How stupid of him that is a little boy not funny at all

I’m the youngest of three girls, no brothers ? my sister (she’s five years older) made it her mission when I was younger to teach me how to fight - shit we barely ever played ? always just scrapped it out, it was fun and it toughened me up ?‍♀️? this little boy is fine ?

"Sweep the leg." -John Kreese

My older brother use to bully me around till one day I Caught him Sleeping Rudy Rudy Pow Right in the Nose! I had to hide all day but it was worth it!?

That little boy entered the sweepstakes

"Please dont tell, please dont tell"

My brothers used to play catch with me when I was little. Like litteraly throwing me back and forth to each other kinda catch.. haha

He didn't play fair that it wasn't right but it was cute okay nice talking to you bye

my brother always doing kung fu on me not knowing i'm a girl when we're young.. hmmp.. hahaha

5 brothers 2nd set of twins and 2 sisters. Idk how we are alive today. But kid is good. Haha tough love

"Ever since you we're born, mom and dad only spoil you. This should teach you a lesson. " ??

That's a clean leg sweep though ?

Lol this is nothing. After seeing the first Harry Potter movie when we were little my brother and I were having a wand fight and I was using a knife sharpener and the damn metal rod came out the handle and hit him in the head. I thought I was gonna be put up for adoption ?

Back when I was younger i didn’t even have to touch my brother to get in trouble for touching him

us as dads :p accidentally hurt the kid and immediately feel bad! Christian Smith

Everyone wants there soon to be tough, When my son was about that age I handcuffed him and pushed him over on to the couch he accidentally fell off I felt really bad at first but he got right up and ready to go fighting with his feet.

My brother pushed me down the stairs, gave me Indian burns and wrestles me constantly when we were younger. He's also 10 years older than me. I'm just fine, and he's my best friend. My relationship would have been incredibly boring otherwise.

My brother, older by eight years, would play Houdini with me. Put me in a straight jacket and time how long it took me to get out. Put me in a box and put swords through it. Taught me how to crack a whip and shoot with a bow and arrow. Life was grand.

My little brother and I grew up on macho man sting stone cold before he was stone cold needless to say blood and stitches were involved in regular horse play often

Same with Me and my niece....I used to rough house with her when she was little...but if she cried I try to make her laugh so I didn't get in trouble.

Too hard to your brother! This is Sparta!

Sorry Johnatan Uhls. If you only knew. Throwing you in the snow in your diaper wasn't the only thing. ???

I have seen my older kids do similar things to my little ones (9-15 year age difference) on multiple occasions and no broken bones and everyone lived to tell the tale at family gatherings!! LOL ?

Yeah, if I did that to my little sister... I would have no ligaments left to sweep with

A lot of you people must be a certified complainers because this is not that serious. There's kids who are doing way worse shit to their siblings than this. They're clearly playing. Get over it.

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Lucky he didn’t decapitate himself. Or did he?

This is Americas future people!

What did he think was going to happen?

I hope he is paralyzed for life he deserves to be

It would've been real funny if he got decapitated and his lifeless body hit the ground and blood spewing out all over.

These things are bad and should not be on face book

I’m an HVAC tech and falling through a skylight is my biggest fear

That’s the same way you fell into my ex girlfriend ?

Natural selection almost got another one...oh well, maybe next time.

Bryan natural selection at work again...

A kid in my town died that way...

Stupidity is now the national past time. Same kids snorts condoms and eats tide pods. Next he stand behind a jet engine to roast a marshmallow..

Come ON folks!. Young kid. Stupid accident. Sounds like an older person recording it. Prob put him up to it. Be nice!

This isn't ridiculousness anymore.. that's stupidity..

Wow that may be plexy but it can still cut the crap out of ya

Emilio I’ve got another dome replacement for you.

That's one way to get in

I’m more intrigued by how the rest didn’t break when he smacked his head and how uninterested that guy in blue on the right is ? Travis Stephens Chandler Gunter Trey Stars

Wow. Lucky he got through that in one piece. This isnt minecraft where you can jump onto glass.

