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Me: I'm great at fixing problems.

Also me:
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Thanks for recording me instead of holding the ladder babe ?

With each passing day, Americans proudly record themselves, proving beyond question, We have the dumbest citizens, per capita, in the industrialized world ?? #We'reNumber1

As a Contractor I know the ladder is placed incorrectly. Get a bigger ladder or at least face it towards the roof. He's the reason for safety meetings,lol

I had those same boots once... they suck on ladders

Wife needs to get it on record instead of holding the ladder. Great catch she is.

she asked him if he needed her to hold the ladder he said no or can any of you not hear too well

I always wondered why A frame ladders have those warnings to not stand on the last step. Should have used a bigger ladder. On the other hand, this could be used as a training clip for a ladder safety video.?


To be fair she did tell him no place your foot to the left and like a normal dude totally ignore her LOL

If you look closely at a top of a ladder, you'll notice a warning label that says "DANGER. DO NOT STAND OR SIT. " Sometimes these things aren't a suggestion and require a little common sense and proper ladder lol oh well I ain't mad. It's entertaining. Now go get new gutters ?

Just cleaning the leaves out. Done!

Shit like this is why we have a daily safety meeting at work.

Hold the ladder not the camera!

Why the heck is she recording. ?

"Did you get that on camera"? Typical guy question

he must of been guttered.

Hey instead of helping him get off the roof safely, wouldn't it be hilarious to video him trying to get off without breaking his back?

Never ever EVER trust any girl directions

I guess holding the ladder was out of the question

She did say.."sure you don't want me to hold it"?

Good job holding the ladder, babe. Thanks.

Could have at least def hold it

That's the Italian way.

Got that on camera...Yuk yuk yuk

That was a set up by the wife.

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He BOOKED ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Yea Brandon, just pick me up a pair at Lowes, I have no money, and my hands are kinda cuffed together, I'll wait outside, don t want to draw suspicion.

Shit a die grinder and a good cutting wheel can get those cuffs off

This opportunity comes once in a life time


What else was he supposed to have done

ANNNNND when he gets caught that is another charge against him... Real smart.

If he would have kept calm and not ran he could have walked right out without getn chased lol

Probably a security guard not a cop

All he did was add another charge for himself.

Calls a friend “ ... “ yo can you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot for some bolt cutters? It’s kinda sketchy if I do it at the moment. “

He’s like fuck it I’ll figure out how to get out of these later ??‍♂️

He can't use bolt cutters

Tracker Gps on cuffs would help lol!

Oops lmao. That dude was smooth

I don't know what he's being detained for, but yay, let's cheer him on. ?

Pretty sure they know who he is already. You're telling me they didnt run his ID yet?


Run forest run

Put some tie straps around your ankles and you won't have this problem

Hahahahaa, what did he think he was doing? Lol.

I tried this once when I was 19. BIG mistake

Just one more charge when they catch him.

Nothing to see here, move al.... RUN!!!!

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Don't text and ride ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Says the guy filming

He could have gave him a couple more seconds damn

Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leav.... cabuuuuum ???

Don't drive and text, don't bike and text, don't walk and text. Just stand somewhere out of the way and text. Humans cannot do both at the same time.

Don't blog and bike

Maybe that helps more than an expensive fign

The guy with the beard saw that car and let the boy crash. Who was takin the video? Totally set up. Don't think kid knew, bet his balls did, whew.....looks painful

Lucky that he move to the right but My be car scrash and broken screen phone

Don't text and drive, ESPECIALLY when you're on a bicycle!???

I do this everyday never crash well hold on I've crashed, not texting and certainly not like that.

I can’t even text and walk! What was he thinking!!!! Lmao!!!!

Extremely brilliant, hope his bicycle have full coverage ???

Jajajajaja the eyes most be on the road always

Was he already wearing a sling on his shoulder from a previous injury lol

Haha...t.w.I. Texting while driving

That scared the shyt outta me smh..


Lol Nathen Ocarroll I totally thought this was jay for a minute

That's why they said so!

Good for warning

Good bye cel

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Me: I hate attention.

Also me:
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Ridiculousness His name is Benny Harlem #putsomerespekonhisname ?

Why are all my ridiculousness videos muted?

Imagine sitting behind him at the movies.

He looks like an exclamation mark lol

Wonder if he has a jewel on his midsection....

Looks like a character that was supposed to be on Dragon Ball Z.

