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Cats really do always land on their feet ? ... Zie meerZie minder



This person saw the cat and did not do anything to save the cat ?? I can't believe anyone think this is funny ???

What kind of psychopath doesn't even make a sound while watching a cat fall that distance??

Why didnt that guy put his phone down and run and grab him then just watch him fall? Wtf

That's not a bobcat ?

This isn't funny. That cat was badly injured, you can tell by the way it ran.

How the cat avoid the damage of that fall?

Fell all that way then got chased by a dog to

wow.. and thats a Bengal not a bobcat fyi 😉

Yo can you post the camera guys name so the internet can do its job.

That’s not a bobcat it’s a bengal exotic cat breed $$$$. And to be honest I’d rather see the guy video taping this fall instead. I’m not sure how he got that cat to go threw that hole but I think he is responsible somehow. Just happened to be on the roof with a camera and a cat who gonna fall threw a hole in the wall Come on man. You should spend some time cornered in a jail cell with a hole in the wall you can’t get threw hahaha Rot in hell loser

Poor cat. It was probably really hurt from falling that far and only ran out of fear. Guy should have just backed off. That wasn't funny, just mean.

Cat meows because it’s scared and cornered. Takes the only way out because whoever this is pushed the cat to this point. Wish I could confront this person face to face. No morals at all whatsoever. Animal cruelty is a horrible thing. And thats what this is, period.

When the bobcat lands there is a panda bear waiting at the bottom and chases it down.

RooShan Rehman And why the hell did he just watch this poor scared animal fall like that? So he can have a nice video to post on social media. He should have walked away from it Why didnt that guy put his phone down and run and grab him then just watch him fall? Wtf

This is a f'd up. This is a cat, not a bobcat, and it was scared enough to flee a 3-4 story building and likely had injuries (looked like a broken limb or two by the way it was running). Any one who thinks this is funny is sick.

And why the hell did he just watch this poor scared animal fall like that? So he can have a nice video to post on social media. He should have walked away from it

Whoever titled this saying it was a “bobcat” has never seen one in person. Bobcats don’t meow like that, and that thing is tiny.

Y is that guy filming before it falls ? He make it fall?

Didn’t look like a bobcat to me, looked like a Bengal cat and it probably belong to someone.

Cats are tuff I had one when I was a kid pure white named him Excalibur the cat was a savage got mauled up by some coyotes fought his way home crushed my a garage door ran over he was a achololic drink a bowl full of beer a day constantly fighting with other cats always came back in one piece then one day he just disappeared I think he was like fuck this place a moved to a different state lol

Why would you record instead of removing yourself from its sight so that it wouldn't panic & try to escape; instead of leaving the area in a calm, safe manner... Which would have happened had the human not stayed there to record.

Is that another cat or a dog that starts chasing it? Ooh look! A cat just fell from the sky!” ?

Did anyone think maybe this cat does this on the regular and this guy just happened to video tape it cause the cat doesn't like everyday....

First off that's a house cat not a bobcat and the second if you look close at the cat when it's running you can see that it got hurt only reason it ran was because of the dog not because it was okay

The person recording must of scared the cat pretty bad for it to jump instead of staying up there with them.. jus a thought..

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This just might be the worst tattoo ever... ? ... Zie meerZie minder



MTV has just turned into crap.

This is the dumbest fucking shit.

This is the stupidest show ever, WOW!!

I'm disgusted by the whole thing LOL

I don't GET the whole obsession with this FAD, TRENDY ROBOT MENTALITY OF COMMERCIALIZED MATRIX TATTOO ADDICTION & FASCINATION. PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN !!! Why is having TOXIC ink inside your pores so important to have?

if this is the new generation just nuke the fucking planet ...

Is this some kind of revenge tattoo show?

Imagine getting a fake tattoo and then pretending at your sad about it lol

Amazing how fast these tattoos healed up. It must be magic ink.

But her ex got loose lips ??? ? they did each other dirty lmmfao

WTF thats some seriously fuked up shit, but the tattooists need to be bashed stupid for doing those tatts what the fuk were they thinking

I’m kinda upset no one called the second one the octopussy

TV has just reduced itself to nothing but morally bankrupt shock value viewing because nobody knows how to come up with quality programming and the fleas that agree to go on these shows deserve all the ridicule they encounter. I’m worried what the next new show will involve. “Which side chick’s butthole makes the nicer vase.” Bitches all up in a row doing hand stands with bouquet of flowers in their snizz gardens. That’s what they should call it; “Sniz Garden”.

Luckely laser technology has evolved so far it cost not much to remove completely without scars or pigment loss

So turning tatts into drama = ratings for a lame show where you can't see them actually tatting....