That was stupid and dangerous just to be on the show that’s plain stupidity and he could have got injured ?

This one's messed up. He's lucky to be alive.

that sums up a generation...or three

Another reason why women live longer than men!

Something only a white boy would do. LOL.

Desculpe, mas nem um pouco de pena. Esporte é viver não desafiar vida!

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Those people could of easily been dead. How is that funny?

Don't know how this is at all funny but ok some people are weird

Somebody was NOT happy about the whole IHOB thing...

It would've been cool if the car actually hit the people and their decapitated body parts and blood and guts spewed all over the restaurant and cameraman!

Lately these post haven't been funny at all. I used to love watching. Maybe they have a new idiot who doesn't know the difference between funny and NOT FUNNY! in charge of this page.

You guys do realize the show is called “ridiculousness”! Not ridiculously funny ?‍♀️

I have pretty warped humor but I don't find this funny. They were inches from death... That's not funny

This was in my hometown....Fowlerville Michigan

Driver could have had a stroke, heart attack or seizure that led to the accident in the first place.

Some of the shit being posted here isn't funny.. idk

No one even said it was funny guys chill out.

I wonder how old this is cause i got deja vu watching it lol like ive seen it before...also..how damn lucky are they?! They were like the only ones in the restaurant and it crashes right behind them

That driver needed Drive Thru service at this particular restaurant or a Restroom asap!

Party of Ford....right this way.

Those people had a guardian angel for real

Good thing they didnt pick the table behind them

Doesn't anyone complaining even watch the show? They have several categories, they're not all funny. This one would probably be in a category called "close call" or something. Calm down, and thank God no one got hurt.

Moist Banana Bread recipe below. You’re welcome. 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened 1 cup sugar 3 eggs 2 ripe bananas, peeled and mashed, about 1 cup mashed banana 3/4 cup chopped pecans or walnuts 2 teaspoons finely grated orange zest or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Grease and flour a 5x9x3-inch loaf pan. Heat the oven to 325° F. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt, and baking soda. In a mixing bowl with an electric mixer, cream butter or margarine with sugar until fluffy. Beat in eggs, one at a time, until fluffy. Stir in flour mixture alternately with mashed bananas. Fold in pecans and orange peel (you may substitute 1 teaspoon vanilla for orange peel). Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes, or until golden brown and a wooden toothpick, when inserted in center, comes out clean. Cool in pan for 10 minutes, then carefully turn the bread out onto a rack to cool completely. Make this banana bread a day ahead of time for best flavor.

Guess they thought it was a drive thru and God was watching over the people

OMG that could have been so tragic

For all you snowflakes complaining about it not being funny, stfu. Nobody was hurt and so people are seeing the humorous side of a crazy event. If someone had been seriously hurt or killed then this video would be shown and captioned giving condolences to those involved. The restaurant even made light of it and on the board covering the hole the next day the put "Sorry Drive Thru closed". So just relax and learn to see the lighter side of life

When you take "Getting food To Go" literally...

God those people could have been seriously injured I don’t see the humor in this video it is scary not funny??

Everyone here was ok thankfully! This happen in our town. It’s had a few different sayings to it already.

Once my chinese friend was in the hospital.. before he died he said "將腳從氧氣管中移開" And died.. i got really sad. So I decided to go to china and learn chinese. After 3 years of learning chinese.. turns out he told me messi is better than Ronaldo ?????

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Keep it up and you may possibly get me paying attention in the future as well. ??

This show actually happened....?

Ridiculousness. Where is that??? 😀

Very good

Angela? Seriously ?

Priscilla Bonin

Anne Quimby

Yay!!! Useless people grasping at any sort of Fame they can. Grow the fuck up.



It would be funnier if he fell back and busted his skull open and blood and brain matter went everywhere.

Shaggy and scooby do this while being chased by a ghost in that movie with the haunted amusement park

**Oscar the Grouch gets tired of the weak Railz on Sesame Street and moves to the big time**

Angie, sounds like your type of guy! ???

Andrew Anderson reminds me of something you guys would be doing back in the day!!

Ffs and some people have a hard time walking lmao Thats skill!

