I feel sorry for the animal that got that thing pregnant

That man put that phone down quick lmao scared me to hell. I felt like I was the one recording lol. I dropped my phone like ohhh shit she caught me.

She clearly said she pushed her kid to sit down... I would have too... No fence but I've be profiled way more by Chinese than any other rice I mean race

My heart skipped a beat when she said ‘what u recording’

She looks like Shrek and talks like a dude. OMG there's no excuse for the way she is acting. Sometimes you just have to be the adult and chill out. But this right here is ignorance at its best.

Her kid just learned about 25 new cuss words....

Hog probably is on welfare who should've let the elderly lady sit down and not Harass.Never fear any loud mouth person who doesn't know how to act civilized in society.

Yeah well that's really teaching her kids something dirty mouth

Idc who it is but if someone pushed my child from their seat we would have some problems period!

Is it me or is the woman sitting on the kid?? ?

"what u recording for?" Lol


When she said why are you recording my heart stoped and I put my phone down lol

Lolol, I don’t blame her, I was once with my niece on the train, and they always pushing her or other people kids down. Like why not push another adult. There is no chill, when it comes to a mother protecting their child, let you ever be in that situation, and see how real sh1t gets.

What a great example for her kid! Mother of the year right here, folks

Whatever the reason shes upset, it doesnt excuse her foul mouth. she has a dirty mouth plus shes showing a gr8 example to her kids. Mother of the year

I was looking for the man Lmao

Great example teaching your kid how to be ghetto

Yeah she got a foul mouth but by this time she was pissed u can't put ur hands on somebody child and think it's the Asian lady was in the wrong she just wanted that seat apparently she found another quick!

She has a weird voice I feel sorry for that little girl

Am I the only one thinking other than she sounded like a man?? And if that's how she's acting regardless it will be a miracle that little girl doesn't grow up to be like her mum. Poor child.

This form of ignorance is not acceptable ..Some will say she right but you also agree with the ignorance as well..

Wow.... Rude that she had to move your kids to have a seat but my child would have moved automatically for an older person but that's me. Your kids have a fine specimen to look up to.

Lol she said welcome to Brooklyn...she right to an push my kid i would wipe the floor with whomever man or woman an animal

Oh oh...she saying the same thing Trump saying. Not your country and speak English. It's gonna get real out here. They paying attention.

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Swear niggas these days be acting like fruit cakes take me back to the 90s where rappers where really street affiliated n we could relate 2

Don't let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation

Real talk he seem more interested in the gun in his mouth than being bothered by anyone's thoughts on his falling wedding dress. The women don't look bothered outside of waving the gun. Mostly everybody on screen look like they don't want to be there anyways. Proof that money or lack thereof will make some do the dumbest shit.

This dude on his knees in a wedding dress suckin on gun barrels...... i cant...... smh I aint even mad at him.. im mad at the person who ok'd this....... lol them aint his people over there dancin with him..? Like.. wasnt nobody just like... "ummmmm bruh...."......? Ol husky ass lookin mf just off to the side jammin like this is what mufuckas do..... smh

...... Why the fuck this nigga wearing a wedding dress in a rap video? And to top it all off, this dude have his mouth on the barrel of the gun. That's the gayest shit I ever seen.

Remember this when the police shoot them they were all such sweet little darlings just standing on the corner handing out bibles..

Its sad that people are more outraged by the wedding dress than they are the fire arms and objectification of women. Values.

Remember who owns the rap industry folks!! Same people who own the music industry.. and movie industry.. it goes on. Because these people are the wealthiest bankers and politicians on earth and they thrive off of the oversexualization, deprivation and lack of attention to both current world events and the history which we find ourselves repeating far too often. More so than us however, their real targets are our kids. Call me crazy, call me whatever you like.. but look into people like Harvey Weinstein (and big personal friends of his like Obama), or rappers (Kanye after his rant is a good example) who exposed their masters, you will realize I’m not crazy. You’ll just realize it’s a f*cked up world and a lot of what you think you know are lies.

Young black men better take notes. These motherfuckers are on a mission to destroy the Black man. I think I'd feel a bit better if Young Thug actually clapped this nigga for taking it too far. GAN.

I think I know what they’re doing. It’s shock value! They want us to be shocked and share this. I will not participate in this buffoonery. I’m gonna leave it right here.

Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Eazy and the rest of the lost true hip hop artists are rolling over with laughter in their graves right now ????. Dafuq??! I hope this is a joke. Looks like Dennis Rodman with a rifle

The BOONDOCKS by Arron McGruder redacted or envisioned this activity in an episode. They kind of envisioned how bad rap would become

Eradication of the black Alpha male by influencing the younger generation and desensitize them while promoting this lifestyle as the norm so the future lists masculine males as the minority.

Could talk shit eh.. Say competition this dude exceeded that.. Wedding dress and sucking on a gun.. Well he got the attention.. dred move. I just can't believe this what it come to.. And our kids have to see stuff like this and call it music. Jah know.

I’m fucking done✅ with all this rap girl dress?shit... niggaz is really gay now and days. FACT !!! He said I got your bitch and she giving me neck !!! First if all... Bitchz ain’t giving no nigga neck with those wedding dress !!! ???

I catch my child listening to or watching this fukery we just might be minus a phone or laptop in the house. Who encourages this crap.....

Wow..i see so many things wrong in this video. Why do they have all those guns and then why does he have the gun in his mouth and lastly why is he wearing a wedding dress and the dress dont even fit!! Dam!!

Feminization of the black male... when is it every acceptable for a man to wear a dress... wake up my black kings and queens????????

What happened to real music this crap people put out today is nothing but that CRAP and just an easy way to try to make money off some stupid ass shit

I am so lost and confused.... I seen Joc in a dress a couple weeks ago. Where did this all go wrong?

The fuc is he doing hell naw I'm sick of our black kings as gay men and yes all the trans now was they living near a chemical spill or something I'm a mother of 7 even a child will need correction as he or she developes in life during early stsges of childhood i monitor tv limited internet n only what I listen to n they all are musically inclined somehow some way most of them can dance they ass off the all haven't gotten a broad education of music jazz Congo rock heavy metal court rap hop hop r n b you name it I've listen to so much music even studied it in college. Music has really changed for some hot some good music of the best is hot n the lyric you can't sent a group tsp or song or jazz lyric cause every word don't have to ryhym no more. But yo each it's own understanding into parenting ones child or children people have been raised with no belief system or lack a great deal of self knowledge so this type of behavior see nothing wrong it's part of what was already written and on the last generations sex money new world order is already taken place in the world today o thank the ancestors our gods n goddesess they've we still on this land being used abused n pray they licy the curse upon our people.

This world is so fucked up these day damn glad it's not my generation

Ok music aside...why is he in a dress and sucking on a gun like it's a dick? You can't be married to the gang without fucking everyone?

Yup rap sucks hard dick, in this case a tip of gun, old school hard core rappers are laughing at his ass right now. Now that's a faggot!

Ok those of you who are taking part in being disrespectful to the LGBT community please just don't??. Come up out your feelings and let's address the real issue here at hand... WHY didn't anybody fit him for a sleek supportive push-up that would have matched his machine gun accessory YET, kept that dress from sliding down under ??‍♀️

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Acting tuff but u need a wooden stool to defend from a toothpick with his Lil sisters 1st grade back pack. Why run like that tho? This has to be fake.

Of coarse the black guy grabs something to hit him with...smh

Wasn't he taught to look both ways DANG!

is there a longer version?

That did not go the way I thought it would

That scream at the end was just fabulous ????

A coward dies a thousand deaths. This has about 999 to go......LMAO

Luciano Eleaquin Bahamondes Gallardo me acorde de tus vifeos de mochas.. .no c pq wuajjajaja slaudos :bbb .. .domingo libreeee ojala poder webear un rato <4

...... I was not expecting that last part at all. Lol!

Somebody screamed like a girl ???? I love it!

trying to pick a fight in skinny jeans and backpack purse? please

But the fight wasn't over cause you almost died ????‍♂️?

That what he gets for running lol Joanne Burns

Sorry i know i should be getting ready but HAHAHA Tammi De Maria

Lol man I don't understand how these twigs of boys wanna try fight my wrist is thicker then all their biceps lol

So much going on... Why did he need the stool tho? I would have ran too shit Im not super woman.... Lol

Wow! Be kind to one another great people!

Nigga was about to beat up a paor of jeans. He couldbe just went home placed his own jeans own a wall or something to do so. .

