Question.... what's the breed if the black dog?!?!

Kelsey Galloni you taking me home Friday night ?

Angela Chamberlain maybe Dolly will let Rambo do this? Lol

Shelby Melick, you could have used one of those at the last concert you went to. ?

Ned Greenhill standard photo of Maddie Thomson with her head in the lunch box and you taking her home

Johnny Mac & Joanie Kirdzik: is this how you felt in college when you took me home?

Brianna Laplante This is Bubba packing someone home from a fun night out! ?

Dave Gould sorry about the weekends or Friday nights lol

Hahaha i thought next time we go to town ill walk a trolley from new world stash in town and then i can chuck u in when its time to go haha Pania Cooper

Looks like you on the cruise jen marcinkiewicz

Patrick M A Roberts ?? and then you broke my bumper lol

Sarah Shaw..... this is you and I last night.... me being in the bucket

Um Jimmy, this was you taking care of your friend Michael Friday night ??

Tessa that one time Sydney wanted to run home from the FP party

The one in the bucket is usually me - not because of alcohol, but because I can no longer walk in my stupid SHOES! ?

Nothing prettier or sweeter than a Newfie

Just get in the Damn bucket.

Eric Fromme,a job for the Boys

That is such a cute dog scene.

That is just so funny, and amazing.

Hannah Fraterrigo be prepared for Hocking hills!!

I always taking my drunk straight friend home from every outing

Hayley me and Matt ? I’ll let you figure out who is who

This could have been Ben and Candy

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Where the heck was this filmed? Is this a normal thing for wild bears to randomly end up in people's cars? How do they get in there to begin with, do car doors just get left open and they casually wander in? (We don't have wild bears here in Australia, so I have no idea) ???

Why not open the back?

And we covered it. We are Farmers, bum de bum bum bump pum bum...

Hey, at least he was polite and gave a warning honk before he went all BearHulk and busted through the glas.

State farm insurance. We know a thing or two..lol

Melanie McNair yelling “get” at it when it’s already walking away ???

He couldn't just come out the door when it was opened? Noooooooo.......

That’s what you get for leaving your pet in the car on a hot day without a window cracked open. Well I guess it’s smashed open now...

That’s what you get for leaving your pet in the car on a hot day without a window cracked open. Well I guess it’s smashed open now...

Insurance claim, uh sir you said a Bear was in your van? Lol

I wonder if Farmers covered that

I guess bears don’t understand what doors r for ??

I bet hubby won't keep the windows open any more . It's not funny cause you have replace things but at the same it was funny LOL

His face while running as the glass bust behind him was hilarious ??????

can't he open both side doors with the clicker?????

This makes a very interesting alternative ending to Goldilocks!

Oh my goodness where do u live where bears are around

up slide bacxk door it wont slam close duh

Should a just called him an Uber. ? #HOWARDBTW

They thought the bear was going to attack them.

Jonathan Laurin c est clair que si sa arrive dans ton char moi y peux bien rester la c est garantis jvais po y ouvrir la porte dla marde ?

Great commercial for at insurance!

John Eather this is what happens Phillip Richards when your fucking around and don't have your jumper on

Grant Harms this is where they get these Farmers Insurance commercial stories haha!

Katie Miles - another reason I AM NEVER GOING TO WISCONSIN

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Crystal so don't really know if this is something for you or not...haha Just know that you are a cat person!?

Melissa Spitler, Eric Hunter I am sooo getting each of you one of these for Christmas ? ??

I personally believe, it would be better if the tissue was coming out of the cat's mouth , instead of its butt.

Ashley Symes Did I mention I was bringing you a house warming gift? ?

OMG I know what I'm getting you for Christmas Bianca Hodges Thea Ballinger-oches ???

Emily Robyn goes with the cat butts magnets lmfaooooooooo

Armita Bijari don’t be surprised if this gift arrives at your office soon...just in time for the upcoming cold season!?! Ah-Choo!?❤️?

Cindy PG I’m waiting for you to get your first cat lol

Stacia Steele...this totally made me think of you for some reason! ??

Watch out, Blythe! Hanukkah will be here before you know it!

I know some people don’t agree with how I feel. But it really makes me sad. That we are willing to watch advertisements instead of the National Anthem. I hope I’m not the only one.

Lauren- should I get this for you and Craig for Xmas? ???

Fabiola Molina querés tanto a los gatos que esto no será problema jaja!

That’s hilarious ? Anyone interested in saving some money? Download the game app verydice and use my friend code 443844. You just roll dice to win tickets and redeem them for free stuff. No payment info and free shipping from Amaz0n. You can get gift cards for Walmart, Amaz0n, Xbox, GameStop, restaurants and plus tons of products. You cant beat free, lol. Try it out! Available for USA only.