???? your vagina stinks so you're getting a garbage can tattoo ???

I may be old school but I remember when MTV first came out !, When it was music videos it was pretty damn cool, I can’t believe what passes for “entertainment” today !, Just remember my generation gave you MTV, But this generation has screwed it up.

Did anyone really expect a show with intelligence required?? It's hosted by Snooki....

That has to be fake. No redness at all for just being done.

That some straight savage shit right there!!

Wait, I'm confused.....what's there to gain, by going on this show? Do you get a million dollars, to go through with it?

What has gone wrong with humans??..these shows are lower than the lowest form of "entertainment "...PLEASE!????

Please so fake, no redness, no bleeding/plasma

Television has gone to shit.

General Zod Dang!! No You didnt,,,, that.....needs a new grill...like a 72 pinto at tha dirt trackrace.....

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When you shoot your shot and get rejected but you keep shooting ⚽️ ... Zie meerZie minder



When you shoot for the dm but get rejected! Lol

Ed, Davis, Jack, cuando Mvfasa patea los penales y le hacen ? x3

Lenny Arko ik de laatste keer op stroppen latje trap

Jared Corey Robert NolanLeigh Dan DarbyKhristopherTom Martin found video footage of James Ravenall from this year.

Kids actually got a ton of potential

Phillip Pineda did i already tag you with this one?

Jamie-lee James this is how it felt watching some of your games this year ??

My niece had a game where this kid kicked the ball and the goalie blocked it by hitting it back at the kid. The ball hits the kid in the face, knocks his glasses off and he falls to the ground hurt. After the ball bounced off his face and he fell to the ground, it went in the goal for a point and everyone cheered. All while he's still laid out on the field lol

That takes talent!

I can see the future ronaldinho ??

Kolton Johnson I see you or your dad doing this for sure!!! Especially the swing miss at the end!!

Emily Valleli me with most aspects of life ???

What determination this little boy will be a Superstar one day..⚽⚽

Lmao! Got that kid scared shitless ???? Poor goalie. Kid has some powerful leg muscles.

Matthias Van Lierde dieje kleinen is even zot van latjen trap als gij ??

Ceasar Garcia Giovanny Pascal I know the feeling, especially the big swing and miss on the last go

Juan Pablo Segundo Bahamondes ese eres tu cuando jugamos en la caneria jaja

as like you trying some love lol

Alec Bowen this is the one I was telling you about ?

Christian se Schultz som dreng. Selv som voksen sparkede han ved siden af.

E più difficile prendere la traversa che buttarla dentro(culo o bravura?

Jamie you on your stag haha

And then completely whiffs on it Brett Williams

Sam Whitt this kids been watching you bro! Lol

Rachel Alessandro thankfully not Landon lol

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When you catch your friend texting your ex ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Has to be old phones... with the way technology works now, all the phone numbers business researches, and porn on a man's phone, breaking a phone just to be a dicks an act of war hahaha

When does it get funny?

Throwing off the bridge that a felony... dangerous.

I would have a brand new concrete patio.

All im saying is you better move out of town because I will smash a punk

Well damn what did this guy do to deserve all this abuse

It's actually disrespectful to call these pranks. The whole point of a prank is that it's a JOKE. If the "prank" REALLY HAPPENS, then it's not a prank. My phone is REALLY broken, where's the joke, what's the punchline?? Or can I just PUNCH you in the FACE right now??? LOL ??

Why do people think that’s funny? I love the stunts people try (and fail at) on this show but this shit is stupid!

these guys are not funny its actually kind of infuriating to watch hope that dude gives it right back

someone would be in line for a MAJOR ass whooping!

guess I'd have some stabbed best friends

Katelyn Shettle omg last video clip...guy in the grey shirt ??? Michelle Cahow that the kinda Aussie accent dude you talking about??? ?????????

This guys are idiots......

Also when you're trying to be social and hang out with a friend and they're just sitting .. texting like a zombie..

I haven’t watched this video yet, but I’m guessing no black folks participated in this exhilarating activity

I would have beat there ass no cap ?

Someone would be getting punched

Ha ha ha ha look at all these obviously planned things to do in public and get him to react shocked even though he's in on it all.

People suck....I would never talk to an ex of my friends. People don't know the word Integrity anymore and for sure have no respect or loyalty. SMH ?

No best friend anymore my worsened enemy. Take them to court and buy me a new phone There is.nothing funny about this!!!

