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His first problem is his footwear. The second problem is the form ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Looks like he is having a seizure.

Hahaha how tiny are his feet????

Leave him alone he's getting that thrust ready for Valentine's Day

Understanding the Goal is the first step to observation..

wtf is he even trying to do?

Simple/challenged mind look away

Looks like Homer Simpson, getting ready to strangle Bart. Lol

Why do people put 10 sec clips into a 3 minute loop? Fucking stupid ?

When shit like this is going on. the gym instructor on duty should get the fucking sack

His wife told him to go to the gym... for obvious reasons!

Says guy has terrible form.. Records him to get views instead of helping him lol. Welcome to 2019

Mike Cook....I’m just trying to get ideas on how to lose the baby weight...do you think this will be effective??

He's getting his D... exercised and ready for some Sexer Size. LMAO ?

I would love to go to a gym Center like this and watch more men do this kind of exercise WOW ??️?️ look sexy to me.? Love that move of sexercize

technically he may be working his serratus hahahaha

Is nobody gonna mention how small his feet are ???

He's also wearing a polo shirt and denim jeans in a gym....

He’s getting ready for a Friday night date -

I think the guys working out a cramp?!?

Well, even if this is wrong way to do the workout, he is still in good shape.

likely trying to stretch/pop his back

Most gyms won't allow jeans nvm work boots . I call bs

That's a seizure. The porn kind.

I don't think that will in love his love life.

Dawg that guys an animal!

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This escalated quickly ? ... Zie meerZie minder



First display of inteligence: throw a sweater to muddy grass

Brakes don't work on a wet plastic truck liner my guy

Why did he take off his long selve that's all I wanna know.

Best part is the boot flying off lol

Don’t throw your jacket in the mud and tie your boots.

Well at least he got the dirt bike onto the truck .

As soon as the jacket came off you knew something funny was about to happen

I’ve ridden a bike into a truck many times. I assure you that this is not how you do it. It’s not rocket science.

2 ramps for a dirt bike? Let me sit back and wait for this one...

How is this a fail? It’s loaded isn’t it? #holdmybeer

I knew as soon as he threw off his jacket, he'd already began a series of f****ck!

It's like when you're driving a bike on pubg and the game lags you fall like this guy ???

Not much of a fail if he got it on there

You had one job, epic fail. Smh lol

It’s loaded where he wanted it

I wouldn’t say he failed, the mission was accomplished! ??

What the hell good would the drit bike be if he needs a wheel chair he got lucky this time

I like how the first dude took his jacket off to get the job done.??

Packing up from up north half drunk from the night before shit. Too funny

He lost one of his boots and hat..lol but mission accomplished!!

This guy's still better at loading dirt bikes, than the editor of these videos is at their job.

Someone should tell him that wasnt a win

Could have walked it up the ramp in that baby truck

"Hold mah beer n' WATCH THIS!!" Volume 205

The hell you mean “fail”!?

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Guys, is egg content still relevant? ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Man this guy's going to get salmon nutella

When he farts after that an entire suburb is evacuated

Instantly dies of salmonella

5 sec after the video he probably vomit everything....

Try 50 hard boiled eggs like cool hand Luke

Then he probably shits scrambled eggs.

Seriously puked a lil in my mouth wtf gross!

Technically speaking he drank 50 raw eggs eating involves some level of chewing but no this guy knows how to swallow like a varsity cheerleader

I feel bad for the chickens watching their babies getting slayed ? Any chances of them coming back are lost

Is this the same guy who had the corn cob on the drill and knocked out his 2 front teeth? No. Meh, they all look the same. Crazy people. Not orientals. Don't you go there

That's nasty. I have a four egg omelette and I'm full as hell. Fifty eggs in your gut has to feel horrible.

Them egg farts are going to be horrible.....and probably shit himself in the process.