Looks like a Fortnite caracter

Tori Nolan dude looks like one of your flamingo brushes i gave you for your bday ??

Nick Meissner lol hab dem sein Gesicht erst gar nicht gesehen weil ich dachte der hat was darüber gezogen ?

He look like an anime character

He and his daughter are both models with the most beautiful hair. His name is Benny Harlem I believe. His daughter was getting in the elevator too.

Looks like Dennis Rodman and Marge Simpson had a baby.

R. Kelly switching it up after that documentary! !

Christopher Reid wants his hair back.

Why is he not wearing a hat up there?

Now thats th3 definition of Hightop ?

Is that an exclamation point! !!!

Looking like a woman’s foundation brush???????

one cool video is that guy that was in the sewer..looking down at the grate that my vote for the best ridic video so far in just 2019 can you make it so we can repost it . aired its rerun on 3/22/19

Shiiiit an I thought Iman Shumpert’s was high!

He needs an elevator himself to climb that thing lmao?

Alright Kid N Play 2.0. So where is Play at?

Dude looks like nick cannon

It looks like a burnt Q-tip.

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But what were those coaches doing!? ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Roids ? the answer is Roids

The coaches are having a brokeback moment. It is a feminine version of rugby after all ?

Why are they hitting each other with a stick - Ouch! Those guys will be worn out before the game starts! Did they win?

- Yeah Chad! We won! Snap that f*ckin paddle in my chest and kiss me! - What? - What?

Jaren Matt Tom Jaime Alex next time we get together, this is how we’re gettin hyped beforehand

They're doing some Ric Flair chops with sticks WOOOOO!

They never graduated in their head and were getting pumped to live vicariously through H.S. kids?

What’s that coaches vertical. Like 6 inches..

They look like kids with a sugar rush ?

in this day and age I am afraid this will turn into a " Hurricane Hates Women" headline.

Its like they werent good enough for cheerleading, so they came up with this gem.

Showing us what steroids do. Cloud judgement.

They are beating each other's sticks... That's what the coaches are doing

Americans get excited about anything though

Should of been florescent light bulbs hit across the back

Time to put that creotine back in the jar. Drink more water guys??☺️

I like to win stuff but I’ve never had the urge for someone to wap me on the back with a paddle lol

We are doing this at our next work meeting

It was like bipolar set in on that one coach with a stick , swinging it towards the players ?

Probably got some powdery stuff along the nose

To bad about only three players saw it.

Dylan Murray Shaun Chennells Alistair Sawkins imagine the blacksmiths running around hitting each other with planks ?

Meanwhile all the red room lovers are over here like...??

When your wrestling career went nowhere!

i even get hyped to watch this shit. that is how we are getting ready to go battle. fuck your feeling????

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Spot on impression ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Waiting on the animal abuse experts .....

Leave the fluff ball alone

Hope that the dog bites. This dog doesn't like it at all

I just have 1% of my battery, so I'm going to be quick, my opinion is that they shou

Metallica logo on the teeth

I just want to say that is cruel and mean! I cannot believe you people can do that! Don’t ever do that again! There is no need for a 3 minute video and of same thing getting repeated! Longest 3 min ever!

Why antagonize your pet for entertainment? Not a good paw-parent.?

Ridiculousness should get cancelled, horrible show

Look up Dupster Cat on youtube. Freaking hilarious!

The video is looped he isn’t just doing that a million times calm down people

Well that's not very nice lmao

Ones a bear and the other one is a dog..... Did I get it right????

Poor dog they should leave the dog alone :))

Meg Jo remind you of a certain puppy?

That thing is terrifying.

??good of ya Matty ??? missing you ? make lotsa ? & save ?????

What kind of stuff animal is that my kids want one

See and we thought some sick deranged person came up with the idea for those stuffed animals; as it turns out it was just just your everyday dog owner.... Wait, what???? Lol

Nu är du inte snäll? han är charmig och lojal och posetiv bara lite missförstås.

Why on Earth is this video 3 minutes long?

That's not a dog... I know a albino raccoon when I see one...

Whats the name of that evil toy?

Well Well, I don't know! Awww! Who's a BAD MOMMA & POPPA THEN?? Grrrr! Lol ????

AR RuMan Mohammad Marjan Whyy are u making fun withh this dogg?give it in wasi's mouthh.he will give you time if u give it too himm

Caroline Jacob Sinem Gürler Madeleine Jönsson Elkayem bara jag som tyckte detta va skit roligt?? kommer testa de på speedy!!!!!!!

