now

The squeals of terror XD

Why in the hell is this person recording and not helping or earning him....OMG....social media has killed humanity!!!!

Omg, his scream? poor man, I thought he was not going to wake up at that moment (which was going to be a relief for him)

Kerrie Hutchins Flaten Karen Filek Trevor Juhl good thing this wasn’t one of us...I would have punted that mofo across the subway car! ? happy we only saw them on the track ?

Why the f*** nobody helped him everybody always want to record s*** get your stupid lazy want to be viral ass up and help him

I think Bill Burr was referring to this kind of scream in a plane. Granted, a rat is more justified than turbulance

I had that happen when I lived on a ranch I was sleeping on a bunk bed and I felt a Rat run across me I freaked out

Clodagh Reidy Niamh Kelly Rachel Morris Anna Ferguson remember when all of ye would have a lil snooze on the subway. ? (especially clo) ?

Ryan Joyce looks like you had a blast in America when you where there a few weeks ago. Don’t know why you where bothering that man on the train. He was just trying to sleep.

Aww he turned the camera off at the best part: "Guy jumps up screaming like Olive, Popeye's girlfriend, starts running around flailing his arms like a Gorilla and yanks off all his clothes except his boxers. He then runs into a pole and is knocked out cold. The rat comes back, steals his wallet and slaps the guy before disappearing." Well that's how I imagined the ending, only in NYC!! LMAO.

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Actual footage of me trying to get my Summer bod in just before Summer ends ? ... Zie meerZie minder



That’s not a walrus that’s just a average American

That shit ain't right. Damn thing swims and eats fish. Not situps. Smh

Don’t think is is cute they actually abuse and starve these animals to do these ridiculous tricks

Just before I ‘unlike’ this disgusting RIDICULOUSNESS page. I’ve already posted how garbage like this makes me feel but before I do I just want to say this. I’m impressed at how many people on here find this stuff abhorrent but at the same time shocked that over 960 people shared it! The notion that to humiliate and force an animal to the point where it will perform tricks over and over and over again for reward is nothing more than torture and abuse. We’re looking at a highly intelligent animal in this case, intelligent enough to know that if it doesn’t comply then negative things will happen. Why not take advantage of having such an amazing creature in captivity, for whatever reason, to educate those that are willing to learn that these animals and all the others that are made to ‘entertain’ for their food are in fact part of this world, have feelings and have a level of intelligence that we probably can’t comprehend. The Human Race arrogantly believes that it controls and manipulates nature. If we continue to promote this kind of stuff where intelligent animals are portrayed as circus acts we may well find that the world becomes a darker place where ignorance reigns. Shut this garbage down!!

I can't even imagine the pain and torture that walrus went thru to have to learn to do something that is so unnatural to them. Just like circus animals if peope saw what happens behind the scenes with trainig these animals to do unnatural tricks, 99% of the people would stop going. Of course there is still the 1% that doesn't give a shit just as long as they are entertained 🙁

No one even thinks for a second the walrus loves his/her trainer and learned this out of affection? He literally claps with them

Where is this? This is awful. We really should do away with Zoos and Aquariums. We should focus on sanctuaries instead. Only house animals that cannot survive on their own for medical reasons. 🙁

That is actually animal cruelty it isn't doing sit up's at all one of them is kneeling on it's tail which causes pain up it's back and into it's head hence it holding it's head while it rocks in pain

Yer.. Take it out of its natural home then make it perform for human entertainment just so a company can make some money but never mind the animal ?

Eric, Mabel, Amy, Sarah, Gregg, Alexis. This is how I feel when Rachelle is yelling UP....UP....UP....UP at us.

There’s a theme becoming more and more apparent via this ‘Ridiculousness ‘ feature. Unfortunately the theme is animal cruelty for the entertainment, not education, of people that would benefit more from knowing how these animals exist in their natural environment and not in this disgusting circus that does absolutely nothing to inform the uneducated of how amazing real nature is. These animals suffer if they don’t comply and are rewarded if they do. In short they are tortured and the people that support this stuff should be ashamed.

This walrus is more fit than me

youtu.be/0r1et0HAPCg Geez why u people are so negative and thinking zoo staff is abusing animals?! I'm sure there some people do that in th world not only in asia but at least that zoo on tbe video is in Japan and animals are getting love everyday. And they wont starve animals like someone mentioned... Of course living in nature might be good for them but at least they wont get hunt by other animals like its happening every secound at everywhere. leave negative comment only when u actually see abusive

How cruel! Some people really lack intelligence! Anything for $.