Johnny Haandstad Fonlev hører der er en kode 200 aftenvagt med sidevogn til salg..Og får travlt med at komme ind på riget.????♿


Gabe Vieira lol dude got smacked by the car

Didn't see that coming did ya????

Trenton, this is why you are supposed to look both ways before crossing the street!! #thatscreamtho

Roel I thought this was Tyler

Trying to run away from my problems Bec Latimoree

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That was creepy @ 2am.. now i gotta sleep w the lights on, smh thanks ?

Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

How much things change with the correct background tune... ?

Everyone s******* on Bill Cosby. But nobody says anything about these girls not thinking it was strange that all their auditions were in a f****** hotel room? This platoon of whores needs to take some responsibility!Lmfao

Ok stop bill is the man dude listen if bill was a white rich man like Trump then I could see it taking awhile to get at him about some women especially white women back then being sexually assaulted by a black rich and famous man it would've been all over the news. No PR team of a black man is that gud back then. I'll never turn my back on bill a black icon. Don't fall for the house nigga shit. Stay black and proud

I'm sorry but this could be a dope ass horror film spin off lls The old man who makes a helleva BBQ Sauce that gets everyone horny and the town loves it. But little freaky white girls just keep disappearing... where are they going... ? "BILL" COMING TO THEATERS IN 2018

Yo y'all dead wrong for this one... Lol

Just stop it, he has been crucified! LETS FOCUS ON THE NOW “Harvey Weinstein” it’s his time to be crucified and brought down! ??‍♀️

This is one spooky recap of that show....

Don't let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories .

Creepy as fuck, the look on his face says that wasn't acting.

Oh Wow, they set him up good, whoever was the producer of The Cosby Show wrote that script, & ironically the shit came true....Lol

Don't let this distract you from the fact that we have hope. Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

Damb where can I find this matha fucker so I can get some shit and bone a few ho's there sleep haaaaa, haaaaaa aaaaaa Mr. Pudding Pop

I'm from and live in Memphis; Elvis Presley has his OWN street, here (Memphis); I had NO IDEA that he REALLY was a sexual predator!?

This is the 'I been buying you drinks all night, so what's crackin?' look. He was getting paid, what's y'all excuse every Friday and Saturday?

He plainly said that on air and everyone thought he was joking...... That's why that scene had an odd feeling back then because he was speaking as himself not his character.

N Phylicia Rashad defended him... Yeah OK ??? ... Even she got scared there 4a minute,, thinking this dude isn't acting! ?

Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that “he may rape. But he saves. And he saves more than he rapes.” -Dave Chappelle

Well I’ll be damn. That’s a confession, did you see the look in his ?? I’ll never look at fat Albert the same and be creep out when I hear “putting pop pudding pop”

Don't let it distract you from the fact that I'm the 500 fucking millionth tool to copy and paste this worn down ass comment and I, just like a six year old, think jokes become funnier the more times you repeat them. ?

Dam the man leave him along. But u can turn anything into sumn then ppl start turning the whole situation into sumn esle to make it look worse than what it look like or what they have ?. But what about all these other cases. Where kids are dying under their parents care. Or mfs blowing up shit or killing innocent ppl.. Just saying..

I know I am wrong den amotherfucker!! I wish I had some of that SAUCE right now! Strike me down right now if I am lying!!

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Que el muñón no los detenga, amigos Diana Fidel Malibeh Fernanda

Ooooo I would been scared! Probably Ran lord forgive me!????

My guess is he proly flirted and they said something about how he couldnt... and he was like bitch watch me.

I'm not sure about this but ain't his dick dragging on the floor? Help me out people

Claire I'd boot him over the moon if he came near me ??

Deante remember lieutenant Dan? This is him now. Feel old yet?

Michell Paz No dejes que una discapacidad te impida perrear :v

Seriously I love how he not feeling sorry for himself seem like he saying I still got it I still got it watch out there now?? seriously though

Corey Wilson bruh I don't wanna live on this planet anymore ?? #ImDone

Brayan Sandoval no era exactamente a lo que me refería pero bueeeeeee'

Es más weno pa bailar que yo ???? Brenda Acosta Patron

Sick dog any women that would let a man treat her that has no resecpt for her self and is just as sick. Think about it peace

Carolyn Urbach ??????????