While eating pasteurized eggs helps to reduce the possibility of salmonella, raw egg whites bind strongly to biotin (vitamin B7) in the GI tract. Eating 50 raw eggs like this can lead to a B7 deficiency and prevent certain natural metabolic processes from occurring. Long story short, don't be this guy.

When you want breakfast, but you have to fight Apollo Creed at 9

This guy definitely has a biotin deficiency

But can he juggle eggs?? No-one eats eggs like Gaston ?

Made me vomit as i can see his next clip in my mind, i only see his yellow volcanic diarrhea and bazooka sounds exploads his toilet until the intire building shakes. ????

Organ shutdown coming soon...Play stupid games...Win stupid prizes....

Does he know the FDA is shut down too?☝️?

I almost threw up watching this .

He gonna start farting baby chicks LoL

Then he turned into a real live chicken...baak baaaak?

That’s nasty. It makes me wanna throw up just watching it

If he doesn't get salmonella people who tell me not to eat cookie dough are officially just trying to ruin my fun.

Dude has been watching too many Rocky movies

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This is 10x better in slomo ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Must be nice to have mommy and daddy buy you a new board when you smash yours. I saved up for a year to get a good board.

In Soviet Russia, board skates you!!

That will cost him a set of trucks and a grill

Karma! Respect your equipment!

How awesome would it be if this show can get either Topher Grace and/or Kurtwood Smith as guests on the show?

Instant Karma

Yo Rob Dyrdek!Run for president with Steelo as yer vice.You will win.

Hey Rob Dyrdek pull up fucking pants and put your hat on like a real person!

Hits his face, hits his arm. Grabs his arm, realizes his face hurts more, then grabs his face. Golden

Lmao it is 10x better in slow mo!

The board thinking you break me I brake your teeth

Poes can't skate. Poes decides to smash board. Waste.

He got hit by a truck...


Better than his face kissing the concrete?

His face got trucked up!

who's the dummy now?

i think i just saw some blood in slomo

The slow mo!!!! ???

Instant karma.

Was that you

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Wait for it... ... Zie meerZie minder



Very bad ' dogs can easily get a hip dislocation From this stupid actions don't own any pet if you only abuse them

Funny but why's the video over 3 minutes of the same thing? Lol

Lady: Go on down the slide doggo. Doggo: Don't tell me how to live my life! *Jump*

Katie Bathke Joe Zeek, seems like something ryver would do

Dobermans are hella smart.

Jajajajaja la miserable vez q tuvimos la grandiosa idea de lanzar a tita? y el terror la hizo brincar en. la primer curva medio parque nos vio con cara de malditas Moyo IMar

Devon Mcfall. Lol. I laughed every time I watched it

HAHA that's what you get dogs don't do the slide right ever haha it must not be fun

Rudy Gonzalez was this sunny lmfao

You guys are always looking for videos for ridiculousness. Check out this girl. She is snapping like she is grown. youtu.be/FuFU15zjEYE

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Hahaha dobies are the best. My red would pull a stunt like that.

Dan walls the second one would be Enzo ?

What's ridiculous About this video is they thought a 12 second video was worth watching for 3 minutes ,,, hahaha

Antonio Aladar será el culpable de mis visitas a la terapia

Haydee Rodríguez pienso que el Tocker es el que se desliza y la Techie se tira ??

? definitely jump off

Lol! Yes I have dogs that like playgrounds to.

El primero sería Tuca y el segundo Samba ??? Titi Villanueva

? I didn’t see that coming

The way she said "oh my gawwdd" made the video twice as funny lol

Hannah Louise it just repests the same thing but omg its like sabbie and then bear ?

Galing galing naman ng taog ito sa paghiwa ng kahit ano !

Lindsay first one diesel. Kristofer second one is piper running from me. Lol

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When you thought tomorrow was the weekend but then you remembered today is only Thursday ? ... Zie meerZie minder



When you hit your face so hard you turn into Harvey Dent! lol

*peter griffin voice* you bleeding? yeah....you're bleeding

The fact that he could be a young Donald Trump.....made me smile....sorry bro.