⭐You haters worried about this Walrus..? haven't you already seen what HUMANS DO TO EACH OTHER..? This is nothing...? This Walrus is getting fed and cared for, it also doesn't need to worry about getting eaten by a predator...? Exercise is not going to kill you lazy sob's..!?

We don’t deserve animals indeed

This page is becoming useless. Why all the sad animal videos? Captivity and tricks aren't funny ?‍♀️..

Sylvia Mayo this damn walrus is putting me to shame!!

Why was I expecting an enormous shart to canon the girl holding his tail?

Very very disappointed in you rob for showing this kind of animal abuse! Do you really think this is what this poor walrus wants to be doing? Or that it does this all on its own without constant forcing with these assholes withholding food and hurting them?!?! ?

Why do we always make animals do 'human' things? It's so silly. ?.

bet they beat it till it got it right,or starved it.

And why wouldn't he with those annoying child like high-pitched voices, he's not performing sit-ups he's putting his flippers over his ears and writhing in pain

You all realize that this is Japan or somewhere in Asia? Not the state's. That's why the gun thing doesn't make much sense to this good old country boy, gun toten NATIVE American Veteran. The Europeans took my Ancestors weapons once. They aren't taking mine.

Aaaaand the whiney animal people enter in 3...2...1 plus that walrus is gonna have washboard abs by the end of it

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Who said kids aren't helpful ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Calm down everyone...it's funny.

She’s got to keep it real while she protects her fake hair

Jesus people! Y’all judging this woman in every way possible and don’t really know shit about her! ??‍♀️ This is pretty funny if you ask me! Clearly a lot of y’all don’t know much about weaves either. Lol For all y’all judgy ass people know... this is a baby sitter or aunt... might not even be the kids mom The child might be laughing and having a great time It’s freaking rain people... not acid.

It's not funny. If she slipped and fell....or if she was white this would be bigger news. Saying what a bad mom she was.

When the weave is more important than the child...

She should have just swallowed. Especially since she doesn't know the difference between an umbrella and a child. ? ?

Some of these people defend the mother because it's just rain..........The point is not about the baby getting wet,it is the whole thought process of the mother. My motherly instinct says to shield the child not my hairdo with my child.

I’d hate to b that kid in a hail storm

Sorry not funny, this is not a skit, parody, or prank. She wasn't playing for likes, she didn't know she was being recorded. Low life of a mother!

I've been in a situation like that and I actually put my baby inside of my shirt so they won't get wet. I didn't care about me I didn't want them to get wet cuz what's next after that getting sick


I'm one that hates getting my hair wet, I'm that female that will put a shopping bag over my head when at a water ride, but I would NEVER EVER use my daughter as a shield to protect my hair from the rain, TF is you thinking?!!! Bad parenting at its finest ??

Who kwows that baby might be loving it lmao if I used my son as a umbrella he’d be laughing the whole time.

Just when i thought I've seen it all. She probably uses her child in front of her while cooking bacon. But none of my business, Im heading to 7eleven to grab a pina colada slurpee.

I'm dying lmaooooooo?? I wouldnt do it but do you honey. It's just water ?‍♀️ She could of left the baby in the car alone instead. Silver linings guys?

Yeah I’m sorry I laughed a little but then you got to think that baby’s immune system is weaker then the woman holding her, she can get sick and it would be worse then a adults common cold.. as a mom I personally wouldn’t do that, if I don’t have a umbrella in my car for my babies I use a sweater or jacket and cover them with it. Not cover a busted ass weave with my kids as a umbrella .. ??

Calm down everyone. It’s fucken funny!! Pull the stick out your ass an laugh! It’s not like it was pouring close crazy! Goodness

I totally used my little sister as an umbrella before but older brothers are supposed to be awful I don't know if I'd do it to my daughter ????

I don't have to know her to know that this is wrong. this is an indictment on her character and it's definitely a microcosm of her relationship with her child or children

That's terrible wow why have kids if you're not going to care for them and you refuse to put them first you're supposed to protect and love your children. One day I was trying to take my daughter to my friend's house so my daughter can play with my friend's son on the way over there it started raining pouring I had to stop hold the umbrella over her head while I got completely soaked. Was I a little upset that I was soaked of course, but I didn't have to deal with a sad, soaked and cold toddler.

In all actuality it does not look like she is using the baby as an umbrella. It looks more like she was checking the babies diaper and realized there was something she didn’t want in the seats. She brought the baby back down as she headed back...

What would have been more funny...is while she's running with that kid over head, he yank that damn weave off her head to use it as a cover for his little body. Bad parenting at its best!