Fernando Rivadeneira Marin este tipo lleva el marroneo a otro nivel jajajaja

Libby he's like a dog all twisted up on another dog ???

Ty Raven what I told y'all bout all that nasty shit in public...

Gerald Flores Rolando GE i dont know what to say ?

Itzel Hernandez alv xdd le llega hasta el suelo jajajaj

Tegan Kaia you lie straight to my face telling me that u don't tag aidan in more memes

Gustavo Robles Cruz Roberto Gutierrez Anaya Toni Roman HM lo más verga es como le huyen los vatos

Simon Parsons you if you can get your legs chopped off in the future

James Justinvil Shamell Melly Calhoun Francia Graham Justinvil Moi Même

Alexandra Kamelyov Hila Jacober Morbid Kobi מה. לעזאזל.

Roman Perea tell Tanya Perea this is what she is missing in Jamaica... Tammy Quintana tell me not!

Xoch Guerrero Fri Santos Arteaga Iván San Pedro Cristian Barrera César Sánchez

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He sound like he can fix hell out a 88 Chevy for about 100 dollars

This ain't flavor Flav son?

I like the lill dudes spirit he is very intelligent i pray he has a good life

He's 14 assholes, and he has a chronic liver disease. He just got a new liver. He's been fighting for his life for a very long time. Search Jarrius Lil JJ Robertson to learn his story...

He's been around grandpa to much??

"Lemme tell ya somethin" ogs talk like it's top secret information "I had 12 crabs yesterday" reitetates...12 and two pounds of crawfish???? lil dude gotta old soul fareal...stay up young blood

I thought that was Flava Flav son.

He'll be dead or in jail by 18

LOOKING FOR A JOB? ???? My company is HIRING NOW! -part time/fulltime -16 years and up -weekly pay -No background check -work from home -Have to live in the U.S or Canada Comment "info" below for more info!?


He is a teenager who has health issue's and the team let him be part of them because he is one of the biggest fans they have!

Wow nothing but a bunch of idiotic adults talking about a child, but be the main ones upset when someone call ya child ugly

The vibe I caught was he's been here before ?

Lls! sounds like he been ? since he was two ??

What you talking about Willis???

Some of y'all so damn ignorant! You need to read before commenting. Don't even know this child's history.

Hes super cute.Full of life, i hope his new liver is going to keep on changing his life for the better

Sound like a mechanic

Jamel Roston lil dude sound like he did some time ??

Can someone help translate what hes saying in the beginning!

YOoo who is that kid n is there anymore??

Baby u gone laugh Riley Blakemore why he sound like a lil grown man. He look like flava flav son ?

I watched this 1000 times...very Hillarious

Anything related to this is very important

He look like a little Bernie Mack. May Bernie Mac Soul rest in peace.

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Watch at 1:19 you can see the plat form hes laying on slide over right before the sand falls so im guessing the spot hes on is set to a timer to slide and drop a door has the sand is falling.

they are twins....and the glass only fills up on one side, to give the appearance of fullness. Sort of like the old school ant farms. its about distraction

They all got paid though! Ha that's all that matters

The first guy that comes out from right goes around back and switches places with dude that was in it. Watch the sleeves of the black shirt. Dude #1 had sleeves down. #2 had them pulled up to see his tattoos

All yall fuckin magicians on here.yall probably cant escape if they left the door open.Its a trick.

Fijate que cuando se cae la arena eso da vueltas, en eso caeen dos giles uno se crusa por atras y ese pelotudo q estaba adentro sale vestido igual q el otro q video de mierda jajajajajaja giles

Shit might b fake but it was pretty awesome

Now let me say that was dam good and usay gotdam good

Soooo that mean tyra banks be in on the pranks cause she see all the shit com the back and side

There no way he must be a twin or something there no way he can get out that fast

Probably some Demons helped him to get out of their ??

Absolutely Fantastic we all know Tricks are for Rabbits, so What's Up Doc?*****

that was an awesome trick I remember watching it live I was like freaking out of your bed I don't care how you did it was just awesome

I'm amazed at the person that's going to clean up all that itchy ass sand.

That means the judges know what be reallygoing on?

The fuck he’s girl scared for? She must’ve seen this a thousand times

Damn then wtf does amaze y'all without picking it apart....