Did he flip a coin too do this ??

Finally someone who films the damage. good job!

Daaamm!! How is earth after that collision?? ???‍♂️

Bon Jovi you know your ass too old for that

No sound and on constant loop? Wow. Let me grab my popcorn

Ok seriously bro u gunna do some parcore in dat fckn fancy suit!!! FAIL!! ??

God... my teeth hurt just watching this!

Neil Patrick Harris looks like shit

Holy shit I thought it was Wednesday! ?? hells yes!

????why he didn’t use his hands wth

It's young Conan O'Brien?

Gorden ramsy before kitchen nightmare

Some teeth are gone ...??.....Ouch!!!

Happy he was on time for his job interview! But didn't get the job anyways.

What the heck was he thinking?

Hahahahaa he looks like that dirty cop from PREMIUM RUSH????????

Well that wasn't a ROCK solid plan...LOL

Cuando te pasan las cosas por Revendedor. Asta reírse de este tipo da cosa

That's like a Poloski's speech! Obviously walls work! Lmmfao

It's gonna be legen...wait for it...

Do his arms not work or something?

That is what douches do..... Oops!!!!

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Her: All my friends are guys.
Also her:
... Zie meerZie minder



Am I the only one that finds this shit disgusting, rather than attractive? I mean what is there to be proud of showing this off..?

I bet her mans name is Jerome

Wow dude she can eat an entire hot dog.... Cheers and claps..LOL WHO CARES! lolololol

Is she old enaugh to eat hot dog in one bite?

Better than a tide pod I guess. Lol

She has to fill that void inside herself some how.

If you watch closely theres no hotdog just toppings you can tell with the bun as she shoving it in .??‍♀️

She has a future in adult movies. Go on girl. follow your dreams!

What a waste. She doesn't even get to enjoy the flavor of that wiener. She's just swallowing it whole.

I wonder where she learned that

New menu. 2 hots dogs please and 1 deepthrote dog

Only thing she showin is that she can deep throat some shit? bet her boyfriend's her biggest faaaannn

I hope she's ok... it's a little bit dangerous??? don't do that if you don't wanna die

Vulgar. Congratulations on your worthless achievement...

**Also her: eats only a bun and toppings in one bite showing that she is in fact a lesbian Fixed it for you.

All fun and games until a few hrs later. She'll be birthing an anaconda.

Gingers have no souls, leaving plenty of room for hot dogs...

Man WITH toppings. Fuck these guys I love you.

This is not nice at all,looks gross

It would look better if it Did not have a bun.. Just sayin...

It's not "eats hotdog In 1 bite" bullshit she shoveled it In then the camera cuts off she spat that out or threw up after trying to chew what she rammed in

Lord I hope she doesn’t choke ???

I wonder what she practiced on

She didn’t eat it because it’s still in her mouth. There wasn’t any chewing bet she gagged and spit it out when the camera went off

All her training partners were guys..

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Me in class: *has to sneeze*

My brain:
Don't do it
Don't do it
Don't do it
Don't do it
Don't do it
Don't do it

... Zie meerZie minder



The dirt on that floor is giving me anxiety...

Dude, it's pretty fucked when you can tell the cat has a respiratory infection with this fucking potato grade of footage.

and here we go with the negative comments

This isn’t funny at all smh why are they just laughing with their dirty ass house smh

I dunno, is the cat okay?

The room is dirty, so the cat sneezes. It's not an infection at all, if it was an actual throat infection, the cat wouldn't be sneezing, It would be making a very cough-like sound like a broken kazoo. I know, because i've had a cat with a throat problem, he was fine. r/quityourbullshit

Someone lay some heavy metal over this...

Only thing ridiculous about this show is Chanel West Coast who gets paid to sit there with her stupid laugh.

Sneeze disease? Highly contagious disease for cats! Bring to a vet asap!

Lmao, that's me all the way!!!!

Geesh, bring the cat to the vet!