If the rain had got to that hair that kid would have been on cereal for months until it was replaced, kids took a hit for the rest of the family, respect!

Look at all the idiots saying "don't judge her" justifying a "mother" that clearly cares more about her looks than her child. How is it okay that she considers her hair more important?

It makes you wonder what other choices she has or will make concerning her child. This is not so bad but it shows a lack of maternal instincts for sure.

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If you were raised like this, you probably have trust issues ?

Tune into MTV TONIGHT at 8/7c to watch SIX NEW EPISODES of Ridiculousness! ??????
... Zie meerZie minder



I love this show

I cannot understand why you have Channel as a host? Her laugh makes us change the channel. Bring on some TALENT like Anjelah Johnson and Sebastian Manascalco PLEASE!!!!

Anna Bell I feel like you went through some of these that’s why you don’t trust me ???

The first clip, I was in Walmart with my 4 year old daughter and seen this toy. She screamed so loud when I showed it to her

love channel <3

Not on MTV Canada!!! ??

Cameron Lafrance and Victoria Moreno watch the beginning with the stuffed animal ?

Abel check de home videos

Im old but this show cracks me up. Love all the hosts. The ant throwing the other ant off the roof and the same with the beetle were 2 faves from last night! Chanels laugh cracks me up. Glad the show is back!

"It's like, and like, you know like, and like..." I don't like her already. ?

yo me rio mas de la loca que se rie en el programa, tiene una risa bien FEA

Can the show buy steelo some pants that are not torn? I realize that it is the fashion, but they look like crap when you are on TV.

6? geez just keep popping them out. should do 2 a week. wonder why they go through so many seasons. how about make it last for once

I freaking love this show so much and was happy as fu?!’k when new episodes came on

Chanel is hotter and hotter every day... Would mary her for sure. I could listen her laughing all day long

"like" "like" "like" "like" Why can girls not speak without using "like" like a comma LOL

What is MTV?

enjoyed some of Robs new videos last night !

where can we watch if we dont get MTV?

Can't stand Westcoast or half his basic ass guests.

Omg Gabriel Rucci I'm going to hell for laughing at this.

Wait this shit is still on?

Sebastian Ring haha “get that shit out of here” me as a parent

Kelly!! Madeline would love this

Jesse Froyd, that’s you with the basketball!?

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Whose moms is this ?
Don't miss SIX new episodes of Ridiculousness, TONIGHT starting at 8/7c!
... Zie meerZie minder



Every mom does that

Why is someone recording them? That's the creeper.

Looks like fatherless kids I'll happily fill the spot ?

What if the kid is taking the pic for her mom to send to their dad who is deployed? There is nothing wrong with this....only the creeper who is videoing a mom and her daughter on a beach in bathing suits.

For you people saying this is wrong.. please tell me why!? It's a child taking a pic of who knows who it can be a mom, sister, . Nanny..but wtf does it matter !? Lol there is nothing wrong going on in this short ass video. The only thing wrong is that there is some moron recording them.

Soo.. I guess I'm a bad mother as well because I've had to give photo cred to my son plenty of times.. she's not even being raunchy she's just taking a picture on the beach.. ?

This is normal... My daughter takes pictures for me sometimes... just like i snap pictures of them ? what isn't normal is the fucking creeper who thought it was okay to record a mother with her kids on the beach... how long was he recording her? Cause it's fucking weird...

What in the fuck is wrong with this? I'm more concerned with the person filming her and or her kids. I'm a single father and my daughter helps me do things also.

just because she wanted a photo everyone is going mad telling that she doesnt care about her children and stuff... first of all they are at the beach meaning THEY ARE HAVING FUN TOGHETER wtf ppl you guys are just MEAN

A lot of moms are too ashamed of their bodies after babies to do this. Nothing wrong with this. If she starts twerking or something then I’d say we’ve got an actual problem... the real question is why is someone recording them.....

These kids need a father tho!! ???????????

Self absorbed much?! She’s probably one of those things that treats her kids like accessories

If i was the mom and caught the creeper recording, I'd be breaking his teeth with that phone he's using!!!

Looks like a teenage sister actually ?

We have no comment on WHY they were being filmed in the first place??? #bewareofcreepers

If this was Kim K. All the people worried about the "creeper" wouldn't be worried about the creeper, and they would be talking shit about what a shit mom she is. #DoubleStandardMuch

My kids take pics of me when theres no other adult around. I’m glad they finally grew out of the age when their hands are all shaky and unstable. I was tired of all them blurry ass pics. ???

Maybe the kid wanted to take a picture of her mommy , jeez , it's not like it's a porn shot .