This will be the peak of your life

Hahhaha i know that guy i was skating with him as a kid ! So original and talented !!

The herd needs thinning out some.

This really is great, comedic gold perhaps. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in forever. ?

Erol Azazeel lass mal auf der Arbeit machen mit der Mülltonne oben ? ist die gleiche ?


Haha this is amazing! At least I couldn’t fall out... if you gave me a helmet I would totes try this. Also- why not just use a garbage can with wheels?!

I think I just fell in love.

Cj Wilson..... me looking at you in high school ? trashy skater pothead ????‍♀️ lol

That Legendary garbage slide though

He's only saying that because of Avril Lavigne...

Hailey Cundall we would of thought this guy was a legend in the day ???

Now how do you get off. "Shit I didnt get past the trick"

Aly Camacho I don’t why but I thought you’d like this ????‍♀️.

Rye something you should try ?

Adam Gee call me when you can do this.... Eh!

Sigo esperando a que saquen algo así weyes :'v John Diego

James Willey ??? not saying this applies to you, it just made me laugh lol

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This can't be helium, helium is not flammable. The whole reason the Hindenburg caught fire was because they used hydrogen instead of helium.

Don't mind the fire, check your hair and eyebrows in the mirror first. The egg saved the guys hair! Always keep an egg in your pocket =P

Helium is a Nobel gas, lighter than air and DOESN'T BURN, this is hydrogen You should of paid attention in 9th grade science

That can't be helium can it? I thought helium wasn't flammable.

That was so intentional..

Trump's next NASA chief administrator is in this room, I'm afraid.

Isn’t helium a noble gas? It’s not flammable or combustible.

Why were they raising his hand tho, Why were they watching the balloons while they raised his hands tho? Somethings fishy ?

So for like 3 mins we watched nothing but complaining about burnt hair.. what’s worst their burnt hair or us watching the rest of the video ?

Lol some of your comments are ridiculous like did you seriously expect them to know that would’ve taken actually happen??? None of them are mind readers and could’ve told that was going to happen....goodness I really think its hilarious that there are so many hypocrites when a lot of you would have done the same damn thing lol

Omg Sharina. There's an explosion, the candle is on fire on the floor, BUT let's make sure I still look ok ??

There was a second where he thought it couldn't get worse than getting raw eggs smashed in his face Alaina

Funny...they are more concerned about their hair being burnt then the damn cake on the floor catching it on fire.....lmao! ???

Not helium... Helium is inert and not flammable. Most likely hydrogen which is cheaper but highly flammable. Think Hindenburg.

If you freeze frame it just after the explosion if you time it right you could see the images of the fire being shielded from the three females heads

Uh helium doesn't burn, and the color of the flames seems to indicate that these geniuses used hydrogen

Helium is an inert gas... It wouldn’t have exploded like that. Must be something else in those balloons

Helium is not flammable/combustible that is why it is used in Hot air balloons because it is safer to handle than hydrogen... It might have been hydrogen inside those balloons.

Well... I would check my hair and eyebrows too... that video was funny... noone cares if balloons were filled with helium or hydrogen or if video was staged. The first time I watched it i laughed and... that's enough... why does everyone overcomplicate shit...

This very sad that all the girls thought it was funny and all they were concerned about is their hair. The poor kid looked like he had head burns and no one was concerned. It wasn’t funny at all.

People.. commonsense pls.. balloon getting near a flame?? Duh!!? Either it is He or H or what ever elements it is.. it will still pop out...??

Stupid is as stupid does u got torched kid the birthday boy better check his shorts and the burns to his face while hes at I wonder when he looks in the mirror will it be a jackass staring back at him like in the looney tunes cartoons lol

Dont just ignored what happened.any kind of baloons is dangerous.esp. when someone is smoking.baloons should be place away from fire.

ha ha,I thought,theyed were going to burn those clothes and lucky that sprinkler system didn't go off,or thyed woulded really had a big mess.

Omfg dude exploded and the chicks are more worried about hair and eyebrows lmao Like they didnt just draw them on anyway lmao

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That lady will keep on living long due to her happy character love & live &laugh while you are here!!