Probably allergic to all that shit on the floor

I hope someone takes that poor cat away from Whoever owns it. Poor thing is sick And you can clearly see it has respiratory infection.

Obviously ? the cat’s fine, if it wasn’t, then Ridiculousness and MTV wouldn’t show the video in the first place. The cat has allergies for sure, the floor’s all fucked up. These people never heard of a mop, or a house maid.

Probably from mold in that nasty ass house.

How about providing the cat with fresh water.. ffs poor cat

"I think my cat is broken"

And all the know it all have now flooded the comment section ??? those floors are NASTY EWW

Maria Sartori è Matteo Savoldelli P.S. Se gli umani e i gatti hanno le stesse malattie, Savo io dopo aver letto i commenti controllerei di non avere un'infezione respiratoria ❤️

I don’t think that cat can breathe or has a hair ball coming up

That warrants an emergency visit to the vet. That cat can't breathe and is in distress, so it's not funny.

That’s not funny cats sick and that’s not healthy at all

When your cat crashes and requires a factory reset ?

Fuck people are soo soft.. Omg what's happening these days

The cat went on full dubsteps mode lol..

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What kind of dog is this? ... Zie meerZie minder



Clearly a bird dog...duh!

We call them alarm clocks in Australia ???

It's a cockapoodle, duh!

This bird definitely needs to see a psychiatrist. It needs professional help. What's next??? The dog in the house meows??? The house cat tweets like the bird here should be??? I know the bird is just mimicking the dog in the house. But whoever owns that bird might want to get the bird mimicking something a bit less annoying than a yapping chihuahua. Lol

My dog Candy is standing here watching the bird bard. SO DARN FUNNY.

Evan, Mike and Jessica’s bird could be this annoying. ? you should feel lucky. Lmao

No...It would be enough if the dog did that..Not the bird and the dog...

Jajajajajajjajaja Albert!!! Enséñale a stivie a hablar guacamayo!

Our African Grey barks like the dog next door. One day the neighbour yelled at her dog to shut up, and that's when Fred (the AG) started ?

TaLmoudi Tel look baby this is the one I was talking about yesterday

Something is wrong with your fish

Well it’s definitely kind of confused ?‍♂️ about what his role is man lol ? ? wtf.

It's a cocker-too spaniel

One that doesn't eat and poop a lot, but does the job. ?

My neighbors bird does the same thing at my dogs

I don't know but it's broken ?

Half through the video I said to myself what kind of dog is this before I read the caption.

That’s just to funny ??

jack russell bark lol or chiuahauna

Lol, Gilligan can make barking sounds

A Cocker-too Spaniel, duh.

Its undercover!

That bird is good! Spot on for a little ankle biter dog.

Sounds more like a squirrel ?!

Now that's amazing. Such great talkers and imatators.

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Looks like a hazard to me ? ... Zie meerZie minder



That drifting though by the guy in the red. He was ready for it.

When you have money and don't have anything good to do

He's lucky he isnt hurt, i went downhill with one back in august and it flipped on me... I broke my leg and sprained my wrist

How fast he got it upright..lol A life time of "hurry before mom/dad/my wife sees it" ??

People on here getting so butt hurt. They're having fun. I'm sure they don't care about your opinion of them

Let's not laugh at the funny video. Let's complain about a golf cart getting damaged.

Damn he is lucky he didnt break a leg or ankle or something! Looked fun tho

I got hit by a golf cart on course once, so fuck these tools too. Its not an amusement park.

Chad Cyr remember when this happened and the roof landed on your neck trapping you to the ground! Crazy shit lmao

That would be a good day on the course if that’s all that happened to me and my buddies

Had to stop golfing and drinking many years ago. One thing we did that I miss now !

After you rolled '64 Fairlane in high school a golf cart is a piece of cake. Lmbo

I’ve done this before! Almost broke my leg and couldn’t walk right for months

This is the BEST video!!! Shit happens when golfing just how it is?