I get why this weirds people out. I do. Ehhh the pose. But let her live. Jesus. Who cares. I've had my 3 year old son take pics of me holding his sister, or snap a quick pic of his parents together. Honestly if I didn't do this, I would never be in any of the pictures we take. ? let alone have any of my husband and I just us.

I've never done it but dont see anything wrong with a quick beach pic. Not like shes posing nasty or anything. Now the creeper recording all of them lol hopefully it's a family member hahaha

I'm almost 30, my mother is almost 70, i don't undestand what's wrong with this? It's not "modern", i took pictures for my family since i remember, because i love them and i want them to have some memories on photos, that's all... Geez, don't look for problem where there isn't one

Moms are the only person who rarely gets her picture taken because she is usually the one taking the pictures! It's good for kids to grow up and be able to see what mama looked like when she was younger.

My kids love taking pictures. Maybe the lil girl wanted to take her mommy's picture. Judgemental much? I'm more concerned about who ever is recording a woman and her children.

This is so stupid these comments are unreal you all get these story’s in your head from a 5 sec video...who gives a fuck if her kid is taking a picture ITS JUST A PICTURE .. and who cares if she in a two price suit .. the clothing woman wear these days don’t cover anything anymore anyways... stop talking and worrying about ppl you don’t know and live your own life how about that!!!

Uhm excuse me? How do you know that the kid doesn’t just like fo take photos???? The real problem is the creeper recording her!!!! At least she is still right there taking care of her kids when it looks like she is on vacation and alone, seriously moms have enough to worry about and now we have to worry about being shamed by our kid taking our picture because some pervert jack Ass decided it was his priority to record this mom.

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Whose "free-range children" are these!? ?
Tune into MTV TOMORROW at 8/7c to watch SIX new episodes of Ridiculousness ??????
... Zie meerZie minder



TJ Dillashaw killed this fool twice. Next season get TJ on the show.

Adriana, the first one is roman

What did say he had? I dont understand kids too well....nephew still gibberish

i heard a sheep voice but i didnt see any

Taylah Webster the knife one gets me everytime

Natalie Allain vero tried peeking at someone in the stall at the mall last week like this last kid while I was changing sunny lol

Marwa Omot watch the last one that me if s kid does that lol

Segment of getting knocked the fuck out would be perfect lol

Love this show but don't understand the scheduling. 3 episodes back to back each week, but there's a shitload of weeks w/ just re-runs.until the new season starts. I wish they could spread it out so there's no off season or something. Maybe 2 a week all year long, or half the year.

Y'all tryna get through a whole season in a month? Lol

Renate... Oh priceless... Kijk hem tot het eind. Dat jochie op de wc (als bezoeker) ???

I miss watching this so much

whats william was just remenicing about how we got earled on that bacardi151

look Libby ☝? Cody’s gonna be on ridiculousness

Why do you have this loser and not Killashaw? Lame

Who cares. Big butt, no boob lady not afraid of body shaming. Good for her. Gives kid an experience of a real body.

not even clicking play you can still hear chanel ?

The bathroom one. Every parent can relate to that on a spiritual level.

I don’t think there’s any question “I’m” in for trouble with this one ??

While Ridiculousness is funny I would be going off on the kid cause I don't want nobody sneaking under the damn door. Plus I would not be laughing about it until I got home or in my car.

Why did that man look like paul Walker at first

Yorben Behaegels hahaha ik zou da kind kapot stampen alle 2 hahahah

Idk what’s funnier the videos or Cody ??

Alicia Shaw the third one, my worst nightmare in public restrooms

Carlo Bonomo hes on ridiculousness tomorrow. Never not wanted to watch an episode so bad. ?

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Turn the lights down low and the volume WAY UP, because MAX is on one of SIX brand new episodes of Ridiculousness, THIS SUNDAY starting at 8/7c! ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Chanel is so unnecessary

I love Chanel! I couldn't imagine the show without her.!

Making a joke out of a little kid falling between a train? Fuck you irrelevant skids.

Love your show. And I love Max, cause he’s my cousin ❤️ Super cool

Why are you burning six episodes at once, rather than showing one a week and keeping interest going?

Tiffany Long wait for the Elsa one

I myself like all 3 I think they make good team along with their guest... I enjoy show no matter how you air it...lol... But this my opinion ?

Who is Max? I’ve never seen or heard of him.

He has the pointiest chin I’ve ever seen

Make up your minds. First it's 3 every week, then it's 4 on the premier and 3 every week, now it's 6 episodes on one day?