Ugh this is the next generation taking over the US, *world, so sad, what morons

I wouldnt be caught hanging out with them a 2nd time if somebody did that to my 1200 dollar phone. Cheating wasnt mentioned..so I really doubt that's the justification for all of this.. why is this even on here?. Let me go be a flat out prick to everyone I know, and put it on the internet for you guys. He's probably done it because he's lost all his friends.. you better hope the purge doesnt happen lmfao.

At the end of the day what’s it matter there your ex for a reason let him or her have your sloppy seconds your all very welcome to have mine and all I can say is good luck your going to need it ? ? ?

I’d be in jail for beating someone’s ass

Marty and Michael lol I watch them every day

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DOGGO INCOMING! ... Zie meerZie minder



It was a this moment here, the dog knew he fucked up haha

The look on his face tho ?

3 mins of the same speed..wtf dyrdick ?

That moment when eye contact was made with the dog and human.

And you kno the second that dog hit the ground he was off running to get the frisbee like who cares I just took u out There’s more important things in this world like where’s my frisbee!?!

It was at this point that Fido Knew.... He fucked up

Chelsey hahaha his wee face hahah

Love that he shows like no remorse haha ???

Batrez Jajajajaja jajajaja la cara del perro jajajajajajaja xD

Emily Ruzevich lmao the look on the doggos face ?? “uh oh”

Paige Noelle that time Apollo knocked me down and my slippers shot off...?

Ahahah Dany c est con mais ça me tue la tête qu il fait ???

Miranda Carder this makes me think of lils ?

You'd think, at some point, Mr Cameraman would simply step outta the way. Even in slow motion, you could tell that he had the time.

Video should be titled: flying dog saves frisbee from cameraman.

Looked ruff on the camera hooman

That look on the dogs face after he realized he’s crashing into his owner

Somehow, someway..... Clay Matthews just got flagged for this

When you stare down the barrel of the gun, what do you expect? lol

Rosalotta Lagerblom toi katse tos lopus ku ties et nyt ei menny putkee?

i was rooting for him to because he sure look he had it, the loop was real tho

The first time I am going to have to be able

Monica Worrell Teah Richter love how the dog just looks n goes well fuck you I'm coming now

Jaja ni Superman volaba así, está para la lucha libre ese perro...

Georgia Frank flying doggo incoming

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What did you think would happen!? ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Fake. Why the phone went out of view for a second?

Fake. Watch when he places it on the bench. Takes a second to squeeze the case so it’s squared up. Then the camera follows up and the phone is off camera. When the camera comes back down the phone case is not squared up. Meaning it was swapped out with a broken phone when off camera.

Why does it say accidentally? Who knows the definition for accidentally?

Most comments say " in Russian" but that sounds French to me. Le téléphone

Ahhhh ha ha did this kid work for Hillary Clinton

In Russia you don't break phone. Phone break you.

fake video. look at the folding of phone case, is different after it be hidden for 3 second in the video. maybe a switch of phones..

Translation from russian : " Look how stupid i am, this phone will break my hammer " 😀

Why the hell am i reading all the comments in russian accent??? Some sound hilarious.?

i think it was an accident. i think he thought the case was a case that would not let that damage happen

Mindaugas Igor wasnt the brightest one in the family

People who loose or break their phones aren't paying enough for them to respect them enough haha

Russia already denied all responsability ?

how did he "accidentally" destroy his phone? he slammed a fucking hammer on it...

This is why Russian Moms shouldn’t drink vodka wile pregnant

Damn russians think everything is indestructible

In context, i believe he was trying to "demonstrate" how tough the phone case was, and failed horribly.

The fact that you decided to turn a 20 second clip Into a THREE MINUTE VIDEO is the reason my data rates are skyrocketed

Reminds me when I was a kid those with Red Ball tennis shoes where jumping off hi9gh places braking legs and ankles! Only the smart kids survived there child hood ?

Wow if you think phones are not breakable you shouldn't even have a phone at all!

In Russia, hammer works as designed. Only this that does this

And this kid will one day be a sham-wow spokesperson after he figures out how to not break the screen after a very promising nomenclature ??

funny how the phone had no cracks or breaks where the hammer did hit at the top its only broke on the bottom left no where near the afflicted area lol what a tool and im not talking about the hammer the kid is the true tool here

Por favor no se rian!!? Denle un premio a este gran baboso niño! ???

meanwhile in mother russia...

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Is this the new "Tide pod" challenge? ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Is brain damage the goal?

The new generation is weeding itself out at a rapid pace

He isnt even making impact. He is tossing his head back at the point of impact. If he was making real contact, he wouldn't land on his feet every time.