To bad he didn't break is neck that would of bin funny

Used that adrenaline strength to flip it back quick

Best to put it in neutral on the hills , they go faster!

Não vejo graça alguma em postar um pequeno acidente pequeno mas poderia ter sido pior!

Golf carts are not for fucking racing dum shits

And this is why golf carts are expensive to hire and extremely expensive to pay for replacement parts if you damage one by accident.

They way he drives normally I see this 100%

Ehhhh, just roll it back overrr

Golf cart accidents are the worst....

It's a wonder nobody got seriously hurt or run over! I guess people are brainless these days not to mention destroying someone's else property!!

Seraphim “yeah babe I hurt my back golfing can’t make it your parents dinner tonight” ???

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Get you someone who loves you as much as this girl loves DJ Pauly D! ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Gotta be on drugs too

Who the fuck is dj pauly d?

Quick someone take her ovaries before she can breed!

These are the people who die of drug overdoses

Man idk I feel these people exaggerate so much just cause they know how gullible people are watching vids like this

I've just had a 4 level 360 back fusion with scholiosis correction using steel rods qns screws and I have a cage in my spine....and I got the best drugs you can ever get when my anasthesiologist put me under and woke me up.....and I have had 12 other surgeries.....and I have never ever come close to a reaction like this. I think this is like.....for really sensitive people. Like that they react that way to that stuff...because it just seems like l, at least for me, acting like that isn't a reaction everyone has to those drugs.

All these kids language!! My momma would have back handed me. Right in my sore jaw. Every video of a teen wasted on tooth juice they're cussing up a storm or being raunchy. ? damn

Quiting smoke i say its not a problem two plan my smoke and not worry bout whatever ciggs atill weed so i have to he honest. But drugs arent cool look at basketball diaries. Beinf a bum cant work hustle ir sucks out on the street thats where it leads

Sophie Waters now ridiculousness has you on one of there episodes

Ellen DeGeneres TheEllenShow bring her to meet DJ Pauly D she said he misses her help them out ?.

Dude wtf happened to her before all this ?

Ohh That's why we call it wisdom teeth if you lose it you will lose your wisdom, I'm so stupid I thought it's side effects of ketamine withdrawal.

Who the fuss is that Puppy D? Get yourself some Skrillex stuff like Equinox or Scary monsters and nice sprites.

This was the best on ever though. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CTv_hJ-tjQ

Ag please. Removing wisdom teeth are not that bad ? got mine removed on the chair.

I'm sure she had more to say

Don't worry u big sit life wait on don't feel bro

The best wisdom teeth reaction video is the one where the dude tells his brother he’s gonna punch him in his tooth?. I saw it on AFV and haven’t been able to find it online!

Pitbull is almost as bad as DJ Khaled.

I miss him soooo much!!!

Ouch, I hate it when I fall and rip my pants.

I thought it said DJ Paul then realized I read it wrong now I'm sad ?

She's on some good pain medication....lol

Ketamine LoL after most surgeries they use it to offset the anesthesia

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Imagine being this dog's owner and just not giving a f*** ? ... Zie meerZie minder



She needs her face rubbed in that shit. That's how you train little bitches like that.

A true liberal.

Dog is clearly a puppy, she’s standing by guarding it, not trying to walk away from it. You deserve that finger, she’s probably waiting for someone to come back with a bag

the problem is not the dog, it's the fucking owner

Rub her nose in it Then remind her she's a bad girl

She's waiting? For what? Any dog owner in that type of place would have poop bags. She's trash. Stop making excuses for her.

This is why I am no longer a "dog person"... Don't get me wrong... I like dogs, but too many people like this woman exist.. Besides, a lot of people are allergic to pet dander and hair. It seems like people will bring them anywhere now, even where people don't want to be around them like in stores and restaurants...