I think cat dispenser for tissue papers....not a bad idea

Nina, let’s get Kristen one for her birthday ?

Chelsey Leigh don’t be surprised if this is at your house when you get home from vacation

Amy Medina would you set this out for guests in your house if I bought you it? ??

Hahahha Melissa Micky maybe I should get one for the store ?❤️

Kimberly Richardson Templeton and Sherry Swiger-Chevrier would this be appropriate for our classroom.....Er.......asking for a friend ????

Kari Cecilia Obviously this is a purrfect Christmas present for you. Possibly.

Fuuuny...Busted out laughing

Kelly Halladay if I ever see this while shopping, you will be the proud owner!

Joanna Zver I think this would be purr..fect for your office

Carrie Weis I'm getting you this for your new office.

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All credit goes to www.instagram.com/kitty.chloeykenshin for this vid!

Joshua Winn me last night ??

Kristina Stark if you were a cat ??

Vicky Boland all the cheeto puffs for you

Cute cat. .....I dont think she actually ate so much junk food. . She will be 90 lbs...

Valeria porque no me habías dicho que te habían subido a la net? ??

Rob Anitelea what am I going to say????

Ankur Bharadwaj you with chips and netflix

I did this the other night! We had Chinese for tea, & my husband had a high sugar, so he had to wait a bit before he could have any but, he decided to get up, & nick a piece of Lemon Chicken off my plate any way!!!!!! ? And I’m like, “ OY, YA RIGHT THERE MATEY????”, “ BUGGER OFF WILL YA!!!!!!” ? DON’T MESS WITH MY LEMON CHICKEN BUDDY..........., “ EVER!!!!!!!!!!!” ?

Haha oh look it’s ‘ Chany lol Peter Ranieri x

Looks like he is defending his cushy perch not food. Nothing is open...

That is so me! Lol. Chips lover for life. So bad for me that’s why I don’t have any in my home.

Robert...remind you of anyone? ?... Kaela doesnt share food!!! Lol

Dana Robertson this is what I need to protect my snacks from the likes of you

Neither does Brian, apparently!!! Who knew?

Try both hands at the same time and see how he reacts.?

Yeep tell them, hand's off ?

Zach looks like Asha is not the only cat that does this. ?

Luke Jackson me when you try to take my snaaackssss

Oh my stars....precious

So cute.not given the food.

Iris Mercado this is Josiah when he doesn’t want to share

Jessica Morgan “sifts through Elizabeth’s snack drawer”

??? Ronan McCann you trying to take food from me to help stick to my diet

Anny Gonzalez OUR WEEKENDS LOL 🙂

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If he was smart - he'd stick around....show the cops the video and have them arrest HER for calling in a false alarm. Just because he CAN go doesn't mean it was in his best interest TO go. Woman's got a few screws loose to be sure.

False accusation should be ilegal, penalized with heavy fine, and time in jail.

I believe her. Doesn't everyone else? Or maybe is just pulling a Dr Ford.

If she is accusing me of running her over, oh well... I'll make her fantasies a reality!

She's probably messed other ppl up by lying about things. Terrible.

This lady is just crazy that's why they fired her.

She could have said, "He killed me! Please hurry..I'm dead now. Please hurry!"

Run her ass over???

I would have pressed charges! That woman is bat shit crazy!!

I think she should not have been fired yet, but rather taken to the hospital for a mental heath evaluation. This guy should not have left, but share it on social media, then show his video to the police. Sharing it preserves it, just in case it is accidentally deleted from his phone

How much damage has she done to the truck?

This happened to my fiance. After 3 years with no proof, the court asked my fiance to settle for a large fine and community service. We just wanted it all to be over instead of relying on the court system to take it to trial who had done nothing but give us the run around for 3 years. He was going to be charged with a felony of aggravated assault. People crazy out here....

I’d stay. He has it all on video. You can tell he wasn’t moving by looking at the fence post. She is sick.

Man this lady is nuts. Why was she in front of the truck in the first place. Why was she trying to stop him from leaving. He is lucky and smart that he recorded it bc now he can show the cops how nuts she is

This is a really serious issue in asia. People will actually run up to a stopped car and lie on the ground in front of it, for insurance money. Sometimes going as far as throwing themselves into the car to gain some bruising. There are videos and news stories all over the place about it...its crazy. People do desperate things when they need money to live.

I got run over by somebody on 5th st. in Reading Pa. The people who own the one stop but they did not care that I got hurt when run over. Nobody cared in fact. Not anyone cared that I was laying in street bleeding.

I pity her. She clearly has issues, and needs professional psychiatric help.