Star basketball player- "White boys can't jump" White boy- "Hold my calculator"

WTH is going on??? I'm not understanding the level of stupid the kids are on nowadays. Anything for attention I guess! Smh

If social media didn't exist, kids wouldn't be as stupid as they are now, doing anything for their video to become viral.

Wow ... I thought I did stupid crap when I was a kid but these guys are a whole new level and its not a good thing

Y'all mf'ers don't watch enough wrestling if you think he is actually getting hurt doing this. If he actually was hitting his head hard enough to get hurt, he would get knocked out or at least dazzed and wouldn't be able to land. I seen plenty of people do it wrong in the 90's and do much worse, so let's not act like this ignorance is specific to the new generation.

Why do this when they have cotton candy inside the walls of their homes? Or chocolate syrup that comes from your car? This is just horse shit!

Totally acting !! If you hit your head that hard on a door frame. You would hit the ground an have blood coming out. I think he's the next stunt star for movies. His friend is making the noise in the vid. Making it sound like he is hitting it.

?? It's funny how y'all saying crap when obviously he isn't even hitting his head .... ?? .... LOL .... older generation should of seen that, since they are claiming to be smart ??

Just because stupid is now "live" and recorded on youtube doesn't mean this generation is any more stupid than the last. As crazy as it sounds, this generation is making more money from their stupidity than the last by a long shot. See that however you want.

No Rob, the challenge is to see how many dumbasses online are actually dense enough to think this is real despite things like the sound of the “impact” not matching the video.

Well I don’t know who’s kid this is that loves to smashing his head in the door header I’m just saying your going to have issues with him in the future that’s for sure

Natural selection maybe? But the problem with this is someone will keep him from dying and will probably go on to produce more substandard humans.?

Jesus Christ I'm not sure what's worse. The fact that he's giving this idea to other kids out there that don't understand or recognize what he's actually doing. Or, the adults that think he's giving himself brain damage by continually bashing his forehead on the door frame at a run. I seen it on the interwebs with my two eyes therefore it must be real! I wish I were as concussed as he tried to portray before reading these comments.

He didn't make the football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, or swim team at school. So he's gotta get "ahead" some how.

Stupid at its best...when all positivity fails and killing yourself slowly is the only option of life to impress your friends....so sad when this sort dangerous stupidity will have a long lasting effect to really enjoy.....l wonder who will be laughing then.

I hope his parents see this video and do something about it before he gets brain damage. Every generation do stupid things, but this one by far is the most disoriented. I am not generalizing, there are some bright kids out there too.

We I was a kid we slammed other people's heads into the door frame. Still wondering what happened to younger generation.

At least it's halucination feature when ur dreaming weither awake or asleep will be increased. Cures insomnia. Side effects dizziness, bumps, and/or comas.. Plus a fail on ur exam cause u couldnt make it to class.. Which means when u get home, the headache continues when ur parents are yelling in ur ear words u cannot comprehend at the moment.. And while they are u might aswell eat the cotton candy hat ur mother is wearing.. "Jarold why is our son eating my hair???" "i told u not to dye it pink hunny.."

Just think, one day, one of these morons will be running for office. Geez, the intelligence level is pretty bleak with this kid...

Kids do dumb shit. Always have always will. Only difference is we live in an online society. Hell you all might to old to remember, or too young at the time, eating mud and paste was a real thing. Or how when as elementary school kids, Indian burns, ice and salt on the arm. Then high school, under age drinking, lighter smiley faces burns. Oh yeah smoking. So we thirty something's like to say "oh we didn't do dumb shit" yea we did.

I find this to be silly reason I said is because I have a brain injury do from somebody running a red light if they want to see the effects of a brain injury how come visit me for a day look at it from my point of view these kids are willing to do it to themselves because challenge bro ridiculousness use your head in a good way

Good make sure you get a really far head start if if you can go from one end of the building towards the otwhr in a full Sprint build as much speed as you can then jump high and far as you can into it really make it count.

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This is perfect ? ... Zie meerZie minder



But that's a chipmunk though ?

I know this will probably get lost in the comments below, but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot.

Still sounds better than todays rappers

Lol my RN showed me this today..and tell Her it sure does

And I will name him George. And I will love him & feed him & hug him

Love this show. My wife and I watch back-to-back episodes all week. Thanks for always making me laugh.

Jaimen How cute is he ???

Jayo think he would get on well with the kittens ??

Why is it necessary to make it a 3 min loop? It was funny when it was the original length, do y’all get more money if the clip is longer or something?

Kevin Stewart you getting royalties for this one?

See Mom,They Keep coming back because they love you ??Mona

There's a rap God version

Mark, you should do this.