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He's very lucky to be walking away from this one ? ... Zie meerZie minder



So I take it the 77 people who laughed at this are the best drivers in the world? Don't make me laugh ??

Hold on. let me finish this text before I get out.

Does that man whose helping have a purse?????

Wonder what the saftey rating is on that van. Fucking thing crumbled.

There was a passenger as well. Look close...

Hearing some of the comments on here im sure some of you are awesome drivers who do no wrong.?

Not paying attention to the road he deserves worse. Just ruined the other drivers day and almost killed his passenger.

Maybe he should try driving on the right side of the road

He is probably not completly fine, legend has it, his pants are still very much brown.

Tf That van is made out of papier-mâché?

Had to sit there and finish his text message quick

I’ve hit piñatas that are harder than that van

Legend has it he's still washing shit out of his underwear to this day

The EU ??. Where men carry a purse. And no one can drive worth a ?.

And it was from that day forward he went to church every Sunday

I bet that he was on the cell...

Picked up the cell phone he had been using right before the video ends.

No need to gamble or play lotto any more all your luck was used up.

" .... nows my chance I hate this world!!!! Take me debbra!!!!! " ohhhhhh I guess now I really am alive

He was getting some head and had to put his dingaling back in! ?

Looks around to see if anyone saw him . Bro you didn’t fall you fucked your company van up!???

It’s his fault for being in the wrong damn lane!

People: God saved him! Vehicle safety engineers:

Did he try to find his insurance after ?

Dam did the driver fall asleep?

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Me: I'm going on a diet.

*Me, 5 minutes later*
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Fuck that dog in the middle..poor puggies

I ate an whole cake by myself in my car the other day...

This reminds me of a birthday party I went to when I was 8yo - when the cake came out I blew out the candles before the birthday girl could...they made me sit in another room on my own til the end lmao.

I'm pretty sure the black dog is an a******

Jannine & Jo this is me every day saying “I’m being good this week” then eat bleeding cheese on toast ???

Sue & Armen - I could tell you that I’m not like the dog in the middle ... but we’d all know that I’d be lying.

Why didn't his doggie parents stop him from eating everyone else's? It makes me.feel bad for the littler ones.

Jason Sanchez that’s Robella always taking Cleo’s food because she doesn’t eat it fast enough

How did you get that video of me. ?

Vanessa Gama Daniela Castro dude!!!! Look at the pugs face ??? the one with the fish on his head and then the other one can’t get the piece lmao I can’t ???q

The one in the Middle would have to learn the hard way! Ain't gettin shit for the next few times they do! Learn some got damn manners round her

Lol Candice and Carolyn! This would be my dogs but Zoey is definitely the one in the middle!

That’s why I will never get a pug ???

Kori Underkoffler Bell couldn’t you Picture this as Chase, Griff, and Dodger with Griff eating everything! Especially after Griff snagged those hamburgers at your house!

I seriously can’t quit watching this ??? ... I feel like I need to meet that crazy-ass middle dog ... we could are most likely soulmates ?

Survival of the fittest... But still.. Pls give the outer dogs some cake seperatley.. It's the least u can do after gaining fame with this video ?..

Daniel Abby when she swallows everything whole and has to watch Oreo finish up!! Good thing we teach them to not take each others shit cause this made me a little sad.

Man, survival of the fittest. Lmao

I feel like this must have been my ex's dog-his motto was always "it's a race to the finish!"

Omg this is so fucking adorable and funny! I wanna have a birthday party for Rocky and Apollo! Jerad Hoidal ❤️??

Main reason why I hate labs so selfish ?

Eduardo Del Pozo Garcia miraaaa son los mismos del otro video, te acuerdas? Pero ahora los Pugs por lo menos alcanzaron a probar algo

Martha Robertson Howe I don't know why, but I could picture Hurlee doing this same exact thing. She'd look cute with a bow on her head!!

aww that dog is bigger and taller. If I was one of other dogs I would've given dog woopin. I love me some cake

Awe those poor little pugs didn’t get any cake ?

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Unbelievable that nobody got hurt ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Why nobody is wearing shoes ??‍♂️???

Here I was waiting for the train to come thinking that's why they were rushing everyone off the bus buy nope

Why does no one have shoes on???

Why is that dude throwing people out the bus like it's about to explode?

Why didn't he move the bus back at the first place?

So, where's the train?

Thought that said “THUG YEN” on the bus.