Probably does the same in the house she rents

So... I train service dogs. Many times I have had a dog poop in a public place (yes even an airport) and I've had to wait for someone to show me where to throw the dogs poop away at. Often times (especially at airports!) I've been told I am NOT allowed to throw my dogs waste into the public trash cans... I've had ppl video me, take pics of me, even run off to get a manager of some sort to report me. I've been hit, threatened, called names and told to leave even though I have all the proper documentation needed. Sometimes POOP happens, especially while training. How long has this woman been inside with her pup? Sometimes the dog HAS to go potty!

Meh. I mean rude to let it happen, but I know that stance. It's the "I don't have bags so I guard it until help arrives" method. If she was going to ignore it she wouldn't just stand there, she would walk away. Shame filming strangers is kind of annoying though.

In 1988, before cell phones (and pervasive public profanity) the encounter would’ve gone something like this: Young man: “ uh, ‘scuse me? Your dog pooped on the floor. Do you need help?” Young woman “No! I’m so embarrassed! I grabbed my wrong purse with the bags in it......my friend just went to get some toilet paper.....I’m so mortified!!!!” Him: hey don’t worry! It could happen to anyone. And they lived happily ever after...... Gotta love millennials........

People there’s no fucking excuse whatsoever. She fucking knew she was traveling with her dog. She could’ve at least clipped the doggy bags to the dogs bag or as soon as she arrived at the airport, go to one of its stores and see if she could purchase doggy bags. NO EXCUSE! Let the easily triggered and soft asses target me ??? wait on it...

I would flip him off too ? thanks yah fuckin rocket scientist, I had no clue what just fell out of my dogs ass. I'm actually on the phone asking someone about it now. I think if she planned to leave it, she would be walking away.

Ok if she was waiting for a bag she could have simply said so instead of the finger and being rude he simply just pointed it out. She was to busy on her phone I doubt she was gonna pick it up or had someone get a bad for her.

I mean I understand yeah shes probably waiting for someone to get a bag or something. But as a dog owner who's taken my dog on a plane, you bring doggy bags with you. Its irresponsible not to. That's like taking your baby somewhere and not taking diapers.

You never know, she may be waiting for someone to bring her toilet paper or something. That's why she is standing right by if it was my dog, and o didn't care if they pooped, I would have walked away from it. Not sit there and claim it!

Wow!! Vicious trolls on FB today. This is old, this is only part of the story. Save your judgement until you know all the facts.....

I would break her face and finger for sure bit@&

I am disabled and I have a service dog with me all the time as well as a doggy bag and doggy wipes if my dog that has had an accident I have it cleaned up immediately happened before just once

See what happens when you don't beat your kids ass....

Should’ve went to the bathroom grabbed some paper towels and picked it up... then smeared it all over her face, legs, arms, etc and said just thought you wanted to match that shitty attitude.

Can't pass criticism over a few sec clip. Maybe she would clean up or maybe she just don't care and a mindless person as mentioned. Whatever happened there, none can judge a character without knowing full story.

Ummmm I like have this dog for emotional distress. Picking up it’s shit is also like emotionally distressful, so I just don’t do it.

You take your dog anywhere you bring poop bags. Yes shit happens but as an owner you need to be prepared. Even if you have to wait to find out where you can dispose of it. It'll already be in a poo bag tied up. Not reeking on the floor. ?

She’s standing by it...that tells me she may have someone with her fetching napkins to clean it up...you just don’t really know the situation people...??‍♀️

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6 dagen geleden


Me trying to dodge my responsibilities, texts from people I don't like, paying bills, etc... ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Trump dodging democrats like...

Dont we all love coragraphed fake fighting.

This is obviously FAKE..... they aren't even hitting each other. They should try and learn a real martial art like Kung-fu!

Fake choreograph fight vs. Real life fight be like.......?

Oh really? Its fake? A choreographed form is fake? Good thing we have you Sherlocks around or us dum dums wouldnt be able to tell that they arent actually fighting.

Cool little performance. What happens if someone forgets a piece or happens to slip though? ??

Massive headbanging.