Lisa Mirto is this your squirrel friend you met on your walk?

Gotta love my little guy! You're welcome for the nuts buddy!?

Lukas Mišeikis hopefully if we feed the local ones they’ll talk to us ??

Leigh. Babe theres this video I was talking about that one time. When I was all rambling on and shit when we were talking that one night. And I said I did it because of a video ? this is it babe ?

Someone please clip in a drum beat and some melody.

This is cute and annoying at the same time lol.

Gonna go take some meds now...not my meds...just some random meds. Thanks for posting.

Dude, 3 1/2 minutes of the same thing you could have done in ten seconds? LAME- you ruined a funny clip

Alvin and the chipmunks find their long lost brother

Mark Evaanah I reckon this is how Panda mind talks lol lol

Reminda me of bob dwn on alpine nigga was waiting for tht meal?? Gutta Gutta

Ada, this is probably what the neighborhood squirrels think every morning.

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Y'all are really getting creative out here, huh ? ... Zie meerZie minder



please tell me that ridiculousness will never end

I know this will probably get lost in the comments below, but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot.

He's laying in the D ?

Please, tell him that I want his nudes too ???

Shyane Hope Hlatko this is like the messages you send your husband ???

Kiana In What world is this necessary? ?

Farmers only dot com.......

Kenny Beloria lots of crazy stuff out there these days hahaha

Hey honey what'd you do today? Oh nothing, was just thirsty af.

Lachlan Fattore something you would do ?

Nour Al-Aloush u can thank me later ????

When a farmer has 10 minutes of down time.

Wouldn't it be funny if all he got were nudes of dudes. ROFLOL

Fuggin' really!? 3:39 of the same thing repeated continually?? WTF!?

Eddie Ray Folds at this point imma just send em bc wow

That’s cool very creative I admire that man

That's a lot of work just to see a woman naked.

Wonder if it worked?

shit post asdasda

Kassie, wonder if he’d settle for a bean dip ???

Inês Soraia limites? Não existem limites ???

Do this on the beach Danny Ehlmann ?

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College is a confusing time ? ... Zie meerZie minder



The police wasn't called and no one was shot and badly injured. Bravo people, Bravo

He would have been on top of one of them and covering her mouth, drunk with light beet, registered as Republican and he is ready for the supreme court.

They was nice about that salute 2 them 2 young ladies

Hey Rob, I got really drunk on my 21st bday in the Navy. I somehow made it back to base. We were outboard a similar ship to ours. I woke up the next morning and realized there was a wall where there should be no one wall. I looked out of the rack and quickly realized I was on the wrong ship. This just reminded me of that. Oh and I ran off that ship with only my wallet and wearing nothing but my underwear. 🙂

“Seven years of college, down the drain!”

Had a friend stay on the couch in my dorm room over the weekend once, one night some drunk dude walked into my room with nothing but a T-shirt on and tried to get on top of my friend on the couch. When confronted he kept saying “that’s just the way it is” ?‍♂️

Omg, they understand him. We all been there and done that lol. Poor guy, I feel his tiredness from here.

At least the girls did not call rape or sexual allegations

I once woke up in someone's dorm on the floor...didnt know anyone, one guy offered me a bowl of cereal, after I ate I left to find my friends who obviously left me for death. Found them driving by Tim Hortons...still don't know how I ended up sleeping on the carpet in someone else's dorm or who these people were.

Lol she was laughing so hard she couldn't say sir at first, she said "son" lmao...

I’ve never drank irresponsibly, and people who do irritate me so much.

36 years from now this could be a thing.

They were really nice about it lol

Maybe he's a trans-dresser...wig on headboard and clothes on floor??? He actually was dressed the part for the dorm he slept in??????

You are wrong for not drawing on him lol

If its literally fine why wake him lol

Alissa Lambourn I wish I could get this fucked up I love how they talk to him “it’s literally fine” ?

“Holy fuck I’m so sorry” Girl - “its literally fine” ??? she knows weve all been there ???

Anyone find it refreshing how everything went down??!

This probably happened in Canada, they were so polite

They were so freaking nice about it lol

Those girls handled it well! I like how one kept reassuring him, and the other was politely explaining.. And all time best part, "Son".....

I woke up on the floor of the girls bathroom on the wrong floor. three or four girls woke me up kind of like they did this guy. I had to sit down in the hallway for a little while and figure out what the fuck was going on. at least I got the building right.

Julissa Garrido Hernandez this is probably something that would’ve happened to me ? like oh my bad I thought those were my pink fluffy pillows

Yh, " the wrong dorm " whatever you say big lad ! Looks like Stay-Puff had a private fashion show with the girls grundys ??