Anyone else find it strange that the gate just decided to drop when no train was even coming? TF??

This left me with so many questions! Why did the kid jump out the window? Why is everyone running of the bus like it's going to explode? Why does no one have shoes on? Whyd they all have to SPRINT of a bus with some broken windows before they backed it off the tracks? What is happening? Haha

At the end that dude who was chunking people off the the bus killed me when he went to limping around lmao lmao ? Dude probably hurt more people than he helped.

At first I was like that’s boring af, then it made a bus kabob and shit got way more interesting

When someone tells you that you've had too many to drink and that you should take the bus home, does not mean you should drive it.

Did you see there was actually 2 poles going through the bus. People had to get off because the second pole in the back could of injured someone while reversing.

There wasn't even a train.

Respect the guy for helping people off at the potential cost of his own well being. But anyone else think he was getting in the way? Unless the stairs were messed up, wouldnt have hurt to take a step back and let people get off. Bottleneck the entrance and you are bound to cause a little bit of panic... how many people ran into him out of panic?

Welcome to the driving association smoking marijuana :v This is only a small part of our terrible world! Come to Vietnam to try the strange feeling. =))))

I was expecting the train to slam into that bus

I seriously thought somebody got impaled by that

Very lucky.. But was that bus over loaded with passengers. Ok how many on board.

How many people were on that bus?!! 100+ LOL

Where's the train ? I'm waiting ,,,

That's why i go in the last seats... death takes longer to come ?

"Nobody got hurt" Dude limps around lol

They should have just moved the bus..

That bus driver is damn lucky that cross buck didn't impale his ass

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When the chaperone is the most lit ? ... Zie meerZie minder



She having a good fucking time and being her true, happy self, and she is awesome for that ?

I'm 50... I'm going see public enemy in May.... this could be me ??❤

Let it out Margaret... Just let it out.

My boobs hurt just watching this.

Oh no, she is having fun. We need to put her on the internet and shame her. For having fun.

Hmmm, is this a souljah boy concert or what? The crowd really doesnt look like ordinary rap music folks.

I hate watching your Facebook videos now because I have no idea how long they are since you repeat them 1,000,000 times over.

never make fun of somebody who is enjoying music. Music has healing power and lets you escape the Daily Grind. Leave her be and let her enjoy her moment.

Dance like nobody's watching. Or filming. Let's celebrate this lady for doing her thang!!! ?

Rather be her than anyone else in that room lol

On behalf of all us mums who grew up on the original gangsta rap.....”word to the mother”. #mommasaidknockyouout

My daughters would actually murder me.

Stop making fun of people having a good time at festivals or concerts. Drugged, boozed or sober, nobody wants to see themselves being ridiculed like this... (longing for camera-free times)

Yesssss jiggleboobs mclovemuffin!

Me and one of my best friends went to a Snoop Dog concert. I am 43 and she is 27. It totally looked like I was the chaperone. But I was definitely dresses better than this woman. We had a blast! Lol

A correct fitting bra would be nice .... anyone else watching to see if one of those slapped her in the face ??

I bet she's that cool aunt everybody likes to hang out with ?

she's been places, and seen some things

Maurice Schumacher Mike Ewen Lisa Müller ich schwörs euch dat is meine mum auf em souljaboy konzert, oder 187 wenn ohne mein team läuft?????

She was more interesting to watch than that less than epic performance of who?

Looks like some weird Christian rap concert or something.

What kind of comcert is this the are a majority old olol

Her favorite song of all time is rappers delight.

Saw Nas last year and that was me times TEN!!!

People still like Soulja Boi lmao?

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That's a lot of bones ? ... Zie meerZie minder



That dog probably got so sick after that

That pug is going to be coked out of its mind

Venezuela, that stack of bills = five cents

Homeboy needs to spend some of that money on a haircut real talk!

Christina Uddin ... you may not have been aware but Alfie can help you with so many things..?? countin cash... stamps... you name it! ???

Would he be a B cup size?

Diana Bronk dit is een hond voor Ton ??? laat m ff zien aan m ??? Dave de Wit ik heb nog een hond voor ze gevonden ???

I wish they would keep ridiculousness on the station and take off that ugly Jersey crap and those teen moms. Who cares about those two?

Maybe he can buy some hair

Oh my God. Haha finally a good use for those tongues!

The only time I’ll not silently judge someone for licking their fingers to turn a page ? Michael Salinas

Got em in a wrap and still counting it? Where they do that at Rob Dyrdek?