Is everyone just gonna ignore the giant waffles she has to her left??? ?? I know I know they are place mats...but still... they look like giant waffles.

She looks awesome for 102!

This was cute but I would have to pass on having a piece of that cake. Old drool is not an ingredient I'd want to taste.

the best part is when she laughs

I don't ever want to live that old. But it's still awesome to see she has a good time and can laugh at funny things.

I don't see this as funny as yousters do. It's not funny trying to enjoy the celebration and have your dentures come out at the worst time...?

She handles the incident like a pro!!! It didn't take a "bite" out of her party!!! Happy Birthday sweet lady!!!

Someone please ??? emergency emergency.Please would someone take me to the emergency room my stomach hurts and I can't stop????????I'm going to get you for this one Ridiculousness.

Hey Rob, dont know if youve done this already on Ridiculousness,but if you havent, you oughta make a category called Slambidexterous where people are equally skilled at slamming on both sides!

Shes so cute! I can totally wait to have my dentures and then have them fly out in mid birthday-candle-blowoutage. 102 is a nice long life congrats to this spunky gal.

What amazing blessing the Lord has given you a hundred and two years old happy birthday and many more???

It’s disappointing that they cut the video off and didn’t allow us to see her laugh! Her attitude is why she has lived to be this old. She is precious❤️

She's getting younger and younger as days past by... and for the fact that she embraces it with that big laugh, makes me love her even more???

Who remembers the episode when Sheldon didn't want to go to Amy's 93yo relatives birthday and said "i wouldn't mind a piece of birthday cake provided the ol' gals candle blow is clean and dry" ????????

The Bible tells us that laughter is good medicine! Perhaps her positive energy and laughter has helped her to live a long life. God bless you mama?

That's the Joy of it all. Although she lost her Dentures while blowing off her Birthday Candlelight, she laughed it off still enjoying her 102 Birthday Celebrations. Noteworthy, Laughter is medicinal to long life. Congratulations Centurion and more Celebrations. Deogratias.

So cute when she's singing happy birthday to you, and points to herself and says me. So cute. Hahah ?

I've seen a similar thing happen twice, both times on holiday in France and involving water. Two men jumped into the sea/a swimming lake and emerged without his teeth - neither of them found them. Neither of them found it funny, unsurprisingly, but everyone around them did!

Gracyn Moore Rossthis is why it was a "no" to blowing out the candles. Did you want a big slice of Grandma's drool cake?

That's a nice birthday grandma happy happy birthday I need you blew the candles but that ain't no something flew out God bless you

Kel... be careful hey, now that you're a Granny ?? Kelly Horton ?? Mary Winter we're going to have help her at her next birthday to avoid something like this! ??? xx

Amazing lady.... Sooo sweet and humorous. (I will give you aa tip lovely lady.... Use "Corega" to keep your dentures fixed)

Sandy Hill - I watched this and thought of that video of Ollie that David and Maria sent to us where she was pulling faces with her false teeth out.

Tan linda viste que dice mi, cuando canta Cumpleaños feliz, jajajajaja, la generación de nosotros muy difícil que lleguemos a esa edad, esa señora todavía comió sanamente.

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Very upset that MTV is getting rid of this show. Get rid of all the other crap on MTV and keep this!!!!!! ?

Says 'Final Reckoning' but TJ says end of The Challenge 'as you know it.' So maybe they're just changing it up? I'd hate for them to get rid of their best show.

Ok I'm glad i went into the actual challenge comments. It's not over. Just this specific trilogy is over lol

What!!!! Seriously this is like my favourite show!!!??

Oh my God I just saw a Rob Dyrdek in the#Righteous Kill on Netflix

Audrey Deschamps la liste des émissions à écouter s’allonge haha ca va être fouuu

No Miz, no watch.

Tina Marie MacMillan ?? the very last season of the challenge!

In italy We can't watch ridicolousness anymore...not even old episodes ? why MTV, why?? Miss you guys ?

I guess that isn’t too bad, but still. Would prefer to see a lot more fresh uploads ?