Eso no es un truco el q se fue de atrás se cambiaron rapido

Thanks for the info big fan here

Omg Elise Lynch this is so fucking extra ?

Steve Howlett you can do this , I know it !

simple trick... there is think layer of glass that was filled with sand to hide him while he could sneak out from rear away off the stage... and come in again from the right side...

Anything related to video creation is really important

Cool info really good more on this please

Simply but hard if u look closely you will see that the thing her was lying on move witch mean that he use it to eject himself and one more thing the dude in the back with the hat from before never came out from back there but all in all it was a good trick

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thats gotta be puerto rico lol

Skills, where? He's riding a bike with no hands

The one Driving is stupid, the passenger idiot, together dumb as Fkkk

Anything stopping these two retards from parking and drumming as long as they want until they kill themselves?

Nicolas Reif tu le sais que ya eus des bails du genre sur la moto

They are their own system!

When u want to die but God gives you a second chance.

No crash?!! BOOOORIIING!

OK, so imagine they get into a wreck and have to go to the hospital. The doctor asks "what happened"? Lmao. There is no way to explain it without me laughin. Lol

Leahcim Redienhcs du und ich wenn das Autoradio nid geht ?

Mariana Gonzalez ima hire dem to drive me around nd shit lol

most important thing at wherever the fuck the live: playing bush drum jungle wood revision while bringing home two pigs and a brotherson from market on a motorized vehicle.

Yay , yay -- yes they do have skills .

..and a death wish!

That is so awesome! When you dont have an iphone, this is how you jam on long road trips. I would ride along side just to hear the music.

Yes They Do I Can't Even Font .

Shad pag nag next level si kuya gary

this is the truth

Get it.

No brains

Jajajaja tan pasao

Len ??? #goals ???

Who needs a radio? ?

What idiots

Jumper Cable when I tell you. Danny Negron and lil Dave that man

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I'm not going to lie his friends laugh is just crazy funny I couldn't stop rewinding it because of his laugh

MXC (takeshi's castle) was better. The Americanized extreme obstacle courses have too much padding and safety crap. Funny nonetheless but watch them back to back and you'll see what I mean

That's me getting through life lol

Bianca Dangerfield Rachel Sant Micaela Cassar Arrazona Cassar who can complete this....not this poor fucker thats for sure

Joanna Herrera this is what we prob looked like at the tough mudder

Steven Guiffreda

Tanya Hernandez me trying to be yours ????

JJ Prime this will be me ..i ain't finna fall

Melissa Maher, this will still be me ??

Arnaud Solène CyndØsh Annabelle je nous vois trop faire des parcours a la Total wipeout comment on rigolerais ?

Tristan Timms Corey Vickers i would love to see yall try this. . . Drunk

Dylan St Clair whenever life's going good ??

Tatiana Beltrán Rojas, you can try this.jajajajajajaj

I thought this was animated smh

Me trying to handle my life Keira Davis????

Tess Widdop us trying to finish research methods HAHAHA

Juan this is Victor's life right now.

Go straight to the 28th minute for straight laughs. Friggin hurt my stomach luffing so much lolz

Very simple Crawl there's heaps of room beneath that thing

Angelina Onsurez the way he's laughing reminds me of the way I always laugh at you for everything.

Emad E-a Ahmad Alkhalil هذا احمد اذا قرر يواجه مشاكلو ????

LMAO , That Was Funny .

Te A Rawiri if ur havng a tough time at mahi watch ths and be glad u aint this guy lol

Omg the laugh tho lmfao Bobby Farley

Elvis Jusufovic seems like something i would do and you would be laughing

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You got to admit the Dave Chappell "Pee on you" video is still hilarious to this day.

Leave R. Kelly alone no one would say shit if a women was dating younger men

This neega lie he meant to say u need to be 18 years and younger lol

Age ain't nothin but a number... when you could be talking about him peeing on chicks.

He want to pee on you yes he do

And where has it gotten him all this years? Pendejo!

What yar thought he was playing. He said it back then ?‍♀️not 21 yrs and over but 18 barely legal

Man I always said this all of his songs sound like he was singing to a child. "It seems like your ready to go all the way"


Golden showers are a hot mess. I bet his was concentrated and dark. Infection control asap??