God will give you dominion, Congratulation pls help me with Artificial leg for me to move again, 08136172013 Delta state, please I had an accident and my left leg was amputated. Please help me

Wishing he could punch for one day like his stack LMAO.

Me n me dogs used to pull licks had me in jumpsuit looking like a sucker and not d o g that i really am

Must love the taste of coke.

Jay Markey yea kinda. Counting his basketball winnings

It's not money it's just paper LOL

Gabbie Adams remember when I said one of my pet peeves was people licking their fingers and then turning a page..

i can do that with my dog as well lol XD

Bart En Nathalie Degrande-Verhoeve Dymphie Dumortier aaah nu weet ek wrm daje chanel azo gemakt ebt en daje ni wilde da we ze meepakten ??

Jodii Ellen Boddington OMG bahaha

And that equals five dollars

Jack Wakim bade jib kalb bas krmel heik ????

Dude needs to take that money and get them titties milked

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Close, but no cigar ? ... Zie meerZie minder



grass is your friend. but that guy did not jump on grass.

André Schwanebeck so bleed?

What I want to know is why can't we stream your episodes from your FB account? Really.. these are the best videos y'all got? gtfoh and these youtube 2 minute clips are just annoying... add a commercial and leggo

Meanwhile on the scooter safari.... Scott Ruffell Dayle MacKenzie Michael Rattray??

I love watching stupid people doing stupid things what a beautiful combination so lovey ???

Kendal Springer this is exactly what I mean when I say “close, but no cigar” lmaoooo

When will they learn? If they would just watch Ridiculousness before attempting anything even close to this fail. Then again, that's what makes the show funny as hell and Ridiculous. ?

Ninjas Are This WOW

“Put your head in the sss-sp-speedometer” ??

Worst camera man in the game

All that grass and he tries to clear over asphalt.

Did the front of that bike have tits or just a great rack?

Ouch!! That's gonna leave a mark!! ??

He lifted his head on purpose...this is why aliens won't talk to us!

Neverending story; idiots.

Hey Chantal.. do you remember me ?

Richard Nolet something we would do ?

He wanted to break his legs!




Jose Salgado Jajajaja se acuerda? Hay que llevarlo a otro nivel??

Andy Bertram als ik of jij een zoomer zoi hebben

That’s what she said

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The cutest fail ever ? ... Zie meerZie minder



That’s not funny. Poor thing

This is not the way you train a puppy to come down that many stairs and anyone who thinks this is funny should not have a dog....!!!!!

Awww, he could of really hurt himself badly!!! ? ? ?

Can you hear that? Its every cat in the world laughing.

Its cute and funny and honestly, there is seriously no way to stop this from happening ? I once stepped out of my bedroom one day and didnt know my moms dog was at my door (and she hates me) and I scared her and she fell down a flight of 13 hardwood stairs lol felt bad for her and im pretty sure she hated me even more after that but at least this pup had carpetted stairs to go down lol

My chihuahua literally launches herself off any and everything at full speed and it is funny as hell.

The people who get “that” upset are the people who think they’re pets are they’re actually children. I mean I love my pets “like” a child but the reaction from my dog being run over and killed to the reaction would be of my child being run over and killed significantly different reactions lmao. Y’all people are crazy af and need therapy if you’re putting that much emotional attachment in an animal who by definition has a pretty short expiration date.

Omg I can’t stop laughing . . I think I am laughing at his laugh

That ain’t cute when it lands with a broken body ?

I don't know... Terrifying with a side of potential serious injury is not cute.

*Me to me: I swear, I will never fall in love with her again.!! *Her: Hi... *Me falls like the puppy ??‍♂️

Julie Hill this made me giggle ? I know I shouldn’t laugh but the more it plays the funnier it is (poor dog)

that is funny...you guys that are posting about the dog being hurt must have never watched a single episode of Ridiculousness, they don’t post anything where anyone or any animal gets hurt. ??‍♀️

Cutest fall ever????..... Thats not funny. Poor thing.

This is not funny, that dog could have serious head conditions after that fall

That’s not funny at all that little one could of gotten seriously hurt

There is more people screaming “this is so wrong and not funny “ then if it was actually a human being falling down the stairs

He called her.that is animal cruelty

My friend;Your crush is passing act cool Me;

Awwww poor thing hope the dog is ok

My reaction was the exact same when my dog did this... then bawling my eyes out as I rushed him to the vet to check for a broken back..