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He's lucky he walked away from this one... ? ... Zie meerZie minder



What the fuck was he trying to accomplish...??

It was the dumbest thing. Bruh you can't stop the car putting your foot down like a skateboard. Duh!!!

Issue #1 you have Bush Lite in your car. Issue #...... doesn’t matter because you had Bush Lite in your car ??‍♂️

beswiftstore.myshopify.com check out my store guys hella Halloween costumes and summer outfits available!

This happened in corning NY dude got about ten tickets lol

Darwinism almost claimed another one!!!

Wtf were his seats attached with double sided tape?

U better get in touch with me in pissed the fuck off at u I can't believe u stole my fucking phone. Give it back or u gonna go to jail

The sad n pathetic things ppl do for 5 minutes of fame.

They're throwing the damn book at him too: Falsifying business records 1st degree (Class E Felony) Reckless endangerment (Class A Misdemeanor) Reckless driving Failure to keep to the right Drive left of pavement markings Moved from lane unsafely Imprudent speed Open door interferes with traffic Coasting downgrade in neutral Use of portable electronic device Operating motor vehicle with one hand on steering wheel Seat belt violation Person holds onto moving motor vehicle

Well as he said “dumbest thing he could have done”...couldn’t agree more! He is lucky he didn’t hurt or kill someone else

I couldn’t think of anything dumber to do. And all you can say is your Busch Lite is gone...aww what a shame.

I have drive a dead car down a hill plenty if times car in neutral steering is a little harder but possible and brakes are harder to work but do work and the emergency brake works crazy people

...and we’re supposed to feel what for you?... you’re lucky you didn’t hurt or kill anyone... you might have ended up as a statistic and on a steel bed...

They still charge you for only using 1 hand on the steering wheel? Who used 2 hands on the steering wheel these days?

Busch Light I believe has a lot to do with why this video exist

You know he could have push is car until it started moving and hopped back instead of surfing. If he got his car moving it could try starting the car. Or just steer the thing carefully. What a dummy.

"Guys my Busch light is gone!" Good. You know it tastes like cat piss when it seems even God doesn't want you to have it.

'Thanks for sticking around guys'. Hahaha

Confessing is the first step of recovery LOL

So this happened where I am from its an edited video no one was actually even in the car when it wrecked!!!! Can't believe it's getting attention

This guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds

Who TF Raised these kids?!??? I mean even I, a chick, know better than to NOT jump IN the effin car.... C'mon dude.

If he got enough speed he could’ve easily turned the wheel even with no power steering and he’d just have to mash the breaks hard as hell. He certainly could’ve pulled that off in a tiny car like that if he wasn’t standing out of the door ? “oh guys my Busch light is gone!!”

Dumbass.. would love to here him explain that to his auto insurance company once they see the video. ??

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Tag someone who's scared of needles! ? ... Zie meerZie minder



Aww bless him he not the only one that scared of needle I'm scared of it but I hold my breath long enough till it done ?

Believe it or not..After being a intravenous drug abuser for roughly 30+ years I can't stand the sight of one..even on T.V. shows..

I hate needles I fucking hate them I usually distract my self I look away and think of something else

only turn my head when they put the needle in to draw blood but after its in i look back to see the blood go in the tubes

Hey it happens. Almost everyone has some kind of irrational fear, maybe even to the extent of a phobia. They don't typically carry age restrictions unfortunately. ??

He seems like he pssbly has a mental disability...I cld be very wrong. But with so many adults tryna to calm him and him not being greatly responsive, that's what it seems like

I tolerate them, but before I had surgery I was poked more than a few times by a nurse that had no idea what he was doing. I am scared shitless of needles.

Well I can't tag Valerie Brown cuz princess fugitive runs away from the hospital with the iv still in her arm and removes it herself half a mile down the road talking about they discharged me ????

I used to be scared of needles but not anymore i had to get so many tubes of blood taken out of me its crazy! and plus watching the needle is better than looking away? if i could donate my blood i would definitely in a heart beat but i cant cause of my blood clotting disorder called Antiphospholipid syndrome ?