Wonder how many times she got hit when they were learning this? I realize it’s probably a dull tip but dang!

When you play Soul Calibur on Xbox and push all Buttons on the Controller to win

She's just one mistake away from being holy. Get it? "Holy" as in "hole-y" I'd show myself out

My crazy wives fighting over me again.

Good grief,I am exhausted before I even start my day.Just watching.Great performance other wise

I would try this over paying Bill's lol

That’s badass fake fighting

Hell, this is me after a few drinks and my jam starts to play!

Impressive, but I'd like to see the real thing on the streets. I doubt anybody could actually dodge spears lol

When them dude try to hit up the dm but she's already taken lmao!! ??

Is this like the Dane Cook of martial arts?

More like, Crouching tiger, Hidden Harpoon

Better than the choreography of the prequel trilogy.

The spear tip looks like something my cat would play with.

My back hurts slam

Looks like fun

Isn't that, chanel in the background? ?

I hope that spear is blunt.

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6 dagen geleden


Sue, the egg that beat Kylie Jenner's record was cool, but there's a new egg challenge in town ? ... Zie meerZie minder



I bet i can shove that egg down the throat of that annoying fuck without it breaking

Why can't those videos be just 2 seconds longer instead of stopping so abruptly??

Let me joined u team

Not sharing such disrespect to Our Heavenly Father,,,

Listen to Blxck X ft JayFalis & Fuego Fredy - NKAWZA by JayFalis #np on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/siphiwo-fana/nkawza

Cool lol best joke !!

So this is how to have fun on Saturday nights,how about cow tipping

I'd goldberg his azz

In all fairness he was right

Do the impossible situps. Lmao

What an egg head.

This ain't new

Dame this is an old video. I can tell just by looking at David Dobrik

Cause the dude videoing and laughing, the short lil fuck that throwed the egg just got his ass whooped.

Baptiste ! Eggcellent, encore un oeuf !

Emma Cortes det fandme sjovt


David dobrik

Yann Larente Guillaume Paradis Julien Arcoub Des fois je me demande comment serais votre réaction 😉

Hey hey hey miren esto Jair Eduardo Cordero Jhony Sandoval Villalobos Jordo GWolfvalley Marco Rivas Juan Carlos Sandoval

Bart Netten Tjarco Ruts Maarten Van de Put Glenn Van de Vijver Duane Toonders Martijn Van Heeswijk Bjorn Klompers

Manny Lucia Luis Kolton

Jeppe Dahlmann Liboriussen hahaha det er fandme god humor

Jeroen Maas Josip Mrkonjic ???

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7 dagen geleden


This kid is head-over-heels for the Lord ? ... Zie meerZie minder



I actually know this kid personally and he has permanent brain damage now.

That dude ate it like a boss.

Omg he’ll neva b the same

Terrible form kid

Cool show I used to like it until just watching an episode tonight where Steelo Brim says the N word. Yeah not going to watch it ever again.

If you have to have a lookout to see if anyone is coming, you shouldnt be doing what you're doing... You deserved what you got.

See what happens when u show off for some titties! U get face punked son!

Thou shall not flip in the lord house, before the lord goes first

Bet he saw Jesus!

The lord giveth, & The lord smacketh your face.

The lord make ya, the lord break ya...

The lord works in mysterious ways, it’s no mystery he thinks this kid is a dick ?

The adults taking the background, are what's going on over here? See kid on ground ??

"No Brian that's not a concussion you feel. That's the holy spirit" lmao

That was a perfect forehead landing!

And just like that..he converted to scientology

Can’t stand to watch this show because of that one girl’s annoying laugh

Jesus curb stomped the kid.

The Lord said, "Not in my house!!"

I know that must’ve really hurt! I thought he had passed out until the camera moved over a little to the left.

Jesus said not in my church fuck head

The lord busted his face wide open

God smacked him with the wall for being irreverent in church. ?

And the Lord said “Not in my house”

Amen lol lord shut him down..

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