Yay another millennial drama show!!..........

I never miss an episode! It's the best!

i miss mtv arabia 🙁

Vamos venezuela

Chantal Lalonde tant qu’a rien écouter l’été

Patricia Clark ? oh snap..

Zack Boyd are you kidding me?!! The END?!!!!!! ???

Vamos mexico

Vamos colombia

Alyssa look ? look ?

Kody Hale ??

Kristina Medero

Dendas Domien

Alexandra Burrell

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Why is this person filming the dog instead of trying to get it out of harms way.... smh

Nothing can convince me that God didnt do this ???

That's definitely a dog not a cat though....

Not nine lives Just lucky But someone should have grabbed that doggo

Was this on purpose? Cause if so that’s messed up to purposely not only put the dogs life in danger but your own.

That was not even funny the dog could have died..

I hate how there are tones of ppl around and not one went to help or move the dog away from the track

Lucky dog honestly but if ya think this is funny why not put ur self in that position n see whos laughing now u sick twisted digrading grub id prob laugh at ya to see u get hit n driven ova now that would make my day ?

I'm happy the dog is ok and good on the driver for not crashing into the dog but I'm annoyed at the people watching like why the f*ck did they not make an effort to get the dog off the track ????

Lets see who people blame for this one

What does a cat having 9 lives have to do with a dog video? hahaha

The car got air the right moment? God is greatest?

After that..this dog becomes cat ??

If it wasn't for that crest turn over jump that dog would've been crushed. He ran to the perfect spot just in time

That video was shot in Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia

I can't believe people actually laughed at this video. They must be animal haters. This video scared me. ?

Dogs name should be Lucky!

Haters here amaze me: quite obviously, the dog wandered onto the tracks, is probably local and is clearly startled & puzzled to see all these people (he is refusing to respond to calls from the crowd -- people rightfully afraid to chase him for fear of getting hit, themselves and likely bitten for the effort). Lovely to see, instead, how it all comes together for this dog to survive unscathed: the dog passed the bend & made it over the rise that set the car flying. That section of road the dog is in also dips right at that point. Finally, the dog, himself, is smart enough to tuck down as the car flies over (I looked frame by frame -- fascinated to examine the anatomy of a miracle). The road had its rise and dips long before the dog arrived. The instinct to crouch bred in millions of years before the car was invented. Coincidence it all came together this way in this moment? You decide. Pero este perro? Creo en Dios.

People knew the racing car was coming ,but the dog was lucky ,not to get run over

Oh my fucking god I nearly had a heart attack

The luckiest dog ever !!!

Maasnaas you are still interested let me so much better when you're done at home later today or email it is not a great deal and you have any more pics of your help w s you are interested you have a you and me back or text okkas have any other ideas you have any

More than likely it wasn't on purpose so don't get your panties in a twist. More than likely it just happened to be on the road and of course a car going that fast can't just stop. Luckily it ended up going over the poor thing.

Thank you God that nothing happened to that poor dog why was this man filming if this was a race and that dog was on their track or shall I say dirt road why didn't he try to shoo it away real fast that is awful I'm so glad that poor dog did not get ran over people are really stupid

This is certainly pretty bland next to the normal stuff.Results in me sitting with this hollow experience, just can’t grasp it fully. ?

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Where were those hands when LeBron James needed them? Lol

What skills do you have to be President? Oh well check this out.. I can make it appear like Im doing something productive but in reality someone else is doin all the work! Trump for Prez!!!

Dude some ppl can die from that shit not cool. Lol.

You’re wasting my time why with this dumb shit

Man the type of stuff you can do with a third hand is amazing ?

Guy behind that wall got some pretty good skills to!???

Christy Marshall that friend that supports you no matter what lmao

Hannah Hagan Maiana Hegh Rose-Lee Grose When we apply for our placements and they look at our grades

That looks like the bathroom at Waimea Bay

Caro I alsways back up my mates

Have to say it's great, funny stuff gold actually. Haven’t laughed this hard for a long time. Is this critically analysed? ?