E! Why did you change your logo? It was real cool, this new one is...Ugly ?

One question why do they have west coast Chanel just sitting their laughing that weird laugh what is her purpose

Cuz, life’s too short to hate

i dunno if you guys are just trying to act cool or whatever you're fukn boring ??????????

Lol love it!! My fav show!!

Since when Elsa become the female hulk from the Avengers.

Yes ?

Love this show and MAX!

This was all filmed at Walmart.

No! No no. No. I am already spoken for.

This the show wym

Sha Meen till the end lol

Not sure who Max is but he looks like John leguizamos gay son

Chanels a 1 trick pony..her laughs unique. besides that shes a talentless face

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Y'all the trailer for the new Star Wars movie looks sick ? ... Zie meerZie minder



I'm sure that's a grown ass man.

Adrian Dawson this guy crises back to camp to sleep with his 3 girlfriends

i don't know why this had me laughing so much ????

Hey Rob you playing with the lobster now watch the package brother the like to grab onto the smaller things so you are a prime candidate LMAO LMAO God I crack myself up lmaof lmaof

Hey Amber Renee Stacey and Nicole Alexandria Stacey y’all wanna do this the next swimming day we have?! Lmao

That's not a kid, that's a grown ass man. And that's not a lake it's a river.

SEE! I told you Disney was going to f*ck up Star Wars

Adam Coldren why does this remind me of you

It's a wild, Mall Ninja! Footage if these spectacular beasts are rare for they spend most of their time aquiring new ninja gear or saving helpless princesses online.

Rob Dyrdek is so funny 10/10 comedian GOAT I laugh until I cry at all the very thought-out and original things he says.

Pretty much falls in line with 7 and 8's plotline.

Cristian Adrià Edgar segueix sent millor q la niña toli (la prota de les últimes, no sé com es diu)

I'm surprised he didn't shock himself with that light sabre!

What are you mean with kid?!

Dalana Smith hey who does this remind you of in the pool?! Ha

And people wonder why I've never watched Star Wars. That's a silly question.

Anthony Mittl is this the kid who nodded his fedora at me in g tree??

Branddon Ulery the new star wars trailer

He had to go, his people needed him.

He is probably one that has a karate teacher that knows how to kill you with a finger but can't teach you cause its dangerous

Kelsey Davis this looks like a good action movie we need to go see ??

Pierce Sutherland spotted you down the river the other arvo

Better than the last jedi

Filip i founde oute where your hidden trainging place?

Saving some money without a green screen, I see. I'm talking to you George Lucas.

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Me trying to get over Hump Day ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Who cares if it’s international cat day, I should have been invited!!

Lazy dog to tired playing fetch. cutest pet ever.

That dog is a damn genius. I’m pretty sure he’s a step above lassie and would give Scooby-Doo a run for his money solving mysteries

Melody Ocampo dis is mah spirit animal

Poor dog ate one too many Bored-o Supremo Burritoes, I think. LOL!

He's having the best time!!!

There’s my spirit animal right there.

Hope it was worth it covering up her hoo ha

I'm definitely feeling like this today my ass has been dragging all day can't get motivated got to work late that I never do. So ready for Friday.

When you’re tired but still want to play! LolJoey Solano

Yara Mendes assim que eu fico o sábado interio antes de vc chegar ?

Stefan Simionescu tu cand ajungi seara obosit acasa dupa o zi full de munca...si stii ca trebuie sa mi acorzi atentie ????????????

Wie Du im Sportunterricht früher Tobias Pospiech Gut dass das der Nüter in seinem Kabuff nicht sehen musste!

Life just ain't worth living no more. It's so boring as I have to eat dog food, forced to chase n retrieve sticks n balls, become a flea hotel, not allowed to drive automobiles like humans do, not allowed to eat steak, drink beer, fly aircraft, watch tele and operate Facebook and make sense of it.... My life being a stupid dog is just no good...in my next life I wanna come back as a human becoz humans are smart, real smart!.

Madison when no one is home haha

Oh no Now I’m guilty Donut in a bin almost all day Elise Wang

Me After Allnighter,, hungover as fk lol

Garrett Martin Oakley when no one will play with her

Christoph Haupeltshofer kannt i sei wenne niad wois wos i in ganzen Tag macha soll?

It’s bent when we won’t play with him Susan

Jordy Hilder tazz when he’s too old to move

Rhiannon Svedas frank that’s all I’m thinking ?

Yo siempre que me dices que no vas a poder Amado Gigi

This is ? Murphy while I’ve been gone Aimee Carlson

Hilary Sims this is my current mood

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