I feel your pain I don't like them either the nurse one time when I was going for surgery stuck Me 3 times in one arm very very painful experience and end up sticking many other side and old owners came in and finally did it sometimes even professionals don't know what they're doing

I hate needles, too! My Opa used to give us our polio shots in the living room. He was a bacteriologist director of the VA hospital in San Francisco when I was a youngling. Last time he gave me a shot, when I was 3 yrs old, I wouldn't go near him for weeks. He was crushed. After that my RN aunt gave us our vaccinations. As an adult, I will break out in a sweat for a TB test. And I'm a critical care RN! I can give great injections. But point that needle at me, well, I don't think so! 🙂

Sydney Alexis me when I had blood drawn, except I passed out immediately. But shit tattoos are nothing like this feeling

Pussy?I ve been through this.I used to almost pass out when I gave blood for tests or something like that,but after 2 weeks in a hospital,now I am more then fine when it comes about needless.It s all about mind power.

It's a phobia of alot of Americans. Alot of Americans have tattoos, but are still afraid of needles. Take me for instance, I'm a tattoo junky, I have 13. I love the feel of the tattoo needle and the sound of the gun. Now, I hate getting shots or my blood drawn, and I can't look away, I have to actually watch them stick me with the needle.. but yes, it's a phobia that just about 90% of Americans have

You cool man. I am the same way. I am scared of needles. I will legit cry, squirm, and scream. I have to close my eyes and pray.

Omg seriously??? You never even feel the needle. Last time I had to give blood a student was there learning. I showed him my arm and said have at it! Lol

I started shaking watching this. I hate needles. I have 32 tattoos. Its not the pain, its they're either putting something in my body or taking something out. Thats the phobia. Not the pain itself.

Honestly, I can relate. It's just one of those fears you know isn't rational but Lord when it hits you, boy it doesn't let up.

My ex wife was tel I signed me up to give blood.They didn't want mine fresh tattoos.They told her to go in and lay down...I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED...

⭐I've dealt with some terrible phlebotomists before and I'm no pro, my veins are healthy, but tend to roll... My biggest fear is the needle going through the vein or damaging the valves... ⭐ How are you supposed to stick a needle in there without screwing up a valve or two..? ⭐And these junkies that try to do it solo...? Good luck with all that...⭐https://thumbs.gfycat.com/RightSleepyCockatiel-size_restricted.gif

What the hell? They never used a machine to find my vein. They always just jabbed till they found it lol.

Some people don’t have a high pain tolerance. I think the fear of being stuck makes it hurt worse, it’s really not bad. I have deep veins and they never get me first stick, most I’ve been stuck in one sitting is 6 times, they usually have to go through my hand or side of my wrist and I literally do not care or flinch lol. Men seem to have a worse time w it than women do.

Awww, I feel bad for him. I do not have a fear of needles at all but for some people, that fear is very real and very intense. Poor guy 🙁

I totally understand. I feel the same way. When I was a kid the doctor used to have to chase me around the room to give me a penicillin shot!

Correct me if I am wrong but did I see a tattoo on his forearm??????

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Wait for it... ? ... Zie meerZie minder



I like how they yell police after they slam the door in.

Breaking bad first episode

if the bad guy had donuts in his pocket they would have caught him

Lmao nobody watching any exits or entrances

Ok..? you break down the door then yell " POLICE" !!! I think anyone who has a weapons permit woulda fired at the door on the first blow..Then get charged with attempted murder on a police officer bcuz they didn't announce themselves properly ??‍♂️

They didn't hear his Bigfoot landing? I mean he came down like Superman

The person recording a real one! Didn’t snitch him off jumping out the window

I am wondering if he hurt his ankles. Imagine breaking it when he jump out and to both ankles. Ouch! He won't ever be running from the law again.

They would have already been shot if they started busting in my door without warning

Legend has it he still hasn't been found till this day!?

Women jumping to conclusions be like...

Perfect timing on the jump, good shit.

The police was better off ringing the door bell ??????

Noel Mendez me jumping out window runing from Parole ????

I think someone watched a little too much Breaking Bad....I call BS

I did this when I was 16 but it actually worked I broke four toes and couldn't go to the doctor for 2 weeks because I was a runaway

Dudes lucky he didn’t snap both his legs on the landing.

The Keystone Cops you would at least think that they would have had 2 to enter the house and two outside waiting for him to jump out that window

Dude almost broke his legs ?

Alvaro Carlos cuando estas en una casa solo ves al otro equipo entrar a tu casa pubg ?????

But the best thing about this video is that the person recording didn’t snitch ???

Pop Goes the Weasel surprise!! ?????????? ????????

These Renta cops didn't even have their guns drawn! ?

why have have to breakoff things

Just one up on them...?

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That treadmill fail tho ? ... Zie meerZie minder



John Shaw, Malcolm Shaw, Kelly Shaw check out the festival goers. I’d say that guy is now deaf.

Benny McGee check out the dude at 1 minute in ???