Steven Marquez me at Leprino and you on the other side lol

I hope you people don’t think this is talent if so were in trouble

Shelby haters gunna say it ain’t real

Spencer Lauder first of all this reminds me of the Ventana days and second of all this kinda looks like the winners circle club house.

It looks like attenp of murder to me

Madison I got your back like this homie

Skippa Da Flippa if this can’t be you then )): idk ??‍♀️

Pita Mericia Sofiia ustedes siempre arreglando mis pendejadas ??

stupid. saw this like 2 years ago. can't bring back an old laugh, ,dude.

Matty Denny it’s almost like he had help...??

Well, at least his friend is a better helper than JR Smith.

Someone behind the wall

Jayy Jerel. You better have my back like this lol ?

Idiot! Like can't nobody see the other person fix the water up there.

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this is a perfect reason for gun control. why does he have a 50? arent they illegal?

Old George across the street may be in his 80's but he's still a good shot

Although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, old people can still serve a purpose in life. -Lloyd Christmas

If he can afford to shoot that rifle, a new taillight ain’t no sweat.

the priceless grin as he turns to the camera that is what i wanna be doing when im to old to give a shit 🙂

Another genius with a gun.

Ammo about $100 bucks.. Grandpa dead.The worst feeling for anyone for the loss of a loved one... Grandpas face with a smile and a little giggle. PRICELESS!!!

Barrett 50 cal, yes there's a concussion wave.

Timothy Wyant I would give up a 1,000,000 tail lights just to hear my Grandpaw or dad laugh again ...

That was literally like 40-50 bucks of ammo in those few shots maybe more depending on what ammo it was.

Así hay muchos terroristas que ven a nuestros ancianos en La reserva con un mfusil dispuestos a defender a Venezuela y se rien , pero habrá que verlos en combate pata que vean a los verdaderos soldados dispuestos a defender nuestra soberania , muchos de los cuales están dispuestos a revivivr el juramento que le hicimos a nuestra bandera en años de juventud

You gave the man a Barrett 50 what did you expect?

Just remember that I may be old but you're never out of range.

Lisa Habig totally random but I just watched this 3 times & cried bc this man's reaction & laugh reminded me so much of grandpa Bob ?

Life goals 🙂 and what a great attitude ! He's like the perfect grandpa 🙂

I got a few sets of those tail lights if anyone wants to get him a hold of me. I'll hook him up for free.

Remind me of Marty from Back to the Future 1 sitting at the kitchen table watching a movie turn back to his family and broke out with that exact same laugh soft but felt really hard inside. To know that movie to get it super funny

Shot the hell out of em Old Boy...This cat must have been in the Army , and got hold of a 59 Cal Machine gun before he got out of the service.. I got to shot the 50 Call in Basic Training, and trust me the 50 Cal is a bad gun.. It can tear down a small house.

My dad had a permanent crease in the door of his truck from doing the same thing, different situation...lol

All good the gun is worth more than the truck

This foo gangster he even laughed Lupe Gonzales

Dun let Grandpa play with the 50 caliber anymore.

Totally laughed like he did it on purpose...

Josh Hagen Luke Hagen Jake Line now who would shoot out a perfectly good taillight on a ford ranger?? ??

Damn, u gonna get pulled out by cop discovering the left tail light went out lol! After ur entertainment ?

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I think she saved her wine though...

Everyone’s saying she didn’t spill the wine but she definitely did, I’m just trying to figure out where it went ?

Yea cuz that wasn’t done on purpose. Duh. At least make it look believable lol!

How girls be falling for guys these days

Got to give that Lady credit though....... She didn't spill any of her drunk in her hand that she was carrying when het beautiful ass hit ground, and I do want to emphasize beautiful!!!!!I hope you know what I mean ?????☺?

Technically, I don't even think this qualifies as a party foul.. All of the wine stayed in the glass! Props!

People need to get their eyes checked. She spilled most of that wine on herself leaving only a sip left.

I didn't see one slash of wine spilled haha!!! I slid down a whole case of stairs on time flipped and landed on my chest with a margarita in my hand so I know it possible!!!