Nothing but Love for this Man

Aleast he said 18


I love u R. Kelly

You spelled 10 wrong.

Lashanda Callahan....girl, they need to leave this man alone...lmao!

Gotta watch them nasty asss Capricorns . How they hell they zodiac the goat that shit don't even rhyme or had the first letter sound .. cult confusion

Dudes a super predator

I Love me some Robert STOP Hating he have a Life try getting one please. PEACE BE STILL

Teslly do i wanta go eitn u.PLEASE ME UNDERSTAND. KID..GOOD VOICE

I will always love this Man!!??but yes you was warned!!That's my jam too!#????

Dennisha Wright that what you told me you Cougar

U just want to have sex u sick dog peace

Im glad I don't have no grandbabies...I'll catch a case....

Tohnee Sanchez ??

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He's gonna be so ashamed when he gets older like 17 and somebody pulls this up....THE INTERNET IS FOREVER lolllllll ???????

He hates losing...more than he love winning... I can tell you that! But I will take him on my team! He will work extremely hard not to lose... That feeling right there is what drives...

? I never laugh so hard cuz it's so true. I'm a grown ass man but I swear this is how I be feeling on the inside every time I lose a game

People so quick to ban him from playing games but who made yall parental experts...Clearly we have someone who hates losing but won't give up..cheer up champ and take this L in 2k

Everyone is dissecting this video for no reason at all???? im sooooo joked. Every kid cries when he loses games. Its no big deal, we grow out of it! Lil bruh didn’t give up though

This is the problem with kids nowadays they invest too much emotion into these meaningless games that have no bearing on their lives I seen this happen first hand to my own son as well as his younger brothers. My son eventually grow out of this but when children are throwing fits and screaming at the top of their lungs because that's their turn parents need to smack him upside the head and get their ass outside and play. Give him a coloring book a bicycle some bubbles some sidewalk chalk, swings a playground a basketball court etc.

My son gets his game taken away if he cries because he lost. Same applies when he's playing sports. He starts to cry he sits on the bench. Idc if you're winning or losing you're not going to cry over nothing.

Time to do something else, read a book, go for a walk. Look like you've been on that for hours, going by the bags under the eyes. It's just a game, they're designed for you to lose

All the crying is not cool but let me give you a fun fact... whatever sport or whatever he do ..he’s going to be damn good at it...lmao

Parents are also supposed to be coaches too. You don't punish him you get him to channel his anger by practicing and get better. Anything that you are good at it's because you do it often. I would hug him and take time out and practice with him and let him know that you can never be a champion until you're able to handle losing.lets not forget this is a child he still got time just needs a good coach/parent

This is a serious problem. He needs to lay off the games for a while. There is no need to have that much emotion over a game. I'm sorry, but it's mental. This is the reason many kids have anger issues. He has checked out of reality.

Punch on head and ban for even touching any game 4 life. Seriously, growing in winning desire would be dangerious for that personality type. He will be disgusting person in future, I am sure of that.

Y'all are perfect parents on facebook But be smoking crack and eating ass when you log off ? He's upset, no one talks shit about y'all bad ass 7 year old pacifier sucking still in a stroller while throwing tantrums at wal-mart KIDS

Everyone talking about the game... it probably was his older brother bussing his ass in MK X or something. Older brothers can get u to spazz like that. He'll be ok. Better put some practice in and come back

This is absolutely terrible.... Young black kid with a very bad temper if that doesn't get under control where do you think that will lead him in a society the way it is today?... Teach him.. train him. Show him poise.. self control!!! it's a gift a valuable gift when he becomes a man...

That shows me a face of a winner. Losing is not an option specially when it comes to video games. Losing only helps you to get better. You have to let them lose and not baby them to not let them lose they should know how it feels to lose when you wanna win so much it's life

Yeah he’d be going for a nice little play outside or to read one of this books I️t he does his over a game. NOT IN MY HOUSE. I️ wouldn’t yell or scold him each, some consoling to mend his little feelings and off he goes. Then I’d let him beat me in a game when he’s feeling better since I️ such at all video games.

Its not that fucking deep yall over analyze everything..... Imma just stop going to the comment section too many fake ass perfect parents and child psychologist wanna bees... Mfs take the fun out of everything??