Lmfao Autumn Dixon, I’m the little girl with the nerf gun

Dana Slocumb you better not do nothing like this to me

That raccoon one had me dying...I'd of brought a loaf of bread just to show my allegiance with the trash pandas lol

The ski dude just "POOF" "vanished"

I'm sure that Sterling just loved that raccoon video!

The janitor for that one school clearly took pride in his work

The video behind the semi truck with the guy the driver calls "a fuckin idiot" for walking in the middle of the lane on the freeway is just west of Melbourne, Australia. It's just 45 minutes from my home, I drive past that very exit on that part of the Western Freeway at least once a month. ?

Jalynn Blaylock was that you that ate shit on the treadmill at my house? ?

im not liking this purely cause we didn't get to see that pussy get his hair ripped out

Caleb Cox the girl falling in the water is what happened on bridge to taribithia ?

Dustin Bartrum watch until you see the guy with hair, and think about the next time you piss me off and fall asleep

Maria Castaneda wait till you see the raccoons!! ???

Poor girl with that dart gun..lol

Mike here is something for your day ?

Josh Mcdaniel The guy teeing off while his house is on fire is hilarious lmao

That tackle was the winner.....!!!

What happend with the girl in the first video ?? :O

Carol the last one ??

Your the treadmill one babe Myra Cardozo

The last video...I woulda put that shit on her eyebrows when she fell asleep. Revenge.

I've been waxed before fuck that shit lmao

Matthew Anderson skip to the clip with 2:03 to go, thats so goals

Ryan Tulloch this will make ya day a bit brighter ?

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If my parents did this to me I'd run away from home ? ... Zie meerZie minder



What do dentists give people in America? I got an injection to numb my gum and that was it. ?

i never act that silly.. wtf are they giving those kids 😛

She's dancing better on Nitrous Oxide than MOST people sober ??? ~ ???

I was downhill skateboarding in California and I smashed my head one day and I don't remember waking up from it put in the hospital I guess they asked me where I was and I told him I was at work I was 13 years old and never had a job and then I was saying I was going to get fired if they didn't leave me alone an my boss sees them

don't understand why in the USA they give this, just give an annistetic and it's done...think it's stup[id

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed years ago and all that happened to me was lots of pain and vomiting. Lol

I broke my hand and had surgery and when they woke me up they tried to give me juice and saltine crackers to eat I was so high I said no I wanted a cheese steak

I'm trying to figure out why this even occurs. I had all my wisdom teeth pulled plus a back molar at the same time and this never happened. They just numbed me, pulled them, and sewed me up.

I swear that same girl has had her fuckin wisdom teeth out like 10 times

Bradley Schmidt Matt J Schmidt Nick Schmidt I never understand what they’re on, I’ve had dentists but never was this lit. It was just a shot for numbing my whole jaw but wtf they be giving now ? Lmao

Daniel Perkins this is brie dumond the girl we went to high school with.... Lmao she’s on the show

Doctors used anesthetics on me and i was talking about weed lol

I think she removed her wisdom personality lol .?

I remember I couldn't stop laughing and I kept wanting pancakes ?...

FFS people, it's still funny no matter what ? Yeah, this is what the meds they use when putting them under to remove wisdom teeth surgically, does to them. They aren't sure why. My son, even though still not in pain, cried for no reason on our way home. It happens lol. And some kids get a worse reaction like this ?

Carrie Jayne Johnson this is why I need you to go with me instead of Janet Baughman Nelson. No telling what I’ll do or say ???

I wish i had this during my wisdom teeth removal. All they did for me was sticka bunch of needles with freezing and that was it. Was alive, awake, and fully coherent. I remember everything.

I know she is high but she's hilarious lol

Wow!! Heavy dose of sodium pentathol or the after effects of laughing gas???? I don't know what the hell! this video is funny (Cloud 9)???

My sister got her wisdom teeth out and after she kept saying she had 2 heads on her neck and she kept patting the air where she thought it was.

It’s why America has such a drug problem now I was given a numbing shot in gum and all 4 pulled but now we gotta get em on camera acting a fool high as crap it’s sad

When I got my wisdom teeth pulled I just remember waking up and wanted to go back to bed.... My dad drive us home but to do so he took a wide sharp turn and I hit my head in the window lol that sure woke me up fast

I love the end when she suddenly stops dancing, her face goes blank, then she starts bawling and saying, "I forgot what comes next!" ???

I was put under for my surgery as well but this never happened to me ....I think they are overdosed.

Sydney Helèna Herrera, we gonna have to be on top of things and have our cameras ready when Ahren gets her wisdom teeth pulled. No tellin' what she'll be doing. Lol.

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