Yes poor puppy so glad that the pup is ok but yes it is funny in my opinion. It’s human nature to laugh at certain things

that is one of few way you can go down stairs :D

That wasnt really funny... I thought the dog broke his neck

have you ever seen a starfish run down the stairs? there you go ladies and gentleman. hes been starfished

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Nailed it ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Yeah but how did she slip it looks like something pulled her feet

At what age do americans start drinking beer like grown ups?

How did she fall?

That’s a weird way to make a sammich

Why do you guys always post 3:00 minute videos playing the same 10 second clip again, again, and again.

Karen López Mandujano, Heri Huerta, Itzel López, moraleja de la historia no asusten a hazel si trae cuerda arrastrando ???

I laughed so hard watching this my stomach hurts now! Not only at the fact that she hit her face so hard but watch the dog. Minding its own business then gets the expression of sheer panic on the dogs face before it bolts! OMG so funny!

Lonath “damnit Jessica I said no more we have to walk home after this”

Fastest shotgunning I’ve ever seen? but like, how???? Emily Denison Brittanie Durbin Wesley Scruggs

Typical Wednesday afternoon with mom, sis and doggy up in Canada... ?? (not to worry I can say it I’m Canadian)...

Brandy Lynn Amanda Schneider literally footage of me shot gunning ???

God bless you and your friends and family over there, Congratulation pls help me with Artificial leg for me to move again, 08136172013 from Delta state.

I have to assume there was a leash around her feet or something... Can't see it but maybe... That or a ghost swept her legs...

Each time I watch it gets funnier and funnier!

Mel Bennett seems like something that would be right in your wheelhouse

I'm tired of your alcoholism Karen!

ouch.. maybe she didnt lose the whole beer.. or what ever..

She tripped on fucken air

I'm so glad they looked this for over 2 minutes ???it just kept getting better and better the more I saw it???

Anthony Lujan my life in one video???

Get your ass over here woman!

Watched this 6 times in a row...this is greatness.

Dog was not going to be a part of it at all ?

Marco Dahl godt vi har sådan nogle gamle og dovne hunde som ikke kan løbe så hurtigt

Baptiste Bluteau on dirait elle est posséder mais c'est juste le chien ?

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This would be me except I'd be screaming for joy ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Why scream?? You invited him in for dinner lol

I didn’t notice the dog all I noticed is that smushed mustang beside damn that sucks lol


"You want something to eat?" Dog - "Did you just say eat? Well, dear sir, I could use a nibble or two. No need to open the door."

I call BULLSHIT . Look closely and you will see the dogs paw fit perfectly right into the claw marks on the top of the door panel . YOU DO ALSO SEE RAIN DROPS LANDING BUT LOOK CLOSE AND YOU WILL SEE ALL THE PULLS IN THE MATERIAL ON THE DOOR PANEL FROM ALL THE TIMES THEIR DOG HAS DONE THIS BEFORE .

He just needed to throw his girl out the car!! Poor puppy baby was hungry and wet.

Some of y'all never watched Cujo and it shows.

They tried that trick about two dozen times before they got it on video. Look at claw marks on the inside of the door ? poor dog just wants to go home "wtf maaaaaa, why do you keep out in the rain for?"

You said "want some food?" That, to the dog, meant "come inside". So don't be a baby.

Jake Middlebrooks Guy: You want something to eat? Dog: You wanna be my new owner?

They are one of the best breed dog in the world

I'd honestly would have just opened my back door of my car or the back tail gate and let that little guy out of the rain and gave him some food.

All you inspector gadgets...tsk tsk just laugh

I still don't know why people crop the ears of dogs. They have long ears for a reason.

Anna Moreno I'd be laughing so hard then probably tell him to get off or probably just help him in before he scratches everything up ??

Duck yeah I want something to eat, where we going?

Yeah because he’s fucking cold and hungry. People suck

Don’t ask me twice, it’s dry and there’s food in here!!

EVERYONE that thinks those are rain drops try taking a few screen shots and then zoom in on them . Its pulls in the material from previous attempts . Look closer

No need for shouting.. Some people are so stupid. Poor dog ?

He don't want to be wet anymore.

I’d have a heart attack. Heck no!

Pretty sure the "claw/scratch" marks are rain drops. But seriously, why you screaming when you invited him for dinner lol

With they screaming for??? They asked him did he want something to eat!! What you expect!

Aww. He wanted to go home with you

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