Ese momento incómodo cuando estás leyendo este Comentario y te vas dando cuenta de que no vale la pena leerlo pero lo sigues leyendo y te vas dando cuenta de que no dice nada interesante pero, tu lo sigues leyendo porque estás intrigado, a pesar de su poca información útil. Y terminarás de leerlo justo cuando acabe este corto verso Quizás este Comentario no sea importante para muchos de ustedes , la mayoría ni lo leerá, tal ves pero en fin solo quería decirles que tengan una Bonita noche 7w7 Like si leiste hasta el final...

I only drank...one...two...4 glasses...lol...

Lmfao ha ha ha ha ha ha i can't quit laughing......thinking shes all that then boom lands flat on her dam back ha ha ha ha

Ashley Schena Jessica Marino Dave Wojcik pretty sure this was me on New Years when I slipped in my socks in the kitchen ???

She still had her glass of wine in her hand after she bust her ass i give her thumbs up lmao that's me saving the liquor lol

Dawer Khan she is beauty, but she is definitely NOT grace

Oh my goodness be careful. Our bones can't take it. I know ya must be sore. But ya look great. Take care of yourself.

I quit watching this show on tv and now I have to get rid of my phone!!!?Beyond ridiculous and I wonder why ANYONE WILL WASTE TIME WITH IT!

Omg!!! Hahahhah I saw this video before i saw who posted this and I said I have to show this to Mo it’s soooo me! Hahhhah

Who does this remind you of? Sairel Love!!! Lol!! Good times Mica Craig cup caking on FaceTime with her drink ? in her hand!! ?????

Karina Vincent Whipp Lydia Moore.... I feel like all 3 of us could pull this move spectacularly xxx

Regina Stahl hab das Video geguckt und soooooo gelacht?wo ich gesehen hab wen Zitrone makirt hat (s.b?)verging das lachen direkt?? blääää?

She probably slipped on some wine she didn't drop that glass still got so many on the side load mess you walking like she farting

Yeliz Gunder Ikram Kirou Ilse Goven ??als ge sexy probeert te zijn en ge overtuigd zijt van uzelf. En dan zo schande voor jezelf breekt ??‍♀️ i can relate

Regina M. Madrigal Courtney Morgan Riley this is my drunk ass at every Christmas party ? is this expected to change with my new position? Lmfao!!

Ariel Williams Lisa Theta-The Best Brown lets take a moment to appreciate the fact that she didn’t drop an ounce of that wine!

Mitch Planko HAHAHAHHAA DOOOOD THIS IS ME. Trying to be self sufficient and sexy and FAILING. Thanks for loving me anyways

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Pretty sure he was acting like it was a pipe of some sort.

I don't think anyone there fits under that category lol

Like a boss! Men always congratulate a man when he falls and saves his beer. This gal not only strutted her stuff, didn't spill and saved the glass. You break a glass 8 months later you find it in a foot. Good job!

I can see it now.... This kid will be smoking beer hops from a pen in no time.

Too much ?????

That dude looks like Leonardo DiCaprio in the 90’s only not as cool?

Reminded me of Shaun Laird trying to roll his smoke at eminem concert what you reckon Mark Morton

The stupid is strong with this one.

I love how happy they are when they realize it's a lollipop!!!

Lay off the Ecstasy bro!

Fergus Adam its millie, spaceman candy

Stephe fach ktkon wakl l exta w zayd b 2g dyal cocacola hhhhhh wkatji tch3l garo

Robyn Rees haha read the caption ? I’m surprised that angry lad on the weekend didn’t try this

Furkan Kartal never take Yusuf with u again hahah

You've never been this lit in the smoking area?

Lollipops are the new gateway drug ?? got to get that sugar high

Perhaps he doesn't really need that possibly medicinal lollipop after all. ?

Bc that's no ordinary lolli that's more than likely a morphlolli meaning a morphine sucker they used to prescribe to terminal patients

Yeh sab kiya dikhaya jareha please please brghar sehy libas ky khewsteen ky videos mujhay nehy bhejakren Allah apka bhela kray thank u .