The law should have pressed charges, because she is using them like a devil toy

*looks both ways, clears throat* Well, we didn't see what cause this so we can't jump to conclusions as to why she behaved this way. Now we wait. Lol

WACK JOB! Crying Wolf! They should have hauled her in for a 72 HR phsych evaluation. Then left her in a padded room so she feels like no one can run he over with heavy therapy. She should have been charged with a false 911 call. What a waste of man power and resources on tax payer Money that WACK JOB wasted! The question is why did she do this in the first place?

You have to be careful now a days as anything like this could happen. Thank goodness we have video's on cell phones that can tell the truth!

That’s why dash cams and cell phones catch these crazy nut cases! People like this need to spend time in a mental ward!!

Sadly, there are many people like her out there. People nowadays have to cover their ass. This guy videoed it, he's smart.

Stayed put and tried to have her arrested for making false statements, unlawful detainment or what ever I could. Make her miserable life even harder.

She needs help or running over blame claim culture is ridiculous that's why even though we hate cctv it's best

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I thought drivers were 'trained' not to stop across crossings? But I suppose you can't keep 'track' of everybody. Couldn't have been any whistle blowers on the line.

This happened 3 time in the 9 months I was in Savanah Georgia.

Hahahaha it drove away as soon as it got cut in half.

I wish I was in that truck.

Looks like it woke the driver up.

Semi: I am the strongest vehicle in the world and nothing can dent me... Train: Hold my beer...

Probably a maverick or cargo county driver Victor Medina Mario Pittarelli

Well that got it unstuck.

If you look at the road to railroad crossing elevations, you can see a bad truck crossing situation. The road rises to the level of the railroad tracks at an angle too steep for extended box trailers and low boy trailers. That container had bottomed out on the actual tracks, getting stuck. With the result that the truck could not pull or push the trailer either way. Usually these types of crossings are marked as such. Also, besides the road rising to the railroad on both sides it also turns to the side making it that much more difficult to cross safely.

Tony DeNardis... Will the produce be late or were u able to unload first????

Looks like a swift truck or convant least not Werner or heartland

That's one way to get it off the tracks.

I was grooving to the soundtrack. "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

I was expecting more...

Were the dollies caught in the rail that he sat there

Goran Dario make sure to make those insurance payments ??

Why didnt he have brake on tractorvrolledcaway bet his boss was mad

Someone ain’t getting their package on time.

Steve Peacock Tina Flack Mike Fleck an that is how it is one how come the truck did not get pushed along hmmm

At least now the semi is moving...smh

Been there, done that, from the cab of the locomotive, poof!

thats a lot of orange juice Wesley Frank

Well that shorten the load.

Mark Sean, The camera mans reaction. ?

Freddie I wonder if that driver would get wrote up because he didn’t set his breaks when stopped

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All credit goes to www.instagram.com/juniperfoxx for this vid!

The only good spider is a dead spider...

No such thing as a cute spider

Is it just me or did it have a moving mouth...?

Cute. Spider. Lived. Not words that belong in the same sentence ?

Sorry but in my world there's no such thing as a cute spider ? that bad boy is going to grow up to be a scarey hairy human hand sized terror

It looks like the little animated one they have on a FB page and he goes on adventures 🙂

Oh my god we found lucas!

Looks like a wolf spider.they bite and will leave a huge bruise and swelling.i was bite once.didnt even know it.until i look at my arm.it was huge.didnt hurt.they also jump in the blink of an eye.

I would've burn the damn mailbox down and built a new one fuck the mail and checks inside lol

All spiders are freaks of nature!! Not at all cute!! ??

The mailman left a note years ago by Mom's mailbox to get rid of the pet spider or no more mail! It was huge!??

I only concern about whether it is poisonous. It is regarded as an good creature because it will help you to get rid of cockroaches, mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

In case anyone was curious. I've heard someone is selling flame throwers on the internet.

Psa. This spider lives at the deposit box. Daniel E Warren Morgan Vickery Teri Clark Jennifer May Payne I should have added that to the meeting today. ???

As far as spiders go, that one wasn't bad. And they do dispose of a lot of creepy insects, but would still freak me out everytime I opened my mailbox.

It's the cutest spider that ever died.

Liz Nicholls if this lived in our electric box I might be persuaded to open it now and again. With a stick and from a distance of course.

I'm not a fan of spiders ... at all, really!? But i have to admit .... that little one is kinda cute.

The only cute spider is a patty spider, after I squished it flat with something that is not attached to me.

No such thing as a cute spider!

I have lived with a rural mail box for 40 +. Years. Put 3 or 4 mothballs in your box and you will not have any creatures. Sometimes the mail smells but not for long! It really sorks.

Ashley? I had the exact same thing happen to me last year. I was terrified of getting my mail. ?

Looks like Lucas the animated spider that talks!!!!

Put moth balls in the mailbox, you won't get spiders or snakes

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