When i was young i would get frustrated enough to cry if i was losing. it happens,i played outside had friends all that i just hated losing..i was told to turn it off if my mom saw me,bit its normal calm down ppl

I've literally seen this happen when my brother was this age lol. He grew out of it though his dad had a talk with him about losing vs Winning. He's a kid give him a break

Maxime Clement C'est comme genre moi quand j'perd une game au hockey sul play?

Michael this is u when ur gf is wasting u at tekken. I'm sure u were after ps controllers cuz u got angry at losing to her all the time n your controllers got the bash. Hahahah this will be you if you ever play me at tekken. Challenge?

mine get mad like that....i tell his ass TO GET OFF QUICK!!! aint no way u get that mad...1st off if u break it, im breaking yo ass now get off...end of story...wont be bk on for a week!

Ppl emotions...."Excitement" comes in all different forms....and it's an uncontrollable feeling..People get angry, sad, happy, estatic, etc. But crying is definitely one of those excitement. How the fuk you going to punish a child who deals with their excitement differently from you? ??

Nine Pyae Sone Aung min ngar nae play tine ae d face pae kwar sad sorry sorry sorry ??

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Everyone is saying how nasty and disgusting she is, but they don't have a problem eating and licking someone else's ass

I think this woman was down on her luck the guy who asked her to do this is a bitch

No tf it ain't yall ladies its thst nasty ass bitch i would fuckn neva in my fuckn life lick a dirty ass trash dumpster for no on let alone a nigga for a fuckn fee smfh

I was eating my BM pussy last night and my tongue accidentally slipped down into her bootyhole. It was an accident but I liked it tho

Meanwhile that dumbster probably cleaner then some of those dicks yall put your tongue on...don't judge her??

No one can judge someone unless they walk a mile in their shoes; I'm not saying it's right but maybe she needed the money to feed her kid(s)

That's probably not the nastiest thing her tongue has touched.

As pretty as she is.. Im tryn to figure why the fuck she even doing that dumb shit...

Poor girl... I wonder why she needed money that bad

There is no telling what cat pissed on that garbage can and men piss on them things also....... That look like a little bit of money to embarrass the fuck out of her self. Nope ain't happening to me.

What's even more disgusting is she stuck her tongue back in her mouth like it was nothing... I'd be gagging and spitting up as much as I could.

Men will try to degrade you every chance they get. Ladies money aint everything.

when your whole life trash so this is nothing...

For only $100? Was that even $100? Hell no It aimt that serious!

The world is brain dead..we depending on a lyf supprt machne..i don't find this entertaining at all..

I would how much money did she get for doing that I hope that she got over a 100dollar for doing that shit because I know that she anit doing it for no little bit of money if she did do it for a little bit of money that crazy for doing it for a little bit of money

This is the closest i have been to throwing up while watching FB and i have seen some really sick stuff.

Stop judging you know damn well where some of your tongues have been at. Like some sweaty balls and someones azz hoe or toes , seriously some of you are being phony. Lol

Shit be late on ya rent you'll lick that trash too.....homeless or time to bleach ya mouth.....ya I'm getting some bleach

Špela če nebo plače hahaaa

Hell to the no she must be really desperate for some money to lick a damn dumpster

Khaled Odeh Mohammed Ayyash هاي حاوية !! المشكلة مش هون ....المشكلة انها عايشة احسن منكم?

Damn Rima Jay I hope that was more than a million bucks.. world of characters you see... she didn't even look like she was disgusted about it! No spitting up no vomiting.. lol

Luisana Ortiz these are the things that should bother ppl not kids in school yes I'm petty like that and still going strong ??? #BallBustersBeLike

Rocio Orozco I will give u 10$ if u do this to the corner bakery dumpster, idk how much they gave her for that tho

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U too big going to die obesity

I should have been there while this guy is ordering all this stuff . I would have been getting some of his boxes or bags , eating the food out , using some of his sauce and place everything right back there and let him still pay for the emptied ones too .

Mirna Rodriguez who does this remind you of? ??

Andrea Martinez Villarreal me at McDonald's,Burger King, Wendy's

And he gonna pop all six nuggets in his mouth at one time ol greedy fat ass

Julian Domato ??? us at chick fil a

Look at josh ?? Kendarius T White

To make a long story short , just giving him everything out there and call in the day . And just come back in to work when they call you to let you know that everything has been ordered , the order is in and everything is restock and the place will be open and ready for business again .