I guess this isn’t too bad, but still. Would like to see more fresh text, getting stale, just a bit. ?

Larry Price this was ur bro Alan Price lmao in my head.. Funny

Cuando prendiste al revés la pipa ???? no mmss Gabrielle Lc

That's some good E, MDMA, Acid or Molly... ?

Norana Raihania is this what its like to be cool and go to parties

Totte ?detta är ju en sån typisk emmegrej.. alla gånger man tänt ciggen på fyllen vid filtret istället?

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AHAHAH did you see her ass moved at the end? ahaha that twerk was in auto mode.

Why do women think it’s a good idea to exploit their bodies for a laugh or attention or whatever. There is no reason unless that is their intention. But always remember there may be consequences you will have to deal with and you may not like them. You’ll have only yourself to blame.

If i'm correct that was a double faceplant. The one in the pink shirt went down as well

Make sure to take care of your new nose aaaaaaannnnddddd it's gone.

I bet a dollar to a nickel that she is inebriated

She's probably more used to being on her knees

The only thing funnier than girls trying to be sexy and failing miserably is small children being hit in the head with a ball.

Damn what a shame was looking good untill knocked out a couple front teeth

Hey I’m princess Jessica’s really whatcha you’re show on ? and I’m trying to get on the show called voice to sing ? for tame Blake Shelton

Priscilla Jimenez you’re in front I’m assuming the mattress was behind you....

It was covered up by facebook’s “up next” thing. ? At least on mobile.

Jason Councillor I don't know why! But this makes me think you ???

This probably EXACTLY How we went down at your bachelorette party! After that picture you ran up to me and than I ate shit ? Emily Luigi Miranda

Guido e Luca Booooooommmmba un movimiento sensual un movimiento muy sexy

If she was stoned instead of drunk that would not happened

Can someone point out how she fell, those gremlins can cause havoc around alcohol.

Is she having good times for doing that’s bad things to show to every one ...

Probably Chanel West Coast, but you'll never tell... Lol

if thats what turns you on

I guess these kinds of posts isn’t too bad Would prefer to see a lot more fresh things ?

Megan Steinhauer sorry but this popped up right after you said you drank too much and I couldn't resist tagging you??

Harris Lani your snap story the other night lol

Alexandra this went in a direction I did not expect

Nina Panch like why is the 1 in the pink shirt so aggressive? ??

Ye tou harr saturday night ke kahaani ha chaanda. Na na naam se naraz hojaye gi party.

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Guess it’s better then 50 t-bags to the face

WHY was she in the pipe? Was she kidnapped and is being tortured?

Giess he should of kept his head down. Lol

heel slap to the grill that has to be worth big points

He did it on purpose you can clearly see he was going to clear it with ez lol

Gotta test how hard she can take it before you take her home??‍♂️?

Yes he did that on purpose !! He was in the clear then dropped it right on her face !!!! Must be his ex

Someo explain. To me why she was in the pipe?

She couldn’t handle the pipe...

Yarely Gnarly Galvan, is this you? Seems like a Facebook status in the future haha. Just kidding ?

GREAT content: D Continue the good work and you may possibly have me shelling out attention in the future as well. ?

What did she think was gonna happen?

Chris Veraja every time I pulled the bar down on your head ? thank god for helmets

Anyone asking why she was in it more than likely to show she wasn't afraid that she trusted the skill of the boarders to clear her with ease. Kinda like when someone says lay down so i can ollie over you on a board? Anyone?

Wouter Luca wilde da keer proberen? gij moogt neerliggen

Wouter Borry hahahaha kijk goe, die gast doet da echt expres eh ??? raket!

Well, at least she wore a helmet

Florian dan kunde volgende keer zegge “ik ken een graaf trucske”

Brandon Saitt Andres Puro Brandon con carepedo jajajaa

Kevin Frey you would do some shit like this ?

Is he or they have ing good times ...

Connor Evans be sure to look out for behaviour like this ???

Sure look like he did that on purpose

Real bright thing to do.

Please DO NOT let this woman breed and have children. We don't need anymore stupid people on the planet

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