Just charge him done?

Tiffany Rider this reminds me of you at the drive thru

I collect em sauces ... Got a nice deal of 2 for 50cents...

??me all day

Ctfu Dynomite Ratch Boy Bean nigga I hate McDonald's and they stingy ass with the sauce

More info on marketing ok? who agrees?

But chicken nuggets Kenya Begaye

Ya Bugging Dog !

Rerun iz back

bcg vczsxvfz


Keleon Blackmon this you with all them sauces



Jynni Jenkins

This man is a hilarious comedian! check his stuff out at All Def Digital his name is teddy Rae

Chelsea Smith Jason Krause

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The first guy was glacier from Killer Instinct on Xbox One??‍♂️

Why did 2 by 4's come flying from the van that exploded

The director should be arrested,,,what a hake is this

Why did dude on the plane scream like that????????

Guilherme Mansur Carlos Carvalho Renato Novaes Fernando Costa Daniel Delduque Noronha devemos nos preocupar?

Lmao The Terminigga

Lmfao.? ????????? Yhoooooo yhooooo Afrika bayayi baxa ntanga ..???? Khawuzame ezi video fethu

Inder Sandhu wtf is this funny shit hahaha

Nick Wade thought you would get a good kick out of this

Tyrone Mokap Little can't wait till this comes out

Dingxiang Zhao just admiring the quality of the picture (Oscar quality ) ?

Okuhle Ziwele ????? Can't stop Laughing Lmfao.? The Quality is on that Movie Director Spielberg Tip?

They have no budget to make a movie, they are poor, they take this shit seriously

Was That The Battlefield Theme Song ? ??? It Sounded Very Similar To It.

What is the name of this ?

Teiko Leslie another one

Dan Elkin Oscar winning performance

Joel Henderson Comeuppence this is basically "the man no one knew" film i wrote

That Was Some Bad Acting .

Leon Gray shit mate it's the liquid man as well ??

Felix Ramos III your movies are getting better lol

Frank Mwatisi these kinds of movies...

Ahmed Sterling see the disgrace paah and read people’s comment???

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Ha either 2 things will happen we break the board or one off us is going thru the ceiling....lmao

I was disappointed when I didn't see anyone fall and brake their neck 🙁

They doing that shit we wasn't doing like that lol

I only seen this done in cartoons amazing how some human beings are

Cara...can we do this as a reason for CrossFit Gymnastics?! ?

Folks be doing some crazy suicidal stuff over this internet. Smh.

Ur rigth Essie , because that exactly what Sarah Ross would be doing and asking us what were we thinking ? Where are our minds , and just continuously fussing at us IN THE HOSPITAL , lol -- and shaking her head at us even the moments when she's not even saying anything ,just shaking her head . Lord that would be so else . And then u could imagine everybody else . __ boy I'm glad this is just a video , lol . __ We know we r staying at ground level .

One mistake and it's a trip to the hospital Neon Green

Alexander Borrmann machen wa nächstes mal wenn wa voll sind haha

Aidan Green your long ass would put me through the ceiling but this looks like fun

Those are the guys from Cirque du Soleil. I me them when they performed in ATL.

Ha , read some of the comments from this night since I put my messages on there for me and you . I'm surprised you saw it , lol .

Oh yeah , this is some good exercise rigth here . I hope Essie Montgomery gets to see this . I always say I wanted to try some of these flicks , Essie --- we can do this . I can see Sarah Ross chanting us on !!!!!!!!!!

Tony Ellis You and I should try this sometime... See who goes to the hospital first!

We did this when we were little. We called it simply... jump board

It do look like fun behind the hell are you going to stop

Trey Greenroyd do you think you'd ever be able to do this??

We never played on them at the play ground we new it would Kill us lmao

Kogertown yall remember this

Kevin Jaimes let's do this bruhh????

Nayeli Velazquez when the female is off her period Lmfao watch until the end.

Keisha Marie. We should so try this

Ay Jamaal France reminds me of ol supafly on day tramp haha wonder I can still pop a double coyote haha

But but no one died. Andy Fisher. What a gip

Trisha this is how Ira expects us to reach the deck when the ladders/lifts dont reach ??

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